A VERY HAPPY HALLOWENHappy Halloween,” bubbled Cordelia Morgan.”Fuck Halloween,” replied her sister Johanna.”Happy Fucking Halloween, then. Just what is wrong with your attitude?””Harley has this stupid Halloween party. He really insists that I go but I have study group early tomorrow. I guess I have to go, but I just won’t stay long.””But s*s, Harley is your new boyfriend. I mean, the paint isn’t even dry on the relationship. You know he gets all excited every year about his stupid frat’s stupid party. It’s the biggest early campus social event. Remember how upset you were Mom wouldn’t let you go last year because you were u******e? And you weren’t even dating Harley then.””Well, that was then, this is now. I’ve never been the sort of girl to play dress up and I think twenty is a bit old to learn how.””Never too late to learn. Or too early to learn about sex. You are fucking Harley, aren’t you?”Johanna blushed, revealing the truth before she spoke. “We aren’t even officially going steady yet. It’s not like I’m the campus slut or anything.””And I suppose that you mean that I am?””I never said that. I just find it awkward waking up and finding a strange man in our bathroom. And one morning, I walked out to get coffee and saw you blowing some naked guy in the kitchen. I know we agreed when I moved here from home that visitors were allowed, but we need to find some way to warn me.””These things just happen without warning s*s. They could happen to you too if you just loosened up a bit. College is supposed to be fun. Speaking of which, maybe I ought to dress up as a nun. Unless you have that role reserved.””Nope. No costume for this girl. Harley likes me how I am.””Suit yourself,” replied Cordelia, at 21 the older of the two Morgan sisters. “I plan to stay late, so I think I’ll have a little nap first.””I might as well head over; see if Harley needs set up help.”It was just a short walk from the apartment which Johanna now shared with her sister across to the fraternity house where Harley and his frat brothers would host the biggest Halloween party in this campus town. The fact that the girls’ father, Dean Morgan was the college president made even attending the rule breaking bash awkward for Johanna. Cordelia had always been the wild c***d. Johanna ended up typecast as the good little girl. If Johanna followed Cordelia’s advice, she would be breaking free from all her upbringing. One little voice told her to go for it, virginity was no longer a prize and waiting for love was silly. The sensible voice, oddly, never denied this. Instead, it reminded Johanna of the need to make the 8 a.m. study group the next morning. Though school came easy to her, Johanna had an unreasonable fear of failure driven into her by years of her stern parents telling her she would end up being a no good tramp like her sister if she wasted her time on boys and parties.The fact that Cordelia maintained straight A’s just made Johanna’s mother all the more furious, and Johanna all the more curious.Cordelia had moved out of the Morgan home in Johanna’s freshman year, after her parents had arrived home early to discover Cordelia smoking pot with a naked English professor. Johanna was cowering in her room, shocked when she had come downstairs early to see Cordelia’s head buried between the professor’s wife’s thighs as the older woman licked her husband’s fat cock and the star quarterback fucked Cordelia doggy style.Despite this, Johanna had been thrilled when Cordelia, stuck for a roommate, had invited Johanna to spare her two bedroom apartment. Two years of maturation had altered Johanna’s perception of her sister’s activities. Johanna blushed as she walked towards the frat party, admitting to herself that the last time, when she walked into the kitchen and saw Cordelia giving head, she had not run in terror, but had hidden away to deal with her urge to drop to the tile beside her sister and demand a share of a cock that looked tastier than any ice cream cone Johanna had ever licked.Johanna paused. She was still processing the other feelings that had coursed through her breasts and groin in the few weeks since that incident. Had she really, watching Cordelia’s tongue working, flashed back to the earlier incident, and wished that Cordelia was licking her in the same way she had licked the English Professor’s woman?”No, that just can’t be,” Johanna insisted to herself, denying the fury which observing Cordelia’s oral artistry brought to Johanna’s fevered masturbation. Thee or more nights a week, Cordelia brought men home, not counting the afternoon trysts. Johanna had quietly begun to time her activities not to avoid the encounters, but rather to wait quietly in her bedroom, starting to enjoy the thrill of her nipples hardening as Cordelia’s bed bounced against the common wall. Johanna would caress her breasts, at first stopping there. Each day seemed to make her bolder, first toying with her nipples as she felt her thighs dampen. Then moving the caresses tentatively over here belly. Johanna knew about masturbation of course, but had never thought she could do it boldly while another couple copulated inches away. ‘Fucked, not copulated,’ Johanna thought, ‘Cordelia is right. I do need to be bolder. Just not tonight.’ She sighed, wishing she could just relax and enjoy Harley’s party the same way she had learned to enjoy timing the fingering of her labia and the thrusting of thumb against clit to come simultaneously with her sister.When Johanna arrived at the frat house, however, rather than a pre party set up crew, she encountered frat boys who obviously had begun partying early. Despite her lack of costume, the arrival of what a guy dressed as Bill Clinton labeled ‘fresh meat’ did not go unnoticed.”Where is Harley?” Johanna asked, swatting a paw off her breast. And it was a paw rather than a hand, since it belonged to a senior dressed as the Cowardly Lion. Though there was nothing shy about the ten inch erection poking out of his suit. “My name isn’t Dorothy. Why don’t you go fuck a munchkin?””Grrrrreat idea,” mumbled the drunken giant cat, who stumbled away. Though no lights were on in the open concept common room which took up almost the whole first floor of the frat house, some light still filtered in the windows. Darkness was fast approaching. Johanna observed that the frat boys had set up several clever traps, no doubt to shock unsuspecting coeds, creating opportunities for rescue play. Through the open door to the kitchen Johanna saw a tub full of water with a bag of apples next to it. She was a bit puzzled why a pair of giant bottles perched beside the tub. “If you don’t get an apple, you have to drink a shot,” explained a passing guy dressed like Johnny Depp’s pirate. “It’s 100 proof apple schnapps.””What if you do get the apple?” asked Johanna.The young man smiled, gold teeth glinting. “Then we gets a free show darling. The apples are all submerged- we drilled em, didn’t we? So it becomes like our own wee wet T-shirt contest. Care to try love?””No.””Well, tis a mite early. Have a wee dram or two.” He offered a flask to Johanna. Though she planned not to drink, needing a clear ahead for the morning, the prate persisted and she allowed warm rum to coat her lips. Even that taste sent warmth flooding through her body. The pirate’s free hand crept around her waist and pulled her close. She felt his insistent erection pressing through their clothes.”Ever tasted a wee seaman, love?” he asked. Johanna struggled free and scooted across to a couch where she thought she recognized the nerdy frat treasurer, a studious classmate of Johanna’s tolerated by the frat brothers for his financial smarts. ‘He should know where Harley is,’ though Johanna, ignoring the fact he was dressed as a two headed alien. As she sat beside him however she couldn’t help noticing that his ‘space suit’ was equipped with a cartoonish fly out of which protruded two giant rubber dildos.”I’m a true two headed alien,” he said, noticing Johanna staring. ‘The guys figure lots of little women will want to sit on my lap tonight.” He giggled drunkenly.Johanna looked to the door way, were a couple of nubile women dressed in elaborately slutty space costumes of their own were just arriving. “I think I see your mates,” she told the nerd. “I better go look for Harley.”Johanna went next to the kitchen, getting groped only two or three times along the way. It was a spacious room, designed when the house was a mansion for a railway baron, big enough to cook for banquets. Tonight, at first glance, it seemed empty, except for the unused apple tub. Then Johanna heard giggling. She walked in, curious. She rationalized that she was still looking for Harley as she eased open a swinging service door. A hidden serving pantry still remained between the kitchen and the common room, originally a space for maids to remain out of sight but handy during dinner parties. ‘How fitting,’ Johanna observed as she watched through the peephole. A coed in an abbreviated French Maid outfit was on her knees licking a large cock poking out of a pair of tuxedo pants belonging to the frat’s president. Johanna felt her knees wobble. Her search for Harley was momentarily forgotten as she lingered, unable to pull herself away from watching the maid roll her tongue around the guy’s fat pink veiny shaft, and then start massaging his testes while teasing his peeslit with her tongue. This was so much like what Johanna had seen two years earlier when she walked in on Cordelia that it brought all the same mix of emotions to the surface. Disgust, fear of being seen watching, and curiosity all wrestled until simple lust won the battle. Johanna’s hand slid instinctively down her belly into her loose pants. Her middle finger slid effortlessly in between her damp labia, as the two beside it pulled the lips wide apart. Johanna started exploring her pussy as the maid bobbed her head up and down, effortlessly swallowing the entire length. Johanna’s other hand travelled to her breast and was busily employed caressing her own nipple. With her head tossed back, orgasm near, she almost missed seeing a pair of hands snaking around the chest of the “gentleman” to pop his shirt buttons and then, long fake vampire nails twisting his nipples. He moaned deeply, evidencing sensitive nipples. tempobet yeni giriş Johanna automatically copied the actions of the scantily clad vampire girl she now saw stuffed in the tiny space behind the man, who was leaning back against her overstuffed bosom. Squinting to use all available light, Johanna saw that the cramped pantry contained not just three partygoers. A head was buried between the vamp’s thighs, though Johanna could hardly see the body, which was hidden by legs. Then the vamp leaned back and kissed a guy trapped between her and the back wall. As Johanna watched, she deduced form the movements that his cock was buried in the vamp from behind. Since the ‘thigh head’ was sucking the vampire’s pussy, which was cock free, Johanna guessed that the cock was up the vampire’s ass. At first, this revolted her, but as she watched, she felt her sphincter tightening then opening, in rhythm with the writhing gangbang in the tiny room. Johanna slowly tried tentatively toying with her anus. In all her years of masturbating, she had never done this. She found that it was not the painful thing she feared. Instead, the sensation of fingers touching through the thin wall that separated her bottom parts was extra thrilling. She rotated them in a tango beat, humming to herself quietly. Soon, the hum became a moan.Just then, the pantry was flooded with light as the matching door on the other side swung open. A stream of gism was spotlighted as it was flying out of the stranger’s cock. The maid was startled and jerked her head back. Cum coated her nose and chin, dribbling onto her exposed cleavage and staining her costume.”What the fuck,” the girl exclaimed, jumping up off her knees. She immediately turned beat red. Johanna now recognized her, and saw that the guy holding the door was the maid’s boyfriend, a football player. Johanna wisely stepped away from the door, her orgasm postponed, as the maid came flying through, tears streaming down her face, mixing with the milky white evidence of oral excitement. She did not notice Johanna standing there, instead rushing off into the arms of a valkrie, who Johanna guessed was her room mate. Rumour had it was that the valkrie girl was butch and that the ‘maid’ was bi. The way they hugged seemed to confirm this.Johanna turned back towards the pantry. The frat president had ducked a drunken right jab thrown by the boyfriend, Johanna could not help giggling at the shrinking but still damp cock bobbing up and down as the two guys seemed to dance briefly. The football player soon shrugged, seemingly satisfied that his cuckolding was avenged. “A shame to let that go to waste,” said the head on the floor. Johanna could now she that this belonged to Nigel Bloom, the head of the English Department. The chubby red faced balding professor was dressed to type as a cherub. Without pausing, he crawled the few feet necessary to press the president against the other wall and began running his tongue all around the semi hard spunky shaft, laving it. Johanna expected the man attached to the cock to reject the gay advances, so was shocked to see him grab the professor’s hairy ears and pull the older man’s face right against his crotch, initiating a fresh round of deep throating. Like most women, Johanna had always considered gay male sex unappealing, a total turn off. In the context of this bizarre evening though, it had a magical quality, like watching gods at play. Johanna resumed her self stimulation as she saw the vampire fall to her knees behind the cherub and lifting his diaper like clothing, bean fingering his asshole while squeezing his balls. This attention made the prof squeal like a newborn baby and he bobbed up and down on the younger guy’s cock with fierce enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Johanna now was able to see that the other man was not a man at all, but was the head cheerleader, a dainty southern girl usually dressed in pink twin sets and pleated skirts,. This Halloween however, the prissy missy was costumed as a lumberjack, complete with a hard wooden cock jutting out of her green work pants. This pole was slick with the sheen from fucking the vamp’s ass.The vampire girl wasted no time grabbing the strap on and guiding it straight to the Prof’s chubby pink ass. Johanna watched and stroked her pussy, unable to breathe as the vampire massaged the cherub’s cock and balls, and then started stroking his asshole with a long false fingernail. She seemed to want to cause him pain as the edge of the nail raked the sensitive borders of his anus. Teasing the hole with the end of the lumberjack’s fake cock, the vampire giggled, and then pulled the cock away just long enough to slap her professor’s ass, spanking him hard.”Keep sucking, slut,” the vampire instructed the man. She then grabbed the base of the lumberjack’s fake cock and rammed it into the gaping pink asshole. The lumberjack had no need for encouragement. She instantly began rocking her hips, pounding the hard rod in and out of that hole, as her victim hungrily attacked the “gentleman”, devouring his cock.As she watched, Johanna began panting loudly. She was unable to resist massaging her own clit vigourously, pulling on her nipples with her free hand.Johanna slumped against the wall, only able to see a sliver of the action. She no longer thought of the possibility that someone might be watching her, or about finding Harley. All that matter was increasing the tempo of the two fingers twirling her clit as she felt her orgasms building. Despite being a virgin, Johanna had become expert at self pleasure, ever since that night she interrupted Cordelia. This Halloween party was the first time since that she had seen anything more exciting than listening to her sister having sex. The pressure building in her belly was more intense than ever. The vampire slid to her knees and began milking the prof’s throbbing cock. It looked like he was as close to exploding as Johanna was. Then the vamp shifted around, clenching her fist at the bottom of the cherub’s shaft. She began licking at the lumberjack girl’s fake cock right where it entered the older man’s ass.’Eww, gross, she’s gotta be getting a mouthful of ass juices,’ Johanna realized. Still, her nipples thrust harder against her top, and her own juices gushed down her legs. She wondered if she was leaving a puddle on the floor, but could not tear her eyes away from the bisexual foursome long enough to check.’Now she’s getting her nose right into that other girl’s pussy juices. It’s all shiny,’ Johanna noticed. She took her fingers out of her own wet cunt just long enough to experiment with tasting herself. This was something she never had tried before. Discovering that she tasted a lot like honey, Johanna wondered, ‘Do all girls taste this good? Does that prissy cheer babe lumberchick taste half this good? ‘She shook her head furiously in denial of the next thought, trying to knock it right out of her brain, but just cementing it there. ‘Does Cordelia taste this good?’Johanna returned her fingers to her clit as the frat boy flooded his professor’s mouth with cum. Unlike the maid’s sloppy show, the prof captured every drop in his mouth and throat. Johanna deduced that he was a veteran cocksucker. She only knew that the boy orgasmed by the timing of his groans in conjunction with the throbbing of the cherub’s throat muscles. What happened next released the dam on Johanna’s orgasms. The vampire crawled up and kissed the professor, swapping her mix of pussy and ass fluids for some of the sperm which coated his tongue. The professor rolled his offering out theatrically, letting the onlookers, both those he knew were present and Johanna, get a good view of the thick ooze he was transferring to the vamp girl. The frat boy and the lumberjack leaned together and joined the vampire girl in a three way kiss as the mistress of the night floated to her feet. Johanna was fascinated, watching the taste of sex being shared all around. Johanna slumped against the wall, her knees weak, the electricity surging through her as she kept fingerfucking herself right through the first orgasm, her pussy walls spasming around her wrist as she buried her whole hand inside her cunt. The second wave came immediately afterwards, with more intensity. Johanna felt her ass bumping against the wall as her hips heaved around her screaming clit. As she rode through a series of aftershocks she bit down on her tongue to avoid screaming. The bit of pain merely added to the intensity and the episode added with the most intense burst of pleasure she had ever experienced.At some point, she closed her eyes, and when she opened them, first she worried that someone might have heard her and come into the kitchen to see about the noise. But it seemed her years of quiet masturbation, first at her parent’s home and now in the thin-walled apartment, paid off in making her instinctively remain silent. After that fear passed, Johanna wanted to check on the crew in the pantry. She saw that although she had only been distracted a few minutes, they had left. ‘Hopefully out the other door,’ she told herself, but then she shook her head. ‘Who am I trying to k**? I would have loved it if they came out this way, saw me hiding her, and made me their new toy.’She felt her cheeks blush crimson, and her nipples began tingling again. She touched her throbbing clit but then decided on a bolder plan. ‘I better go find Harley and see if he will fuck me right now. That way, I can get this urge properly satisfied, and still get home to sleep early. That would show Cordelia.”Johanna set off up the sweeping staircase towards the bedrooms on the second floor, wondering why Harley would be up there. As Johanna climbed the stairs, one of the frat boys finally dimmed the lights below. The sudden darkness spooked Johanna for a minute and she paused to let her eyes adjust to the lighting. Campy Halloween music began playing.The old mansion must have had a dozen doors opening off the central hallway. It was dark and spooky, befitting the party atmosphere. Spray-on cob webs adorned with giant rubber spiders flowed from the ceiling to the walls. The only light fixture was halfway along the long corridor. Two of its four bulbs were painted orange, the other two an almost black purple. This tempobet giriş cast a strange glow over the hallway.None of the doors was open. Johanna had never been past the first floor, and had no idea which was Harley’s room. ‘Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out,’ she laughed nervously to herself, still giddy from the hormones surging through her bloodstream.Johanna tried knocking n the first door, and heard laughter inside, but no answer. ‘Must be the music’ she figured. Slowly, Johanna turned the knob. The slight sound was masked by the noise. Inside the room, Johanna saw Harley was not there. Instead, a tiny coed Johanna knew slightly, named Trixie, who was dressed as a cowgirl was sitting on top of a guy wearing the remnants of a devil costume, bouncing up and down on his cock, yipping as several frat boys chanted “ride him, cowgirl!”Johanna started to quickly close the door, but she was hypnotized by the glazed look of rapture on Trixie’s face. Slowly, it dawned on Johanna that Trixie’s skin was coated with a sheen of fresh cum. Sure enough, looking more closely, Johanna determined that most of the guys had limp dicks dripping the final drops of cum. One big lad however still remained to step forward. Trixie bent forward, never missing a beat in riding her stallion, and swallowed the entire erection deep into her throat in one stroke. The bouncing action drew Trixie’s head down the cock, and also making it bob excitedly even as it entered then exited her mouth. Trixie’s eyes were now alive. She clearly loved the challenge of keeping at least her tongue in contact with the foreskin on the upstrokes.Sperm spurted out of the fat cock Trixie had been licking. Trixie leaned back, screaming “I’m coming. My gawd, I’ve never come so hard.” The white goo flooded her chest, coating the valley of her tits, exposed between lapels of buckskin. Trixie sighed and subsided on to the bred, laying across her paramour, his cock still buried in her. Johanna realized that she ought to leave before the crowd cleared out, despite the new tingling in her pussy. However, no one seemed anxious to leave. Instead, a guy dressed as Frankstein bent Trixie forward. She began sliding across the bottom man’s chest, his cock fucking her cunt noisily. Frankstein shoved his cock into Trixie’s asshole, trapping her in a cowgirl sandwich. This got only a grunt out of Trixie, who then started shoving back twice as heard. Johanna guessed she had tried at least anal sex before and likely double play as well.Trixie recovered quickly, invigorated by the new game. “Quick, who has a fresh cock for my mouth? I’ve never had all three holes filled at the same time. I want to try and see if we can make a four way climax.”‘If no guy offers, maybe she’ll settle for licking my pussy,’ Johanna thought. As soon as an eager cocksman dressed as Sherlock Holmes volunteered, Johanna decided it was time to resume searching for Harley. After easing the door shut, she looked down the hallway again. She decided that the best way to find Harley was to zigzag across on the way up the hall, and then catch the rest of the doors on the way back if she still failed to find him. The first door was locked. Crossing the hall, the room next to the one Trixie was using was empty. Johanna opened a linen closet and two more empty bedrooms before she found the door to one of the bathrooms. It was not locked, and before Johanna had pushed the door even slightly, her eyes caught sight of sexual action reflected in a mirror. Johanna saw a couple obviously totally absorbed in what they were doing. A blonde dressed to imitate Marilyn Monroe was on her knees, using her tongue to catch drops of piss off the tip of a cock belonging to a ghost.”Hey, I was just k**ding when I asked if you wanted to come in here and shake it. Just trying to tease you back for asking if I was jerking off when you thought you were waiting outside too long.””Oh god, it might just be that I’m drunk, but I sure like the taste of your piss,” Marilyn slurred dreamily, running the still damp cockhead across her sparkling white teeth.”I’ve had lots of beer, so if you keep shaking it like that, you might get a flood, not just a taste. “Marilyn giggled, giggling the cock in her fist. “What’s the worst that could happen? You get too hard to piss and I have to swallow you cum, right? Well, that might be fun too. Though I’d prefer doing it with a cock up my ass.”Somehow, this encouraged Johanna to linger and watch, rather than simply shut the door and move on. Slowly, she realized that rather than a couple, she was watching a threesome. Marilyn was now sucking the ghost’s rigid member, sliding it deep into her throat. In the meanwhile, a Merlin wizard with a huge bulge in the front of his gown stepped from behind the door and shoved Marilyn’s skirt up around her waist. “Mighty impressive wand there, Merlin,” joked the ghost. Merlin grinned, lifting his robe to expose the ten inch cock that had caused the tenting. Without a pause, he stepped forward and forcefully drove it into Marilyn from behind, and then grabbed her hips so that he could pump into her harder and deeper, forcing her to fuck the ghost faster with her face. “God, I hope my boyfriend doesn’t come looking for me,” Marilyn moaned, coming up for air from deep throating and switching to licking the ghost’s shaft. . Johanna was startled. The idea that this blonde beauty would fuck two guys behind her boyfriend’s back was not within her experience. Even Cordelia seldom was that wicked. Instead, Cordelia just blew through boyfriends like tissue paper as they tired of her game playing. Johanna’s fingers again went to her own wet crotch as Marilyn stroked her own clit, nails raking Merlin’s fat shaft. “Do my ass now,” Marilyn ordered, bucking her hips and twisting so that Merlin’s slimy cock popped free. She ran her fingers from her slit around to her anus, generously lubricating herself with pussy juices. “Just slam it home.”Merlin complied. Johanna sighed through a minor orgasm. She again slumped against the wall with a thump. Just as earlier, she was frightened that perhaps she might be found peeping, but at just that moment, the ghost’s goo burst forward, filling Marilyn’s mouth with seed. His grunt covered up Johanna’s noise. She was just about to move on when without a word, the trio switched positions. Merlin pulled out of Marilyn’s ass, saying “Save some of that for me.” He pulled Marilyn to her feet and kissed her deeply, his tongue becoming coated with his buddy’s cream. Johanna gasped. ‘I bet ghost boy sticks his pole up her ass now, since she’s dripping ready and he’s half hard still,’ she thought. She was wrong. It was the ghost’s turn to fall to the floor on his knees, where he swallowed his chum’s rigid cock without a word.Marilyn pulled back from the kiss and chuckled. “I guess I know why you two boys were in here sharing a piss, don’t I? I better leave the two of you to finish off, before my boyfriend gets really restless.”With that, she shook her dress into place and grabbed the door, easing it open to give the bi boys some privacy. Johanna barely had time to flatten herself against the wall, hoping Marilyn might rush in the opposite direction. However, the blonde looked Johanna in the eye, grinned and gave her a big wink. Johanna was caught, speechless. Marilyn laughed a bit louder. “Like the show?” she asked. Without waiting for a reply, she cupped a hand behind Johanna’s neck and drew their lips together. Marilyn’s tongue pushed urgently into Johanna’s mouth. Despite being a virgin, Johanna was horny enough to respond automatically, experiencing the second hand bits of cum still stuck to the roof of Marilyn’s mouth. “There, how’s that taste?” Marilyn added, breaking away and flouncing drunkenly towards the stairs.Johanna once again recognized that time was flying past and she still hadn’t found Harley. She paused at two more doors. The soft strains of Norah Jones singing “Come Away With Me” warned her off the first one, an obviously occupied love nest. Even if Harley was in there, she would not want to interrupt him. The second room pounded to the beat of AC/DC and much drunken laughter. A brief listen told Johanna that some drinking game was in progress. Loud male hooting informed her that a coed must have lost most or all of her costume. Once again, if Harley was playing, Johanna wanted no part of it.Two doors remained at the far end of the hallway, before Johanna would begin the reverse journey. The left one was adorned with Halloween décor- a fake tombstone, black paper, a covering of cobwebs, and a sign, inevitably “abandon hope, all ye who enter here’. Johanna chuckled. She would be willing to bet that even touching the door would cause funny noises- a creaky hinge, a ghostly cackle, a black cat’s meowing. ‘Best leave that for last,’ she decided, reaching to her right.She knocked, but no one answered. She was about to turn away when she heard faint laughter from inside. Emboldened by her earlier voyeurism, Johanna gently eased the door open just a crack. She instantly regretted her decision. In the mirror on the dresser, she saw the reflection of Little Red Riding Hood, impaled on top of Harley, who was dressed as a gladiator. His loincloth was bunched around his waist and his erect cock was sliding effortlessly into the girl’s shaved pussy. Unlike her earlier interest in watching, Johanna was repulsed. She slammed the door shut and ran down the hallway towards the stairs.The noise startled Harley, who rushed out into the hall, his erection making his costume flap freely as he ran. “Jo, wait, I can explain,” he yelled, but she was already halfway down the stairs.In the foyer, Johanna met up with Cordelia, who had just arrived, indeed dressed as a slutty nun, complete with exposed breasts. She tried to explain her horror to her sister, but the older girl just laughed at her. “An hour ago, you were saying he wasn’t even your boyfriend, so why shouldn’t he fuck whatever Little Red Riding Hood he can rescue from the Big Bad Wolf. Speaking of which, there goes a sexy old werewolf over there. I think I’ll go dance with him. You better go home and cry yourself to sleep, little girl, it’s almost the witching hour.”Cordelia swept away, but before she reached whichever tempobet güvenilirmi werewolf she wanted, Harley barreled into her. They both went sprawling to the ground. Harley’s cock landed in the deep valley of Cordelia’s bare cleavage. Instead of screaming, Cordelia held Harley tight, forcing him to wriggle his member against her mammaries. The nearby frat boys began cheering. Johanna could not stand to watch any more. She ran quickly out of the house sobbing and rushed home, where despite her anger at Cordelia; she proved her sister right again and did cry herself to sleep.Hours later, Johanna awoke to drunken laughter. Glancing at her alarm clock, she saw it was four in the morning. She slowly realized that the noise was two voices in Cordelia’s room. Trough the thin common wall, it was easy to recognize Cordelia’s voice. The second voice was less distinctive. “Oh, yeah, touch my clit right away,” Cordelia moaned. Clothing rustled. Johanna pictured the habit discarded to the floor. Cordelia’s bedsprings moaned, followed by louder moans from Johanna’s slutty sister.”Lick my cunt and make me cum.” Cordelia thundered, clearly either forgetting Johanna’s proximity or just way past caring. For the next several minutes, Johanna just lay there, hearing the murmurs as the unknown suitor ate her sister. As the sounds quickened and deepened, Johanna knew Cordelia was about to cum. She found her fingers seeking out her stiff nipples as her other hand trailed down her belly to massage her own clit.”Can I suck your cock?” Johanna heard Cordelia ask. There was more squeaking of bedsprings as the lovers shifted positions. The chorus of moans quickly intensified further. Johanna’s own orgasm was comparatively quiet, drowned out by the symphony of climaxing from the other room. “I love your cunt. It’s so wet and hairy,” the guy said. Suddenly, Johanna realized it was Harley. Her sister had brought him home, robbing the one college guy that had ever shown any interest in Johanna. She stopped her masturbation, crying quietly again as Harley spoke further. “Show me your ass,” he said. “That habit hid it at the party.””Want to fuck my ass?” challenged Cordelia “I bet Johanna would never let you do that.””She won’t even suck my cock,” said Harley.Johanna was shocked that they would discuss her so openly. She hard heard quite enough. She leapt out of her bed and opened her door. She was about to through Cordelia’s door open, but it had never been closed. In front of her, she saw Harley and Cordelia. Harley was crouched beside the bed, pounding his cock into Johanna’s anus, while she leaned forward against the mattress for support.”Jo, what the fuck?” gasped Harley. Suddenly, Johanna remembered that she was naked, having been too angry to even put on nightclothes before collapsing into bed. All her goodies were on display to Harley for the first time. Cordelia characteristically took it in stride. “I think he means ‘want to fuck?’ s*s,” she laughed, thrusting her hips back to remind Harley to resume his fucking of her ass. “The way your titties are all hard and pointy I think you ought to join us.”Johanna was frozen. She wanted to run, but could not stop watching. Slowly, her hands began repeating the familiar pattern- one grasping a breast the other rubbing her tummy and working towards her clit.”I think you’ve wanted this ever since you walked in on Rusty and me two years ago,” taunted Cordelia. “Well, this is your chance. You can be Harley’s trick and my treat. Start by sliding underneath me here on the bed. I’ll lick your pussy for you and you can lap up my cunt then catch Harley’s cum with your tongue as it floods out of my ass. I bet if Harley watches that, he’ll recover really quickly and can fuck you nicely later. Or sooner.”Without a word, Johanna obeyed. Cordelia’s big tits pressed against Jo’s hard nipples as for the first time she tasted that sisterly cunt about which she had so often dreamed. She paused briefly to watch Harley’s cock from up close as the thick shaft slid in and out of Cordelia’s asshole. Johanna tasted her sister, but quickly knew she had to be bolder. She shifted slightly and stuck her tongue upwards, reaching the very spot where the cock met the ass. Johanna snaked a finger into her sister, touching Cordelia’s clit as if she was playing with her own. “Oh. Yes, little sister,” Cordelia’s moans were muffled as the older girl buried her face in the virgin cunt. Harley soon began grunting and his knees quivered. His cock exploded. Johanna felt the load of semen travel up the shaft as she bathed it with her tongue. Harley pulled back, his organ popping out of Cordelia. His semen shot through the air, coating Cordelia’s back. Johanna had a strong urge to slide right around underneath her sister and lick the goo off her back, but Cordelia has her teeth clamped around Johanna’s clit, preventing any sudden movement.”You look hungry with that wide open mouth,” Harley said, stepping forward again, offering his cock to Johanna’s lips. “I think I need to rest a bit before I fuck you but you can lick me clean. If you don’t mind where it has been.”Johanna was way past the point of caring about the mixture of juices her tongue was experiencing. She rolled each of Harley’s balls on her tongue and then ran her tongue around his shaft as Cordelia finally delivered Johanna her first full orgasm from other than solo sex. Jo’s hips found a tempo of their own, levitating up off the bed so hard that Cordelia ended up tumbling to the floor in a heap. This caused Johanna, the novice cocksucker, to clamp her teeth down. “Ouch,” screamed Harley. He unwisely instinctively jumped back, getting a second assault from Johanna’s bite. “I like it kinky, but not that rough.”Cordelia laughed as she pulled herself up off the floor. “Welcome to womanhood, Little sister. Happy Halloween.””But I’m not really a woman yet,” insisted Johanna, “not until Harley fucks me.””True,” said Cordelia, “every good treat must become a trick. I tell you what. I’ll help him get ready, if you promise next Halloween to dress as a hooker.””I think I might just dress slutty every day, if fucking is as good as you say. Once I start, I may not be able to stop.”As Johanna spoke, Cordelia was rubbing Harley’s limp cock.”But I need to pi…,” warned Harley, a moment to late as a stream of yellow liquid gushed out his slit onto Johanna, flooding her hair and face. She reveled in the flow, shocking her sister and their lover, who had no idea that she had already sampled second hand piss mixed with cum from Marilyn. Johanna found she loved the pure fluid just as much, sticking her tongue up to try to catch more of the flow. She finally reached up and pulled Harley’s cock to her lips drinking the rest of his piss directly into her mouth. When the flow finished, she found that she had swallowed his cock deep into her throat, so she sucked not only until he was clean but continuing until he was hard again. She found that his prick was so fat that breathing around the shaft was difficult.Cordelia noticed Johanna gasping for air. “Don’t worry, honey, it gets easier with practice. And I suspect you’ll get lots of practice.” Cordelia then shoved Harley around the side of the bed. “Do her missionary for her first time, Harley. Now, this might hurt some honey. How about you eat my cunt to distract you?”Without waiting for a reply, Cordelia lowered her gash to her sister’s wet waiting lips. Harley shoved his cock hard into Johanna, timing his stroke so that Johanna was occupied nibbling Cordelia’s clit. He discovered, however, that she had lost her hymen sometime earlier. Although Johanna gasped with a brief moment of discomfort, the pain soon gave way to pleasure and her cunt muscles milked his resurgent cock as if they had been practicing for years. Having come twice already, it took some time for his balls to pump another loud. Johanna seemed not to mind. Her tongue was busy flicking Cordelia to another chain of small orgasms.Harley slowly picked up the pace, starting to slam his cock into Johanna as her pussy relaxed and stretched around his big meat. “That’s it, give it to her hard,” encouraged Cordelia. “She said ‘Fuck Halloween’. Well, now she’s our Halloween Fuck.” Cordelia ground her cunt down against Johanna, who grabbed onto Cordelia’s thighs and buried her tongue even deeper into her womb.”Fuck, don’t you love big cocks, s*s?” added Cordelia, watching how Johanna’s womb contracted with each plunge of Harley’s prick. “I guess I better try some small ones before I answer that,” replied Johanna, pausing with her head still between Cordelia’s thighs.Harley slowed back down and began slowly drawing his cock back so that the cockhead was almost out of Jo’s labia, and then he would brutally thrust deep in a single stroke. Johanna’s cunt began spasming harder, clutching at his shaft as it teased her pussy walls.Harley leaned forward, kissing Cordelia, who was now twisting her sister’s nipples as Johanna’s hips were bucking harder up against him. Cordelia tipped further forward and her tongue imitated Jo’s earlier actions, licking at Harley’s cock as it entered Johanna’s pussy. Cordelia swayed back and forth, her body sliding against her sister’s, heavy breast crushed against taut belly. Both girls were moaning as their tongues swirled, Cordelia working fast to try to tease both cock and clit where they met.Johanna’s pussy was swelling as blood engorged her clit. This sensation was ten times better than even the best self pleasure. She was afraid that if she didn’t come soon, she might explode. Fortunately, Cordelia had enough experience to sense this. She pressed two fingers on either side of Johanna’s clit and added a third alongside her tongue. Harley picked up his pace to match the fury of Cordelia’s licking. Johanna reciprocated, using her hands to stretch her sister’s thighs even further apart, and fucking Cordelia with three stiffened fingers. The sisters then came loudly together, triggering his final spasm of sperm.At last, the threesome collapsed in a heap on the bed as the sun dawned through the window.”Cripes, I have to meet my study group in twenty minutes,” shouted Johanna, noticing the clock.Cordelia laughed as Johanna rushed to dress, accidentally throwing on Cordelia’s revealing habit instead of a regular dress. “I bet you’re fucking or sucking in the restroom within an hour, you little mink.”Johanna blew a kiss at her sister and Harley. “Thanks for the happiest Halloween ever,” she called as she left them to rest. “Let’s not wait until Christmas to do this again.”

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