TAKING sis INJenny, my little sister, had a rough year the year my k**s went off to college. She’d lost her job about a week before her husband, Eric, had first been laid-off. Eight months later the bank announced foreclosure on their home almost the exact same day her husband received notice that he was being called to service from out of the reserves and he would be spending at least the next year overseas.My sister called my wife crying and there wasn’t even a discussion before my wife told her to come and move into our guest bedroom until all of this could be sorted out.When she moved in, instead of being any kind of burden, my sister immediately took to helping around the house. Both my wife and I work all week, and typically the house and yard work falls behind during the week and we spend the weekend catching up on it. My sister took over all of the cleaning, cooking, and she even took care of mowing the lawn and other miscellaneous yard work, suddenly my wife and I found our weekends freed for leisure time, and for us, it was an entirely new turn of events.After a couple of weekends with the three of us just sitting around the house together watching movies on the tube we began to head out, first to the movie theaters, and then with my sister’s insistence we began to hit the bars, and even a couple of clubs.I felt a little strange at the clubs, to be honest, as most of the people were a decade or two my junior, but my sister seemed right at home. Of course my sister had barely turned 30 and I was 45, while my wife, Anne, was 39. Perhaps I should take a moment to describe ourselves. My name is Mike and as I said; I’m mid-forty, with nearly all my hair, with spotted graying, blue grey eyes, and salt and pepper goatee/moustache, and a medium build going a little soft standing at 5’10.My wife is curvy, not overly large, but full breasts and a nicely curved ass led up to by long shapely legs. Long dark hair, green eyes, just a shade over 5’7, and after 20 yrs together she still turns me on with just a little smile and a look.My little sister has light hair, a sandy blonde that is usually bound in a bouncy pony tail. Lean and athletic, she has well muscled tanned legs that she loves to show off in short skirts and shorts. She’s only about 5’5 and weighs probably 115 lbs soaking wet. Her eyes are a bright blue, and seem large in her heart shaped face, that has just a dusting of freckles over her pert upturned nose.Anne seemed to be really enjoying the nights out, with the chance to truly unwind, enjoy a few drinks, dance and flirt. Jenny was also happy to go out and flirt and while neither meant anything in it, Jenny in particular got flirtier the more she drank.I’d dance a couple of times, looking mostly like a duck having seizures, but I usually sat in a corner sipping a drink, listenning to the music and watching my wife and sister enjoy themselves on the dance floor.There were other women who would flirt with me and even ask me out either to the dance floor or their apartments, and despite the encouragement of my wife and sister, I didn’t return flirtations and politely sent them on their way. I was plenty content to watch my wife sway and bounce on the floor when I wasn’t out there with her.I’m not an overly jealous type, and on the occasion a guy danced with my wife I was not concerned, except twice when one would get a little handsy, then I stepped in and set the offender packing in no uncertain terms. I had to do the same for my sister as well, a couple times, each time my sister would lean and hang on me as if I were her husband or boyfriend not her brother.Of course these aren’t even the only times my sister hangs and leans on me, truth is just about everytime she’s drinking she’s pressing herself against me, in a way that would cause my pants to get a little tight in front, never mind she was my sister. I never believed it was a deliberate thing on her part either, she is already a flirt, a bigger flirt when drinking, and when she gets truly drunk she leans for support and continues right along being flirty until she passes completely out.One Friday afternoon, I came home from work completely exhausted. I’d had a bad night’s sleep and a rough day at work; I simply wasn’t up for going out.I came in the door to see my wife already wearing a plunging neckline shirt that brought ample attention to her cleavage, and a pair of tight jeans that showed off her ass perfectly. As I closed the door my sister came down the stairs in heels, a yellow and black plaid short-skirt, and a halter top that showed off her tight stomach and with a belly chain going around her meeting at her belly ring. The girls were dressed to kill and definately eager for a night out so I felt awful wanting to back out.”It’s okay hunny!” My wife said with a kiss when I explained, “Stay home, and get some rest. Jenny and I will have a girls’ night out.””That’ll be awesome!” My sister said as she also gave me a hug. “You get some rest.”Less than an hour later one of Jenny’s old high school friends was in the driveway honking, Jenny and Anne were out the door on their way to a night out on the town and I had the house to myself. I changed out of work clothes into an old t-shirt, and loose fitting sweatpants, made myself a roastbeef sandwich, sat on my recliner with a beer in hand, and popped in a movie with more adiosbet yeni giriş action than plot just so I could watch things explode.Once my beer was empty I poured myself a glass of Scotch and set the bottle down next to me so refills would be easy. I sipped the Scotch through the completion of the current movie and into the next.I began to notice it was getting late and was getting ready to call and check up on the girls when they came giggling and stumbling through the door a little after 2am. “You ladies have fun?” I asked as I got up to greet them, finding myself a little unsteady on my feet as well.”Hmmm, hmmm!” My sister hummed with a nod and a smile as she leaned into me, pressing her body against me as she kissed me on the cheek.Despite myself, feeling her breasts pressed against me gave me a semi that I tried to adjust non-chalantly out of the way. My sister then brushed by me and collapsed on the couch.Anne pressed into me for a kiss too, this time on the lips before she began to go limp with a giggle.”Had a little to drink?” I asked.”Just a little,” My wife answered with a smile as she held up two fingers barely an inch apart from each other.”Let me get you up stairs.””Not tired.” Anne argued, but even as she said it she leaned into me closing her eyes and sighing.I got Anne upstairs with a combination of persuasion and actually carrying her on the last few steps. Once she was in bed, she almost instantly started snoring. Gently I removed her clothing until she was down to just wearing her panties. I admired her mostly nude body, getting a firm erection before getting her under the covers. I then went back downstairs expecting to find Jenny passed out on the couch and needing to be carried upstairs. I was surprised to see her awake.”Your wife is awesome.” Jenny said with a smile.”I know.” I answered, “Need help up?””Thanks.” She said holding up her hand, which I took to pull her to her feet.Once on her feet she wobbled for a moment and then she kinda drooped forward. Throwing her arms around my neck, she leaned into me nearly toppling me.She was pressed up against me for several long moments, just hanging there, breathing deep. Thanks to her heels, her face was nuzzled into my neck her lips delicately resting against me as I felt her take deep even breaths.The erection I’d given myself looking at my mostly naked wife had begun to go down, but now it started to come back.Jenny sighed a moment then kissed my neck gently.”Love You.” She said softly.”Love you too, s*s.” I said, as I tried to get her too stand-up fully again.Jenny stood up straight after another moment and looked me in the eyes. “I really love you.” She said, and then she pressed her lips to mine.If the kiss surprised me, the feel of her delicate tongue darting into my mouth nearly stopped my heart with shock, even as my own tongue twisted with hers out of instinct; and now my cock was fully at attention and looking for some action.I pulled my tongue back as I regained control of myself and hopefully the situation. Gently I pushed my sister back, disengaging our lips.”I love you too s*s, but I think it’s time for bed.””Do you?” She asked coyley as I felt her hand drift down to my crotch to grab and gently rub my erection. “Is this for me?””You’re my little sister!” I said in shock even as she was making my cock harder.”Hmmmm, and you are my very BIG brother.” She said as she slipped her hand inside my waist band wrapping her cool, delicate fingers around my shaft.I moaned inspite of myself, “we can’t! You’re my sister, I’m married, you’re married…””It’s not like I want your k**, and it’s not cheating with family.” I could hear the smile in my sister’s voice as she continued stroking my meat.”No, we can’t.” I said firmly, trying to get a grip on myself.Suddenly my sister sank to her knees in front of me, taking my pants and boxers down with her. My cock sprung free and my sister kissed the head of it delicately.”You keep saying no, while this says yes.” My sister said with a smile before licking my shaft from base to head in a way that made me goan and leak pre-cum. “Does Anne suck your big thick cock?”My sister’s lips wrapped around the head and slid halfway down the shaft before I had a chance to answer. Her eyes were still locked on my face as she smiled around my cock.”Yes, she does, please stop.”My sister began bobbing her head up and down my shaft sending shivers of pleasure through my entire body.Finally I regained control and was able to step back far enough that my cock sprung free of her soft, warm mouth. Jenny pouted up at me but I remained resolute.”No.” I said firmly.”Fine, you’re no fun.” She said, “Help me back up.”I reached for her pro-offered hand and pulled her up to her feet. Then she stepped into me, pushing me back so I fell into my recliner, in another instant her knees were staddling me and she lowered herself down onto my still rock hard cock. I had no idea where her panties were, but she clearly wasn’t wearing them now.I felt her tight pussy wrap itself around my cock as she sank down on it, taking my entire length instantly. Her pussy clenched tight around my meat, and she threw back her head and screamed as she came.”Oh fuck that feels good! God! I fucking need that cock!” All I could do was keep from ramming my cock in even deeper and shooting my load. As adiosbet giriş her orgasm subsided she began to ride me in earnest.”God it feels good to finally have you in my pussy. I’ve wanted to fuck you for as long as I can remember and you never seemed to notice. Now I finally got your big thick dick inside me and I don’t want it to stop. Fuck me Mike; fuck me like you fuck Anne.””You’ve gotta get off Jen!””I already did, now it’s your turn.””No, we can’t.” I said through gritted teeth.”We already are. What can I do? What doesn’t Annie do for you?””Nothing.””Really there isn’t anything I can do for my big brother?” She asked batting her eyes coyly at me as she continued to grind her pussy into my cock.”You want me to do it to you?” I asked finally, ready to call her bluff.”I’ll do anything.” She said firmly.”Fine, you said it, now you’ll really get what you deserve.”I stood up picking up my sister; I lifted her off my cock, and set her back down laying her over a foot stool with her ass in the air. I looked at her for a moment; her skirt had flipped up revealing her ass. I spread her cheeks and I pointed my pussy soaked cock right at her asshole and pushed in sinking half my length into her at once.Her ass convulsed around my cock, and she screamed into the ottoman, and I paused horified, realizing what I had done, what I was doing.After a moment of just standing there my cock halfway in my sister’s ass I felt her move, I couldn’t believe it as I realized she was pushing back into me.”Cum’mon, brother, fuck your little sister’s tight ass. Shove that big fucking pole in there.”I almost blew my load right then and I groaned with the encouragement. I began rocking back and forth getting my dick deeper into her tight ass with every thrust. I was amazed as my cock slowly disappeared into her back door inch by inch, and she only grunted a bit as she took more and more of me until I was truly buried balls deep in my little sister’s ass.Her ass was alternately squeezing and releasing my cock as I heard her let out a small hiss as she deeply exhaled. “God, yes that feels so fucking good.” She said low and breathily. “Do you like having your cock buried deep in your baby sister’s little virgin ass?””Virgin?!?!?” I squeaked in shock as I nearly came again.”Ummhmmm.” She said nodding, then looking back over her shoulder, giving me a slow seductive smile, “so now, you gonna fuck it or not?”I started slow, pulling out and then with just my head in her, pushing back into her. As I pushed in she pushed her ass back meeting my cock with a grunt as I hit bottom again.”I never thought it would be so good.” She whispered huskily as I started to back out again.Again I rocked into her and she moaned softly. After a couple of slow, long, deep strokes into my sister’s ass I began to pick-up speed, grabbing onto her narrow hips for control.As I began pumping into her with more force her moans and dirty talk got louder.”Fuck yes! Fuck your little sister’s ass! Fuck me! Fuck me deep! Work that big fucking tool into me! Fuck yes!” She screamed into the stool as I pumped her.Finally I knew I wasn’t going to be able take much more, “I’m gonna fucking cum.” I said.”Yes! Shoot your load in my ass! Fill your little sister’s ass with your hot cum!”With a loud moan I rammed my cock deep into her tight back door one last time and held her tight pulling her ass back so it pressed to me as my dick began to swell and twitch.”Fuck, I’m cumming in my little sister’s ass!” I said between clenched teeth.As I shot my sister’s ass full of cum she screamed one last time and I felt her ass clench tight on my cock as she came again.”Yes! Fill your little sister’s ass with your load. Fucking fill my ass up!”After the last of my cock’s spurts I slowly withdrew from Jenny’s still clenching ass. I sprang free with a nearly audible pop.My sister almost immediately spun around and slurped my still hard cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked me clean before finally releasing me.”You just fucked your little sister’s ass.” She stated with a smile.”I know, oh god, what did I do? How do I tell Anne…?””You don’t.””I can’t lie to my wife, I love her.””I know, but I’m the one that’s going to tell her; time to go upstairs.” Jenny said with a smile.”Huh?” I asked completely bewildered.Jenny walked upstairs, pulling off her skirt as she went and as I followed, dumbfounded, as she went right into our room.Anne was lying, still topless on the bed, but she’d rolled over onto her back and lay fully spread over the bed taking up the maximum space, something she always did when she had the bed to herself.I watched in shock as my sister worked my wife’s panties off, and my wife didn’t even stir as her legs were manipulated to get her last article of clothing off.”What are you doing?” I asked hissing quietly.”Telling Anne we fucked.” My sister said with a smile before she re-spread my wife’s legs.My sister crawled on the bed between my wifes legs and kneeled there before she began running her hands over my wife’s naked flesh. Her hand’s traced over Jo’s belly to her breasts, down her sides to her outer thigh, into the inner thigh, up over her pussy, and then back up.My sister repeated this several times, each time giving a little more attention to my wife’s more sensitive areas, her breasts, her inner thighs, working her fingers between adiosbet güvenilirmi my wife’s pussy lips a little deeper with each pass.Anne appeared to be asleep, but her body was clearly responding. Each touch to her cunt brought a moan and an instictive lifting of her hips.Before long my sister had my wife moaning and humping in her sleep. She was really working Jo to a fevered pitch.My sister moved down and brought her face to Anne’s now moist cunt. She began licking and kissing my wife’s pussy, with sounds I could clearly hear from where I stood.My wife moaned a little louder, and then her hands drifted to my sister’s head pulling her closer. My sister continued licking and working my wife’s pussy as I began to stroke my cock now aware of how hard it was.”You like watching your sister lick my pussy, you pervert?” Anne said her eyes were now open looking at me and it took a moment for me to notice the smile of amusement in her voice.”Yes.” I whispered.”Good, she’s doing a real good job.” Jo said before she moaned again arching her back forcing her pussy into my sister’s mouth.”You look so sexy getting your pussy eaten by my sister.” I said as I came closer to the bed.Anne reached out a hand, pulled my cock closer to her mouth, and began to suck it into her mouth.My wife has always been an excellent cock sucker but she was really going to town tonight. My sister was really working my wife’s pussy and she was bringing my wife to orgasm quickly.Suddenly Anne released my cock from between her lips and screamed out as she pressed her cunt against my sister’s mouth.Once my wife’s orgasm subsided Jenny looked up, her face coated with my wife’s juices, “you are tasty hun.””I want to see you fucked by your brother.” My wife said.My sister spun on the bed shaking her ass at me.”Fuck me brother.”With my wife watching I pointed my cock at my little sister’s wet pussy and pushed in.”God that’s so hot.” Anne said as she began playing with my sister’s breasts.I gave my sister long slow strokes, reaching bottom with force before pulling back out. My sister’s pussy clenched tight with every thrust and she was moaning constantly.”Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She repeated over and over in increasing volume.”Fuck your little sister. Ram your cock deep!” My wife encouraged as she reached beneath my sister and began stroking her clit.In no time my sister was screaming loudly as I pounded my cock into her cunt while my wife rubbed her pussy.”Fuck me brother! Fuck me brother! Fuck your little sister’s pussy! Fuck me; I need your fucking cock!””Oh Yeah! Fuck your little sister’s pussy! Make her scream, ram that dick deep into her!”My sister’s pussy clamped tightly on my tool; as she screamed with, what sounded like, an earth shaking orgasm.As my sister collapsed onto the bed exhasted, my wife slurped my cock back into her mouth quickly licking and sucking it clean of my sister’s juices.”Now fuck me baby!” My wife said as she spun around presenting her pussy in the same manner my sister just did.I grabbed my wife’s hips rammed my full length into her as hard as I could causing her to gasp in surprise. I didn’t give her a chance to adjust at all, I just started slamming my cock into her as hard and fast I could.My sister quickly recovered and crawled beneath my wife and began licking Anne’s pussy, Jo screamed in exctasy, she was clearly in heaven. No words came from her mouth, just grunts, and groans as my sister’s tongue and my dick worked her dripping wet cunt to orgasm. In record time my wife’s pussy was clenching and spasming around my cock as she screamed out her orgasmic pleasure.As she came down she rolled over panting with exertion. My sister climbed on top of her straddling her face and settling her cunt down onto my wife’s mouth. I’d never seen my wife eat pussy before and as far as I knew she never had but my sister immediately began grinding her pussy and humping as she grunted and groaned with newly rising excitement.”Does my brother want to fuck his little sister’s ass again?””Oh fuck yea.” I said as I went over to where my sister’s pussy was being serviced by my wife’s tongue.I looked down into my wife’s eyes before I lined my cock back up with my sister’s tight back door.”Yeah, baby! Fuck your little sister’s ass!” My wife encourage taking her mouth from my sister’s pussy for a moment.As I prepared to press in, my sister’s head lowered down into my wife’s cunt and as my wife moaned into my sister’s pussy, I pushed my dick deep into her ass for the second time tonight.As I began to fuck my sister’s ass again I knew I couldn’t hope to last long not having cum since I fucked her before, almost an hour earlier at this point.I rocked back and forth, ramming my dick deep into my sister’s tight ass as I listened to both women moan into each other’s pussies.I could feel my orgasm building quickly, and as my balls began to tighten I knew I would be blowing my load soon.Suddenly my sister’s ass clenched tight onto my cock as my sister screamed into my wife’s cunt. I grabbed tight to her ass as I rammed my cock deep into her ass shooting my load deep into her pulsing ass, letting out a loud yell as I filled her ass with my cum.My wife was the last to cum and she screamed louder than I’ve heard her scream as she came into my sister’s mouth for a third time.As I pulled my dick free of my sister’s ass I bent down kissing my wife tasting my sister’s juices on her tongue. Then my sister turned around, and her and my wife both licked my cock clean again.Spent, the three of us collapsed into the bed, completely sated and exhausted, sleeping in a tangle of sex soaked bodies.

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