FG – Ethel Fuckwell Ch. 01


TFG – Legacy of Ethel Fuckwell

By: Pinkender

Chapter 1 – Be My Valentine

February 14, 2001

Gorden Home – 2:00 pm

Steven came out of his room from playing ‘Halo’. Eleven years had passed since he started watching his mother masturbate in her room from his secret hiding spot in her closet. After such a long time of watching and waiting, he was undaunted, his fascination with girls was, if anything, more intense than ever! His porn collections were extensive, Penthouse, Playboy, Perfect 10, he even had several websites he visited and millions of downloaded pictures, but none of them were anywhere near as intoxicating as watching his mother and sisters, a new past time for him these last 6 years.

Pulling a wad of cloth out of his pocket he put it to his nose and inhaled deeply. It was a tiny size 5 pink g-string panties from Cybil’s underwear drawer. They were still clean and smelled like Downy detergent. He had a pair of size 7 white cotton thongs in his other pocket, those were Kathryn’s.

He had hiding places in their rooms where he would watch them get dressed after bathing, just like his mother. He had even watched them as they masturbated their cute little pink pussy’s.

Cybil chose to shave all of her dark brown pubic hair until their mother had offered to let her go to a grooming agency that removed all of her pubic hair permanently. Kathryn on the other hand was already nearly hairless around her pussylips and only had a small thatch of long brown pubic hair decorating her mound, so she left it and plucked or waxed it into different playful shapes. Ethel, their mother, very rarely ever wore panties at all, of course she very nearly never wore anything but dresses either. So, he was a bit scared to steal a pair of her panties for his collection since she would most certainly notice the absence of a pair. Ethel’s pussy was a thick thatch of long soft dark chocolate brown pubic hair that she removed by waxing during the summer and let grow out during the winter, that is, until Valentine’s Day when she would have every pubic hair removed!

The image of his mother and sister’s naked hairless pussies brought a smile to his lips and he felt pre-cum bud at the tip of his dick.

Making his way to the kitchen he went into his parents wine cellar and picked out his mother’s favorite wine, then he grabbed 4 glasses and went back to his room. Once in his room he popped the cork on the wine bottle and filled each glass. He sat 3 of the wine glasses with 3 boxes of chocolates and on top of each box was a single red rose and a note for his valentines. As he sipped his own glass of wine, he pulled out a pill box and put a little white pill in the 3 glasses meant for his mother and sisters.

His plan was ready!

Picking up the first wine glass, rose, box of chocolates, and note he left his room and went downstairs to the foyer. He wanted his gift to be the first thing Kathryn saw when she came home. He sat his gifts on the entree table just inside the front door and rushed off to climb in his hiding spot.

It felt like eternity waiting in Kathryn’s closet! Eventually, 15 minutes passed by, then 30 minutes, then 45 minutes! At 3 o’clock sharp he heard the front door open downstairs.

“Ahhh,” He heard Kathryn gush over the wine, the rose, the box of chocolates, and the note, “This is so sweet! I wonder who did this?”

Soon he heard her climbing the stairs up to the bedrooms, the heavy foot falls of her feet as she came closer, headed to her room. He watched her through the slatted door of her walk in closet as she set down her backpack, by her desk, near the open door of her bedroom.

She was very athletic, participating mostly in running, basketball, and volleyball. It was immediately obvious why she went for those sports when anyone met her for the first time! She was a giant, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall. She was long and lanky, but quickly filling out to compensate in all the right places.

He almost sighed in resignation, she was in a sweatsuit which did nothing for her figure or appearance. He hated her sweatsuits, but it also meant she just came from practice and would be looking to take a shower first thing!

She set her wine glass on her desk, then she put the rose in a vase before she left to put water in it. When she returned, she set the vase and rose on her desk before sitting down and pulling off her shoes and socks.

“I wonder who was thoughtful enough to coordinated with my family to leave me a Valentine gift here at my house,” Kathryn mused as she stood up and pushed her sweat pants down and off to fall to the floor before stepping out of them. Walking over she closed her bedroom door, and then as she walked back she peeled off her sweatshirt. She was now standing at her desk in her tiny white thongs and a white sports bra as she contemplated opening the box of chocolates.

She was a taller version of their mother, which made her Steven’s favorite sister, but she was also thicker çekmeköy escort and curvier although neither her thickness or curves were because of an ounce fat! From her head to her toes she was pure lean muscle. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown that she recently cut into a short pixie style with long chin length bangs with frosted blue tips to match her startling bright turquoise blue eyes. Her shoulders were broad and every inch of her Goddess worthy body was toned rippling muscle. Her sports bra wrapped around her strong 38 inch chest, and held secured inside tight B-cup breasts. He ached to run his fingers over her soft chestnut brown skin, and feel the taut muscles underneath her back to her tight 28 inch waist with her ripped obliques and 4 pack abdominals.

Kathryn finally succumbed to her desire for chocolate and ripped the wrapping off the box and opened the lid like she was opening some sacred tome with the secret for eternal youth within it. She picked out a chocolate and popped it into her mouth as she made yummy moans and mewling. Hurriedly, she popped 3 more chocolates into her mouth rapid fire before she stepped back and stripped off her sports bra and panties!

Standing there naked, she paused to contemplate popping a few more chocolates into her mouth and Steven was treated to the wondrous profile of her serpentine belly! He ogled the way her cut abdominals concave, ski sloping down from her sternum, cutting in toward her spine before curving outward again and sloping up the small hill of her lower belly to crest at the hollow of her navel. He wanted so badly to run his fingers down that ski slope to that small hill. That lovely mound with such a perfect navel to collect water! It was the last vestige of baby fat left on her body! From her navel, the small hill of her lower belly gently sloped down to her pubic bone and pussy and out to jutting hip flares that defined her obliques before transitioning to her ass.

The profile of her ass was also amazing! It was a thick and taut round bubble butt… like a capital-C! Her thighs were no twigs either, they were strong and thick measuring 20 inches mid-thigh and her calves were thick as well as her ankles.

Kathryn was so strong!

She was a beast!

A fucking sexy beast!

Taking a swig of her wine, she hummed in approval at its sweet fruity taste before she tilted her head back and downed the whole glass. She tossed a couple more chocolates in her mouth and headed to the shower. Her ass cheeks were 2 taut chestnut mountains of pure muscle, but they still bounced just a little as she walked… just as her tight little perky breasts did!

She walked into a ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom that she shared with Cybil and started her shower. Steven wanted so badly to move so he could watch her lather up her body, but he knew doing that would ruin his plans. Instead, he listened to her turn on a radio and tune in her favorite station and then he heard the glass door to her shower close.




Steven was agonizing over how long Kathryn was taking! Watching his watch he began to get nervous that she might have passed out when her shower hit the 15 minute mark.

Pushing the closet door open he tentatively stepped out of his hiding place. He was halfway across the room when he heard the shower turn off and he raced back to his hiding spot… stopping only long enough to pick up Kathryn’s used little white thongs and carry them with him into the closet!

No sooner did he have the closet door closed than Kathryn came stumbling out of the bathroom, her face flushed and looking like she was drunk! Her body was still wet and her hair was dripping as she leaned toward her bed and made her feet keep up as she stumbled across her room to fall on it before she managed to pull herself diagonally across her bed and bring one knee up halfway to her chest before she passed out!

Steven looked down at the little white thongs in his hand and contemplated what he was about to do as he balled them up and brought them up to his nose so he could inhale his sister’s thick fertile scent. He stayed in place for a few minutes watching, making sure she was really out! Slowly, tentatively, he pushed the closet door open again and stepped out.

Looking at his watch, he judged he had 30 minutes before he had to get ready for Cybil.

Looking down at Kathryn lying on her bed naked below him. She was so deliciously intoxicating. He resolved to make every second… every minute count!

He started at her ankle closest to him, tenderly caressing her soft chestnut skin. Her legs were freshly shaved, all the way to her ass cheeks. Her ankle was thick and strong and he could feel her tendons and muscles under his hand as he worked his way up to her calf. Like a child discovering a new toy, he investigated every curve and crease until he reached her knee where her calf and thigh muscles overlapped. When he continued, he moved his hand up her outer cevizli escort thigh, feeling her thick strong muscles as he caressed her skin all the way up to her hip. With great restraint he caressed only the side of her thick round ass cheek and brought his hand back down to the back of her the thigh and then to her knee.

He was panting, and sweat beaded on his forehead as he moved his hand to Kathryn’s inner knee, caressing reverently, his hands shaking with anticipation, as he followed her inner thigh up the gently sloping curves until he reached the bottom of her thick heavy ass cheeks! His breath caught as he slipped, first his fingers, then his whole hand between her ass cheeks and thighs!

He basked in the feeling of the weight of her heavy, densely muscled thigh and ass cheek pressing down on the back of his hand as he explored her deep valley in between her legs.

“Mmm,” Kathryn moaned and arched her back, pushing her ass back against his hand as he ran his thumb down her tailbones deep within the valley of her ass cheeks until he found her soft… puckered anus… and pushed his thumb inside!

He sighed as he felt the hot wet embrace of the insides of his sister’s rectum and he began moving his thumb in a whisking motion, stirring up her insides as he explored her soft velvety walls!

“Haaa,” Kathryn exhaled lustily and thrust her ass back again pushing his thumb deeper inside her! Turning into her pillow, laying more on her belly than on her side, she twisted her hips and raised her top leg a little higher as he paused in his exploration…

He knew she shouldn’t wake up yet, and if she did, the dealer of the pills he bought them from assured him she wouldn’t remember a thing, but he was still nervous. He knew his sisters and mother! They were his Wonder Women, and even with the power those little pills were purported to have… there was still a little part of him that was scared that they wouldn’t work, and he would be caught!

Kathryn moved again as he swirled his thumb in her ass, spreading her thighs wider, opening herself up more for him, and he realized she was rocking her hips a little! It was almost imperceptible… thrusting her pussy forward… pushing her ass back against his hand… sucking his thumb deeper into her asshole!

Moving up his sister’s body he changed the angle of his arm so he could turn his hand to cup Kathryn’s whole pussy in the palm of his hand. He had been using his other arm to support his body, but now he was up high enough that he could lower himself down onto his elbow and slide his free hand under Kathryn’s chest to grope her small but extremely tight… perky breast. Once he was settled he focused on his fingertips, letting them be his eyes until he could turn Kathryn over and see her pussy for himself!

Curling his fingers, he slowly… tenderly… let his fingertips glide across the soft… smooth skin of Kathryn’s outer pussylips, her labia majora, as he drew his fingers up to his palm. Using only his long middle finger, he found the teardrop shape end of his sister’s pussy and pushed straight into her vagina! Only when he was buried all the way to his third knuckle inside her, and he still hadn’t hit her hymen, did he realize that she wasn’t a virgin!

He realized he was breathing rapidly in his excitement and he tried to calm himself as he fixated on his fingers.

‘How,’ he wondered, ‘Could a woman’s pussy be so incredibly hot, wet, and cool… all at the same time?!’

Like his thumb, he whisked his finger inside Kathryn’s vagina. When he felt his finger and thumb slide against each other he stopped whisking and slipped a second middle finger inside her vagina! Pushing his thumb into her ass a little more, he listened Kathryn mewl softly, as rubbed the linings of her vaginal wall and anal wall together!

It felt so weird… and wonderful!

“Mmm,” Kathryn moaned, arching her back, pushing her ass and pussy back against his hand aggressively!

For the sake of time and curiosity, he moved on after the initial wonder faded and pushed his fingers deeper into his sister’s vagina, until he felt a weird little spike sticking down from the top. It was sort of hard and shaped like a cone and he could feel a small indention in the top. It felt like Kathryn had a mini-volcano inside her pussy!

Curious he began to rub circles around it and stroke it between his fingertips as if it were a tiny dick. The more he rubbed it, the more Kathryn moaned into her pillow and pushed her ass back for more!

Strangely, the more he rubbed the little volcano the louder Kathryn moaned, and it began to shrink, and soften until he was having a hard time finding it! When the little mountain disappeared somewhere inside Kathryn’s vagina, he got bored and decided to move on.

Pulling his fingers out he slid his lubricant saturated fingertips up her vulva and he started massaging her labia minora while searching for her urethra and clitorus!

Even though he was erenköy escort graduating high school and still a virgin, he had heard from other guys all the wonderful and sometimes nasty sounding things they did with their girlfriends, and he had come to the conclusion that the urethra and clitorus were the magic zones! Of course, girls were different, but from the experiences shared, if he could find this magic zone he could make Kathryn scream in ecstasy, and even squirt!

The guys had been adamant that squirting was not peeing, and it was a good thing if you could make her squirt! So, he had researched it extensively, spending hours looking at porn and biology anatomy diagrams to make sure he knew what he was looking for. However, this was real life! This was a real… flesh and blood woman beside him… and this was a real soft… fleshy… wet… pussy his fingers were probing!

After a few seconds of gently stroking Kathryn’s vulva all the way to her pubic mound, he had to admit he was having trouble finding her urethra and clitorus. Especially her clitorus! From descriptions from his friends it was like a tiny little eraser head. Another friend said his girl’s clitorus was the size big pencil eraser, like what kindergarten kids sometimes use in school. Another friend said his girl didn’t have a clitorus, and when all the guys scoffed at that idea, he finally admitted that maybe he hadn’t found it yet!

As he probed her pussy, he repeatedly went back to her vagina to shove his fingers into her well for more lubrication to wet her labia with, and then he continued his exploration.

He checked the time and noted that he only had 15 minutes left when he finally noticed that within the folds of his sister’s labia as he pushed up into her clitoral hood he felt a soft swollen cylindrical… swollen thing… that didn’t feel like her labia exactly, and it didn’t feel like a muscle either. As soon as he touched it and began massaging it, Kathryn jolted and let out a loud guttural moan! Her hips began to quake and she ground her pussy on his fingers hard!

He almost lost the weird swollen cylindrical thing in his excitement as Kathryn began rocking and bucking her hips and moaning wantonly into her pillow! She squealed and her whole body shivered, and suddenly, she gasped as she arched her back until her ass was pushing against his thighs! She squealed again and pulled her legs under her and pushed herself up and looked Steven right in the eyes!

“What the fuck are you doing in my room,” She asked in a lustful… horny pant.

Steven was shocked!

He didn’t know what to do!

His hand that had been groping her breast was now groping air, but his thumb was still buried in her ass and he had just shoved his fingers back inside her vagina!

“I… I… I… am showing you how much I love you… my Valentine,” He finally answered his voice hopeful.

Kathryn looked back at his hand in her ass and pussy and smiled…

He was still in shock and had no idea what was going to happen when she instead of chewing him out, or knocking his ass across the room as he had expected, instead crawled up her bed like a prowling lioness wagging her tail to pull herself off of his fingers before turning over onto her back and spread her legs wide apart.

“Well, my Valentine, after getting me all fired up! I hope you can now finish what you started,” Kathryn purred lustily, as she patted her pussy for him to come and get it.

He looked at her and realized her beautiful turquoise blue eyes were almost closed and it struck him, she may seem awake, but she was still under the influence of the drug he gave her!

With renewed courage, he crawled up the bed between her thighs. She verily giggled in delight, and welcomed him with open thighs and open arms.She wrapped her legs around his hips, as he fumbled around, trying to guide his massively swollen dick head to pussylips!

“Here,” Kathryn purred rapturously as she propped herself up on one elbow and reached out and took hold of his 11 inch long, nearly 3 inch wide, and nearly 2 inch thick dick, “Let me help you with that…”

She grabbed his dick like a sword hilt, and her grip was unbelievably strong! His huge mushroom shaped head was at the base of her palm, like the pommel of a hilt as she pulled his dick and him to her like she was drawing her sword… to her waiting pussylips!

As soon as she grabbed his dick he almost exploded cum all over her, but he was able to push the explosion down. That is, until she deftly guided his head to her pussylips and he watched in rapturous adulation as her labia majora parted like a curtain, exposing her vulva, her deep pink labia minora, and her swollen clitorus. He watched her vaginal mouth spread wider and wider as his head disappeared inside and his eyes were rolling back into his head as his hips suddenly bucked forward and he shot his cum inside his sister!

He came and came and came, as he slid all the way inside her!

He was still ejaculating when he collided with her cervix!

He couldn’t stop!

“Shh… don’t worry,” Kathryn shushed him in a calming voice as she used her legs to keep him inside her as she whispered, “Boy’s always cum instantly when it’s their first time…”

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