At the Cabin, Final Encounter


At the Cabin, Final Encounter.

I let T sleep as she was exhausted from laying out in the sun, the consumption of quite a bit of alcohol, and of course the sex too. It was quite late in the afternoon and T was awake and refreshed from her nap before we found the time to talk about what had happened during the day and discuss if we wanted to play with the neighbor any more.

We had to leave in the morning so if we were going to do any more showing off to the old guy it would have to be that evening. I tossed out several ideas, most of which she turned down, but she did finally agreed that if he wanted to come over in the evening she would be willing to put on another show for him, and me too of course!

Once again T reminded me that the ground rules were “no sucking or fucking” of anyone else. I did convince her to agree that she would allow Bill to touch her body if the opportunity came about, and that she could do whatever she else she might want to do at the time. We made a few more plans for how it would all take place and then decided to move ahead with them.

I went over to Bill’s cabin and explained that we would be leaving in the morning and that we thought we should spend a little more time getting to “know him” so I invited him over for a dinner of steaks on the grill and he quickly accepted. I told him to show up at 7pm and make sure that he was showered and cleaned up for the evening.

Bill arrived promptly at 7pm as expected since he lived only a few dozen feet away from our cabin. It looked like he’d spent most of the last couple of hours cleaning up as he had showered, shaved his whiskers, found some clean clothes and looked like he was ready for a night on the town. I handed him a beer and we chatted a bit as the steak was cooking on the grill.

When T walked out of the cabin Bill’s eyes lit up, and he also looked somewhat disappointed at the same time. I think he was hoping that T would be nude, or in some type of sheer lingerie. She was wearing a pair of tight pants and a top that was made out of lightweight fabric that gave no illusion that she was wearing a bra. As she walked towards us her tits swayed side to side and since the top was unbuttoned to just below her breasts we were treated to a nice view of the inside of the each breast as she walked towards us.

The closer she got to us Bill’s grin got bigger and bigger (I don’t think that’s all that was getting bigger) and when she stopped in front of him it was also evident that not only was her blouse very lightweight but also quite sheer. Bill’s eyes were stuck on her tits as she welcomed him and told us that everything else was ready as soon as the steaks were finished.

It only took a couple more minutes and we all walked into the house and sat down for our meal. We enjoyed the food, and even though Bill kept staring at T’s tits throughout the meal he did manage to carry on a bit of conversation with us. I was surprised that he was so stuck on trying to see her a flash of her tits now and then when her shirt gaped open as he had seen her completely nude just a few hours before.

After we had eaten, and consumed a considerable amount of alcohol T suggested that the guys clean up while she goes in for a shower. It didn’t take us long to scramble around, clean off the table and wash the dishes, and before T was finished in the shower we were already seated in the living room. Bill was sitting in the recliner and I was on the end of the couch, which gave me the kaynarca escort first look of T as she came into view.

I wasn’t sure what she was going to be wearing as we had discussed several options when we had talked about tonight, but I was very pleased that she had taken my suggestion and was totally nude. She walked into the room, and it wasn’t until she was standing next to me that Bill could see her, and she asked if anyone needed another drink as she was getting herself a glass of wine. We both said yes and Bill and I both watched her ass as she walked away from us.

He commented on what a fine looking woman T was, and I told him to tell her, not me!

T came back with a glass of wine for me, and a beer for Bill, and turned to go back in the kitchen to get her glass as she said she couldn’t carry more than two at a time. I knew that wasn’t true so it was evident that T was starting to enjoy showing off her naked body to both Bill and me. We watched as she walked away, and as she returned she walked slowly so we could enjoy the full frontal view of her nakedness.

T stopped by the end of the couch and stood still as I asked her to let us look at her for a few minutes more. She stopped and smiled and just sipped her wine as she allowed us to enjoy her nudity. T’s has 34B tits and although she’s not a young girl she works out regularly and has a nice tight body. She had shaved her pussy while in the shower so there was nothing that was covering her up or hiding her body. There was no way that T could have been more naked or exposed than she was standing in next to me as Bill looked at her from just a few feet away.

I was rubbing her ass while she stood there and before long began to run my fingers up and down the inside of her thighs. After a couple minutes I slipped my hand up even higher as wasn’t surprised to find a very wet pussy waiting for my fingers. She spread her feet apart a little more and I quickly had a couple of fingers working in and out of her. She managed to stand like that for only another minute and then told me to stop or she’d soon be done for the night.

I moved her around and as I leaned against the end of the couch T sat between my legs and leaned back against my body as she put her feet up on the couch. I kept playing with her tits and rubbing her body as just like we might any other time, except this time someone was watching. I asked Bill to go get the bottle of massage oil that was in the bedroom and when he was gone asked T how she was doing?

She told me to just keep going and see what happens.

Bill came back with the oil and moved to a chair that was closer to us and provided him a better view of T’s nude body. We spent the next several minutes quietly as the only sounds were my complimenting T on how wonderful she looked and of T enjoying having oil rubbed all over her tits, stomach and pussy.

I was giving her pussy a good workout and she had dropped one foot on the floor and put the other up on the back of the couch as she would normally do if we were by ourselves.

T’s pussy was wide open and couldn’t have been more on display. Since her feet were not on the couch any longer I motioned for Bill to come over and sit on the other end of the couch. He quietly moved over and when he sat down T looked up at me and over at Bill and then closed her eyes again. Now that Bill was on the couch he was close enough that T’s foot was almost behind his head and he was sitting within küçükyalı escort touching distance of T’s naked body.

I handed Bill the oil and motioned for him to rub some on T’s legs. He was very tentative at first but soon was massaging her feet, calves and slowly working his way up her thighs. He was rubbing her thighs but being so careful to not come in contact with her pussy that I thought perhaps I should move things along. But, T took care of that before I had a chance to move as she took his hand and moved it up and placed in on her bare mound.

Bill didn’t need any more instruction and within seconds her was enjoying rubbing her pussy and had even managed to get a couple of fingers inserted into T’s wet, oily, and welcoming cunt. I had stopped rubbing T’s body and was just sitting back enjoying the view as Bill was playing with my wife’s pussy. I could tell that T was also enjoying herself and before long she moved one of his hands up to rub her tits.

I think Bill must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven as here he was enjoying the totally nude body of another man’s wife while both the husband and wife were watching and enjoying what he was doing. I started to pull on one of T’s nipples and squeeze her tit while Bill played with the other one. All the while his was pumping several fingers in and out of her cunt. I knew that wasn’t going to last very long but before I could stop what was going on so I could prolong the night T gasped and grabbed Bill’s hand that was stroking her pussy. At the same time we both squeezed her tits as she arched her back with an orgasm.

Bill and I watched T for a few minutes and eventually as she relaxed she opened her eyes and said “I’m done, thanks, I’m going to sleep now.” She laughed and said that she was just teasing and she didn’t want to leave us with out having any fun. We both told her that we’d been having fun and enjoying ourselves a great deal so once again she teased us about leaving us. She asked me “what would you like, and remember my rules for the night” as I’m sure she thought I wanted her to fuck Bill; which I was thinking about.

So I told her that I wanted a blow job while Bill watched. I moved out from behind her and after asking me how I wanted her I just had her lay back on the pillow and arm of the couch and I stood next to her. She turned towards me a bit and quickly sucked my cock into her mouth.

Now T isn’t one of those women who just love a cock in their mouth, but she’s also not afraid to suck on one either. She does know how to give a great blow job and will do so even without asking, and always meets my request when asked. She doesn’t care to swallow, but she can, and she doesn’t care to take a load on her face, but she will.

After watching and enjoying T’s nudity and her willingness to let both Bill and I play with her at the same time I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long. T seemed determined to give me a blow job that was going to be both very enjoyable, but also very fast. She was doing everything she could to give me the most pleasure in the shortest amount of time. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes and I pulled out of her mouth and took her hand off my cock. She knew what was to come next and just tilted her face up towards me.

The first shot of cum hit her right on the lips and as I pumped my cock I moved around her face to cover her as much as possible without covering her eyes. My cum was one her booth cheeks, sancaktepe escort her forehead and was even running down into her hair. When she thought I was done she opened her eyes and looked at me and I took my cock and smeared the cum all over her face. When I was finished she grabbed my cock one more time and sucked it into her mouth, cleaned it off

with her tongue, and swallowed the remnants left in her mouth.

She looked wonderful laying there on the couch, T’s body was still glistening with an oily sheen from the massage oil, her legs were still spread wide and her face was covered with a quickly drying coating of cum. Both Bill and I looked at her for a few minutes as she watched our eyes roam up and down her body. It was evident to T that we both liked what we were looking at as she asked “don’t you even get enough?” I told her that I was done but asked what about Bill?

She reminded me that she had set the rule of “no sucking or fucking” and wasn’t going to change that no matter what we wanted. I asked her what she was willing to do and she said that she’d “already done quite a bit hadn’t she?” But as long as it didn’t break the rule for the night she was willing to continue and help Bill out.

I asked him if he’d like T to give him a hand job and when he eagerly nodded yes I told him that he could also shoot his cum on her naked body if he wanted. It didn’t take him long to drop his pants and leave them on the floor as he moved over to the couch. T was still laying on her back against the arm of the couch and I told Bill to move on up on the couch and straddle her stomach so he could enjoy the view as she jacked him off.

Bill moved on up and with one foot on the floor and the other up on the couch he was perched above T’s naked body. From the position he was in it was obvious that Bill would add his load of cum to T’s face and perhaps her tits as well. She looked at me, put some massage oil in the palm of one had and then grabbed his cock with both hands.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to end, or how long it would take. Obviously the old guy was excited, but he was an old man and perhaps has some staying power. I figured that he may have gone home and jacked off after he’d spent the time earlier in the day watching me play with T’s naked body so perhaps he would last quite a while.

T was working his cock for all that she could first with one hand, then the other, then both at the same time. I think she was starting to wonder if he was ever going to cum when he grabbed her hands with one of his and started to pump them even faster. I guess that Bill didn’t have much cum left as he only managed one spurt that caught T across the face and then just a couple of drops that dribbled down onto her tits.

T kept pumping his cock and squeezed out every drop of cum she could. Bill had let go of her hands but she was still holding his cock as it started to shrink. She pulled him close and leaned towards him a bit and when she looked over at me I told her that “licking and sucking weren’t the same thing”. So T started to lick first the end of his cock and licked off the last drop of his cum and then proceeded to lick up and down his cock for a few moments. I thought that if he got hard again she might actually fuck him, but he was definitely done for the night.

Bill got up and dressed and quickly headed back to his cabin. T told me she was exhausted and asked did I want to her to shower or stay “dirty”. I told her it was up to her and she crawled into bed and was asleep before I got in next to her.

We had enjoyed our weekend away, and had also found someone new to play with. I wonder if we can use the cabin again sometime? Maybe next time without the “rule” we had for this visit?

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