The Naked Pool Party


The Naked Pool PartyDate: 28/05/2018Once I was done breaking my fast, I quickly hauled ass and made my way to Dav’s house. I had slept through half of the day after the previous night’s shenanigans, and was now ready to run the group’s first private meet. Dav, one of our members, was kind enough to offer his house to be used for our Naked Pool Party and we had gladly accepted.I had arrived first, and began directing (through the group chat) those who had already reached to the rather difficult to find side entrance. Got some members to help out and get ice for the alcohol (Bring Your Own Alcohol) and plastic cups. By the time I entered it was an hour after my initial arrival. Cracked a cold beer, chit chatted and mingled with the others. There was about 10-ish of us who attended.Dav, the house owner, started off the skinny dipping and stripped down to his birthday suit, grabbing a nearby water gun and pelting the rest of us. I have no qualms showing people my bits, so I chucked my clothes off and joined in. Thib was the third, and with us in the pool the girls joined in too, albeit only one got naked (Nat) while the other two were in bikinis. Everyone else sat by under a nearby hut, watching us with undisguised amusement.Thib is an expat in his early 30s, who is French I believe. Very chill, nice stocky and slightly hairy body, and an uncut cock of about 6.5-7 inches and thick. Bi-friendly chap who’s OK with being sucked by a dude.Nat is a local malay BBW in her mid 20s. Bubbly and loud buca escort personality, big tits and ass as expected. Straight girl but curious to explore her boundaries.In between, I spend a good amount of time going in and out of the premises to fetch people, or to accompany them to the taxi stand. Coming back from one of the trips, I noticed the pool was empty except for Dav, and the ones in the hut said Thib and the girls went up to get dried in the bedroom. As time ticked by, it slowly dawned on us how long they’d been gone so we went to have a look.Thib was on the bed, still naked, with Nat riding his cock and another girl Anya (who was the only girl not to be in the pool) naked and sitting on his face. There were a few chuckles at this unexpected sight, with some just taking a peek and hanging outside while the others continued to watch. Both girls were moaning loud, appreciating the skill with which Thib pleasured them with his tongue and cock. Eventually Anya got off soon after realising there was an audience (shy girl she is, bless her heart) while Thib and Nat shifted into a doggy position. Soon enough, Thib started pounding away and making Nat desperately moan for more. With our voyeuristic desires sated (for now), we went outside to continue the boozing and chatting, soon enough hearing the two of them reaching completion inside.An hour passes by, and then two, and soon enough it was 1am, leaving only 4 members there. Thib, Nat, James and I. Dav had escort buca already gone to sleep after telling us we could do whatever we wanted outside.James is another expat in his early 30s, from the UK. Typical Brit, bespectacled, very hairy and stocky build, and an uncut cock of about 6.5 inches and thick as well. He was bi-curious. I got to know him through Whisper and had invited him to join the party.With only the 4 of us left outside, there was an air of sexual tension that slowly grew stronger until one of us decided we should all get naked and have a foursome. I think it was me just saying what was already going through everyone’s mine. With the cards all laid out we all chucked our clothes off. Nat and I got on our knees, in front of Thib and James respectively, and proceeded to blow their cocks. For a first timer to having his cock sucked by a guy, James was very responsive to my ministrations, constantly trying to drive his cock deeper down my throat. Next to me, Thib was showing his appreciation rather loudly as Nat licked and sucked around his cock. We switched partners every few minutes, which they both rather enjoyed.Soon enough, it was Nat’s turn to be the center of attention. We moved closer to the Pool where there was another wooden hut thing with some cushion inside, with James all the way in, Nat in the center sucking his cock and Thib behind putting on a condom and penetrating her. I believe it’s her first ever spit-roast. It took only a few buca escort bayan minutes for us to realise it wasn’t the most ideal location to have sex, so we decided to just do it on the Pool Deck instead.Same set up for the spit-roast, but it’s no longer cramped and Thib can really fuck her hard into the ground while she sucks James off. It switches here and there, sometimes it’s them fucking and me sucking James, sometime I’m sucking on her tits, sometimes she joins in when she has the presence of mind to share a cock with me. At one point of time, Thib had switched out, and was lying on the floor with me sucking him, while James gave Nat the fingerfucking of her life. It was wet, it was loud and soon enough she squirts all over his hand. I take a turn, diving head in first into her gushing pussy, slurping up all her juices and fingerfucking her hard. She’s totally crazy with lust now, and squirts one more time.Thib gets in again, fucking her like it’s his last, her face up and me sucking her tits. She’s so loud I have to cover her mouth with my hands, lest the neighbours complain and call the police. Thib goes faster and faster, making her squirt again as he finally cums, groaning out loud and falling beside her. He’s spent af.There’s abit of laughter and dazed pleasure as we make our way up to the table beside the house. James and I still haven’t cum yet. A few more drinks and it was decided that she would blow and jerk James and I off. James went first, and it was a good 10 minutes before he came all over Nat’s tits. I took only 5 minutes and glazed her tits as well. And it was 3am. Tired but happy, we cleaned up the place as best we could and made our way home.There’s a vid called “MMF On The Pool Deck” that shows part of this session.

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