What A Way To Wake Up

Non Nude

I wake up very slowly and stretch languidly, enjoying the feeling of the cotton sheets across my skin. I look over at you, you are still fast asleep. It had been a late night last night, with more than a couple of glasses of champagne to celebrate your arrival in Hong Kong after a long flight.

You are lying on your back with one hand on your chest and the other tossed carelessly above your head, in the warmth of my apartment the sheet has been bunched down around your waist.

I gaze at you for a while; it’s been 5 months since out last encounter in London but you haven’t changed, you’re still as sexy as hell. We had exchanged e-mails over this time, but I thought you were joking when you said you were planning a visit. Imagine my surprise when you phoned from Hong Kong airport and asked for directions.

I close my eyes and recall the incredible sex from last night. My nipples stiffen at the memory of your cock thrusting roughly and frantically into my cunt from behind, in the lounge, over the edge of the couch, not very long after you arrived. I run the palms of my hands dreamily over my erect nipples and smile at the memory, later in the evening, of my sweaty palm prints on the window at the foot of the bed overlooking the HK harbor. I squeeze my large nipples and roll them between my fingers as I remember pushing my hand hard against the window as you forced your cock into my arsehole. I run my fingernails up my inner thighs as I remember bedava bahis crying out your name and coming hard with your cock deeply embedded in my tight arse.

Moving very subtly so as not to disturb you I part my thighs slightly and use my hand to gently spread my lips open. I insert a finger from my other hand in my mouth and suck it, before bringing it down to slowly circle my clit. I recall our soapy shower at the end of the evening and both falling into bed damp. My fingers on my clit increase pressure as I think about you teasing me, fucking me slowly and deeply until my legs are wrapped around you and I’m clawing your back and grabbing your arse pulling you harder and deeper and biting your shoulder as I my cunt spasms around your cock.

Thoughts of you from last night now have me quite aroused and I don’t care if you have jetlag. I have a wicked thought….

I quietly wriggle down the bed until I am level with your crotch and carefully move onto my knees and elbows. I hold the edge of the sheet and very slowly pull it down to your knees, exposing you to me. The sight of your muscular thighs and sleeping cock inches from my face, cause my cunt to moisten in anticipation. Without touching any other part of your body, I carefully lift your soft cock and take it fully into my warm wet mouth. I start slowly running my tongue around you, squeezing you with my lips and gently sucking. I’m rewarded with your cock bedava bonus growing rapidly in my mouth – it’s extremely erotic.

I slide one of my hands between my legs and slide two fingers into my pussy, bringing them up to rub my erect clit. I alternate between sliding my fingers inside my cunt and rubbing them across my clit as I continue my gentle assault on your ever expanding cock while you continue to sleep.

Your erection has quickly grown huge inside my mouth and I start smoothly running my lips up and down your shaft, running my tongue around the tip and taking you deeply into my throat each time. I am still being careful be to quiet and not to touch any other part of your body, least I wake you. I turn my head slightly to look at you and your eyes are still closed.

After a few more minutes you have a raging hard-on, your beautiful cock is rock hard and I am incredibly aroused. It wasn’t my original intention, but I am so turned on I really must feel your cock inside me right now. I slowly slide my mouth off you and move up onto my knees, I swing one leg over you so I am straddling you, my knees either side of your hips, facing away from you.

I put my hand down on the bed next your thigh to support my weight and use my other hand to bring the head of your cock to my slippery cunt. Using my weight I slide my cunt slowly down your cock until I am sitting hard on your pubic bone, deeply impaled on your deneme bonusu huge erection. The feeling is so intense I bite on my lip and dig my fingernails into the bed.

I’m not sure if you are still asleep or pretending at this stage, if you are still asleep you are having one hell of a dream!

I was already close and know I won’t last long in this position so I take it slowly. I use my supporting arm and thighs to start moving all the way up your shaft, before lowering myself slowly all the way down over and over. You have opened your eyes and can see my ass moving up and down and your cock disappearing into my cunt from behind.

When I feel your hands grab my hips I know you are awake. Your fingers dig into my flesh as you increase the speed of our friction; I start moving up and down faster, driving you deeply into me. I use my spare hand to rub and pinch my clit as I feel a wave of pleasure building, I’m no longer being quiet or restrained.

I put a hand on each of your thighs pushing you even more deeply into me as I’m wracked with a powerful orgasm. With you deeply inside I use my hand on your thighs to rock backwards and forwards as my cunt spasms around your cock. I feel your fingers tighten on my hips as you explode deep inside me again and again. The pleasure is overwhelming.

I put my hands back down on the bed either side of your legs and lean my weight on them breathing deeply. You drop your hands back down to the bed feigning sleep again.

Eventually I lift myself off you, and crawl back up to lay beside you. I say good morning, you mumble ‘mmmmm’ under your breath. Your eyes are still closed, I pull the sheet back up to your waist, I think you’ve deserved a sleep-in.

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