The Break-In Pt. 01


This is 100% fictional and I by no means want this to happen in real life.


I’m lying naked in my bed at home. It’s about 1030 on a warm summer night. The ceiling fan circling my room’s hot air. We don’t have AC so we generally leave all the windows open in the house to get a nice breeze. Tonight, it’s only Mom and I at home as my Dad and old Brother are out on a fishing trip in Michigan; I got left behind because I am starting my first real job in the morning.

Moms in the shower getting ready for bed, and I, well I’m doing my regular pre-bed porn ritual. I’ve been slowly stroking my lubed up cock for the past 30 minutes to some pictures of my Mom I found on my Dads phone. I never knew my Mom had such a dark kinky side, but judging by what she’s been showing my Dad she definitely is a kink. Pics of her holding her tits, sucking my Dads cock, and using a cucumber in her wet pussy made me go crazy the first time I found them. I guess my Dad forgot to delete them off his phone, but don’t worry, I immediately sent them to myself. The first day I had them, I must have cum 10 times thinking about her tits, or how that could be my cock in her mouth.

She was always the mom that my friends would talk about growing up. Her large tits and thick ass filled my friend’s fantasies as a teen. I distinctly remember the first pool party she attended at my friend Jeff’s house. All of the mom’s were tanning in the pool chairs while 4 or 5 of us boys were playing in the pool. All of a sudden, all my friends stop playing and stared as my Mom walks out in a small red bikini with her large tits bouncing up and down, her nipples slightly poking through her top. Later, Jeff would tell me about how much he wanted to fuck her since that moment. Him and I would stroke to her together, but that’s for a later story. My Mom, was that Mom. I had been fantasizing about her for years by this point; my Mom was now 45, 5’4, a little thicker in the past few years at about 140lbs with large round 36C tits. She had incredibly big round dark nipples with little bumps around her areola. She had shoulder length dark hair and generally dressed extremely conservatively, but I knew differently.

Staring at her pics, I gradually begin to stroke my cock faster and faster as I got ready to cum. Looking at my Mom’s big tits while knowing she was right next door to me, rubbing her wet soapy tits as her Son stroked to her. Mmm this was my favorite thing to cum to and still makes me shoot buckets. I must have been involved in the moment because I didn’t hear them enter.

“Oh fuck Mom, rub those tits for me, let me blow my load on them” I say aloud as I get ready to blow all over a pair of her panties I have ready.

“Haha look at this faggot” A deep man’s voice says from in front of me.

I open my eyes and to my dismay see there are two large black men standing directly in front of me. I try to utter some sort of words but my mind is blank, what the fuck is going on? One of the men covers my mouth with his large rough skinned hand. The other man closes the door behind him.

“Don’t say a fucking word” I’m told sternly as a piece of duct tape is placed over my mouth.

I try to fight it by letting out a scream but am muffled by the tape. They both grab my arms and legs and hold me down to the bed. I bounce around on the bed trashing the covers off and throwing my laptop to the ground trying to fight them off, but to no avail. I’m pinned. My hands are tied together using yellow nylon rope and are then tied to my headboard above me. My naked body including my freshly shaved cock is stung by the cooler air outside of the covers; I lay there defenseless to these strange men. What the hell do they want with me?

Both men are tall, about 6’1 or 6’2. The one that’s been talking to me is a little husky but well built, with short dreads and a scruffy beard; wearing baggy jeans and a plain T shirt. The other man is skinnier but muscular; he has a buzzed head and is clean shaven.

As they begin to tie my legs together they hear the sound of the water being shut off in güvenilir bahis the shower.

“What the fuck was that? Who else is in here?” the man with dreads asks me while ripping the tape off my mouth.

“My Mom”, I softly and reluctantly announce. He places the tape back on my mouth firmly. He exchanges a few words with the Thin man that are inaudible before informing me of their intentions.

“Don’t fuck this up or you’re going to pay for it. When she gets out of the bathroom, tell her to come in here and that you need to see her. If you fuck it up I swear to God you’ll both fucking pay”

My head is still spinning trying to wrap around what has happened in the past few moments.

“DO YOU HEAR ME?!” He exclaims as he shakes my head in a nodding motion before letting go.

He takes the tape off of my mouth and reminds me to not fuck up. I hear the bathroom door open and do my job.

“…Mom… Could you come here?”

“Sure baby, give me one second to change”

Softly but strongly he says “no, now! Tell her you need her now!”

“Mom I really need help immediately”

“What’s wrong baby? Are you ok?” She says as her footsteps get closer and closer. My Mom swiftly swings open the door. Her hair is wet, her towel wrapped around her covering her chest but leaving a large portion of her legs exposed. At first her facial expression is worried, before she realizes what she’s looking at. I can only imagine what she’s thinking: Her son is lying naked on his bed with his cock fully exposed, and his hands tied above his head and to the bed frame. Instinctively she steps towards me to help, but only to seal her own fate.

She must not have noticed the two guys standing to the side, dread man nearest to me and thin man only a few feet away from her near the door. As she comes to my aid, the thin man steps behind her and pushes her firmly to the floor while closing the door behind her. My Mom hits the floor on all fours, he hands breaking her fall from hitting the ground face first. Her towel is dislodge from its’ position tucked together covering her body. The pink bath towel falls backwards down her back as she goes down. I see her large tits bounce and ripple as she catches her fall, they sway back and forward like a pair of firm utters ready to be milked. Her towel continues to fall down her back and down her ass, exposing her pussy to the thin man at the door.

“Holy fuck, look at my girl’s tits” The dread man yells. “You’re a lucky Son man to get to suck on these as a kid” He reaches down to touch her hanging tits when my Mom slaps his hand away. Thin man stomps her from behind, forcing her flat against the floor.

“Ughhh” she exclaims as she hits the cold hardwood floor, her chin bouncing off the wood and her tits pushing out to the side.

“Bitch you don’t do that, you understand?”

My Mom tries her best to yell for help before Dread man slaps her across the face.

“We’re not gonna do that either, you got me?” he says before punching me in the stomach.

“No! Stop!” as Mom tries to protect her baby boy.

“Don’t fucking yell for help and that shit won’t happen” You’re in a great position here girl, you can make sure very easily that nothing bad will happen to your Son; Dread tells her as he runs his hand down my chest and stomach before giving my cock a little light smack.

“Stop stop, what do you want?”

“That’s simple…Get up”

Mom considers the proposition before slowly pushing herself off the floor and to her feet. Dread and Thin walk around her like to lions circling their prey. Their hands gently run up her ass and stomach, eying what’s before them. Unexpectedly, Dread reaches out and forcefully grabs my Mom’s right tit like something out of a bondage movie. His large, rough hands squeezing her tit hard as she gives out a loud whimper. He lets go as her tits shake and she bends forward in a small amount of pain.

“Get on your knees” she is told.

Mom obeys and slowly gets on her knees right beside me.

“Girl, this may get weird or may hurt. Don’t let türkçe bahis out a scream or we’ll have to hurt him” Dread again gives my cock a small smack while my Mom says nothing but looks at me. Her eyes big and watering from the pain, she has an idea of what’s coming but doesn’t want to believe it.

The Thin man had been behind my Mom the whole time. He makes his way in front of her and unzips his pants and drops them to the floor. His dark, thick BBC unfurls from his boxers and is presented to my Moms’ face. This is the first BBC I’ve ever seen and fuck am I impressed. It’s not super long soft, but is incredibly thick. He has very short, trimmed pubes and a well defined-muscular ass.

My Mom eyes his cock before looking directly up at his face.

“Go on Girl, you know what to do” To my surprise her eyes dart over to me as she sticks her tongue out and touches the tip of his dick, his salty precum on her tongue. My cock immediately begins to harden after that look.

She closes her eyes and opens her mouth wider, beginning to take his cock in her mouth. She starts out only taking a few inches while his cock grows.

Thin grabs the back of her head and says “Mmm Bitch feel me get hard”. He pushes her head closer to him making her take more; Mom struggling to take more than 4 in her mouth. Thin pushes her head back and pulls his cock out of her mouth. His cock now at 8 full inches and covered in my Mom’s saliva. He smacks her on the front of her face with his cock before shoving it back in her mouth and pulling the back of her head closer.

“Mmm take it Bitch” he commands her forcing 5 then 6 inches in. Mom begins to gag as he keeps forcing more down her throat, holding it inside her for a few seconds before letting her up to breath. Mom’s eyes are now watering profusely as she’s choking on Thin’s BBC. She again glances over at me in between choking, her eyes lock on mine for a few seconds before his dicks forced back inside her.

After a few minutes and with Thin’s persistence, she takes all 8 inches down her throat. He begins working his way down the back of her head, touching her neck and rubbing her shoulders before going to her bouncing tits. Thin’s hands cup her large breasts and holds them up almost as a shelf. Mom continues to suck his big cock while his hands firmly squeeze her tits; pinching and shaking her nipples.

Meanwhile Dread undresses next to me, watching Thin. Dreads large ass is inches away from my face, with his broad shoulders towering over me. Dread continues to intently watch Thin and my mom has he grabs his cock with his left hand and starts stroking; with his right he fondles my chest and works down to my semi hard cock. Dread’s large rough hands dwarfing my tiny 6″ cock as he begins to stroke it hard for me. He abruptly stops and lets my cock fling against my stomach. Dread walks around Thin and behind my mother. He turns his head cockeyed and watches her ass move back and forth while sucking. He walks beside her and places his semi hard cock against her against her shoulder. Mom instinctively raises her right arm and begins stroking him. Dread’s cock is a thing of beauty; completely shaved and a little bigger than Thin’s, but with an incredibly fat mushroom head. This is a porn movie BBC if I’d ever seen one.

Dread steps back and walks behind my mom; he gives her a firm smack on her plump ass. He then grabs both ass checks and forcers her up higher, a better position for insertion. He spreads her cheeks and spits twice in her asshole. He slowly gets into position on top of her with his cock directly behind her eager pussy. In one swift motion Dread pushes his fat cock in my Mothers tight spit covered pussy. Her head jerks directly up and she stops sucking. Dread slowly pulls out and rams back inside of her hard. I clearly see her ass ripple and her tits shake forward on this hard thrust. Mommy has Thin’s cock pressing against the side of her mouth while Dread continues the process of ramming his oversized cock in her. Her pussy is being violently opened wider and wider by his mushroom head. Dread continues to güvenilir bahis siteleri spread her ass cheeks wide apart and spitting on her pussy for lube. His thrusts get harder and harder as his spanks on her ass get firmer, he is leaving physical hand prints on her firm ass.

“Mmm fuck bitch, you ready for my seed? Bet you never had a nigger dick cum inside you huh white girl? Dread says as he grabs her plump ass.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeaah. Take it bitch, take ittttttt” he remarks as stream after stream of his thick cum fill my Mom’s now wet pussy. His pumps slow before he takes his long dick out of her pussy. I can clearly see his cum caked all over his cock, and dripping from my mom’s pussy onto the rug. I think about how hot it is knowing my Mom just got loaded up with a strangers’ cum, so much of it that it’s oozing out of her, down her leg and onto the floor. At that moment, my cock twitches up in the air; and Dread notices.

“You like that fag boy huh? You like seeing a big fucking cock cum in a tight hole faggot? How about you lick that cum off of me? Dread says to me as he makes his way over to the side of the bed. His semi-hard cum covered cock flapping from side to side. He takes his cock and smacks it directly onto my face; I fight it as his cum smears onto the side of my face and in my hair. Mom opening her eyes to the event sees her Son in distress and tries to help.

“Jake!” she screams as she pulls Thin’s dick out of her mouth. She begins to stand up but is immediately smacked to the ground falling away from me. She lay’s there on the ground for a moment, he feet closest to me and her head far away. Her legs are slightly spread and I have a clear view into her cum filled pussy. Fuck did Dread deposit a huge load in her.

Thin picks her up by her hair and gets her to her feet. “For that, you’ll have to watch” Thin tells her. Dread shoves his dick back over my lips and I open up. I clean his cock like it’s never been cleaned before, I want to taste each drop of cum and every ounce of my Mom’s pussy juice. The entire time, Mom’s big brown eyes are wide open glued on me while I stare back at her. I wonder what she was thinking watching her Son clean off a massive cock that was just inside of her.

Mom’s eyes are drawn away from mine and down my body. I look down and see my cock is standing straight up, dripping pre cum from my tip onto my stomach.

“Fuck, this bitch boy likes my dick yo” Dread says to Thin as he pulls his dick out of my mouth. Mom’s eyes are still glued on my hard cock has Thin walks behind her and pushes her up against my desk beside my bed. Mom is a foot away from me to my left. I have an amazing view of the side of her large ass and how pointy her hard nipples are. She stands there against my desk, her hands touching the glass top with her legs slightly spread. Thin walks behind her and rubs the back of her leg up to her ass. Forcefully, he pushes her down against the desk, bending her at the waist. Her large tits and hard nipples hit the ice cold glass, pressing her tits out to the side against her body. Thin spreads her legs and ass cheek. He drops to his knees and buries his face in her ass. Mom’s head and chest spring off the cold glass when Thin’s tongue hits her asshole. After 30 seconds of eating her ass Thin backs away and Mom’s head and chest return to the glass desk, she turns her head to face me, looking at me directly in the eyes.

Thin places his long slender cock against her asshole and gives her one final spit for lube before slowly pushing inside of her. Mom’s eyes begin to water as Thin enters her ass, but she does not stop intently looking at me. Thin is a vigorous fucker, he rams her hard and fast. But he cums quick, with 2 minutes he gives out a loud moan and jams into Mom one last time as he explodes within her ass. He pulls out of her slowly and comes over to me to clean him.

“No No!” Mom proclaims. “Let me do it, not him”

Thin ponders for a second before pushing her to her knees and shoving his cock in her face. Mom immediately takes it in her mouth, getting to taste his cum and her own ass in every lick.

“Good Girl, you’re turning into quit the slut. Good thing we’re just warming you up”. My Mom’s jaw drops and her eyes widen as Dread tells her those faithful words. Her night has just begun.

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