wednesday school

wednesday schoolWednesday,I was awaken up around 3am with a message from mistress. All it said was fuck yourself, cum and stuff the butt plug in your ass until you get back and do not change clothes. I set the clock for an hour earlier than normal and when it went off I got up and proceeded right to the strap on and started riding it as instructed by mistress Sami. I rode it hard and then started riding it fast and then I started cumming I rode the strap-on until I finished cumming and it felt so good. Then I slid the plug into my ass and pulled on some panties. Then I went and got some breakfast and then off to school. Driving to school I could feel the plug in my ass as the truck bounced as I drove. Sitting all day at school was uncomfortable at times. I managed to make it to lunch and as I sat in the truck Mistress texted me again and said leave the plug in until otherwise directed and no cumming until I call you later. I replied yes mistress. I get home and strip as always and the first thing I do is put niğde escort the nipple suckers on to make my nipples puff out and hard. Then I decide to take a shower with them on and I keep them extra tight by sucking them every few minutes. After I shower and dry off I take the suckers off and put on some clamps that hurt but feel good after I got use to them. Then bra over them and then garter belt and stockings and thong. Then I put on a skirt and top then my heels. I take a vibrator and put it in my thong next to my semi hard cock and balls. I put on a movie with crossdressers and sit and eat my dinner I rub myself as I watch the movie keeping me semi hard. After I finish eating and the video I decide to go for a walk up and down the hall a few times I love the feel of the cool air up my skirt on my thighs. I even got brave and removed my skirt on the way back to my room I thought of someone coming out of their room and seeing me. No one was there so I went back into the room and I wanted to cum so bad escort niğde but I didn’t want to upset mistress. So I turned on the news and tried to relax while waiting for mistress to call me. I put my earpiece in so I would have both hands free when she calls. Soon the phone rings and it is mistress. The first thing I hear is what are you wearing. I tell her and she says very good. She tells me to go walk around and tell her about the hotel. So I go out and walk around. I am telling her about the work going on in the hotel and the changes that they are making. She asked me if I have seen anyone and I tell her no. then mistress tells me to go walk to the truck and get in. I do wondering what she wants me to do. Mistress tells me to pull up my skirt and pull out my cock and to stroke it as she talks to me. Mistress said think of me there with you facing you as I play with my pussy. Then mistress says think about leaning over and licking her pussy. I tell her it would be so nice to be able to do that. She niğde escort bayan tells me to think about her leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth as she sucks me. So tells me to tell her what I think it would feel like and to rub my cock. Then she tells me to spit in my hand so that it is wet like her mouth would be and then stroke my cock until I cum. She tells me to catch as much of my load as I can and then lick it all clean. I moan as I stroke my cock and tell mistress how good her mouth feels around my cock and then I tell her I am going to cum and mistress asks what would I do and I tell her I would grab the back of her head and fill her mouth as I explode filling my hand. I told her how good it felt as I licked my hand clean. Mistress tells me to walk back to my room as I lick and clean my hand. So I do. When back in the room mistress says strip and then ride the strap-on until I cum again and she hangs up on me. So I do and it feels good as it is not as big as the plug so it is going to take me awhile before I can cum from riding it. Soon though I find the right spot and I start cumming hard. Then I just lay on the bed relaxing. I did not hear from mistress the rest of the night. So I watched movies and slept real good.

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