A special friendship


A special friendship I met sherri several years ago. It was quite by accident and we were kind of competitors. My husband (Mike) and I had just moved into the area from across the state. While that is not earth shattering, I was having withdrawal symptoms. My husband and I were very active in the swinging community back home and I was having fun on almost a daily basis. Mike travels about 90% of the time for his work. He has always encouraged me to do what I needed to satisfy my sexual needs. I think most would classify me as a nymphomaniac. Anyway, Mike suggested I go out and find myself a play toy to ease the tension. That’s how I ended up at the bar. It was a nice bar on the edge of a very nice neighborhood. So, I walked in, looked around and saw this hot woman that I knew was going to be my competition. She was laughing and talking to a couple of black guys and obviously everyone at the bar knew her. You ever walk into a place and just know who the most popular person was? It was obvious that I had my work cut out for me…I went over and took a seat at the end of the bar, next to the wall. I chose that place, because I liked being in a semi private place where an intimate conversation could take place and if I wanted to touch someone to let them know I was interested, I could do so discreetly. That’s what I told myself…and besides it had worked before. lolI ordered a drink and was sitting there, sizing up the patrons and trying to decide who would be my victim tonight. That’s when this hot woman broke away from her “guys” and came over and sat next to me. I thought “Oh crap, I’ve invaded her territory and we are going to have a problem”. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She introduced herself as Sherri and I told her I was Debbie, nice to meet you yadda, yadda, yadda. We started talking and told each other about our lives. Nothing to revealing but enough to know why we were both there. I told her I was married and my husband traveled quite a bit and I enjoyed having company sometimes. she told me she was single and enjoyed company too! We laughed and then she told me about what was going on around here. She told me that there was a large training center for a very large international corporation only about a mile away. There were also a dozen nice hotels close by, too. So there was a large influx of new people that frequented the bar. Mostly people in their late 20’s thru 40’s and some a little older. Most of the older were couples and the younger guys were single or at least left their better half at home. The clientele was also mixed black, white, brown and Asian. A good variety. lol Sherri was so open and easy going. I instantly knew that I had found a new friend and partner. I was just not ready to reveal my true perversions. lol Anyway, Sherri is a very beautiful woman. Fair skin, athletic body, with medium red hair, green eyes, a firm cute butt and perky breasts. I wanted her. But, one step at a time. lol We just sat and talked and talked and had several drinks and realized that it was almost 11 P.M. We both needed to work the next day and needed to get up early. So we left and said our goodbyes in the parking lot with hugs and a quick kiss and a promise to meet back ataşehir escort at the bar on Friday night. Little did I know…Friday finally got here. It had been three days and I was fit to be tied. Of course, I had my needs taken care of by special people, but I was sooo looking forward to my new friend and our adventures together. I had special girlfriends back home and we shared a few special interests, but this girl was someone/something new. I like new! lolWe met at 6:30 Friday night. I know it was early, but we wanted some time to plot our plan of attack. It didn’t take long to scout some potential victims…We both enjoy the company of younger black guys and in walked 5 black guys that were good looking and just plain hot! Sherri and I just looked at each other and smiled. We were going to have fun that night. It was a given! We were sitting at the bar and just watched the guys (they sat at a table) drinking and talking and laughing and just having a good time. We could overhear their conversation. They were from Texas, California, Florida, Mississippi and Ohio. All here for the training center down the road. Sherri made the first move. She got up to go to the restroom and walked past their table. She “accidentally” brushed against Mississippi and said “sorry” and looked him in the eyes and smiled her beautiful smile. Coming back, she walked past their table and looked at all of them and smiled. Now it was my turn. So I got up and walked past their table and stopped and ask “how are you gentlemen doing this evening”? I didn’t wait for an answer but just quickly looked them all in the eyes and walked on. Walking back, I could see Mississippi sitting next to Sherri at the bar. When I walked past the guys table, I think it was Texas that stood up and asked if I’d like to join them for a drink. I said “I’d like that very much”. So Texas got another chair and I sat down and ordered another drink. It was only about a minute before Sherri came over with Mississippi and we were now a group of seven. After another 3 drinks we were all feeling a little more “free” and Sherri said it was getting late and wondered if they would like to go back to the hotel to continue the party? I thought “what a slut”! I was just about to ask the same question. I was beginning to REALLY like this girl! lol Keep in mind it was only 8:30…And she said it was getting late. lol The guys almost fell over each other to pay the bar bill and get out the door. They wanted to drive us to their hotel. But being a little experienced in this kind of play, I told them we would drive ourselves and meet them. They told us the hotel and gave us the cell number to call so they could let us in and witch door to go to. I have done this a time or two, so I knew the routine. We took my car and left Sherri’s in the bar parking lot. Sherri said the Hotel was only about 5 minutes away and she said she knew the entrance they wanted us to use. Seems she has been there before. lol I was beginning to love her! We sat in my car for a few minutes so the guys could get to the hotel and we knew the guys would be getting more and more turned on. That’s what we wanted. Sherri and I sat in the car and held hands and talked üsküdar escort about what we wanted to happen. We were both open and honest and began to hug and kiss. We shared needs and told each other we would not be inhibited or hesitant about doing what we liked and needed…I called the phone number that Mississippi gave me (at least I think it was him). Someone answered and said they would be right down to let us in…When we got to the room, the guys were still fully clothed. So we knew they were newbies to this and we would need to “help” them through the process. lol They fixed us a drink and we both took hard sips and asked for refills. They were kind of standing around and giggling and were half drunk. Sherri leaned over and whispered in my ear that we needed to give them a show. I looked into her eyes and knew what she had in mind. So I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately and made sure they could see my tongue pushing into her mouth. She did the same and moved her hand to my breast and we just wiggled and squeezed each other and kissed so passionately. OMG, Sherri was turning me on! She was responding to me as well. I kind of forgot about the guys…But she reminded me with a whisper, so we began to undress each other. As we exposed ourselves, the room was so quiet, you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. We kept kissing deeply and with passion and continued to explore each others bodies as we undressed each other. When we got naked Sherri put her fingers into my very wet pussy. Not just one but three! OMG this girl knows me! lol We are both shaved smooth and baby soft. I lowered my self to my knees and started using my tongue on her beautiful, delicious pussy. Oh my, she tasted so wonderful. She let out a soft moan and then looked at the guys and said “show us what you have boys”. I kept licking and she put her hands on the back of my head and ground my face into her very wet pussy. All the while watching the boys get undressed. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and told me to look at our playmates. I turned my face to look at our “dinner” and the guys all gasped. Seems my face was shiny with Sherri’s juice. Also I was so wet my pussy juice was running down my leg. I said, oh my, look at that. I was looking at 5 nice size young black cocks. All hard and ready for fun. Sherri walked over and got on her knees and said come on buys, I need to taste everyone. She started sucking the first one and the others lined up behind him. I went over and got on my knees beside her. Sherri pulled her mouth off of the first and told him to move down the line. Guess what, I was the line. lol took him in my mouth and tasted Sherri’s mouth on his cock. Delicious! We did all 5 guys like that. We didn’t get any of them off. Got them close but stopped at the edge. They were so horny that they lost their inhibitions and wanted to fuck us so badly. That’s what we wanted. So we got on the bed, side by side and on our knees. Sherri said come on guys make us happy. I’m not sure who the first one was that pushed into me, but I almost had an orgasm. I was so fucking horny. lol He only took about 6 pumps and then shot his load in me. Sherri’s guy took a whole minute çekmeköy escort to unload. We then told them to get in front of us so we could clean them. But I sucked Sherri’s guy and she did my guy. Two other guys started fucking us. My guy lasted for almost three minutes. Sherri’s guy lasted for almost 5 minutes. Lucky girl! lol The four that had fucked us got in front and we cleaned them orally. I think the 5th guy was Mississippi and he was a true stud. Biggest one of the group and fucked both of us. Went from her to me and then back and forth. He couldn’t be more that 25 and had great staying power. He was in Sherri when he yelled out that he was going to cum. Sherri pulled off of him and we both turned around so he could cum on our faces. This boy shot so much cum! I mean fuck, a huge load. Covered our faces and got in our hair. We just needed to lick ourselves clean. We both had two loads in us and now our faces were covered. We were feeling very slutty. lol I went down on Sherri and started to lick her clean. The guys started to jack themselves while watching. I did a very sloppy clean up job and had the cum from her pussy all over my face. She pulled me up and kissed me and then went down on me. OMG, she got me off in about a minute. When I started to get off, one of the guys shot his load all over Sherri’s face and my pussy. Another guy on the other side shot his load into her hair and onto my stomach. I had had enough and wanted the same treatment. So I got up and put her on her back and started licking her again. That’s when two guys started to cum on us. In my hair, on my face and on her pussy. That got Sherri off and she started to cum, filling my mouth with her liquid sweet cum. That’s when Mississippi took us both by the hair and pulled us apart and put us on the floor on our knees. He stood over us and started stroking his big cock and calling us names…whores, sluts, black cock bitches, black cum dumps…Fuck that got me excited. I could tell it was getting to Sherri too. He was holding our faces together by grabbing our hair and he was not gentle. He yelled out FUCK and told us to open our mouths started to shoot. I had just noticed the size of his balls and how low his sack hung down. He covered us and it was so messy. When he finely finished, he let go of our hair and we almost collapsed on the floor. At 25, Mississippi was the alpha dog in the room! He told us to get dressed and get out. I was falling in love with this boy. lol The other guys just stood there and watched us get dressed and when we left, Mississippi hugged us both and pushed us out the door. When we got to the car, Sherri and I started to kiss and clean each others faces. We both said that we were so glad we had met. We wanted to get together again. I told her that after tonight I really trusted her and would like to share some of mu secrets. She said she would like to share some of her secrets, too. That’s when she showed me that Mississippi had slipped his phone number into her hand. I just smiled and said that would be fun. She said yes it would be fun, but she would like to explore other things with me…I looked at her and said you have no idea what I have in mind, too. I took her back to the bar where her car was and we said good night. Three days later we met for drinks and had a very open and honest talk about our special needs. When we parted, I knew I had found a true friend and partner that I could trust and share with…no matter what our special lusts were!

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