Wade and Sarah


The morning dawned sooner than Wade had expected. He climbed out of bed, his cock limp but aching as it dropped against his thigh. He looked down at Sarah, a blonde nymph-like girl who last night had been his best friend in the world; but in a fit of drunken hormones, hours ago she had become everything Wade had ever dreamed she would.

Wade walked into the bathroom, running the shower and running a hand through his short brown hair.

Damn, Sarah gave some good head. Not that he’d been able to experience much in his young college years around campus here. But damn! She could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

The young man smiled and stepped into the shower, looking down to see his cock was now half-hard and getting more aroused by the second.

Sarah had been Wade’s best friend since their mothers met in a park when they were toddlers. He had adored and worshipped her for as long as he could remember. But she had always been unreachable, untouchable.

He’d been her buddy. He was the one Sarah turned to when things got out of hand or she needed a place to crash. She felt totally and utterly comfortable with him and had no shame when he was around, sometimes even coming into his dorm room and using his sink to wash out her panties after a particularly intense evening. Usually, on those nights, Sarah passed out cold in Wade’s bed and he slept next to her with a raging problem in his pants, completely unable to do anything about it.

But last night, as she had lain on his bed and he had looked down on her plaid schoolgirl skirt riding up her ass, as she lay there supine and vulnerable on her stomach, out like a light — Wade had not been able to resist.

He had meant to just whack off while having her near, the first time he had ever dared to be so bold. But he hadn’t been able to control himself, imagining her blonde head bobbing up and down on his cock. He had exploded in an incredible orgasm, and he had shot great gobs of cum all over Sarah’s exposed and panty-covered bottom.

What a mess!

Then he had tried to pull her panties off without her noticing, so he could clean them. She wouldn’t notice in the morning. She’d just think she had done it herself while drunk. But when he had leaned between her thighs, carefully peeling those panties from her buttocks, Sarah had moved in her sleep. And he had found himself face to face with her sex.

Her pouting puss lips had smelled like peaches. And Wade had been unable to resist the urge to taste them, to see if they tasted like they smelled.

And they had.

And Sarah had moaned in her slumber and rubbed herself against him.

Boy, he thought as he stroked his cock now in the hot steaming water of the shower. It had taken a lot for him to resist doing more to her.

But he had resisted. He had backed off and begun to scrub her panties with some of his shampoo. Unfortunately, that’s when Sarah woke up, looking around groggily to find Wade holding her cum-covered panties in his hands, naked himself.

She had smiled, and she had called him over. And then, she had sucked him off like he had never been sucked canlı bahis before.

God, Sarah was amazing! She was everything he knew she would be!

Then they had lain together for a long time, Sarah gently asking Wade questions about his feelings for her, and him shaking and answering as best he could and as best he dared. They had such an excellent friendship. He didn’t want to ruin that. But last night almost made it worth it, being able to look down and see Sarah’s mouth working furiously between his legs.

Wade stroked his long cock now in the shower, leaning against the wall under the showerhead and groaning, thinking of the girl of his dreams.

Then, suddenly, she was there, naked in the morning light that came in from the white-curtained window, pulling aside the glass door of the shower and stepping into the tub. Wade froze. It felt too unreal, like it was all a dream. Maybe it was. Maybe he’d been the one to get drunk last night and pass out. Maybe this whole thing was just a series of erotic dreams like he’d been having about Sarah since he had first discovered that his penis got hard if he thought about her the right way.

But she looked very real standing next to him. She had round womanly hips, and a slender waist, a flat stomach and beautifully large, pendulous breasts. She looked down at his hand on his cock, which he quickly pulled away — but not quick enough of course.

Then Sarah stepped in front of Wade and moved until she was beneath the water’s fast flowing spray. Wade gulped as she wet her hair back over her head and let it flow down her perfect backside.

“Could you wash my back?” she said quietly, innocently.

Sarah reached down and grabbed a bar of soap and a cloth, then handed them back behind her to Wade. He took them, breathless, and began to soap up the cloth. Then he began to wash Sarah’s back.

“You know,” she said, talking while he washed. “If you had told me a long time ago, neither of us would have been wasting our time with so many loser relationships.”

“What — what do you mean?”

Wade was finding it hard not to stutter while he ran that soapy white cloth over Sarah’s shoulders, moving her long hair to one side.

“I think you’re a great guy, very attractive. You’re one of those guys with…potential. The kind a girl likes to capture and train.”

At her words, Wade shivered, his cock throbbing against her ass. Sarah looked over her shoulder at him, and smiled, then turned back again.

“So much wasted time,” she said, obviously grinning at Wade’s reactions to her. The girl leaned forward slightly, and her pear shaped bottom pushed out against Wade and against his cock.

“Please,” she whispered. “Wash all of me.”

Wade blinked a few times, confused. Then he began to just follow what his dreams always had him do. He moved the cloth down Sarah’s perfect spine, down to her lower back. Then, boldly, he began to rub the cloth over her ass cheeks.

Sarah’s bottom was perfect and flawless, slightly wide but in that way that men find so womanly and pleasing. He moved the cloth up and down her cheeks steadily. It was only when bahis siteleri Sarah bent yet further forward that Wade realized she really meant all of her.

He slipped the cloth in between Sarah’s buttocks, pulling the beautiful cheeks apart and soaping up her crack. Gently, he dragged the terrycloth washcloth over her pucker, hearing her moan and sigh as he did so.

There was a whole side to Sarah that Wade had only ever dreamed about, but was now realizing was very real. Sarah was a sexual vixen! Wade moved the cloth lower, between Sarah’s thighs. And she spread easily as she felt his hand venturing there. She now had both her palms pressed against the wall in front of her, beneath the shower head. And she was bent over deliciously, shoving her behind towards Wade’s hands.

He rubbed the soapy cloth over Sarah’s privacy, being gentle in these first touches. Then he squatted down. He wanted to see her, to look at her. And she seemed to know this. She got up on her tiptoes, an amazing feat in a slippery bathtub. But she remained stiff and straight, letting Wade examine her.

He set the cloth down over his thigh and used his fingers now, probing into Sarah’s soapy cunt. He pulled apart her very swollen lips and bent his head low, looking within her. He could see her amazing and pearl-like clitoris beneath its hood.

One day, he thought, I’m going to suck that pearl so hard Sarah squeals.

One day, but not today.

With his exploring fingers, Wade found Sarah’s tight hole. She was still tight after her lengthy sexual experiences. That delighted and tormented him. He had always dreamed of fucking her, of being the best Sarah had ever had. That may be a hard thing to do with a girl like Sarah. But he’d be damned if he weren’t going to try . With one finger, Wade began to probe inside Sarah. She seemed to like his attention, she was slick and slippery inside her tunnel. Wade joined his first finger with a second, stretching Sarah. She was still pretty tight. And he wondered how a cock the size of his was supposed to fit in there.

Then it occurred to him that right now, that was exactly what Sarah wanted to find out. Sarah wanted Wade to fuck her.

Wade stood up immediately, and Sarah gasped lightly as his fingers left her aching puss. She wriggled backwards suggestively, and Wade realized that she wanted him inside her, pretty badly.

Who was he to deny her and not give in?

Wade took his cock in one hand, resting the other on Sarah’s lower back. And slowly, carefully, he slipped himself inside her soapy slippery tunnel.

“God, you feel so good,” he groaned.

Sarah practically purred as Wade shoved himself all the way in, deep. The soap and her natural lubricants made it so easy to slip all the way in, slide himself deep in until her ass cheeks were pressing against the dark curls of his groin.

Wade began to fuck Sarah, like he had in so many dreams in the past. He put a hand on either of her hips, pushing her forward and rocking her back as he fucked her. It didn’t take him long to cum. He felt himself throbbing inside her one minute, and gushing the next. Then he was bahis şirketleri pulling out and leaning back against the far wall, eyes closed, spent cock limp against his thigh.

Sarah grinned and looked at Wade over her shoulder. Then she stood underneath the waterfall coming from the shower again, turning so that she was facing Wade as she wiped the soapy cloth all over her breasts and belly.

“Wade,” she said, her voice coming to him as if in a dream. “I did ask you to wash…all of me…”

The girl moved the cloth lower down her abdomen, until she was washing herself with it, rubbing it over her sex from the front. Wade gulped, and his aching cock throbbed half-heartedly.

Sarah was offering herself to him as he had only ever dreamed she would.

He got down on his knees in front of her, immediately, pulling her out of the steady stream of water and moving her closer to him. Sarah put her hands in Wade’s short dark hair, pulling at the wet curls as she watched him. He dropped his lips to the soft furry blonde mons between her thighs and began to kiss at her lovingly. Soon, he was licking her, lapping at her as his tongue went lower down her cleft.

With anxious fingers, Wade spread Sarah’s sex open before his eyes, revealing her hooded clitoris. With his thumb, he rubbed over the bud and excited it. Then he dropped his mouth to it.

See, he felt like saying to it. Told you I would suck you.

Wade took the clit into his mouth, suckling the sweet bud wickedly. Sarah gasped at his bold mouth, her hands pushing his face harder against her privacy. She was loving everything he was doing to her.

Wade finally ceased suckling on her clitoris, and moved himself lower down Sarah’s sex. He mouthed against her lips, biting at them softly before using his nose to part them and move his mouth in between their swollen tissues. Then he darted out with his tongue and lapped at Sarah’s cunt. He licked her from the bottom to the top, then back down again.

Where she stood, Sarah writhed and wriggled. She bucked her hips slightly against Wade’s face, encouraging his tongue to go deeper.

“Fuck, yes, that’s so hot,” she cried out.

Wade moved his fingers now, forcing them to go deeper into Sarah’s tunnel next to his squirming tongue. He thrust tongue and fingers in and out of Sarah, fucking her sweetly with his mouth.

Sarah rocked harder now against him, her hands in his hair, tightly pulling at his head.

“Keep going! Yes! Yes!”

Wade had no intention of stopping until he could taste Sarah on his lips. He thrust and thrust, fingering her and licking at her, moving to abuse her clitoris, then moving fingers to tease at her anus.

“Ah! Ah yes!”

At last, Sarah came over Wade’s mouth. And he finally got to drink her nectar as he always had dreamed of doing. He put a hand on each of her ass cheeks, holding her still and tightly to his mouth. And she pulled at his hair, almost losing her balance as she lost control.

Wade waited until Sarah had ceased to move, then stood up and held her tightly to him. She was weakened and spent as well now.

He turned off the shower and stepped out of the tub, then reached back in, easily lifting Sarah in his arms and out of the stall. Then he carried her back to the bed and lay her down there beneath the blankets, wrapped in his arms and his dreams.

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