Wifes Story 2


Wifes Story 2″I wonder if all spunk tastes the same” she asked her brother, she asked after wanking him off, licking the last drop off his belly which she had missed first time, laying down beside him in the dark. “Don’t know” said her brother “why u asking?” he whispered back, in an attempt to not to wake their parents in the next room. “Just that your tastes different at different times of the day” she said. “also sometimes its thick and creamy and other times its thin and milky. “I could help you find out”, said the brother. “How? I told a couple of football buddies about us, and they want a piece of the action, Oh JESUS what the fuck”, a punch to the belly had winded him and as he turned another blow in the groin caused him to start coughing. “YOU did What, Suddenly a noise from the parents bedroom cause both k**s to freeze, the sister slipped out down the side of the bed away from the door just as the door opened and the mother walked in to check on her son, as she leaned over to check on him the house coast opened and tits fell out and before she could close the coat a tit had brushed his face. “U OK ” she whispered, her arms holding the house cost closed and her tits in check. Nodding yes he allowed his mum to kiss him and say goodnight. before she left closing the door.Mum relieved at least not find the daughter in bed with him, went back to her snoring husband.The daughter climbed out from under the bed and grabbed her brother nipple, “you stupid cunt” said the wife to her brother “u can wank yourself from now on”. and walked out leaving her brother.It was a bit tense in the house the wife confessed after that, she stopped wanking him off and didn’t feel the need to play with herself. The mother noticed that the brothers sheets once again needed to be changed several times a week and his room reeked of cum and socks again. Also a couple of times the güvenilir bahis mother had to pull them apart as almost every time when in the same room a simple comment or look even set the siblings off. I asked him several times “Why” she told to me, in the end he confessed his buddies had been telling stories about what they were getting up to and in a moment of one up man ship trumped the lot with how his sister wanked him off every opportunity eating his cum and letting him finger her pussy. “Did anything change at school” I asked “Nah she said I was getting tits so it was difficult to tell if any of his buddies had spilled the beans or just horny boys wanting some”.What happened next, I asked. I was desperate to start again, I was missing the feeling of my brother cock and the taste of cum, even reading dads porn and wanking was not helping. I made peace with him by sneaking up behind him one day and reaching down into his pants rubbing his cock till he came in his pants she said. After that we were back to normal even more daring the warmer weather meaning the family out more, my tits were growing and the small tops helped her brother get boners all the time.But I had not answered the question that started this chain of events off, and I wanted to know, so 2 week before the end of the summer term, my brother organised 3 of his buddies to come back to the house after school. Wednesday Mum stayed at work late, Dad never home before 6:00 anyway. So on this Wednesday four 14/15 year of boys walked into house up the stairs and sat on the edge of my brothers bed. Everybody was nervous, we even shook hands the wife said almost as a contract that what happen next was to stay in the room. I had a short summer dress on, the wife said and told the boys to pull there trousers and pants down and play with their cocks. Brother first, then the rest did as told, türkçe bahis their young cocks almost immediately hard, legs apart their bollocks tight, knob ends shiny 3 had foreskins and one not. The smell of cock the wife said was almost to much as she knelt between the first pair of legs and took over the wanking of the shaft, between her thumb and finger, as her head went down over the cock she could see the slit opening and clear fluid mix with the self lube, she licked the bell end while moving her hand faster along the hard shaft, “Ugh” said the owner of the cock as it splat cum over her face and hair, the last dribble over her fingers as she slowed the wank to a squeeze to get the last drop from the cock. Licking her fingers to taste the cum she leant back and moved to the next cock. The owner apparently had stopped wanking and as she moved in to hold it and look at it, it splat cum over her dress and face. “FUCK in HELL” the wife said, a warning might be nice. Sorry the owner said. The third cock was cut, the owner was holding on as best he could, I knew the feeling, when the wife wanks me off, it’s Olympic standard. She put her mouth over the end and wanked the shaft for a minute before the cock splat mouthfuls of cum into her mouth. Her brother last was an easy play, she knew how to make him cum quickly and after seeing 3 of his buddies spunk over his sister and in her mouth he didn’t take long to do the same. All four boys laid back on the bed, the wife apparently stood up, wiping the cum from around her face and her dress and sat on the corner of the dresser, one leg over the corner the other touching floor the cold surface feeling nice on her bare arse. “Well” said one of the boys, “was the experiment a success”, “Yes” said the wife “all different but all good, and I think I’m going to need to do this again”, Anytime said another. How about showing güvenilir bahis siteleri us yours said one, “what this” said the wife as she lifted her dress to show a pick slit between her legs and moving her legs apart a little more the 3 boys leant forward to have a better look. “Can we touch” apparently one asked, “No” said the wife but I can show you more and with that walked out the room and came back with a rubber cock, “where the fuck” asked her brother. “In with mums knickers next to the porn.Watch” the wife said. Sitting back on the dresser legs now open the wife spread her pussy lips and held the rubber cock head against her pussy, looking at the audience the boys wanking there semi hard cocks looked on as the rubber cock disappeared into her cunt first and inch and then more disappeared, she held it there for a moment and then slowly moved it back and forward. She was aware that the boys were on the floor looking up at her cunt seeing the rubber cock split her pussy open. As had happen when she had first discovered the cock she cum, but this time the audience made the experience even more exciting, pulling the rubber cock out of her cunt, she sat back on the dresser her pick slit open.She noticed the cocks were hard again and the boys wanking hard and fast, she poked her finger in her slit and walked over to the first and put her finger on his mouth and then moving on did the same to each. On her knees she told the boys to stand over her and cum on her, four more loads of spunk landed on her, feeding her need for spunk which has never gone away. Apparently her dress had been discarded and the cum was rubbed into her budding tits by each of the boys. k**s are you home, came a voice from downstairs breaking the moment, Apparently 4 boys can get dressed very quickly and out the door of the bedroom and half way down the stairs before the wife managed to get the rubber cock back and into her room to dress.The wife says when she came down stairs 4 boys were around the kitchen table eating sandwiches and her mum making more, looked at her and shook her head but didn’t say anything.

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