One morning in a dirty girls life


One morning in a dirty girls lifeI choose the wrong day not to go in. The thought hit me as I walked of the hillside I was enjoying the early morning freshness and the spirited freedom the country air instills in you, and I stopped and surveyed the surrounding scenery, the thought of sitting in a stuffy classroom seemed a distant far off illusion, no this felt like life and I sat down on the damp grass, the longer I sat added to the tension I felt in my stomach, which was knotting tighter, as each minute ticked by, my sense of liberated freedom excited me, I knew instinctively I was in the wrong, but I was a rebel, a girl in danger of herself, ‘What the Fuck’, flashed through my mind, over and over again and again.I remained focused on the evocative word, ‘Fuck’, I liked to say it, over and over, it sounded grown-up and it excited me, I knew what it meant and what it implied, as I looked again at my watch, just like I did a few moments earlier, and I lay back on the damp grass, not caring my blouse and skirt were absorbing the morning dew, I felt it soak into my skin, soon I felt as if I was naked on the hillside, and I looked around, I was alone for miles, looking down on the people who looked like ants, tiny and scurrying to and fro to work, school and wherever life took them.I sat up, my blouse sticking to my skin, it was soaked through, so I unbuttoned it and peeled it off, as if peeling off a second skin, spreading it open to let the morning sun dry it out, ‘Fat chance’, I thought, as the wet grass needed to dry out first, so I lay back again, feeling the dampness touch my warm skin, this time there was a distinctive sexual appeal to me, and I could feel my skin warm as the wet spread, and I could feel my nipples respond, they began to harden inside the soft cotton of the cups that cocooned them from view, from the view of men, though in this state of arousal, that could prove difficult as they pushed hard against the white material, straining, eager to break free and be suckled by mans eager mouth, my long piano like fingers, caressed them softly, the feeling they generated combined beautifully with the warmth emanating from my crotch, all this naughtiness and daring-do about skipping classes, was sexually stimulating me, and as I cast my eyes further afield as if reconfirming my isolation, I rose and stripped down to my skin, standing as naked as the day I was born, I raised my arms and clasped my hands behind my long neck, and stuck a pose of defiance, my legs apart and my pelvis thrust forward, I adopted this as my pose, having seen it in a movie where a white actress is arrested in an African airport, under suspicion of carrying d**gs, she is stripped bursa escort naked and forced to adopt this pose, silently standing in front of a wooden desk until he walks in and sits down, his eyes drinking in all she shows. He looks at the female guards, one at a time, they nod their acknowledgement and both turn and leave, locking the door behind them, they look at each other, both knowing he will fuck her, they smile and move off, leaving her to her fate.I loved that scene, it had all the elements of what appeals to a woman, stripped naked and helpless, a big black buck with an equally big black cock, being fucked over that stark wooden desk, his cock looking for the supposed d**gs in her tight snatch, bare-backing a white goddess, seeding her tight pussy with his slavish sperm, a dog barks, breaking me from my trance, and my masturbation, fuck, I did not realize just how horny I was, standing up and fingering myself, I look around and sigh, one of relief, as I note I am still alone.I squat down somewhat unladylike and send forth a stream of yellow piss, the heat rising and dissipating in the cooler morning air, and as I watch this, I realize my basic bodily functions are turning me on even further, perhaps being naked on this desolate hillside, at one with nature, my nudity being the catalyst for my neediness, if only…….I ache to be confronted with a hard cock, like most virgins I yearn to be rid of the accursed virginity, ‘Get one in you’, and surely the rest will follow, but therein the dilemma persists, to a girl her ‘Virgo Intacta’ status is sacrosanct, the longer it persists the more you feel the need to protect it, it starts to become your status symbol, dont get me wrong, I love to let men see mine, my pussy that is, and even see them relieve themselves, yes I have watched men masturbate, but, and a big but, want to remain that little girl whose Virgo Canal remains unsullied and unseeded, I suppose that’s why we are classified as prime teases.I resume my masturbation, standing defiantly, daring all men and their dogs to see me, even my moaning and pleasurable squeals echo across the green pastures, like a lost siren seeking the uncovered ears of the sex starved seamen sailing close to their island, I am close now, and even the shepard’s dog will sufficeat this point of no return.I am not abashed at my last suggestion, insert an aniseed ball into your pussy and let mans best friend unashamedly lick you to death, and yes it more common than you think, offer a girl an aniseed ball to suck, and if she refuses, you know the reason why, the same reason I would refuse.I look at my watch again, it’s gone past ten in the morning, suddenly I need to do something, bursa escort bayan the day is passing me by, so I dress hurriedly, my panties and brassiere, still wet, are slipped into my pocket, I like the feel of nudity and the daring-do of going commando, the celebrities favorite ploy, I mean did you see Britney’s stubble, and if ever a woman teased as a schoolgirl in her pop video, well she has shown everyone her pussy, and perhaps I will today also, only I am a schoolgirl, she was just acting.My clothes had dried off, but my own self generated wetness persists, along with my feeling of need, each step massaging my swollen clitoris, nestled between my labia, I wonder if some women can cum by just walking, I smile at the thought, and put a more robust effort into my stride, kind of like those long-legged model strutting down the isle, most of whom are knicker-less anyhow. I catch a glimpse of men looking, or perhaps lusting for me, yes that’s it they want to fuck me, fuck me with their big fat cock, god I am horny, I should have cum on the hillside, right now I am in danger of jumping someones bones.I turn down a side street, I hear a wolf whistle and turn to see two young buck signalling me with the classic fuck sign, using their forearms to symbolize their cocks, if only all men were that big, I laugh at such a thought, but sex is on my mind, I am in heat as they say, I guess my periods are a few days off, and my body wants sperm, that’s just nature way.I cross the road and stop outside the cinema, its quiet so I browse at the coming attraction, or should I say, ‘Cumming attraction’, its a sex theater, not one I was aware off, but it’s different.’Hello’, I turn to see an elderly man carrying a board, ‘We are still closed’, he remarks, perhaps surprised at seeing a young girl peering over the photos.He could clearly see my uniform, but was in no hurry to see me off, not that I was making any effort to do do.He looked me up and down like a farmer checking a prize bull, licking his lips at the prospect of owning a young filly, like me for a few hours of unbridled passion, of course I was i*****l in the eyes of the law, but I was also looking for fun, and emanating from every pore in my being, I might have just been i*****l, but my freshness added the little bit of piquancy to the mix, so while he pondered his options I decided this was what I wanted, there and now, and slowly pulled my damp panties from my pocket, ‘Here’ I offered my clenched hand, and as he reached out, I opened it and showed him the ball of cotton that slowly unraveled to reveal my nudity under my skirt, surely now there could be no question of my intention, he leered as he took escort bursa them, spreading them and exposing the gusset of the cotton crotch, he smiled and raised them to his nose, ‘Have you juiced them’, he asked in a thick voice, clearly my odors were exciting him, I swallowed hard, ‘Yes, early on, I wiped myself’, I admitted honestly to him, he responded by licking the length of the crotch, ‘I can taste you sweet cunt’, he uttered to which I reinforced my position, by admitting I was still a virgin.By now my legs were shaking, almost unbearably so, I felt light-headed and giddy, and my pussy flowed to the extent I could feel my juices run down my inner thighs, he looked at my skirt, ‘Show me’, he meant for me to raise it high, and as my heart pounded I slowly revealed all his desires craved, I could feel the cooler air waft between my legs as I exposed myself, ‘Open it’, he gruffly said, so I pulled my labia apart to show my swollen bud of desire.He smelt my panties again, ‘Horny little cunt, aren’t we’, strange comment I momentarily thought, and as I pondered on his grammatical skills, I noted the broom handle brush my inner thigh as he toyed with my vaginal secretion, touch my pussy between my spread labia, and push into my wetted and open hole. ‘OK I thought, let him do this’, but even as I tried to justify being broom fucked in a dirty cinema foyer, I started to feel like I was about to have this elusive orgasm, my thought train disappeared as I started to hump the broom pole, like a girl possessed, I was cumming at last and I went for it.My back was hunched as I gave this broom pole some serious humping, He had let go his end and had maneuvered in behind me, his eyes were transfixed on my clenched buttocks, his hand brushing across the soft silken flesh, following the fine curvature of the buttock, his finger finding my tight anus, and entered it without much ado, feeling the hard wooden broom stretch me in every direction, the elasticity of my vagina sorely tested as I clung to the wooded shaft, I could feel him rub the pole, the thin membrane of my live flesh acting like a live condom, ‘Put your cock in’, I hissed, ‘Fuck me’, I was dirty talking myself to orgasm, meanwhile, he was doing just that, putting his cock up my bum, well at least the head went in, that was his intention, get the head in my ass, bunch my ass cheeks between his thighs, and hump my bum by letting his cock head slip in and out, my sphincter muscle providing all the friction needed to induce a good cum session.We composed ourselves including me putting my discarded underwear, ‘Does your mother know your dodging school’, I smiled, ‘Just as well she does not’, I retorted, he smiled, ‘You really are just like me’, and at that I got up and went over to him and kissed him on the mouth, ‘See you later Granddad’, and at that I walked out into the bright sunlight, my heart happier, my experience stronger

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