The Wrong Number


The Wrong NumberI was separated and in the process of divorce so I had plenty of freedom to explore my need to suck cock. I hadn’t seen Jack in almosts two years when I sent him a text message expressing my insatiable need to clean out his pipes again. Jack wasn’t black and only had an average cock but at least I knew he was clean. After a while without a reply, I wondered if Jack had text message service on his phone. I was horny to feel him ejaculate in my mouth and get a good taste of his seed before swallowing. I decided to call him and was completely surprised when a gruff sounding African American voice answered the phone. All sorts of things went through my mind. Why was someone other than Jack answering? Had Jack lost his phone? Was his home being burglarized? Did Jack have some Black guys over and one guy answered the phone while Jack sucked on the other one’s cock? Finally, I asked if Jack was there? Immediately I was told I there was no Jack there and I had the wrong number. Oh, well that explained it. Then I realized I’d just sent a text message to the same wrong number practically begging the recipient to let me suck him off. Oh my God!I wondered if the person who answered the phone had text message service and, if he did, what would he think. I didn’t have to wonder very long. A few moments later, my phone rang and the caller ID showed it was the wrong number calling me back. The Black man on the other end asked if I was the person who had just called asking for Jack. I said I was and apologized for dialing the wrong number. Then he asked if I had also sent the text message expressing a strong desire to suck cock. bostancı escort I again aplogized for sending it to the wrong number, though I was starting to get excited thinking about where this was obviously going. Then the caller asked if I liked to suck big, black cocks. I told him that I didn’t like sucking big, Black cocks. I loved sucking big, Black cocks. I went on to say that I’d be happy to come over and suck his cock if he’d give me his address. He obliged and told me his name was Shane. He was married and was watching the baby. His wife was at work. I said I’d be there in traveling time.I put his address into the GPS, plugged in the radar detector and drove to the address I’d been given. I considered the possibility that this was just going to be a wild goose chase with a phony address. It might even be someone interested in mugging me when I got there but I carry a firearm for protection. As I drove down Shane’s block I saw a tall, lanky young Black man and wondered if he was the person I was looking for. As I got closer, I realized he was too young. Shane had told me he was 41 years of age. Half a block later I reached my destination and saw a large black man coming outside as I parked. We met half way up the front walk and he invited me inside. My new BMW looked out of place in the neighborhood and I wondered what the neighbors thought I was there for. d**gs, perhaps? He walked around a lot while talking to me and I started to wonder if he was serious. Then he answered his cell phone but kept pacing around slowly. Finally he stood in one place and I sat in a chair next sancaktepe escort to him. I asked if he was going to let me suck his cock. He unzipped his fly and told me to take it out. I reached inside his pants and pulled out his stiffening cock. “I just love uncut cocks”, I exclaimed as I took it into my mouth. I slid my mouth down towards the head and eventually all the way off. Shane put it back in his pants and kept talking on the phone.A few seconds later I got up and told him that I’d driven some distance for the sole purpose of giving him a blow job but that he didn’t seem serious. I reminded him that he had my phone number and that, if he was ever serious about it, a blow job was only 20 minutes away. I walked out the front door and drove away. After traveling only several blocks, Shane called me again. “Why’d you get me hard and then leave”, he asked. I told him I was serious about sucking him off but that he obviously wasn’t. He promised me that if I came back, he’d let me suck him off in the back bedroom. “Fine, I’ll be right back”, I told him as I reached for the GPS. I couldn’t really give a damn what room I was in or if I was even indoors. I wanted to suck his big Black cock and swallow his load. This was the first time I’d ever picked anyone up other than at adult book stores and that was years ago. I was back in a flash and Shane met me at the front door. He led me to the back bedroom where he stopped and turned around. I dropped to my knees as he pulled down his pants, revealing his half hard black meat. I took him into my mouth and wrapped my left hand around the zeytinburnu escort base of his cock. I gently pulled back his foreskin revealing the head so I could suck it directly and feel it with my lips, tongue and mouth. I licked the underside and then went around the circumference of the head for a few revolutions. Then I released the skin and returned to sucking while holding his heavy scrotum in my right hand. I wanted to suck him all day and would have gladly done so but he couldn’t hold off very long. Being a great cocksucker unfortunately results in blow jobs of short duration as everyone succumbs to my technique. “Deep throat me”,said Shane. I was in my glory knowing I was going to give him exactly what he wanted and, although Shane didn’t yet know it, my lack of gag reflex is legendary. But I soon learned Shane didn’t just make a request. It was a cross between a warning and an order. Shane bellowed quite loudly as he thrust his cock hard while releasing six good squirts down my throat. Everyone within a two block radius now knew why my car was there. Whitey had come to the hood to service a Black man and, apparently, had done a thorough job. I pushed up behind Shanes nuts and forced out the last few drops and I slid my left hand up his shaft. I was still sucking the head and I caught the final spoonful right on my tongue where I quickly learned Shane’s flavor. “That was damn good”, he told me, causing me to beam with pride. I reminded him he could have it any time he wanted on twenty minutes notice as I headed for the door. I wondered if any of the locals would be waiting for me when I got outside but the street was empty. They surely all heard what had happened but perhaps I was Shane’s now, his personal cocksucker. I drove away with a grin on my face, savoring the flavor in my mouth. Although I had found Shane by accident, I wondered if I might find another black cock by sending text messages to wrong numbers intentionally!

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