Ladies Network Ch. 04


It was about four in the wee hours of Sunday morning before Penny got home from the Ladies Network Annual Gala Dinner during which time she, as the newest member of 2007, was the sex toy and major participant in the bacchanalian sex orgy with the hired pole-erotic dancer Mona with whom she took turns licking the cunt and sucking the excited, blood-engorged clit until each had helped the other experience and enjoy the most satisfying and powerful orgasms either one had in her life to the sensual, erotic delight of all the ladies present at the affair. It was an absolutely wild evening, especially for Penny and Mona who before the night was over promised to see one another again so taken were they with the erotic pleasure each enjoyed from the hands, fingers, lips, mouths, and tongues each had used during their lovemaking performance.

Even though Penny felt as if she needed to take a quick shower to clean her voluptuous body of all the sweat and dried pussy cream matted all over her forest of black pubic hair, she was just too tired and physically and emotionally drained to take the time to use what little energy she had left before going to bed. Instead, having staggered up the spiral staircase to the second floor and managing her way to the master bedroom, Penny was just able to kick off her heels, get out of her evening gown, take off her bra, garter belt, and nylons, letting each article of clothing drop onto the floor, before she walked over to her king size bed and collapsed onto the mattress.

Despite the erotic images of the evening’s activities running through her alcohol-clouded brain, Penny was asleep by the time her head hit the soft, goose down pillows, pulling the ivory, silk top sheet over her body that tented itself on her large breasts. Nevertheless, Penny’s subconscious took over, continuing to fill her mind with ongoing, erotic images of her sexual initiation into the Sisterhood of the Ladies Network.

All these intense, erotic images playing out in her subconscious caused Penny to toss and turn throughout the night, but she never awakened until the bright, morning light of dawn filtered into her bedroom through the ivory, linen curtains that wafted in the breeze blowing through the open French doors that led out onto a balcony that presented a lovely view of the water of Beauty Point.

Even though her bedroom became increasingly brighter with the rising of the dawning sun, Penny did not awaken as she usually did. She had been asleep for only a few hours since falling into bed totally exhausted.

However, her daughters Penelope and Pamela had gotten awake at the crack of dawn to greet the new day, and not knowing exactly how late it was before their mother returned home, they knew she would be tired after a long night of partying, so they went to the kitchen, brewed a carafe of strong coffee, poured a cup into Penny’s favourite mug, and carried it on a tray up to her room to serve her in bed.

They entered their mother’s bedroom with the youthful enthusiasm of teenage girls, saying, “Surprise!”

Somewhere in the recesses of Penny’s numb mind she heard her daughters’ voices as if spoken from some place distant, her subconscious not quite willing to let go of its control of her, keeping Penny’s awareness in a semi-dreamlike state.

Penelope who was carrying the serving tray that had legs on it with the mug of steaming, aromatic, bold coffee on it along with a folded, white Irish linen napkin and a single, red rose plucked fresh from their rose garden with her younger sister Pamela beside her walked over to the side of Penny’s bed and looked down at their mother whose eyes were still closed and who was breathing regularly and deeply, causing her breasts to rise and fall with each breath.

Undaunted, Penelope and Pamela said in unison, “Good morning, Mom. Time to rise and shine. We brought you a surprise.”

Pamela nudged the side of the mattress with her knee in an effort to begin waking their mother so she could enjoy the mug of fresh coffee they had brought her.

This slight jarring motion of the mattress caused Penny to stir and begin her climb out of the depths of sleep. Now becoming aware of someone’s presence in the room and smelling the rich aroma of the coffee steaming in the coffee mug, Penny slowly but gradually threw off the coils of sleep and with difficulty opened her eyes to tiny slits in an effort of protect her eyes from the bright daylight now visible throughout her bedroom.

“Hey, Mom, look, Pamela and I brought you coffee in bed!” said Penelope in a voice much too loud for Penny’s likeness, considering the pounding ache she felt inside her head.

“Yeah, Mom, we knew you’d be sleepy and tired after your long night out, so we thought we’d surprise you with a wake-up mug of coffee. Your favourite!” Pamela added.

Inwardly Penny groaned her discomfort, but she was now awake enough to know the kind gesture being offered her by her daughters, and she didn’t want to disappoint bursa escort them and spoil their surprise. She, therefore, opened her eyes and forced a bright smile as she said, “Good morning, Loves.”

She took a few, brief seconds to monitor her head and body as she grabbed her two pillows, propped them up against the headboard, and with her hands pushed herself backwards into a half-sitting position with her back resting against the pillows. She also made sure to take the sheet with her in order to cover her breasts since she knew she had gone to bed naked.

As Penny looked at her daughters standing beside her bed, she felt a little self-conscious being naked beneath the sheet; although, she and her daughters were quite comfortable with their nudity among themselves. However, Penny felt a wee self-conscious because surprisingly, she felt wet and sticky between her legs, contributing her wetness to sexually responding even while sleeping to all the erotic images with which her subconscious had flooded her psyche, a carry-over from her experiences at the dinner.

Nevertheless, Penny smiled at her daughters and said as jovially as she could, “Why, Penelope and Pamela, what a wonderful surprise. To think you got up early on a Sunday morning to make coffee and serve me in bed. And what a thoughtful touch to add a single, red rose. Thank you, Sweethearts.”

“You’re welcome, Mom,” Penelope and Pamela said in unison as Penelope put the serving tray with legs over their mother’s lap.

The aromatic aroma of the coffee assaulted Penny’s olfactory senses, and she breathed in deeply with satisfaction.

“Well, Mom, we’ll leave you to enjoy your coffee. We are going downstairs to the family room to play some video games,” Penelope said as Pamela shook her head in agreement.

“See you later, Mom. Enjoy!” Pamela said in still too loud a voice for Penny’s comfort zone as she and Penelope turned and left Penny alone in her bedroom who felt woefully hung over.

However, thinking the coffee might help clear her head of the cobwebs and ease her horrible headache, Penny sat in bed, taking her time sipping her coffee. She also stretched over to her nightstand, being careful not to tilt the tray and spill the coffee all over her bed, opened the top drawer, reached inside, and took out a bottle of Tylenol to help ease the throbbing pain.

Just as Penny finished the last mouthful of coffee, set it down on the tray, and moved the tray off her lap, leaning over the edge of the mattress to put the tray onto the floor, the phone rang.

The sharp, shrill ringing startled Penny, and it didn’t do her headache any good either.

“Who in the world would be calling me this early? And on a Sunday morning,” Penny groaned.

Penny just wanted to let the phone ring, but she knew if she did, one of her girls would answer it, and if the call were for her, they’d shout it up from downstairs, so Penny reached out once more to the nightstand and picked up the receiver.

In a soft, early morning voice Penny said, “Hello.”

“Good morning, Penny. I hope I didn’t disturb you ringing you up so early, but I was too excited to wait until later,” the caller said in a pleasant voice.

Being caught off guard to have received a call so early in the morning and because of her still muddled brain, Penny thought the voice sounded familiar, but she wasn’t sure who it was, and so she didn’t answer immediately.

In that slight moment of hesitation, the caller said, “Penny, this is Lady Rose.”

Penny’s eyes opened wide from surprise, and her mind then had total recall since she now knew the caller’s identity.

“Oh, my, Lady Rose! What an unexpected and welcome surprise. Even though we saw one another last evening at the dinner, it’s been a quite a long time we’ve talked to one another on the phone. I hardly recognized your voice,” Penny said.

“My, yes, Penny, and I’m so sorry to have allowed so much time to pass since we kept in touch,” Lady Rose said apologetically. “I should have called you sooner. I know.”

“Oh, that’s all right, Lady Rose. I know what a busy woman you are,” Penny answered, trying to put Lady Rose’s mind at ease.

“Thank you, Love. I appreciate it,” Lady Rose responded. “It is so good to hear your voice. We didn’t get much of a chance to talk with one another last evening, especially after you and Mona became so totally involved with one another as the main attraction for our entertainment that I must tell you was absolutely fantastic and erotically beyond belief. It was the best ever.”

Lady Rose’s words flooded images of all that she and Mona had shared that evening, and Penny felt herself becoming sexually aroused once more at the mere thought of it.

“Why thank you, Lady Rose. I must admit after getting over the initial surprise, I was totally enamored with Mona and was overcome with the intensity of our lovemaking,” Penny said in an aroused, husky voice that Lady bursa ucuz eskort Rose did not miss.

“I’m happy to hear you enjoyed yourself so much, Penny. Your mood fits right into my reason for calling you,” said Lady Rose enthusiastically.

With a puzzled look on her face Penny asked, “And what might that reason be, Lady Rose?”

Penny couldn’t see Lady Rose’s face light up when she said, “Well, Penny Dear, yours and Mona’s sexual performance created a spark, giving me an idea to host one of my private parties, maybe featuring sexy lingerie and women’s sexual toys. And I would love to have you, as you’ve done before, be one of the models and Mona, too. Perhaps we could even have your young sister Marina come and join in the fun again. What do you think?”

Surprised but not shocked at Lady Rose’s idea, Penny answered, “Well, Lady Rose, it’s been a long time since the last dinner you hosted along with the sexual activities that followed, the one in which you entertained your female Board Members, and Marina and I climbed under the table after the meal and serviced each of your guests.”

“My, Penny, you have a good memory, but what about my latest proposal,” Lady Rose asked enthusiastically. “Would you be willing to do something like that again?”

Now Penny was caught up in Lady Rose’s excitement for such a repeat of one of her famous house parties, and without further hesitation Penny gave Lady Rose her answer.

“Okay, then, Lady Rose, your idea sounds great, and I’m sure I can get Marina to join us,” Penny said cheerfully.

Lady Rose bubbled with anticipation and said, “Marvelous, Penny. Now, why don’t you come to my home tomorrow morning, say about eleven o’clock. This will give us time to talk and plan the event before we have lunch. I’ll send my driver to pick you up so you won’t have to drive into the city, and he’ll take you back to your home after we’ve concluded our business. How does that sound?

Smiling, Penny said, “That sounds fine, Lady Rose. Tomorrow will be good. The girls will be in school, and I have the whole day free. I’ll be ready when your driver comes to pick me up. See you tomorrow then.”

“Wonderful, Penny. Until tomorrow. Bye for now,” Lady Rose said with child-like glee.

Penny hung up the receiver, ready to get out of bed and go get that much-needed shower.

The warm water cascaded over Penny’s tilted head, rinsing away the shampoo on her black hair that in soapy rivulets ran off her shoulders, over her breasts, down her contoured abdomen, and over her hips and the full cheeks of her ass to continue down her long legs onto the tile floor where it pooled at the drain cover and emptied in a swirl.

Penny worked her fingers through her hair, separating the wet strands to make sure she got all the shampoo soap out, and then she turned around, placed her hands with spread fingers on the wall, and luxuriated in the soothing fingers of water streaming down her back.

“This is heavenly,” sighed Penny. “Just what I needed.”

After a few glorious minutes of just allowing the water to work its magic on her stiff, aching muscles, Penny reached up to the inlaid soap holder and picked up the bar of natural soap scented with the fragrance of a field of wildflowers. She held it under the water a few moments to get it wet, and then she rolled it between the palms of her hands until it lathered in rich, creamy bubbles. Penny gently washed her face and then held it up to the water to rinse away the soap, leaving her skin feeling soft and slippery.

After washing her face, Penny put the bar of soap onto her chest and created more lather to wash her body: neck, shoulders, arms, breasts whose nipples hardened and stood erect from her gentle touch as she moved her hands over them, abdomen, hips, ass, and down each leg to her feet.

Once again she let the water rinse all the soap from her body, leaving her skin clean, smooth, and fresh…silky to the touch.

Turned on by the seductive movements of her hands over her body, Penny had become aroused, and while she kept her left hand pressed against the wall for balance, with deliberate intent she wedged the bar of soap between her legs that she had spread with her feet planted firmly on the shower floor and stroked it back and forth over her forest of pubic hair, creating a lather of soap bubbles.

Penny returned the bar of soap to its holder and brought her soapy hand back down between her legs where she massaged her pussy with her fingers, running them through her wet pubic hair and separating her labia, making sure to run her fingertips around her vaginal hole while dipping them inside with great sensual satisfaction. From her vagina Penny slid her fingers up between her swelling labia until she slid them onto her now sensitive clit that had become swollen with sexual hunger.

“Oh, damn,” sighed Penny as the tension built inside her. “I didn’t know I was ready to bursa anal yapan escort get myself off this morning. Not after last night.”

However, Penny could not deny her sexual arousal and how excited she was as she continued to play with her clit as water ran over her hand and between her legs, making her more aroused and turned on from her act of solo love.

As her passion mounted and she felt the urge to continue until she climaxed, Penny reached above her head and took the removable showerhead from its holder. She adjusted the stream of water to pulsating and aimed it directly onto her throbbing clit.

“Agggh!” Penny moaned as the pulsating water rhythmically hit her love bud, causing it to tingle with sexual pleasure.

With mounting excitement she moved the showerhead up and down between her legs, hitting every inch of her bare pussy including her vagina and urethra, thus increasing her growing sexual arousal and need to cum.

To hurry things along to the desired climax Penny moved the round ring control until it changed from pulsating to a constant, steady, powerful stream that she aimed right at her clit until the force of the water flicked her clit back and forth in every direction imaginable.

This was all Penny needed to get herself off!

“Oh, my god, I’m going to cum,” Penny screamed in muffled tones not wanting either of her daughters to over-hear her cries of ecstasy when she was hit with orgasmic energy that coursed throughout her trembling body and exploded on the vortex of her womanhood, her hard, erect, stimulated clit.

Penny’s legs trembled from the sexual waves of energy as well as from the released tension throughout her body. She cupped her pussy with her hand and felt the strong, steady streams of her ejaculate shooting out of her, squishing between her fingers and running down her inner legs to empty into the drain.

After bracing herself against the wall and with her feet planted firmly on the shower floor, Penny allowed her powerful orgasms run their courses until she was able to control her breathing, and her heart rate slowed to near normal.

When she had released most of her pent up sexual energy, Penny breathed a sigh of satisfied relief. She then took a step back away from the wall on which she had been leaning to let the water cascade over her body to wash away whatever ejaculate from her orgasm might still be on her inner thighs and calves. She ran her hand over her matted pussy hair as a final gesture before she turned off the water, opened the shower door, and stepped out onto the fluffy, white floor mat.

Penny picked up the top terry cloth towel from the pile lying on a chrome wall stand and first dried her hair that she shook by tossing her head around to loosen the strands. She then dropped that towel to the floor and took a second one that she used to pat herself dry, taking care to make sure she was dry between her legs that allowed her forest of pubic hair to take on its natural state. After completely drying herself, Penny stooped to pick up the first bath towel and hung it along with the one in her hand over a towel bar to dry.

Her maid would see to it that the bath towels went into the hamper to be washed, dried, and put back later along with the sheets on her bed.

Penny walked into her bedroom, went to her dresser, and took out a clean, white bra and pair of matching panties and put them on, bending over to let her large breasts drop into the cups of her bra so she could position them comfortably with her fingers, put the straps over her shoulders, and hook the three eyes in back.

She then went to her closet where she opened one drawer and took out a pair of purple shorts that she wiggled into and then a second drawer from which she took out a matching, short-sleeve tank top and pulled it over her head and tits.

Penny slipped on a pair of open-toe sandals and went back into the bathroom to dry and style her hair before joining her daughters downstairs for breakfast.

The rest of the day Penny was content to spend with her daughters, read her women’s fashion magazines, or watch a little tele which, as usual, had very little on interest to her. Instead, Penny often let her mind wander, lost in thinking about what exactly Lady Rose had in mind regarding the party she wanted to discuss with her Monday morning.

As promised, Lady Rose’s limousine arrived at Penny’s home at 10:15 a.m. where she was ready and waiting for the driver to pick her up. It was a comfortable drive on a clear, blue-sky day with drifting, white clouds, and Penny arrived at Lady Rose’s Victorian mansion estate located in Point Piper up from Double Bay.

Penny, being quite familiar with Lady Rose’s home, went to the front door and clapped the lion’s head doorknocker and waited. The door opened by the long-time butler Howard who escorted Penny through the large foyer and into the Great Room to the right where she found Lady Rose sitting in her favourite, comfortable sofa chair situated in front of the large fire place.

As Penny entered the room, Lady Rose stood up and warmly greeted Penny.

“Penny, Love, it’s so good to see you. Come sit down next to me,” Lady Rose said as she pointed to the over-stuffed chair to her right as she sat back down.

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