The neighbor who had mother and daughter


The neighbor who had mother and daughterI don’t know if it’s the Spring morning, the fact I am on my push bike, or I am growing-up, but my pussy is so sensitive and wet, as I turn onto my street and pedal to my home at the very end.I am coming home to an empty house, both my parents are at work and my younger brother has gone to school, the idea of having the house to myself adds to my excitement, as I loved walking around nude, admiring my nakedness in the mirrors as I float from room to room, the audacity of doing it and the sense of freedom you get from being naked, not to mention the thrill of being discovered, which of course has never really happened, but it excites me and usually leads to masturbation, an act I have embraced and feel comfortable about doing, perhaps I am producing too much of the male sex hormone, which would account for my ass being like a boys and my tits still stuck in the budding stage.Talking about my bum, I bet the men driving their cars behind me were getting a good eyeful, as my bum cheeks were dancing in their contained black lycra leggings, my knickers still in my pouch, well my ‘Camel Toe’ certainly showed so my bum must be as revealing, hence to wolf whistles and dirty looks from the drivers as they overtook me, as I ground my crotch into the thin saddle seat, each kilometer bringing me closer to my big ‘O’, fuck I cant wait to get into the house and get online to chat with some wankers.I turn off the deserted street into my yard and dismount, my back still to the road. I reach beck and feel my lycra legging lodged firmly up my arse, and as I turn to look back I see him sitting at his table on his deck, staring at me.My heart skips a beat, we are alone and I know he has the hots for me, every time I look across he is staring, and now here I am looking as if I have just applied a thin coat of black paint to my lower torso, I turn my back to him again, this time more deliberately, as my ass will excite him and this morning I will give him time to look at me.He calls my name and I instinctively turn back to him, the sun in full bloom illuminates me as it is in my face, he is holding a artemisbet yeni giriş package, ‘This arrived earlier’, he says as I walk out onto the road and slowly cross the street to where he is standing, behind his hedge.I can feel his eyes burn into my lycra crotch, the curvature of my ‘Camel Toe’ so evident, I was not walking as much as floating, I felt naked approaching him, naughty and excited, the sun in my face didn’t really play fare as His was in shadow, but as I drew level with him, I saw where his gaze lay.’Good Morning’, I said politely showing my pearly white teeth in an opened mouth smile, I was not afraid of him, he excited me, as he was the only male at this end and always looking into my bedroom, for as long as I can remember, after all, I did wave to him on numerous occasions, when I should have told my mother he was doing it, but I chose not to, and left my curtains open until the last minute, always seeing him looking, back then I knew he was a dirty old man with a penchant for young girls, but like I said, it excited me.I took the box and looked at it, it was addressed to me, so I opened the edge and peered in, to see the word ‘Lilo’.’Did this come by post’, I asked him, he just nodded in the affirmative. It was just approaching 9am and the post is not delivered until midday, the package was 12″ by 5″ by 2″, and I knew what it was I was holding, a vibrator, he had purchased a vibrator and was pretending it was sent. I smiled, pretending not to know, ‘Something interesting’, he asked me, clearly excited he had given it to me, and I opened it and looked in, whether he knew I knew what it was made no difference, a vibrator in a woman’s hand, or as in my case a girl’s hand, was a delicate and desirable object, not something I would eagerly show my mother or father, and possibly something he knew I would not throw away, either way the chances of my using it were very strong, and he could be pleased at my introduction to putting something in my pussy and having an orgasm at his expense, I was sure he would guess I would have know he bought it, and use it, so we had a sexual bond, artemisbet giriş unspoken but a bond just the same.He was staring at my chest as he spoke, my nipples had burst into life and unfettered by a brassiere they pointed at him, proudly displaying my sexual mood at the discovery of my gift.’Yes, I think it is’, I replied naughtily, ‘Do you know what it is’, he asked my, his voice thick, I looked at him coyly he was clearly excited, ‘Lilo, make vibrators’, I said to him, ‘So I guess someone thinks I need one’, and at that I cheekily turned and walked back to my bycyle, making my bum gyrate as only a female can, I was in heat and we were in full sexual flow, he called out something, I pretended not to hear, and went indoors, leaving the front door slightly ajar.I went into my ground floor bedroom and straight to the window, he was looking across at me, fully illuminated by the sun, I unlatched the window so it opened at the top only, making the angle it formed, easier for him to look in as the reflection was now removed.I unwrapped the box completely and took the vibrator out, it felt velvety to the touch, very tactile and shapely with a nice soft curvature, and at pressing the button, felt the power grow and the numerous choices of vibrations, all within the circular control, making choices easy, I looked up, he was still watching me intently, a girl with her new toy, I held it for him to see and waved a thank you to him, now he knew I knew he bought it, and at that I closed the curtains, now it was his turn to sweat, wondering if I was using it, such a tease I was.I stripped down until I was nude and lay on the bed, slowly letting the soft vibrations excite me until I slipped it all the way inside and increased the intensity of the vibrations, closing my eyes and humping my hips to meet it thrusting, twisting and sliding, not aware he had entered through the front door and was standing looking down at my naked body going into the throes of an orgasm.I gasped as it hit me, only then realizing he was there watching me, himself with cock in hand stroking and shooting a hot stream of cum onto artemisbet güvenilirmi my face, neither of us able to control as we both had passed the point of no return, my own contorted body outlasting his ejaculation, I continued as a second more powerful orgasm wracked my body, his hand and fingers penetrating me as I cried out in pleasure.I lay fetal, my knees drawn up hard under my chin, the vibrator still buzzing on the bed, his fingers deep inside me as I rocked and squeezed uncontrollably.I turned onto my stomach to discourage him from touching me, as my clitoris was painful to touch, but he climbed on top of me his cock nestling comfortably in the crack of my bum.I turned my head to try and look at him, ‘You need to go in case someone comes back’, I was wasting my time as he was pushing into me, I realized he was trying fuck me in the ass, and both my arms were raised high so I could not reach back to stop him, his weight leaving my helpless as he reached in between our bodies and eased his rapidly hardening cock right at my bum-hole, I was opening up regardless of what I tried he was slipping into me and I was receiving him with each twist and twitch.He humped like a man without passion, only enjoying my offering as I resigned myself to let him finish and he did I asked him if he had, I felt nothing except the pressure on my back, there was neither pain or feeling, but assured me he had cum inside my bum and for him it was good.He got up and pulled his shorts back on, ‘You’re a great little fuck’, I suppose that was his way of a compliment, I rolled onto my back and studied him as he dressed, ‘You’re like your mother’, he commented, I stared at him, ‘What do you mean’, I queried, he smiled down at me, ‘We were an item before you were born’, he hit back, I was stunned, ‘Yes she was a lonely bored housewife, with a high sexual need, and I would come over and do the honers’.I was stunned, I could not believe it, my face turned ashen, as the realization suddenly dawned on me, ‘What are you saying’, but I knew the answer before he told me, I had not only had sex with an old man, but an old man who now claimed I could be his daughter.He moved to the door and turned, ‘I am there if you need more’, he smiled, ‘It’s in your blood, and you will be wanting more’, and at that, he walked out and back across the street.I never asked my mum, but as time went on he was right about me and my blood and my needs.

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