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Stretching lazily in the warmth of her bed, she woke up hot and wet. Her dreams had been filled with intensely vivid images of him; images, scents, and tastes that left her skin tingling along with various other parts of her body. She let one hand slide down between her legs and found her panties saturated with her fluids, just like she had known they would be. Wiggling in the bed, she discarded her panties and began stroking herself, eyes closed, thinking about him and how he was finally coming home today.

Several orgasms later, she found that she was still not satiated, but there was no help for that. She would simply have to wait until he got home, but in the meantime, she had things to do around the house to get ready for him, including a leisurely hot bath and a strawberry-flavored douche. She slipped on a skimpy clean pair of panties and a middie T-shirt, ran her long fingers through her dark hair, and headed out to the kitchen.

Gathering the dishes in the left-hand sink, she added dish soap and began running the hot water as hot as her hands could stand it. They had a dishwasher, but she always preferred doing the dishes by hand. She chuckled, reminded suddenly of how he always teased her about how she did the dishes up to her elbows in hot soapy water in stead of using the more convenient dishwasher. She slid her hands into the sink and began washing the dishes, occasionally splashing the hot water on her T-shirt. It wasn’t long before she noticed how the cotton material of her shirt was clinging to her breasts and making the nipples stand out as it cooled.

Her mind began to wander from its task and began to focus on her damp breasts. The wet material clinging to her skin began to stimulate her over-sensitive nipples, and with one hot, soapy hand, she began to slide her fingers over them, first one and then the other. Some women preferred to pinch their nipples until they were hard, but she preferred the light, titillating touch. She found it far more arousing. She closed her eyes thinking of his fingers grazing her nipples as he bit and kissed her neck, and she could feel her panties growing moist.

Quietly, he entered canlı bahis the front door of the house, trying to ease himself inside without alerting her. He could hear her tremulous moaning in the kitchen, a sound that he was very familiar with and one that no one else would likely hear if not listening for it. He loved how horny she was all of the time, wanting and needing to be touched and taken. He had no desire to disappoint her. He sat his brief case and accompanying suitcase by the door and pushed it closed softly so not to alert her of his presence. He turned the bolt, removed his jacket, and laid it over the back of the couch. Removing his shirt, he planned to make this homecoming a big surprise.

He stood in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen, watching her slide her hands back and forth across her full, firm breasts. He could see her reflected in the kitchen window, and her T-shirt was nearly transparent from the water. He could see her nipples standing hard, and he could feel his pants growing tight as his cock grew more and more erect. Her eyes were closed as she touched herself, sliding her hand down to stroke her pussy through her panties. She left her other hand in the water.

Silently coming up behind her, he braced himself against the sink, pinning her against the cabinet. He ran his tongue along the side of her neck just below her ear, whispering a hello. She tried to turn around in his arms to welcome him home properly, but he refused to let her move. He slid her free hand back into the sink causing her to bend over slightly with both arms up to the elbows in the hot water.

“Don’t move.” He growled hotly into her ear as he slid his hands under her arms to caress her breasts. He ground his now hard cock against her ass, eliciting guttural moans from her throat. He stroked her hard nipples through her wet T-shirt making clockwise then counter clockwise movements around them. He pushed his crotch harder against her ass, and she began to grind her pussy into the filigreed-wood trim below the sink.

Finally, he moved his hands to her hips and began to slide her soaked panties to the floor. She stepped out bahis siteleri of them and tried again to turn to face him. “Damn it, I said don’t fucking move,” he whispered in her ear, pushing her arms back to the elbows in the scalding dish water. He freed his cock from the confines of his slacks and drove one knee between her legs to part them.

“What are you doing?” She whispered, her voice dry and wavering. “Let’s go to the bedroom, baby.”

“No, don’t move.” He slid his hand down her belly and began stroking her flowing pussy, finding her clit, and with practiced familiarity, he ran his fingertips teasingly over it. He spread her legs further apart until he could see her glistening cunt just waiting for his cock. He didn’t make her wait long. He teased her wet slit with his cock head, sliding it back and forth to gather her juices on it. He could feel her shudder in his arms as he held her pinned to the sink. Suddenly, he plunged his cock into her deeply as her pussy’s nectar ran down his balls.

She felt him bury his cock deep in her pussy and wanted to push back against him to take him in deeper, but he held her fast against the sink. The feeling of having him inside of her mixed with the nearly-burning water was driving her wild. It didn’t help that she couldn’t move. She loved it when he would just take her in this fashion, sneaking up behind her when she didn’t know he was there and just taking what he wanted. It made her hot, and it was always followed by hours of her most intense pleasure.

He fucked her hard, slamming his cock inside her over and over again with occasional swats to her firm ass cheeks. She moaned loudly with the mixture of pleasure and pain, even if the pain was only a sting. He held her hips and pulled her against him hard as he thrust forward into her again and again. Roughly, he placed his hand on her back just beneath her neck, forcing her to bend over further and exposing more of her cunt. He could feel her pussy drawing him in deeper as he stroked into her wetness. Faster, he fucked her. Her body went rigid against the sink as she began to shudder from her orgasm, triggering his own, but still he bahis şirketleri didn’t stop. He continued to pump his cock into her as he stroked her clit, making her cum a second time.

He stepped back as his cock slid wetly from her body, finally allowing her to move. Without saying a word, he turned her to face him and pushed her to her knees. She knew what he wanted and was happy to oblige. She loved the taste of their mixed passion on his cock and took him in her mouth greedily. She teased him at first by running her tongue over the head of his cock, licking it and massaging it. She slid the tip of her tongue across his slit, dipping just inside. She could feel his hands on the top of her head, running his fingers through her hair.

In a hoarse whisper, she said, “Tell me what you want me to do, baby.”

“Suck my cock,” he said commandingly. She took him fully into her mouth as he moved his hands to the back of her head, holding her in place. His cock began to grow erect against her tongue as she sucked and licked him. She began sliding him deeper into her mouth and pulling back, sucking harder as she pulled away and swallowing on his cock head as it entered her throat. She could feel his hips began to move with her, and his hands tightened against the back of her head. With one hand, she began stroking and caressing his balls as his cock moved back and forth across her tongue. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft, sucking and stroking him to a full erection. He began moving his hips faster, tightening his grip on her head, fucking her mouth with his cock. She could taste his precum leaking onto her tongue, and she swirled it along his length as he moved.

Her pussy began to overflow as she sucked him. She had often had orgasms while giving him head, but this was more intense than usual. He began pumping into her mouth harder, nearly gagging her. She moaned as he fucked her throat, and the vibrations sent shocks through his groin. Suddenly, he grabbed her hard as his thick hot cum pumped into her mouth. She swallowed his juices, tasting his salty-sweetness on her tongue, and let him pump the last of his desire into her throat as she swallowed hard on his cock head. She licked the remaining drops from his cock, and he pulled up his pants and fastened them. He pulled her to her feet and took her in his arms.

“God, it’s good to be home,” he said.

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