The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 02


Author’s note:

This story is fiction; all characters and situations are fictional and any relationship they may bear to any living or dead person is purely coincidental.

This is part 2 or a series which is better understood if Part 1 is read first, but that is not essential.

The practices and behaviors of people in this story are not meant as examples for real life and are neither recommended nor necessarily condoned by the author.


Mandy and Gloria have an interesting luncheon

I lay awake on my back, Gloria cuddled up to me on my left, her hand resting on my breast while Stan lay on my right, gently snoring. I felt sexually sated, a rare feeling for me as I seemed to need sex several times a day. For the first time in my life I felt complete, accepted into Gloria and Stan’s marriage as a polyamorous partner. I had yet to find out all that meant as we’d only arrived at their – our? – home yesterday. I thought back over the past few days.

It had been easy terminating my lease on the small cottage I had at the beach, especially as it was located really close to shops and the sea. So that hadn’t been a problem. I didn’t have a car so I needn’t sell that; all I had was a few belongings which fitted into a moderate sized case. Stan had taken me to collect those in his beautiful Merc a few days after Gloria arrived and we’d spent the remainder of Stan and Gloria’s holiday together, adjusting to each other in our new-found relationship. I had handed in my notice at the local café where I’d worked part time for a while and was now unemployed, adjusting to the feeling of being a kept woman. It appeared that Stan and Gloria were not short of money, although I hadn’t pressed them to find out what Stan and maybe Gloria did for a living. Time for that later.

This had been a heavenly time for me, like a honeymoon without the formality of a wedding. Stan would wake up each morning with his big horny cock rarin’ to go. Gloria told me she used to hate that time of day because all Stan wanted was sex. Gloria told me she disliked penetrative sex with men so she would do whatever she could to avoid Stan, even getting up before she wanted to and before he awoke. With me sharing their bed and feeling sexy for much of the time, I was only too pleased to accommodate Stan each morning, and, while we were all on holiday, several times each day.

Gloria, on the other hand, liked her sex in the evenings, after dinner and before a large hot bath which, she said, made her sleep well. That was a time when Stan was relaxing after his day and was about the only time of day when he didn’t feel like sex, it seemed. So Gloria and I developed the habit of having a glorious romp on the bed after dinner while Stan watched television, read a book or frequently watched us as we played. I noticed that he would become hard as he watched his two sexy partners pleasure each other and usually he’d stroke his cock gently, not enough to cum though. No wonder he awoke with an erection.

During the day I would sunbathe on the beach in my tiny bikini, often with Stan and Gloria, and once we were cooked enough we’d head back to our accommodation and make love together, slowly, gently and very sensuously. I’d usually get to cum twice, once with Stan and once with Gloria, so I felt I certainly had the best of this arrangement.

All things come to an end and so it was with our holiday. Stan needed to return to work in the city so we headed back there in the Merc with all our gear. I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised to find their house was a large separate dwelling with private manicured lawns and gardens surrounding it. A moderate sized pool sparkled in the sunshine and the water felt reasonably warm, yet cool enough to be refreshing. The surrounding area was very private so I looked forward to some nude sunbathing, something I loved doing but for which I’d rarely found a suitable location.

Gloria escorted me to their bedroom, a huge room with a massive super king size bed which made the bed we’d slept together in at the beach seem tiny. Several rooms opened off the bedroom and Gloria showed me the ensuite bathroom, complete with large bath for her evening bathing and a triple spray shower. I imagined how it would be the three of us showering in there. She then took me into a second room, which was a walk-in wardrobe about the size of a normal bedroom. Gloria’s clothes were hanging on racks and lying in drawers, but it was so huge that much of the space was unused. Gloria pointed out places I could use for my meagre supply of clothing, telling me that we would definitely need to go shopping soon.

The third room she showed me was a large office which she explained Stan used when he didn’t need to go to town to his main office. That was my cue to ask what he did and was told that he was the managing director of a large manufacturing business. I was about to ask what they manufactured but Gloria hastened izmir escort me out of the office and into a fourth, smaller room which had many drawers down one wall and hanging space for more clothing on two other walls. I looked at the clothing and did a double take. Omigod, it was all brief, sheer lingerie, lace up corsets, and other types of very sexy clothing along with a wide selection of toys, many of which I had no idea how to use. The selection here was far greater than in the sex shop we had visited. Before I could ask, Gloria told me that this is what Stan’s company manufactured and that Gloria was one of the people who both designed and tried out the clothing and equipment.

I just gaped at her, then picked my jaw off the ground and smiled. I asked the first thing that entered my head: “Will Stan want me to try some on?” Gloria chuckled at my apparent enthusiasm, telling me that she had no doubt I would have a role to play as a trial critic and probably also as a designer. She had then asked me if I wanted to surprise Stan, to which I agreed.

She selected two corsets and told me that Stan really likes women in tightly laced corsets and that she also found the tight lacing caused her to feel really sexy. In fact, having Stan make love to her in a tightly laced corset was about the only way she could stand him having penetrative sex with her. She told me to strip off my clothes and she’d put me into one, commenting that as we were about the same size and body shape, the corsets that were seasoned to her body would probably suit me, but I’d need to have some custom made for me soon.

The garment selected for me was designed to bring a normal waist from around 28 down to 24 inches. As my waist was normally 26 inches it appeared to be perfect. I stripped naked and Gloria wrapped the corset around me, showing me how to do up the busks in front. Then she began tightening the laces at the rear. As she worked I felt the constriction of my abdomen and also, it seemed, some relocation of my body tissue so that my breasts, which were supported but not covered by the corset, seemed to bulge out more.

After several times retightening the laces at top and bottom, Gloria measured my waist. 24 inches. I found that my breathing had changed and I could no longer easily take deep breaths, but it felt wonderfully sexy. Gloria said that would do for a first time and then I helped her into the other one, which she said was her tight lacing corset and explained that I would need some waist training and my own corsets before I could use one as tight as this. Eventually it was tightened and her waist measured 20 inches. I noticed she also was taking short breaths and she told me this was why many Victorian era women would faint during stressful times and sexual encounters as they were unable to breath sufficiently. We checked ourselves out in the mirror and decided if a guy didn’t like what he saw he would have had to be blind.

Once we were both clad in our corsets only, we paraded onto the deck beside the pool where Stan was deep in conversation on his cellphone. He looked up as he heard us approach and his eyes almost pooped out of their sockets. He quickly excused himself and cut off the call and then let out a low whistle. Stan walked around us a few times, feeling the tension in our flesh as it was squeezed outside the area covered by the corset, then he cupped my bare pussy, running his finger between my lips and spreading my juices while he kissed and nibbled my breasts. I reached for his cock under his shorts and found it rock hard.

Meanwhile Gloria had also been caressing my body and I used my free hand to caress her breasts and pussy, spreading her juices just as Stan was spreading mine.

It took very little time before we had spread a large foam pad on the ground and Stan was flat on his back, Gloria sitting on his face so he could use his mouth on her pussy while I sat impaled on Stan’s huge cock, facing Gloria as we kissed and nibbled each other’s breasts and nipples. The eroticism of the whole scenario was so intense that Stan came in a few strokes while Gloria and I took a little longer before we came simultaneously, which brought Stan to a second orgasm deep inside me. After we’d finished Gloria and I unlaced each other then we all swam naked in the pool, kissing and caressing each other as we did so.

After a pleasant dinner, then a session with Gloria before she bathed, we all went to bed. Gloria and Stan went out like lights while I’m lying here, my mind busy with the thoughts and changes of the past little while since that fateful day when Stan and I first met.


I awoke in a strange bed between two loving partners. Stan was awake but Gloria was still sleeping. As I lay there, eyes still closed in that timeless period between waking and sleeping, I felt Stan’s hand caressing me sexily, eager for his customary morning session. I reached out to antalya escort him and squeezed his rock hard cock, letting him know I was awake. With this knowledge his caressing and fondling took on a new urgency and I turned my back to him, allowing his hands access to my sensitive front attractions. I also pulled his cock into position between my legs so it could rub against my pussy lips, in my rapidly moistening love trench and, at full thrust, caress my engorged clit. I loved this man and I loved this time of the morning.

Gloria stirred and reached out to caress my breasts, which I allowed her to do, my hands caressing hers also and reaching down to fondle her pussy. While I did this to pleasure her, as I knew she liked it, I also found the tactile stimulation arousing for me which caused my pussy to begin flowing seriously, allowing Stan’s cock to both give and receive far greater stimulation. It took only a few minutes of this before he eased it into my love tunnel. I bent forward, my mouth on Gloria’s pussy as my body bent to allow greater depth of penetration of Stan’s cock in my tunnel. Ooohhh, it felt so good. I felt myself building to an orgasm, this building increased as Stan began rubbing my clit with his finger. It felt so good, so nice, I was almost there, a few more thrusts, yes, yes.

“AAARRRGGGHHH!!” I yelled as I came hard, my body convulsing on Stan’s cock as he stopped and thrust deeply inside me, his finger still stimulating my clit. I felt Gloria stroking my hair as the main orgasmic feeling slowly decayed leaving a glorious afterglow. I pulled off Stan and rolled onto my back, legs bent and knees wide apart.

“Fuck me, honey,” said to him hoarsely

Stan positioned himself between my legs and thrust deeply inside me as Gloria lay on her side facing us, her head propped up on her bent arm. I knew that she stroked her clit while we made love but never enough to cum, just enough to make her feel stimulated so she could look forward to our evening romp together, and maybe some titillating sex play during the day.

Stan’s thrusting began to speed up and increase in depth as he pushed far into me, the root of his cock squeezing my clit and sending wonderful feelings surging through my body. I could feel the soles of my feet begin to tingle as I felt myself building towards another orgasm. I heard panting, then realized it was me, but also Stan was panting as he readied himself to give me my morning injection of sperm. He began to make soft grunting sounds which I had learned meant he was almost there. I thrust upwards towards him, offering all of me to his lusty thrusting and then he was there, pressing hard into my full depth as he squirted his seed deep inside me. The feeling of this wonderful lover cumming in me so hard pushed me over the top and I tensed as orgasm washed through me, then relaxed in the afterglow as he rested lightly on me. We kissed deeply and sensuously as we lay together, still joined, after our climaxes. I saw Gloria stroking Stan’s back, wanting to let him know she was part of this threesome also, let him know she approved of us making love together.

After maybe five, maybe ten, minutes Stan rolled off me, his now flaccid cock, sticky from our combined fluids, drooping downwards as he kissed my nipples on his way across to see Gloria, his wife, resting his body on hers, his sticky cock against her moist pussy, they kissed and caressed each other for several minutes until he arose and walked off to the shower. As we listened to the shower running, Gloria and I kissed deeply, sharing our womanly love for each other, caressing each other, our touches full of promises for the day ahead.

“Let’s all shower together,” said Gloria.

I nodded, what a great idea. I was very aware that on our first morning in this house we were creating precedents for many mornings ahead. I jumped out of bed, offering Gloria my hand and together we walked into the bathroom, opened the glass shower door and stepped under the steaming water. Together we soaped each other , washed each other, probably spending far longer than necessary washing the interesting places, then had a group hug and kiss under the warm water before turning off the taps and stepping into the bathroom to dry ourselves and each other. The weather was warm so we stayed naked as we prepared and ate our breakfast, then, reluctantly, Stan dressed for the office, kissed his two naked ladies goodbye, and left for the city.

After Stan left Gloria and I hugged, then went to the bedroom to cover up a little as the late summer early morning temperature had raised goose bumps. We first visited the normal clothes room and found a housecoat each then Gloria took my hand and led me to the sexy clothing room.

“I want to show you what other sorts of clothing we have,” she said as she led me inside. “All my life I’ve liked dressing up. As a child I would dress up my dolls, then as a teen I dressed up kayseri escort to attract boyfriends. The problem with that was when I had attracted one, he no longer liked me to dress up to attract guys but wanted me to be a lot more staid. I don’t do staid, as you may have noticed.”

I thought back to how Gloria had dressed on holiday and realized that she was always wearing something a bit (or a lot) risqué. She liked to show a lot of cleavage, often went without a bra and wore almost transparent tops, wore really short skirts, sometimes without panties, and her bikini was smaller than mine even, and that was small enough. She had also been quite happy sunbathing topless, which I had done also after a bit of persuasion.

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” I replied.

“So once I was married I felt Ok about wearing what I wanted because after all I had a ring on my finger to deter other guys. But Stan had noticed my predilection for exposing myself, and as he was in the perfect job to provide clothing that did this, why wouldn’t he? Much of this clothing is what he designed for me. It’s only been recently that I’ve started designing things myself. Before that I’d just comment on them and suggest improvements. Since I started actively designing, the range has increased markedly.”

“So what brand name does Stan’s company market under?” I asked.

“Sensuous Surprises is the name of the company as well as the brand on the clothing labels. I guess an unsuspecting boyfriend who was undressing his girlfriend wearing some of these,” she waved her hand at the racks, “Would certainly get a sensuous surprise.” Gloria chuckled. “So, what shall we try you with today, I wonder.”

Gloria began pulling items off the racks, holding them against me, putting some back and others on a chair. After a while she seemed to be satisfied led me over to the chair.

“Ok, take off your coat and let me dress you up. It’s fortunate that we both have similar body shapes and sizes so at least some of these will fit you.”

I removed my coat and Gloria began handing me items of very sexy looking and feeling lingerie. I stepped into a brief suspender belt, which she helped me with as I’d never worn one before, followed by a pair of G string panties. Next came a pair of black fishnet stockings and a tiny bra which supported my tits but left the nipples and upper parts uncovered. Finally we went to the main clothes room and she gave me a short top which tied under my tits and exposed my cleavage, just covering my nipples. She then found me an impossibly short skirt and I wriggled into it, the top sitting on my hips just above the suspender belt and the hem at the same level as my crotch, exposing the top portions of my bare thighs above the stockings. She stood back and smiled, apparently satisfied, then led me to the mirror to view myself.

In my opinion I was a walking wet dream. Any red blooded guy seeing me on the street would firstly become instantly aroused and secondly assume that I was a whore.

“I can’t wear this,” I told Gloria, “The skirt’s far too short. I’ll be run out of town or picked up as a whore by the cops.”

“Mmmm, yeah, maybe you’re right. We’ll have to keep that skirt for a party occasion I guess. I haven’t worn it yet for the same reasons but I decided to try it on you and see what your reaction would be.”

I wriggled out of the skirt and Gloria gave me a black skirt which reached just below the tops of my stockings when I was standing. It also had a split up the front to crotch level. I modelled it in the mirror and it looked equally or maybe more sexy than the first skirt. The first one was full on sexy while this just had a small amount of sophistication while still exposing glimpses of my upper thighs and, I suspected, when I sat down it would expose my crotch to anyone sitting opposite me. I sat in the chair to check and immediately I could see right up to my crotch, covered by a very narrow strip of panty cloth. I crossed my legs, noticing that it hid my crotch but exposed the underside of my thigh right up to my ass. I felt my pussy responding to the sensuous vision in the mirror.

Once we were dressed we drove to the city and parked in a private underground car park at Sensuous Surprises. Gloria grinned at me, telling me we were calling in unexpectedly to see Stan and while we were here we’d get some clothing for me and I’d be measured up for corsets. I eased myself out of the car, trying not to show off too much of my naughty bits to any passer-by, not that I saw anyone, then Gloria used her passkey card and we went up to the top floor in the elevator.

The doors opened and we stepped into what was obviously Stan’s sumptuous office. He was talking on the phone and was surprised to see us, judging from the look on his face, the elevator having bypassed his secretary in the outside office.

“Yes, that’s fine, just organize it and I’ll talk again tomorrow. Ciao.” He replaced the receiver and stood up.

“Wow, this is a pleasant surprise.”

He walked around us examining me in particular, presumably having seen Gloria dressed like this before. He stopped in front of me and gently hugged me, pulling me towards him and kissing my lips as his hand reached under my brief skirt, presumably checking what I was wearing beneath it.

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