The Bar Ch.1


The Bar Ch.1Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction. None of the described events happened(as far as i know). This story is not meant to harm any of its characters. Do not read if you are younger than 18/21.PS:English is not my first languageA few years ago i decided to move to the US. I chose to live in LA to become an actor. Didn’t actually work. To earn money i worked in a little bar in Beverly Hills. It was a small comfy place for normal people like you and me. Sadly Jerry,the owner,died. To my surprise he changed his testament to make me inherit the bar,because he had no family.I didn’t change a lot. I only offered more,new,drinks and refurbished the rest rooms. This led to something interesting. Some celebrities visited my bar. It started only with a few bands and college athletes. Sooner or later more known celebrities came into my place. They may liked my drinks or the quiet and cozy atmosphere or the privacy because paparazzi didn’t know about the bar. I tried to score a few of those hot chicks but failed always until then.It was already 5am and the bar was empty,except for one woman. She was curvy. Her huge breasts almost popped out of her black top. She was wearing jeans. The Clippers cap and the sunglasses should hide her face what brought me to the conclusion of her being a celebrity. She looked on her phone and walked towards the counter.”A drink.”, she said.”Sorry i’m closing right now.””Please i need something”A tear rolled down her cheek. I caught it and decided to stay open for a bit longer.”Hey it’s ok. What should i give you.””Something strong please.”As i started to mix her a green fairy she stopped me.”Is this Nemesinthe Absinthe?””Yes why?””Oh my god i thought absinthe is forbidden…”I put a finger on her mouth.”It’s not forbidden it’s restricted here but i could get in trouble for this.”She smiled.”You know let’s drink it like the British.” she said.”Oh but wait a second.”I quickly walked to the entrance and locked the door. Then i returned and brought up some sugar a lighter and shot-glasses.”Well now it would be easy for you to **** me.””What?””Well you locked the door. There would be no way for me to escape.””Well you still seem comfortable.””You do not seem like a r****t. By the way i bahis siteleri still don’t know your name.””Oh sorry my name is Markus. You seem very familiar to me.”She finally took the cap and the glasses of.”Oh god you are Kate Upton i always dreamed about meeting you in person. You are gorgeous.””Thanks but be careful you will get me flattered.” she said while she blushed.”Lets sit down.”I guided the blonde bombshell to a table close the door. Then i brought the drinks. We lit up the sugar and drank it when it was safe. Then another two rounds until i started to ask her something.”So what brings the most beautiful woman of the world to LA?””Awwh you really think i’m beautiful?””Well everyone who sees you thinks you are beautiful.””Thanks”,she blushed again,”well i’m here for a shooting for the Vogue. And then i wanted to meet a friend to sleepover at his place. But he just texted me that i can’t stay over because his wife arrived home.””Well why is it a problem if his wife is there.””He probably just wanted to fuck me like all guys.”She started to cry. I just hugged her while she buried her face into my chest. After she calmed down she looked back up.”It just sucks you know.””What?” i replied.”Everyone just sees me as a fuck toy you know. You are not different. You just try to fuck me but i’m good with it.””What””Just play your cards right. Let’s play Truth or dare you start.””Uhm truth.””First time with who?””My first gf. ToD.””Truth.””What happened the last time you drank absinthe?””That’s a good one. Well i have to be honest. I got double teamed.””Really?””Yes.”, she said embarrassed. “So ToD””Dare.””Oh brave. I want your shirt.But you have to take it off slowly.”I did so being fired up by her cheers. And tossed it to her. She took a smell and laughed.”Sexy.”,she commented.”Ok Kate. ToD.””Truth.””Color of your underwear.””Well it has this color.” She pulled her top up to reveal a black silk bra. I whistled. She pulled her top back down.”Ok ToD.””Dare.””Flash your cock!”I undid pants and boxers and pulled my soft cock out. “Nice.” she complied me. I quickly pulled it back in.”ToD?””Uhm i take dare” she replied.I took a risky one. I got a bit of dry ice. And gave it to her.”Ok you put this in your love hole.””Really. Oh my canlı bahis siteleri god that’s harsh. But ok.”She stripped her jeans of to reveal a black thong. She pulled on the waist band and her hand disappeared in it. She sad down and started to moan. “Fuck that’s so cold.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her lower body was squirming. After 30 seconds all ice was molten.”Fuck that was intense but sadly to short ToD.””Dare.””Kiss me.”,she whispered.I kissed her. Her tongue entered my mouth as we let them play with each other. I moved my hand under her shirt and started to rub her belly. I broke the kiss and moved my lips to her neck. She moaned. I slowly took her shirt off. She was sitting in her underwear. It was a breathtaking view. My cock instantly rise and poked painfully against my boxers. She unhooked her bra. I almost fainted. She had huge boobs that looked perfectly.”33DDDs.” she said with pride.She freed my dick out of my boxers. And rubbed it. It was 7 inches long but it was thicker than the average. Her small hand could not wrap around my complete shaft She slowly stroke my cock. She moved her mouth over my tip. Her warm breath touched my tip. She opened her mouth and wrapped lips around my shaft. I moaned. I put her blonde hair to the side to see her face as she sucked me. Her blue eyes scanned me. She stopped and stroked my cock.”Stand up.”,she commanded.I obliged she guided away from her table and got down on all fours as she started to suck me again. Her lips worked my shaft up and down and she started to deepthroat me. She gagged all over my cock. “Wanna cum for me. Wanna fill my mouth with your jizz.” She said while rapidly stroking my shaft. She engulfed my tip with her mouth and sucked me fast. Her tongue moved all over my tip. My balls tightened up.”Fuck i’m cumming.” i screamed. As spurts of my cum shot into her mouth. Parts of it ran her chin down. She swallowed the load and whipped the misses off.”Fuck me!” she demanded as she saw my boner. I grabbed her and laid her onto a table. I slowly took her panties off the musky scent of her wet pussy filled my nose. I let my tongue run through her slit. She moaned in delight. I darted my tongue into her moist hole. She squirmed and grabbed the back canlı bahis of my head. I moved my tongue up to her clitoris and fingered her hole with 2 fingers.”Yes that’s the spot.”,she moaned. I increased the speed of my assault. Her pussy was soaked with her juices. With my free hand i twisted her nipples. They were rock hard what was a huge contrast to the softness of her boobs. “Don’t stop! I’m close.” She moaned.There it was. Her pussy tightened up and her juices flooded her hole. Her hips bucked up until she calmed down. She was panting.”Ready?” “Please stick it in.”she pleaded.I rubbed my tip her slit up and down and slowly eased it into her love-box. Her eyes widened. I waited until her walls adjusted to my tip before i eased the rest in. Gently thrusting in and out of her i licked her nipple and covered it in saliva before i gently bit. It made her body jump. I got hold of her legs and thrusted faster into her hole. Her moans got louder. I put her legs up to penetrate her deeper. I hit her cervix and she moaned rapidly. I was close,due to the tightness of her pussy.”I’m close! Please fill me cum with me!” she moaned loud.My balls tighten and my cock throbbed inside of her. My juices shot into her hole and we both came together i was laying flat on her and kissed her as our orgasms subsided.”Holly shit you are still hard.” she said in surprise.”Because you keep me horny Kate.””Let me suck you.”I looked at her tits and a great idea crossed my mind.”Can i titfuck you.””You guys are really all the same.” she laughed.She moved from the table to the ground and laid down. I knelt over her belly. She pressed her tits together and i moved forward. Her tits wrapped my complete pole while the tip looked out and she gave it a lick. I started to fuck her tits while she always gave me quick licks. It was a breathtaking view having Kate Upton’s huge boobs wrapped around my cock. I was close. She felt my throbbing cock.”Cum on my face!”I obliged and my balls tightened again to unleash a very huge amount of cum which landed in several thin ropes on her face.We were both panting but happy. She moved up and walked to the restroom to clean herself up. A few minutes later she came out and dressed up again. She took my shirt.”What do want with that?” i asked.”Remember you had to give it to me.” she said with a smile. “Can i have your number?””Sure.” I gave her my number knowing that she only wants to be kind.”Goodbye sweetie.” She kissed me goodbye and left the bar.

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