The Preachers Family


The Preachers FamilyI wake up and feel the soreness in my jaw and throat has gotten worse overnight. I stretch and look at the clock. It is a little before 8am. I amimmediately grateful that today is Saturday. I don’t have to ride to schoolwith my brother Luke. I don’t know how to at or what he is going to sayabout what he did to me last night. I look over towards the bathroom doorand see the light is off. I get up and go to the bathroom. I lock the doorthat connects the bathroom to his room. I stand there in front the toiletand take a piss and feel the question start popping into my mind. How willhe react? What will he say? How do I act? Do I say anything? I finish mypiss and unlock his bathroom door and leave back into my room, closing thedoor on my side. I go to my closet and grab a hoodie and some shorts andget dressed. I get my socks and shoes on and head downstairs. I write anote for mom telling her I was going to be out today but I would be homefor dinner. I grab a banana and leave.I jump on my bike and head to the park a few miles away. I eat my banana onthe way and try to stop the growing questions about last night. I get tothe park and lock up my bike. The park is more of a nature park. There is alake surrounded by trees. There are nature walking trails that take u intothe trees and completely around the park. A lot of people are alreadyhere. Some fishing in the lake, some sitting on the grass reading or justenjoying the morning sun. Others are on the trails. I start on one of thetrails. The one I chose is 2 miles around the lake. As I walk, I start tothink about everything from last night. How Luke was so harsh and how hedid what he wanted. I suddenly had a huge feeling of shame. I had nevernever had sex with a guy or a girl, but I had feelings and thoughts aboutguys. Last night confirmed that I was gay. Last night also meant that myolder brother knew I was gay. Who was he going to tell and would he treatme different now? My dad is a pastor and if he told dad I was gay, I wouldcertainly be sent off to some straight camp to try to fix me.My emotions were taking control of me. People were passing me on thetrial. All ages, male and female. Most of the ones that passed made eyecontact and said good morning. Others had earbuds in and ran by me like Iwasn’t there. I reached for my cell and texted my other brother John. Johnis 19. I texted and asked what he was upon to. He replied back and saidthat he had just finished breakfast. He asked what I needed. I said I wasat the park and just needed to think some things through. He asked if I wasok or in danger? I replied that I was ok. I said sorry for texting you. Hereplied back and said its all good. I slipped the phone back into my pocketand kept walking. I came up on one of the buildings in the woods on theretrial. It has a cookout area on one side and bathrooms on the other side. Iwalk off there trail and up to the mens room. I go in and can smell the oldpiss smell from the toilets that haven’t been flushed in ages. I go in andgo to the last stall, I lock the door and close the lid of the toilet andsit down. Im just here to rest and think, not to use the facilities. I pullpout my cell and try to play a game. I can’t concentrate on it, so I closethe game. I sat there and felt my emotions completely take over me. Istarted to cry. The tears came fast. I cried for a good couple of minutesbefore it started to pass. I actually started to feel better after mycry. I used toilet paper and wiped my face. I straightened myself up andleft the toilet.I got back on the trail and started walking again. I started to feel evenbetter. I made it around the lake and started walking towards the font ofthe park to get my bike. Thats when I see John standing at the bike rack. Istarted worrying about things again and if he had talked to Luke thismorning. I got to the rack and John smiled at me. He said I figured I wouldcome see what was up with you and what I was thinking about this early on aSaturday. We grabbed my bike and threw it into the back of his truck and wegot in. He asked me where I wanted to go. I just shrugged my shoulders. Hereached over and tussled my hair and said talk to me. I just sat there infear of what he might know. Then he started asking if it was school or homeand I shook my head. He said is it a girl and I just looked at him. Helaughed and said it is about a girl. I didn’t say anything, but at the sametime, I felt relieved that he didn’t know anything about me and Luke. Hesaid does she go to your school and I boldly said yes. He almost seemedproud. He started talking about past girlfriends and how I will probablyhave güvenilir bahis many during my school years. He kept driving back towards home andtalking. He looked at me and said, have you guys have sex? I didn’t knowwhat to say. He said that silence told him what he needed to know and saidhe was happy for me. Then I got the lecture about safe sex and I finallysaid that we haven’t got that far yet. He said well blow jobs are good andI just sat there. He laughed again. He said that my secret was safe withhim and he wouldn’t tell anyone, but that I could always come to him if Ineeded to talk about any thing. We had got back home. We got out and Istarted to grab my bike, but John said, he would get it, and that he couldsmell the sex on me and I needed a shower. I froze. He looked at me andsaid that I reek of cum and sex and that I must have got lucky at the gamelast night. I didnt say anything, I just turned away and went in the house.I went upstairs and in my bedroom. I locked the door and thats when I sawthe light from under the bathroom door and knew Luke was in there. I wasquite and went to my closet. I picked out some clothes and laid them outfor after my shower. Then I heard the shower come on, and knew it would bea while. I laid on my bed and just listened to the sounds of the water fromthe shower. Then my mind stated thinking about 17 year old Luke and himnaked in the shower and his muscles. As worried and scared of him as I was,I was getting horny thinking about him in the shower. My 5 inch cock wasgrowing and getting hard. I pulled my pants off and pulled my boxers downunder my nuts. I flipped over on my belly. I started to think about lastnight and the feeling of his tongue in my ass. I started to hump my bedsheets. I closed my eyes and pictured him on top of me and holding medown. I licked my palm and reached under me and grabbed my cock. I startedto hump into my hand as thoughts of last night flooded my mind. I couldfeel his tongue inside my ass and him pulling my ass cheeks open. I wassteady humping my hand and could feel the precum leaking out and making myhand feel even better. With my other hand, I reached up and wrapped myfingers around my throat. The one thing that my brother did that absolutelyterrified me. I started to squeeze my throat and whatever psychologicalissue my brother had inflected on me suddenly was the hottest thing in myfantasy. I squeezed my throat and started to cum right then. Shot aftershot of my young teenage cum shooting onto my bedsheets. I kept humpinguntil I couldn’t handle the sensation anymore. That was there bestmasturbation episode I have ever given myself. I let go of my throat andbrought my other hand to my nose. I sniffed and smelled my cum and imaginedwhat cum smell John had smelled on me this morning. I was about to lick mycum off my hand when the shower turned off in the bathroom. I panicked andjumped up. I pulled off my boxers wiped the cum on them and threw them intothe closet. I grabbed some shorts off the floor and pulled them on. Igrabbed my sheets and snatched them off the bed and threw them in thecloset as well. I straightened he blanket on my bed so no one could tell mysheets were missing.The light went off in the bathroom. I wanted until I heard Luke close hisdoor. I went to the bathroom and locked the door on his side. I pushed mydoor closed and stripped. I started the shower and stepped in. I showeredand actually was felling much better about everything. I finished showeringand dried off. I stood in front the mirror and stared at my body and what Iwished I looked like. I shook it off and brushed my teeth. I could feel theache in my jaw from last night’s ordeal. I was finally making peace witheverything and feeling good. I finished brushing my teeth and wrapped thetowel around my waist. I opened the bathroom door and went into mybedroom. My clothes were laid out, but I forgot my boxers. I went to mycloset and grabbed a pair, I turned around and in the door way of my closetwas Luke. I was shocked and scared at the same time. He pushed my into thecloset and closed the door behind him. I just held my head down and staredat the floor. He stepped up to me and reached out and lifted my head. Ilooked up and he was smiling. He said listen. I know last night was roughand I know you might not have enjoyed everything. I just stood therelooking into his eyes. Luke reached out and pulled my into his chest andhugged me. I felt his solid body and his muscles from being on thewrestling team and the foot ball team. I felt totally helpless in his hug,but at the same time, I started to feel safe. Luke ended his hug bywhispering in türkçe bahis my ear that next time would be better. Luke let me go fromthe hug. He asked me if I was ok and I just nodded. He said I figured youwere good when I saw your hard on under that towel. I clasped my hands infront of my erection and he said don’t be ashamed. He reached down andgrabbed the front of his jeans and I could see the outline of his huge dickin his pants. He laughed and then opened the closet and left. I grabbed myclean boxers and went into my bedroom and got dressed. I was feeling betterand better and not worrying.I grabbed my sheets and started them in the washer.I went down and startedthe X Box in the den. I started playing my game and chatting with my gamerfriends. Life was good.The day passed uneventfully. I played my games most of the day. Around 6,my dad came home. He walked through the den and said he needs the room sohe can rehearse his sermon for tomorrow. I close my game and clean ups mysnacks from the day. As I am leaving, my dad says to help mom get supperready. I say yes sir and leave. I go to the kitchen and look for mom. Noone is around. I hear people in the garage. I head out there and see momgetting grocery bags out the trunk. I come out to help her. I hear Luke’scar start up, mom drops the bags into the trunk and goes to the garage doorand yells at him that he can not go out tonight and to come inside. I headin with my arms loaded with bags. I hear Luke slamming the door of hiscar. I head to the pantry to start putting away the groceries. Luke bargesin and drops his bags in the pantry at my feet and leaves. I put awayeverything and go to the kitchen. I ask mom what I can do to help. I get aside hug from her and she says to set the table, she will handle therest. I ask if John will be at supper and she says to set a place forhim. I get the table set and then I head up stairs to my room.I take my sheets out of the washer and put them in the dryer.I grab a bookI checked out from the library and go lay on my bed. Before I can startreading, I hear a slight knocking, I look toward the bathroom door and Lukeis pulling the door open and motions for me to come in. I get up and walkin the bathroom, he closes and locks the door. All of a sudden I feelscared again. He walks in front of me and says relax, we will go easy thistime. Luke said mom wont let hm go out tonight cause he skipped churchservice last week. I just look at him. He smiles and put his hands on myshoulders and pushes my to my knees. I am face to face with the bulge inhis jeans. He pulls his black t shirt up and pulls the front over his neckand hooks it behind his head. I look up and all I see are abs and pecs. My17 year old brother is smiling down at me. This is an awesome angle to seehim. I just gaze at him. He finally says that he needs head and I can do ithow I want to do it this time. I feel relived at that. I reach up andunbutton and unzip his jeans. I can smell his cologne and his scent. I pullhis jeans and boxers down, I go to take them off and he says, thats goodenough. This needs to be fast. I am on my knees, my 17 year old brother isstanding in front of me with his jeans around his knees and his half hardcock is dangling in my face. I reach up and stroke him, The heft of hiscock is amazing to me. The thickness is twice what my little dick is. Ikeep stroking and aim the monster at my mouth, I lick the head. I lick hispiss slit and then I close my lips around the head and start sucking justthe head. I am stroking the shaft and I reach up to grab his nut sack thatis swinging as I jerk him. His nuts are firm and big. I continue to suckthe head and start to take a little more of him in my mouth. Luke pulls hisdick out of my mouth and away from my hands. He looks down at me and saysno hands. Just mouth. I nod and he steps back up to me and I take his cockinto my mouth again. I suck on his head and try to keep taking a littlemore of his shaft in my mouth. I know I am unable to handle all of himcause my throat is still aching from last night when he managed to push allhis cock into my mouth and down my throat. Today wasn’t going to be thatintense. I start bobbing my head faster on his cock. I start running myhands on his legs. The muscles are just bulging in his thighs. This is aturn on to me. I feel him starting to rock his body so he is pushing hisdick in when I am pushing my head down on his cock. We have a good rhythmgoing. Luke tell me he is close. He tells me to look up at him. I haveabout 5 inches of his thick cock in my mouth with 4 more inches to go. Ilook up at my brother and I hear his iPhone taking pics. Now güvenilir bahis siteleri Luke has picsof me on my knees with my mouth full of cock. He smiles and tells me notto stop sucking until he tells me to. I keep sucking his cock and I lookup. He keeps taking pics on his iPhone. I see the lust in his eyes and Ifeel him getting harder and bigger in my mouth. Then I here Luke UGGMMFFFand I feel his cock throb in my mouth. I keep looking up at him as he looksat me and unloads in my mouth. I count 7 hard spurts as he says not toswallow and keep sucking. Luke is moaning and his hands are holding my headas he pushes his cock in and out of my mouth. finally, he pulls his cockout of my mouth. He takes more pics as he rubs his slick dick all over myface. He tells me to open my mouth and show him his load. I close my eyesand open my mouth. He snaps at me to open my eyes and look at thecamera. More pics of me with my mouth full of his load. He tells me toswallow and open my mouth back. I do and he snaps pics the entire time.Hecum has an strong taste today. Luke grabs his cock and squeezes the baseand I see more cum form at his piss slit. He says that I am never to letany of his load go to waste. I lean over and lick the head of his cock toget the drop of cum. I grab his cock at the base and jerk it a few timesand then lick the head to make sure he is clean and no more cum is in hisshaft.Luke steps back and puts his iPhone on the sink and then pulls up hisboxers and jeans. I stand up and go to walk by him. He grabs my arm andsays wait a minute. He gets finishes zipping up his jeans and pulling his tshirt back down. He looks in the mirror and checks himself out. Then hegrabs his iPhone and walks up to me and his chest pushes into me and hebullies back until I am against the bathroom door and his chest is pushingagainst me. He reminds me to keep my mouth shut and that I am to beavailable to him anytime he wants or the pics go online. I just nod. Hereaches back behind me and grabs my ass in my strong hand. He said this ishis goal and just shakes my ass with his hand. I raise my hands and putthem on my brothers arms to push him away, but as I do, I feel his bicepshard as can be. Muscles are my weakness, instead of pushing him away, Istart to rub his biceps. Luke laughs and says he fucking worship this bodyalready don’t you. I didn’t say a word. Luke roughly squeezes my ass againbefore he pushes me to the side and opens the bathroom and leaves. I lookdown and I am as hard as can be in my shorts. I pull my erection up intothe waistband of my shorts and I head downstairs.Luke is sitting at the table texting. Mom is in the kitchen finishing upcooking. Dad is in the den and I can here him rehearsing his sermon. Johnis nowhere around. I sit at the table and put my earbuds in and listen tomusic until I feel a push against my shoulder. Its John. I take my earbudsout and he says to come with him. We head upstairs. We pass my room and mybrothers room. John opens his bedroom door and motions me in. He closes thedoor behind us. He tells me to come sit on the bed. I sit on the end ofhis unmade bed. John throws me a bag and says I will need this sooner orlater. I open the bag and its a box of condoms. I blush and he says to keepthem until I need them, but to always be safe. He asks me if I have anyquestions about anything and I am about to ask him if he ever had thoughtsabout guys, but thats when mom called to us and said supper was ready. Ijust shook my head no and he told me to put those away in my room. I ran tomy room and put the bag inside my closet and ran downstairs. Everyone wasgetting to the seats around the table. Dad sat at one end and mom at theother end. John sat on one side and me and lug sat beside each other on theopposite side. Since my dad was a pastor, every meal started with aprayer. As my dad started his long winded blessing of the food, Luke nudgedme and motioned towards my lap. I looked down and there was a huge wet spotof my grey shirt where I had my cock up in the waistband of my shorts. Ijust looked at him and he smiled and closed his eyes. After the prayer, Iput a napkin in my lap try to cover the spot. Dinner was good. We were allthreatened to be at church service in the morning or else. Dad asked eachof us how we are doing and made small talk thought dinner. As soon as wewere done, I asked to be excused. Dad said chores comes before anythingelse. That meant, I had to clear the table. I grabbed plates and held themin front of the wet spot on my clothes and made my way to the kitchen. Onceeveryone was one from the table, I finished clearing it and grabbed mysheets from the dryer and went to my room. I pull the blanket from my bedand get the sheets on and the bed made properly. I grab the book fromearlier and start reading. My mind wondering what tonight would hold for meand my older brother Luke

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