The three Ashleys

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The three AshleysI have been working with the Ashley’s for a while. There are three of them, all sexy and very hot in their own way, and all about the same age, 25. I will call them by their biggest feature which sets them apart. There is Blond Ashley, very hot with dirty blond hair. Medium sized breasts and a great ass. Tall Ashley is a brunette and over 6 foot tall, and when she wears heals she is often taller that I am. Beautiful dark eyes and a quick smile. She has a nice rack that stand proud and her nipples seem to always be on display. Tits Ashley has a huge set of boobs. She is petite and built small but she has huge tits no idea on the size, but they are huge and cause many men to drool. She is married currently, but separated as her husband has “gone psycho” with jealousy. The four of us planned a night out to celebrate blond Ashley’s birthday. Of the three I was attracted to her the most. The problem was that we were all friends, and I didn’t really want to mess up that with a clumsy attempt to get laid as I thought I might lose all three as friends. We all met a Blond’s place and walked to the restaurant/club that was only a couple of blocks down. When I got there I was stunned by how hot Blond Ashley looked in her tight black sheath dress with 4 inch heels. The other two arrived and we walked down. Sexual innuendos and gentle canlı bahis teasing were in the air and we were having a lot of fun. We ate a great meal and Blond Ashley and Tall Ashley went to the “powder room”. While they were there Tits Ashley grabbed my hand and said “We need to talk.”“Oh crap” was all I could mutter. “Nothing good has ever come from that sentence.”“Well, I think you will like this. Ashley and I would like for you to screw Blond Ashley. Pork her good, make her scream and cum like crazy.”“Holy shit, really?”“Yes, see you do not know “the secret”, Tall and I have been intimate for a few months.”“Holy shit! Is that why…?”“Yes, my husband knows and he is batshit about it. He is a first class asshole and I really have no idea why I married him, but fuck it now you know. So there will be no issues from us. Do her, it’s her birthday she deserves a good fuck.” To say I was stunned was an understatement. Soon the other two rejoined the table and I couldn’t help but get excited thinking about rolling around with Blond Ashley. A slow song came on, and I stood and asked her to dance. She held my hand out to the dance floor and settled into me, head on my shoulder as we spun aimlessly on the floor. She made a comment on how nice it was and I just smiled. Toward the end of the song I looked over at our table and the other two Ashley’s bahis siteleri were there encouraging me to kiss Blond. I used my finger under her chin to raise her head and kissed her gently. The next song started, an upbeat one, but we just stood there kissing. We finally broke it up and Blond Ashley looked me in the eyes and asked me to take her home. We walked back to the table and said our goodbyes and walked hand in hand to her place. Her apartment was on the second floor, but had a first floor entrance as we walked up the stairs Ashley raised her dress up and off. She was naked underneath. I was behind her on the stairs with a great view of her ass. She raised he phone to take a selfie, you could she her tits and me behind her over her shoulder. She put in in a text with the words “Wish you were here” and hit send. It went to the other two of course. I bent her over at the waist and started to lick her pussy. As she was standing her clit was at the bottom and I licked from bottom to top eagerly. I inserted a finger and continued. Her fluid was pouring out of her and she was moaning. She stood and grabbed my hand pulling me up the rest of the stairs and into her bedroom. She got on her knees in front of me and undid my pants. My cock sprung free and almost hit her in the face. She grabbed it and squealed, “Oh my God, I have never had güvenilir bahis one like this, so thick!” She licked the tip and took out her phone again. She snapped a shot with just the tip of my cock in her mouth and again sent it to her friends. I was really worked up at this point. I laid her on the bed and spread her legs. Again I dove into her pussy with the goal of eating her to at least three or four orgasms before I would take my pleasure. I used all of my skills and she responded really well. Her juices were pouring out of her, making her ass and the bed very wet. She had a series of orgasms and pushed me away. She got onto her hands and knees and said “Fuck me hard, I am on the pill, just fuck me”. I lined up and proceeded to go balls deep in one shot. She screamed and moaned at the same time. She was fucking me as much as I was her. She came again and her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard it forced me out. She laid on her back and had me kneel next to her. She jerked my cock off onto her tits and face. Of course she took a video of the whole thing and promptly sent it off. She quickly wiped herself off and we snuggled. Soon the combination of alcohol, long work day, late night and great sex and I was fast asleep. I awoke to voices talking about sex. I was laying there listening to Blond Ashley tell them about our sex, and how great it was. I felt the covers shift and knew I was exposed. I felt a hand and heard “May I?” and Blond responded “Be my guest” as the hand wrapped around my hardening shaft. This will be continued soon.

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