The House Part Two


The House Part TwoI woke the next morning to a strange sensation. I felt as if my entire body was slowly simmering. A kind of warmth that came from within and radiated out. I had never felt more refreshed in my entire life and bounded out of the bed and into the bathroom. As the hot water cascaded over me I noticed someone standing in the doorway. A big black blob whose features were distorted by the fogged glass of the stall. I flung open the door and nobody was there. There was still much exploring to do in my new home. Rooms upon rooms full of old newspapers and various collected objects, a closet stacked high with coffee cans and mayonnaise jars and a room with bags and bags of old wigs. “Max you were one odd tuzla escort Duck!” I said to no one in particular.I spent the next few days cleaning out the spare rooms, I spent a sizable chunk of my inheritance returning some luster to the Manor and by weeks end it looked spectacular. That night I had the most vivid dream I had ever had. I was standing in a vast field of lush grass, I was wearing a three piece suit and holding a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. “Felix over here!” a feathery voice beckoned to me. I turned and say a gorgeous woman sitting on the grass under an oak tree. She was pulling a cloth wrapped pie out of a nearby basket. “The food’s getting cold.” she said. I walked over sancaktepe escort and sat down. “You look as lovely as a rose Tess.” I said somehow knowing her name. Tess’ cheeks flushed red and she moved one of her ebony tresses behind her ear. We sat and ate our picnic lunch, talked and laughed and drank the champagne. As day gave way to night she stood up and slipped off her gauzy yellow sundress revealing her naked body. We made love under a vast blanket of stars and fell asleep under the oak. The next morning I woke feeling very different, drained with a splitting headache. I sat up and noticed a massive wet spot in my shorts. “Wet dream, jeez it’s been years since I’ve had one üsküdar escort of those!” I said to myself. I walked out of my room and something caught my eye, a portrait I had passes at least a dozen times and never noticed. “In memory of Felix” was carved into a brass plaque on the frame. “He looks just like me!” I said scouring the painting. “That’s Max’s older brother!” I suddenly remembered a conversation I had had with my parents when I was eight. “You were named after your daddy’s uncle Felix. He died when he was a young man, he fell off his Horse.” My Mother had said. “When Uncle Max saw you after you were born, he smiled with tears in his eyes. “Hello there Felix.” he said beaming. “We instantly knew what your name was.” my Dad said.The more I stayed in the house, the more I felt drained both physically and mentally. I found my self struggling to get out of bed most days. As I Staggered to the bathroom a purplish bruise on my neck caught my eye. “Now where did you come from!”

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