The Interview


I have been so overworked that I simply can’t keep up with the workload – filing, preparing reports, and all the never-ending meetings. No matter how many tries I make at organizing my time, I always fall behind or miss an important meeting or appointment. If I don’t miss it, I am late. I need a personal assistant to keep me on track even though I am not senior management. I DO report to the management and the Board and I have to be better organized.

I called up Human Resources a week ago and they promised that, once I got approval from my boss, they would get someone for me. Of course, my boss gave his immediate OK since he suffers most when I am late. It was another week before HR called me to say they had found someone who would be perfect but her experience may be overqualified for what I need. I wanted to meet her anyway. An interview was set up for 3:30 the next afternoon.

I was a little nervous since I had not done a lot of interviewing in my job and although HR screens everyone, I knew that if we didn’t click, then I would have to start all over. I tried my best to tidy my office and straightened my tie as the time for the interview approached but I was just too sloppy and disorganized. Guess the assistant might as well see what she was getting into!

As 3:30 on the dot, a knock on the door announced my visitor. I crossed the office – wiping my sweaty nervous hands on my slacks – and opened the door. My breath caught in my throat and I was speechless – there you stood and you were the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. You greeted me questionably and I finally found my voice and croaked “Please; come in and have a seat”

As you passed by me, I could smell a faint sweet flowery perfume that made my head swim as I watched the sway of your hips as you crossed the office; WOW! I closed the door and hurried güvenilir bahis across to hold out the chair for you and, as you sat, I reached over my desk to get my notes and to gather my thoughts. I pulled a chair to sit at an angle in front of you – perhaps 15 feet away to allow distance, crossed my leg and while you reached down into your purse on the floor beside you for your notebook and pen, I gazed quickly over your body. You were wearing a white silk shirt with a shawl collar and the top two buttons were undone to reveal just a hint of cleavage. Your skirt was about an inch above the knee and loosely flared out in tan pleats as you arranged it about you. Your slender legs (oh those glorious legs) were clad in the sheerest of nylons and you were wearing strap shoes (tan to match your skirt) that exposed your arch and with I would guess a 3″ spike heel. As you crossed one leg over the other, you started to gently swing the upper one. It was almost mesmerizing!

I cleared my throat and looked up into your eyes – your lips were curled slightly upwards at the corners as if you had caught me in the act of checking you out and I blushed slightly – and we commenced the interview. I asked and you answered all the questions pertaining to experience, the job requirements, salary scale, benefits (I grinned inwardly at this hoping that with such I beautiful woman it might be ME who realized some benefits) but know this was not wise. After giving you an opportunity to ask any questions of me, I asked if you were interested in the position and when you could start; the response was a ‘most definitely’ and ‘immediately’. I couldn’t have been more pleased and, since this was a Friday – I glanced at my watch and it was past 5:00 already! – I asked you if you could start Monday morning at 7:00 since I am an early person in order to get work done. türkçe bahis You said “No problem; I can be even earlier if it helps” but I reassured you that although I start early, I often work late as well and asked if you had family concerns that might keep you from staying late the occasional time. You told me that you were divorced with no children so your time was your own – you just wanted to rebuild a career. The job was offered and accepted and we parted with a somewhat long handshake (I didn’t want to release that soft hand!) as you walked out of my office.

I couldn’t concentrate so I went home – stopping at a local cafe where I had a lonely dinner and a bottle of wine and then home to my empty bed. I tossed and turned that night and woke throughout the night with myself covered in sweat and my own cum – I had been dreaming of that angel I had just hired. By Sunday night, I was so exhausted, I simply fell asleep on the sofa watching a bad movie and awoke somewhat refreshed at 4:00 am. I showered, dressed and was in the office with coffee made by six. Shortly after 6:30, I heard some noise outside my door and getting up to check, found you (dressed in a short tightly fitting yellow dress that showed every wonderful curve) hanging your coat in the closet.

“You’re half an hour early” I said surprised at your dedication on the first morning.

You smiled “I wanted to be in to organize my desk and make the coffee before you arrived but I see you beat me to it.” I had already put some supplies out on your desk including a laptop computer linked to the network so we could share files, pens, paper and other stuff. Also, I had a new coffee cup waiting for you and, since I was going to get some more for myself, offered to show you where it was. As we walked side by side to the kitchen area, we chatted easily. I felt more at ease güvenilir bahis siteleri now and asked if you would bring your coffee and we would go into my office to discuss some priority projects and get better acquainted since we would be working so closely together.

You sat down across from my desk and as you crossed your legs, the hem of your slim dress shifted higher on your thigh to expose the lacey top of your holdup stockings. It was as if you didn’t notice and I quickly raised my eyes to yours. The first time you called me by my surname, I told you to call me Don as long as I could call you Sandy and, by the way, I get my own coffee and if I am on my way to do so, I would likely offer to get yours. I want us to work closely as a team so that was agreed. The rest of the day flew by as you settled in and through the next couple of weeks, we began to see a major difference in how smoothly the office and workload ran. It was all due to your influence and I spoke to my boss (who was very impressed) about getting your probationary period accelerated so you could be given a significant raise. He agreed so I put that in place immediately and you came into my office once you heard about it with tears glistening in your eyes. You shut the door and came around my desk as I rose and hugged my tightly in gratitude. I could feel your breasts pressing against me and I became immediately aroused. I quickly pulled away to hide my obvious bulge and said you had more than earned it.

You asked if I would go out that night – it was the end of the week – for a celebratory drink but I wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. Mixing pleasure and work can be a disaster-not that I didn’t want to! Then, seeing my concern, you offered instead to make me a home cooked dinner the next night and we could rent a movie and that would be it. After a moment of thought, I agreed and you gave me your address and we set a time of 7:00 pm.

I was looking forward to tomorrow as I watched your hips sway seductively as you walked to the elevators. As you turned the corner, you waved and smiled.

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