Who Says I Don’t Know How To Tip!


Hi there, our heroine, the utterly insatiable Judi is all set to tell you another erotic tale from my TASTY BITES OF PINK SUGAR collection. Good news, you don’t need to have read Part one, HEY, WHO SAYS I LOST, to be able to enjoy this bawdy tale! So, if you think you’re up for another piece of her erotic weekend’s adventure, then how about trying, WHO SAYS I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TIP!

If you’ve already read my first story then you’ve heard all about the stupid Super Bowl bet I lost. It meant Murphy, a good friend and occasional lover, was collecting a forfeit that made me his sexual fantasy come to life for an entire long weekend. And all the delightful debauchery was taking place at a luxury Palm Springs condo resort. Yup, and that meant we were enjoying our own private patio, pool, spa, and a yummy king size bed too. And in that sensual playground, somehow we’d found a few scintillating ways to while away our first morning. And, I should probably bring you, at least somewhat up to date.

Well, that first morning, I’d rolled out of bed ahead of Murphy. And naturally, I’d paused to admire the sensual curves, perky tits, sensational ass, and the wicked grin of the stunning brunet staring back at me out of the closets mirrored doors. Hey, I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Naked, and feeling deliciously naughty, I’d headed off for a swim, and that’s where Murphy caught up with me. And, out there by the pool, is right where he collected an early morning blow-job. Gee, and after he’d finished pumping what seemed like about a river of cum down my throat, he’d left me to my own devises, while he went in to order breakfast.

Poor Murphy, he’d just decided to stop playing voyeur, interrupting me right before my very busy fingers could tear another orgasm loose from between my thighs. He’d swept me up, tossed me on to the big bed, and that’s when Edgar, the Way cute guy from room service had shown up with breakfast. Out on the patio, I’d been utterly shameless; flirting outrageously, flaunting my body, and even brazenly showing off by giving Murphy a sizzling blow-job right in front of a wide eyed Edgar. And before he left, he’d been an absolute darling, flirting right back, and absolutely eating up my wicked play. Un-huh, and he wasn’t the only one looking forward to his return!

Believe me, you’ll be hearing all about that return visit!, But before then, I’d tried to work on my tan. Only Murphy kept interrupting; either trying hard to fuck my brains out, or else by using his marvelously wicked tongue to rip ecstatic screams of orgasmic delight out of me. But that was before I ended up bent over grabbing my ankles, while he splashed hot cum all over my ass. And then, would you believe it; the sweetheart spanked my cum drenched ass! Anyway, we eventually got back to work on soaking up more of that delicious desert sunshine, and on downing a few cold Coronas too. Oops, there was still plenty of that delicious Palm Springs sunshine; but horrors, we were out of beer. So, darling Murphy was inside calling room service; and that’s where we’ll pick up the story.

Un-oh, I’d thought, here comes Murphy! Seriously, watching him cross the patio in that silly exaggerated swagger of his made me real nervous. And, oh no, I could see from his smug little grin, that this girl was in for it! So, settling on to a recliner, he aimed a truly lecherous grin my way. Wagging a beckoning finger, he asked “Hey baby girl, remember that bet you lost?” I decided against just ignoring him, climbed out of the pool, and stood there, head bowed, and pretending to be an obedient little loser. “Perfect” he says, ” Want to hear my idea for a little fun and games?” Oh golly gee, so that left me waiting, and not exactly eager to hear his idea of real fun either. Oh but I didn’t like his nasty little smirk, not at all. I liked it even less after He said “Well now, its time for your first real forfeit. I’ll leave it kind of loose, and trust your nasty mind to improvise.” Well, for sure that last comment got my hands planted on my hips. Of course, he just ignored that and my threatening scowl too. And then, he told me “Edgar’s on his way with our beer, and this is what I want you to do!” He actually had the nerve to laugh while he added “You can start by slipping back out of that thong, you’re going to be bare ass naked and in the pool when our buddy gets here. Hey, and then, you’re going to get out and really work it; you know, absolutely flaunt that awesomely sexy body of yours.” Oh sure, there was probably more coming; but, at least the silly shit shut up long enough to dodge the towel I threw at him.

Hands back on my hips, and in a wickedly sarcastic tone that was anything but submissive, I told him just what I thought. “That’s quite enough lover,” I insisted; adding a nastily purred “I can, most definitely take it from there! And lover, if you’re thinking of turning me loose, you really should be careful! Gosh, you never know what sorts of nasty trouble I might decide to start!”

Sure, and speaking of getting started, I figured, might as well start with Murphy. Hips doing a slow sensual swing, I did a provocative esenyurt ucuz escort strut over to the foot of Murphy’s recliner. Pausing for dramatic effect, I very slowly pushed my thong down. Perfect, a kick landed them on Murphy’s chest. Mr. Cool picked them up and oh so casually, dropped them to the deck. “OK buddy boy”, I teased in a voice with just a hint of menace in it. “You haven’t said anything about my absolutely bare pussy. Today is the first time I’ve shown it off since I got myself lasered. So, do you like it?” You bet; his face splitting grin, and a snorted chuckle, were answer enough for moi.

Eyes positively smoldering, Murphy held mine; well they did, right up until I slid one hand off a saucily jutted hip. And then, they followed the fingers I trailed sensuously across my belly, watching me work them steadily lower, while I huskily purred “Oh yeah lover, you just watch me!” I pushed those probing fingers between my parted thighs, and taunted him with a snickered “Oh it’s so hot…ooh, and velvety soft …oh yes…it’s just so wet, and deliciously slippery too!” Well by then, those fingers were twisting their way deep in to that seriously wet, and practically molten vagina. So, of course, I just had to ask “So lover, this morning, when you watched me doing myself, did you like it when I licked my pussy’s juices off my fingers? Un-huh, well I sure did!” Slowly I slid those fingers out, held them up, drenched and glistening; and then, just as nastily as I could, I licked every drop of my tasty juices off them. Gosh, and selfish old me, I never even offered to share. I took seconds; and, all the poor guy seemed able to do, was shake his head.

Finally, with a shake of his head, Murphy blurted out “Hell yes, of course I noticed! Every time I look at you, or even think of it, I get hard. Girl, I’m going to get a real kick out of watching lucky Edgar’s reaction! When he gets his first good look; wow, his eyes are going to pop! OK baby, now show it off for me!”

Pivoting on one foot, I turned my back to him, spread my legs wide, and bent over. Looking back up at him from between my legs I smiled, and teased “Take a good look buddy, before Edgar has his eyes all over it. Fuck lover that is really going to get me hot.” Standing up, I spun to face him. And, oh boy, did I ever love swatting his reaching hands away!

! And, I kept right on knocking them away too, while I bent and brushed a fiery kiss across his lips. Laughing, I sauntered over to the pool, and posed there, letting the sunlight shimmer off my bodies oiled curves. My dive sent cool water streaming between my thighs, sending a shivering thrill rippling through me. Sure, I’d loved my little performance, but, I was thinking; now, bring on Edgar! Yeah, let the games begin!

Oh sure, how about we just blame it on the sun glaring off the pool water. Whatever, Edgar showed up alright; only gosh, he didn’t see the naked wench lounging on her raft in the middle of that pool. Hey, now that certainly wasn’t part of the plan. So, I called out asking “Hey Edgar, how about twisting one open for me?” He turned; and you bet, he most definitely noticed me then! Surprise, he didn’t even drop the bottle. Should I have been insulted? Pretending to be unaware of his wide eyed stare, I slowly made my way over to the pool’s stairs. Smiling shyly, yeah right, I caught and held his hungry eyes while I climbed out of the pool. Excitement growing with every seductive step, I did a slow strut that left me standing right in front of him. And then, it was time to trade in that pretence of a shy smile for one full of genuinely wicked promise. And, would you believe, nobody bothered to offer a dripping wet girl a towel? So what was a nasty minded vamp like me supposed to do? Well, how about if just as suggestively as I could, I ran my hands sensuously over my tits, down my body, slowly around my hips and across my ass, and finally on down my legs. Poor Edgar, he just couldn’t seem to tear his eyes off my so prettily displayed ass! Right then, yeah you bet I loved being naked; un-huh, and it was real fun seeing Edgar’s open mouthed stare too. The cute little guy’s eyes were so delightfully busy bouncing up and down my naked body, I figured if I wanted a drink I’d just better go ahead and pull the bottle out of his hand.

I gave Murphy a quick glance; yeah and he was just sitting there, and grinning like a fool. OK, he’s sweet; and when Edgar looked to him for a clue, he honestly tried to reassure the poor guy. With a friendly wave he told him “Its cool buddy, enjoy!” So, while their eyes feasted on little old me, I twisted the cap off my Corona, and took a big swallow. And then, chuckling I stepped in and gave Edgar a soft lingering kiss full on the mouth. What fun, I left him standing there looking stunned, and did a hip swinging strut over to my recliner. I swear my bare ass burned from the heat blazing from the eyes, I just knew he had riveted on it. Another long pull on my Corona, and another grin at Murphy, and it was time to arrange my towel.

Well now, of course I’d just esenyurt üniversiteli escort have to bend way over; naturally, with my legs straight, and ever so wide apart. What fun, I kept my eye on Murphy, because he was watching Edgar get his first wide open look at my absolutely bare pussy. Wait; oops, never mind!! OK, so yeah earlier, while Edgar had been clearing away the remains of our breakfast, I’d been sitting there, sans panties, and with my legs stretched out. But gosh, they were demurely crossed at the ankle! I’d mean really, just what kind of a girl do you think I am? Whatever! Still, he’d seen a whole lot of this nearly naked hussy, and even gotten to watch her give Murphy a blow job. But knowing he hadn’t managed more then a fleeting peek at my pretty pink sugar, right then, I was glad I’d played the prick teasing flirt earlier! I arranged my towel, and softly chuckled at Murphy’s enormous grin. Oh I was glad he was having fun alright; gee wiz, I sure was!

I settled, leaned back, and spread my legs wide; one straight, and one bent provocatively. I loved it; sitting there, just as fully exposed for Edgar’s hungry eyes as I could possibly be. Crooking a finger, I beckoned Edgar over, asking “Hey Edgar, do you want me to sign for the beer?” He hesitated; and then, looking real confused he did manage to walk over. Gee, and it looked like the poor flustered guy wanted to say something; only, nothing was coming out. I suppose that some wicked pink kitty probably had the poor guy’s tongue. Hey, but he did finally get around to handing me his pen and the receipt. Un-huh, and I couldn’t have planned it any better! He pushed that receipt in to my hand; but then, he fumbled the pen. Perfection, it dropped, and landed right between my open legs. Call me silly; but I actually looked up, curious to see where Edgar’s eyes were aimed. Right, like as if, they weren’t going to be locked right on my so nicely exposed, and open for public viewing pussy.

Taking my time, and smoothing the receipt out on a bare thigh, I shifted my legs even wider apart. totally playing the tease; , I ran the fingers of my free hand up the hypersensitive silkily smooth skin of an inner thigh, before sliding them over slippery wet pussy. Stroking like a lovers fingers, they spread its velvety soft lips wide. Those teasing fingers barely paused; yeah, but it was definitely long enough for them to tantalize one outraged, and seriously deprived feeling clit. Honestly, it really was just a quick little tease; you know sort of like a flick and a promise! After all, I did manage to tear my eyes off Edgar, at least long enough to pick up that damn pen!

In control, and loving it, I smiled up at the still silent Edgar, and asked “Edgar, do you like what you’re looking at? Do you know that I didn’t get naked until after Murphy told me you were on your way? And, I absolutely love having you looking at me, its getting me totally hot!” Well, apparently the cat still had Edgar’s tongue; and oh my, the nasty kitty still seemed to be holding his eyes captive too. So, while she waited, this very naughty girl decided to see just what sorts of sexy little tricks she could teach that pen. Well, it learned how to push apart a pussy’s lips; and then dance with the pretty little clit it had so delightfully exposed. Wow, and it even figured out how to turn a formerly shy little clit in to a demandingly, and a most definitely, seriously aroused bitch of a stunningly erect clit. For a few delightfully delicious moments, I watched Edgar’s eyes following my naughty play, before deciding to remind him “Edgar you haven’t answered me!” That stupid receipt was still spread out on my thigh, and that pen sure was getting to know my clit real well. By then, I was beginning to think that maybe the hard-on bulging his shorts, might just be all the answer I was likely to get.

I’m betting it was the sight of my tongue flicking out to lick a pen wet with my pussy’s juices that finally loosened the poor guy’s tongue! Whatever, I did like what he had to say; gosh, I mean, flattery always works! Sounding like maybe he was being strangled, Edgar managed to croak out “Oh yes, you’re beautiful!” But, his grin was back as he added “Really, I mean you’re hot, real sexy! I’m sorry; please, I don’t know what to say.”

Well, I did; and after a “Thank you Edgar, you’re really sweet!” Knowing it would really befuddle him, I got down to the heart of my nasty little plan, and asked “Edgar would you like me to add a tip? Or, well you know if you like, I could give you a tip you’ll never forget!” Sure enough, poor Edgar was trying to figure out just what I’d meant, while I sat there smoldering, and thinking Murphy you silly bastard! I mean really; how dare he make me utter such a ridiculous line! No doubt about it, the nasty minded bastard had earned the fearsome scowl I aimed his way. Oops, but then I reminded myself that a woman’s supposed to make it hard for a man, not make it hard on him. So, turning my attention back to Edgar, I reached for the lovely bulge in his shorts.

Reaching for etiler escort that sweet swelling, my hand slid up smooth hard thigh, and right on in to Edgar’s shorts. Thinking yummy, I wrapped my fingers around some seriously hard and fiery hot cock. With a fistful of cock, I practically purred “Edgar darling, I think, maybe this is your answer! Is it?” Hey a throbbing handful of hot hard cock, wrapped with soft velvety smooth skin, was all the answer this girl needed! Well, maybe Edgar didn’t know what to say, or do either; but, I sure did!

One handed, I signed that stupid receipt, dropped the pen, and pushed it in to his pocket. So while I grabbed myself a handful of bare butt, the handful of cock I’d already corralled was sliding silkily through my stroking fist. Oh, and didn’t that just rip a deliciously throaty groan out of the cute little guy! Oh yeah, he was mine alright! Still, he did sneak a glance at Murphy. And yippee, what he got was a thumbs-up and a big grin. His moans, and oh my yes, just the sensational feel of holding his blazing hot, rigidly erect , and wildly pulsating cock tight in my fist fired off some lovely little shivers that tingled their way through me. Well, total bummer, because for what was coming next I was going to have to let loose of my new toy.

It was time to stand up; and maybe, just maybe, find out what kind of a kisser Edgar was.

OK, so yeah, I was definitely going to find that out! And to make sure he stayed put, I started that first kiss with both hands on his shoulders. But, before my tongue had squirmed its way past his lips and pushed in to his mouth, well gosh, one of those hands was already sliding past the waist band and right back in to Edgar’s shorts. I guess that first kiss sort of took him by surprise; or maybe, it was only what my hand was doing to his cock. Whatever, the poor boy seamed to be having difficulty focusing on kissing me back. Tell you what though, he caught on fast! Already grabbing for my ass, he sucked my tongue deep in to his mouth; and voila, his tongue was half way down my throat. Yummy, what more could a horny girl want; I mean, besides a hot kiss, and a pair of hands busily caressing and sliding all over her ass too! Actually Edgar was an absolutely terrific kisser! Hey, and I checked, and even double checked; gosh a girl just has to make sure of such things, doesn’t she?

Oops, remember Murphy; I mean after all the whole point of this performance was to entertain him, wasn’t it? Well no, actually it was, un-huh, intended to drive the guy nuts! OK, so once again, I let go of Edgar’s cock, and pushed him down on the recliner. Catching on quick, he stretched out, and all on his own too; gee, I didn’t even have to order the darling. While I stood there, hands on my hips and licking my lips, I looked down at the delicious bulge tenting Edgar’s shorts. Looking over, I caught Murphy’s eye; perfect, his eyes were all over my play. So, with a wink and a grin, I swung a leg over, and knelt straddling Edgar. Yeah, yeah, he still had his damn shorts on, but only because fucking him right then wasn’t part of my plan! What; I told you I had a plan! Whatever, and count on it, I thrilled to the feel of that cock throbbing as it strained, hot and hard against my pussy!

Lovely bump or not, darling Edgar was being a bit of a bore, pretty much just lying there like the proverbial bump on the log. So, I captured his hands, and guided them to my tits. And just in case he didn’t get the hint, I offered instructions, ordering “Touch them Edgar! Come on lover; lets see you make my nipples hard…umm yes, as hard as your cock!” But damn, his touch was tentative; starting out way, way too gentle to suit this hot and horny bitch. OK, so maybe he’d been somewhat distracted, and missed my instructions; whatever, he was ignoring my poor nipples! Yes, but at least his hands were doing a fine job of groping, squeezing, and sliding deliciously all over my oil slicked tits. He finally managed to get them both cupped in his hands alright; but oh my God, what’s he waiting for, was the question! Impatient, who me? Edging towards frantic, I was about ready to use my fingers, and demonstrate just what it was my nipples needed. But, I decided on a subtler approach. Pulling his hands away, I pressed them hard against my thighs, leaned forward, and pushed a nipple between his lips. See; like I said, subtle!

Awesome, so far I’d learned that Edgar definitely knew how to kiss a girl. So why was I surprised, very happily surprised in fact, to discover the darling knew how to suck too! He had my back arching, driving an already totally popped out nipple even deeper in to his greedily sucking mouth. I suppose I could have tried sweetly reminding him that nipples came in pairs. OK, and hey, I did apologize for so roughly yanking his head! But gosh, actions speak louder the words, right? And with my hands holding his head in place, while I pushed that poor neglected nipple in to his mouth, well it was just so much easier then explaining. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure he never even heard that silly apology anyway! Besides, he didn’t even need instructions. With his tongue flicking hard, fast, and right on one throbbingly hard nipple, he rolled and teased the other one between a thumb and finger. Now, that was more like it! Really getting in to it, he worked back and forth, licking and flicking, kissing and sucking, and oh God yes, pinching and twisting a pair of totally enraptured nipples.

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