I’m going to try writing like a guy again. Let me know if I’m getting any better at it. And guys… tell me what it feels like to ejaculate. I don’t have a dick so I can’t be sure, but I want to know!


I was sitting naked in the reading chair next to my bed. It was a little after 4 AM and my laptop was open on my lap. I was trying to type but I had a pretty serious boner that kept getting in the way. I was distracted by my dick, and my attention kept wandering to the blonde, next to me, asleep in my bed. She was the cause of the boner and she lay nude on her back, the sheet pulled up only as high as her knees. Her legs were spread apart displaying a dark triangle of hair beneath which she kept her meaty pussy. She had big soft floppy tits, just the way I like em. She was the cause of the early morning wood, and her makeup was a mess. The black lines that had been so carefully drawn around her eyes last night now streaked up her forehead and ran down her cheeks. Her bright red lipstick was smeared, as though it had been applied by a three year old. I had known I wanted her the minute I spotted her coming through the door at Sally’s place, she was beautiful. Her tight, short, red dress clinging to her curves; her blonde hair piled high on her head, and her big floppy tits pushing upward, trying to escape the confines of her clothing.

“Who’s the dame?” I asked Sally. Sally is one of my ex-wives; she has big floppy tits too, and was probably the reason that I liked big floppy tits so much. We had parted on good terms. She had bought the bar with her half of the settlement from the divorce. She seldom charged me for drinks or food and her business was good. I didn’t mind at all that she would still let me come around some nights for a quickie, as long as I didn’t try to sleep over. It was a pretty good situation for me.

“Her name’s Vivian something or other.” Sally told me, “she looks like she could be just your type. You oughta go for it sport.” Sally poured a glass of white wine for the doll, sat it in front of the empty stool next to me and moved away to the other end of the bar.

Vivian something or other headed my way, my dick stirred of its own accord as I watched her hurry over, those big, pale, floppy tits bouncing in every direction. I wasn’t sure if it was me she was interested in or the full glass of wine, but she was drawn towards one of us like a moth towards flame.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly, “are you with someone or is this drink for me?” she climbed up onto the bar stool and flashed her pearly whites. güvenilir bahis She lifted her tits onto the bar to rest them and reached for the wine glass.

I indicated that the drink was for her, and she took a sip, smiled and then finished it off.

“Would you like another?” I asked her.

“Oh please,” she said and I signaled Sally who brought another glass of white wine and another Jack for me. She sat my drink down, sat the glass of wine down in front of Vivian and then put the bottle of Chardonnay next to it.

“You’re probably going to need this,” she said and winked at me before she moved away again.

Vivian drank the second glass as quickly as the first and I poured her another from the bottle. This had the makings of a good night.

I paused in my early morning typing and repositioned my laptop. I tried to put my stiffy beneath the computer, but the laptop wasn’t heavy enough to keep it pushed down and let me type. I was going to have to wake up Vivian. I reached over to fondle the tit that was closest to me. It was crusted with cum. My cum. She didn’t stir so I sat the laptop aside and stood next to the bed, leaned down and lifted her tit with both hands. I took her big puffy nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, I sucked on it hard and thought about the way her tits had felt wrapped around my dick earlier.

It turned out that Vivian liked a good tit fuck and she liked to follow that with a rough throat fuck and she liked to finish things off with a slow gentle pussy fuck, in the missionary position. I had been sitting in the reading chair when she had knelt between my legs and wrapped those big floppy titties around my cock to began stroking me with them. She kept her tongue out the whole time like she was concentrating on a tough math problem and occasionally she would lick the head of my dick when it got in range.

“Yeah, Baby,” she had yelled when first stream of cum had jetted from the end of my dick and shot right up her nose. The rest of that load she kept between her tits and when I was done she rubbed it all over them before even wiping the string that hung down from her nostril. “Got any more wine?” she had asked. I nodded and hurried naked down the hall to the kitchen to pour her a glass of something white I found in the fridge.

“Look at you,” she said as she took the glass and downed half of it, “you’re still hard.” She finished the wine, spun around on the bed and lay on her back with her head hanging off the end. “Why don’t you bring me that boner?” She opened her mouth when I got to the türkçe bahis end of the bed and it was clear what she wanted. I put the head of my dick between her lips and she reached her arms up, wrapped them around my ass and pushed my dick the rest of the way in. I watched her neck change shape as she took all of me in, deep. She released my ass and I pulled my dick back out.

“I like that,” she said, “I like it hard and I like it fast, like a jackhammer, can you do that for me?” I nodded my head and she dropped hers off the edge of the bed again, opened her mouth. I had a straight shot from her lips to her throat. She obviously knew what she was doing. This wasn’t her first rodeo.

I leaned down and grabbed those big floppies, still wet with cum, and shoved my dick down her throat. I held it there for awhile then withdrew before ramming it home again, and again, and again. At some point, I don’t remember when, I moved my hands to her throat so that I could feel my cock moving in and out of it like a piston. This was a big, sloppy, wet blow job / throat fuck and we both came. We came almost simultaneously. My balls rested on Vivian’s nose and I could see the end of my dick halfway down her throat when the first spasm came and when it did her legs pulled uptight against her body, her toes were curled downward as she swallowed every drop of cum I could produce.

Finally she pushed me away and lay in an embryonic position shuddering for a long time, gasping for air. I watched her, making sure she was OK and she smiled. Her makeup was a mess now. “Perfect.” Was all she said.

I wasn’t hard now. I had just cum twice in rapid succession and needed a bit of recovery time. I poured Vivian another glass of wine and sat her in the reading chair. She sipped this glass and hooked her knees over the arm rests on the chair. Those big floppy tits rested against her belly and that meaty pussy stared out at me from beneath her dark thatch of hair. I knelt between her long legs and attacked her cunt with gusto. Her labia was swollen, her mons was swollen her clitoris peeked out and taunted me. As I began to lick and nip she poured a bit of white wine on her pussy. I assumed it was flavouring for me but she needn’t have bothered I thought her pussy tasted just fine. I reached up and grabbed both her tits in my hands to give me something to play with. She reached down and grabbed my hair with the one hand that was not holding her wine glass. She would push and pull my head around to position me where she might want me from time to time. She finished güvenilir bahis siteleri her glass of wine and came twice more before letting go of my hair and pushing my head away.

“How’s the little soldier doing?” she asked. When she saw him standing at attention, she clapped and sat the empty wine glass on the floor next to the chair. She moved to the middle of the bed and spread her legs, knees up. “Come here” she beckoned me and guided my dick into her pussy. She nipped my ear lobe with her teeth and whispered, “Slow and gentle, this time.”

We rocked like that for a while until I came again and when we fell asleep my cock was still deep inside her.

Now it was four o’clock in the morning and I had wood again. The fortunate part of that, was that Vivian was still here and sleeping. My computer glowed from the seat of the reading chair as I sucked on her huge, cum crusted, pale, floppy tits. I stopped what I was doing and studied her face. Makeup smeared, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. I let her nipple drop from my mouth and threw one leg over her torso. I gently pried her lips apart with the end of my hard on and pushed the head into her mouth, trying not to wake her, but I did. She opened her eyes and smiled around my dick. When she began moving her tongue under the head of my swollen glans I knew I would cum soon and I did. She laughed and wiped the overflow from her cheeks and chin.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“A little after four.”

“Shit, I gotta go,” she said. She pushed me aside and gathered her clothes that had been scattered around the room. As she prepared to tuck her big floppy titties back into their harness she looked at me watching her and hurried over to the reading chair where I sat.

“One last suck,” she said, “then I really gotta go or I’ll turn into a pumpkin.” There was a loud POP when she pulled away and finished dressing. She turned and headed towards the door.

“Vivian,” I said, “you probably want to wash your face before you go.”

She looked at the mirror hung above the dresser and saw her makeup. “Fuck,” she said and ran into the bathroom. I heard the water running and she looked good when she came out. All the makeup was gone and she was still beautiful. I wanted her again and my cock was growing.

“Can I have your phone number?” I asked her.

“No. Let’s not make this into anything that it wasn’t. Maybe I’ll see you at Sally’s again sometime.” She opened the front door and hurried out. At the walk she turned north and trotted down the street disappearing around the corner.

I realized that I was standing in the open door naked, with a boner, so I went back in the house. I jerked off into the wine glass that Vivian had used last night and then moved into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

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