The Shower Ch. 04

Big Cock

Chapter 4 (Women & Men)

Jason and Bob watched the ladies stagger into the house and then moved over to the cleaning table at the end of the pier. It was handy to have the table there where they could clean the fish, toss the remains into the water and watch the scavenger fish eat the guts. The guys had caught a bunch of fish so they decided to fillet them, which was a bit quicker than meticulously cleaning the fish.

They packed the fillets on ice, as they worked, to keep until they fired up the grill. Using the hose and nozzle hung by the cleaning table, they washed off the table, their fishing reels and made a quick pass at washing themselves off. Each grabbed the ice chest with one hand and they lugged the fish up to the house, setting the chest next to the grille.

Peeking into the house, Jason asked, “I wonder where the women went?”

“They’re probably upstairs getting cleaned up,” Bob replied stepping inside.

Heading for the stairs, Jason said, “We better hurry them up, once we get the fish on the grill they’re gonna be ready fast.”

Jason walked up the stairs with Bob right behind him. The looked in Bob and Jean’s bedroom and found it empty, so they both headed to the master bedroom, where Jason and Alicia were staying. Looking into the bedroom they saw that neither of the girls were there either.

“That’s the shower I hear running and I think I hear talking or something,” Jason said, reaching for the bathroom door. Opening the door, they both peeked into the bathroom and gasped.

“They’re in the shower together?” Bob whispered.

“It looks like it, but they’re not talking,” Jason whispered back.

They moved a bit closer and through the lightly obscured glass they could the form of one woman leaning against the wall of the shower and the form of another woman kneeling in front of her. Pausing, they simply watched and listened as Alicia moaned göztepe escort loudly and then they saw her hands grab Jean’s head. They remained still and quiet until Jean stood up and they heard Alicia say, “Oh God that was good.”

The men immediately began clapping. Caught in the act, Alicia and Jean covered up there breasts and pussies, opened the shower door and Alicia said, “Hi guys, we were just taking a shower.”


“It saves water,” Jean replied.

“Well, I think Bob and I can save some water too,” Jason said

“Okay, we’ll get out so you two can get in,” Alicia replied.

“I think the shower is big enough for all of us, what do you think girls?” Bob said.

The two women looked at each other, realizing the guys were perfectly serious. “Give us a minute to think about it,” Alicia said, wondering if this was something she really wanted to do. “What do you think Jean?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to do Alicia?”

“You know Jean, you only live once, why not give it a go.”

“You mean you with Bob…”

“And you with Jason, hey, if the boys want to play, let’s just play,” Alicia said. She then told the men, “Well, if you two think you can fit in here with us come on in.”

The guys quickly pulled off their clothes and headed into the shower. There was an awkward moment as the guys stood, not really sure which woman to reach for when Alicia reached out and grabbed Bob’s cock pulling him to her. Jean did the same with Alicia’s husband.

Almost in unison the girls screamed out, “Oh my God, what is that stink? What have you been doing?”

“Just cleaning fish,” Bob said.

“Well just put your hands in the air, you aren’t touching me until we get you scrubbed off,” Alicia said, running the water over Bob and then handing the shower nozzle to Jean. Alicia then grabbed the soap, lathered istanbul escort up her hands and began scrubbing Bob’s chest and shoulders. She continued scrubbing under his arms, down his back and then over his nipples, concentrating there. As she scrubbed Bob, she kept glancing back at Jean as she scrubbed Jason.

She felt an immediate pang of jealousy, but it was quickly overcome as she reached down and rubbed her soapy hands over Bob’s hard cock and balls before reaching around him and kneading his ass. Kneeling down she let her face and hair brush against Bob’s cock as she scrubbed his legs and then his feet. Grabbing the shower nozzle back from Jean, she washed the soap off her husband’s best friend and then holding his hands up pressed her breasts against his chest. With his hands held in the air, she began to nuzzle and lick his nipples, watching his cock twitch with the sensation.

As Alicia looked over at Jean, she could see her friend mimicking everything she did, and she looked down at her husband’s twitching cock. Up until now it had basically been good clean fun, but as she knelt down, took Bob’s cock in her hand and opened her mouth she knew she was crossing a line. Just to be sure she paused and looked up at Jason who was watching her every move.

Alicia shrugged as if asking Jason, “What should I do?” When he nodded and smiled, she moved her mouth over Bob’s cock and immediately began sucking. Glancing back she watched her husband’s cock slide into Jean’s mouth.

Not entirely sure what Bob liked in a blowjob, Alicia simply did what she usually did with Jason, basically grab his shaft and stroke it hard while running her tongue and lips lightly over the head of Bob’s cock. He seemed to enjoy it while he began pushing his hips forward and back in unison with her stroking.

Looking over at Jean, she watched the woman grab her husband’s kadıköy escort balls, with his cock in her mouth while twisting her head in a circular motion, her cheeks sucked in with the heavy suction she was applying to Jason’s cock. Alicia glanced up at Jason’s face and saw he was enjoying what Jean was doing.

Alicia wanted to watch what Jean was doing more intently so she could try it with her husband later, but she could feel Bob beginning to tense up, so she focused her attention on his cock as she stroked harder and moved her tongue all over his head. He then moaned loudly and Alicia had to quickly close her mouth over the head of his cock to trap the cum. She felt his hot cum spurt into her mouth again and again, she swallowed quickly and then backed her head away. For the next few moments she milked his cock, licking each droplet of cum as it appeared from the tiny hole. She noted that Bob’s cum was a bit saltier, not as sweet as Jason’s seemed to be.

Still holding Bob’s cock she looked over and watched Jean, with her twirling head, bring Jason to orgasm. She could see the familiar movement of his body as he came, spurting his cum in Jean’s mouth. Alicia watched Jean swallow Jason’s cum and wondered what she thought of the taste. She’d have to ask Jean later about it.

By that time Bob had recovered from his orgasm and was beginning to fumble with Alicia’s breasts. She stood up, grabbed his hands and said, “Hey guys, who said anything about that, now that you are cleaned up you have some fish to grill.”

Jason replied, “Hey, hey, you girls have been playing in the shower and don’t have any salad or veggies…”

“Don’t you worry about the salad and veggies,” Alicia said, “they’ll be ready.”

“You tell them salad, I’m dressing,” Jean said giggling. “I’m sorry, that’s something my grandmother used to say and hey, now’s the perfect time… I’m dressing,” she said pointing to herself.

Shaking their heads, the four of them finished getting dressed and headed downstairs. The salad and vegetables were ready just as the fish was coming off the grill and they sat down to a wonderfully intimate dinner. Each one was pondering what the next day might bring.

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