Salacious Saturday


Asleep. I was just floating, with my back arched and my limbs flailing gracefully in the womb-like silence of the black void. Everything was just tranquil and serene. I found an inner peace within me. My breathing was slow and steady as I listened to my heartbeat in my ears, just a harmonious rhythm that merged with my breathing to form a concordant melody. Just then, I felt two soft sensual lips caressing the length of my neck, leaving behind a blazing trail of lust as I slowly opened my eyes. I felt him sucking on my neck and sighed with pleasure as my body rocked in his strong arms.

I looked up and smiled, “Hey.” He had mismatched yellow-gold eyes, just like mine, but both of them showed an unknown inner fire that burned with a steel determination to overcome any of life’s endeavors with headstrong willpower. They were lively; laughing, dancing eyes that were full of maturity mixed with a little mischief. On that winter morning, they gleamed with an insatiable lustful hunger. He had an aristocratic nose that always made me believe that he was a member of a royal family in a past life, which I was sure he was. Sharp high cheekbones and an angular jaw framed his finely drawn sensitive face, making it the most priceless work of art drawn by the hands of a skilled artist. He had spiky jet black hair that no matter how hard the wind blew, it always stayed neat and tidy. He had velvety smooth warm caramel skin and he bit the lower of his soft sensual lips seductively as he stared lovingly at me.

He ran the back of his hand down the side of my face and I shivered with delight. He cradled my face in his hand, leaning down into me and our lips mated before each other as we danced. He tasted amazing, of last night’s sex as well as a hint of absinthe. My taste buds tingled in ecstasy as the Holy Trinity sang angelically on my tongue. My heart serenaded proudly in response as I let my tongue roll over the taste of grande wormwood, green anise and florence fennel, feeding the salacious drive within me as he grabbed me by the hair roughly, pulling me up to my knees. I draped my arms around his neck as he held onto my hips, pulling me close in a tight loving embrace as I chased him in his mouth.

He was especially swift on that morning, gracefully evading each and every one of my attempt to capture him with my tongue as we chased each other in our mouths. Somehow, he managed to catch me off guard, wrapping his long tongue slowly around mine as he sucked on it eagerly. He held me by the arms as I melted into his, filling up familiar places as I sighed into him. I could feel our cocks throbbing with lasciviousness, pulling us into one another as we merged into a single entity. We parted, our lips swollen from the kiss as we stared hungrily at each other like two sharks circling each other in the water. He made his move. He grabbed my nape and pushed me down to his groin, holding me in front of his cock.

It was Godly, a grand length of ten inches, surely one of God’s finest creations. I took the entire length into my mouth, fighting my natural gag reflex as I felt the tip touch the back of my throat. He held me in place as I deepthroated him, his body rocking with pleasure as his eyes rolled up in euphoria. I serviced him, sliding in and out of him with my tongue still wrapped around his cock as I wet it with my tongue. I sucked on it eagerly and could feel him grow harder within me. I heard him gasp out at the pain but that only made me fikirtepe escort go faster. I slid out and stroked his cock tenderly with my hand as I kissed his inner thighs, inhaling his musky smell that I so loved. I felt his cock grow slick as I saw thin streams of precum on it.

I returned to it, licking up all of the precum with my swift tongue, not letting a single drop go to waste as I treasured each and every sweet drop like a jewel. I licked it clean and slid out, watching his pulsing cock as he pushed me down to my fours on the bed. I felt his soft tender lips kiss along the length of my spine, with each kiss he made, passion exploded onto my spine as he left behind his burning mark on me. Suddenly, I felt a burst of pain within me as he slid his entire cock into me with one fluid motion. I moaned at the agonizing zest as I tried to accommodate him within me, feeling my sphincter muscles stretch as wide as they would go while he spread my cheeks wide.

He slapped them hard and I cried out in pain as I felt my cheeks turn a bright scarlet red as they tingled with the sting of the slap. He started off slow, gentle strokes that slowly took the pain away as I relaxed into him. Suddenly, he grabbed me roughly by the hair and pulled me back, exposing my neck as he went faster, drilling me hard. I could hear my butt cheeks slapping against his thighs as I worked them to milk him of his juices. I wanted him so badly. As though he was not going fast enough, he went even faster and the impact threw me off. I dropped to the bed and could feel his weight over me as we kept the connection going. I was panting and my breathing was coming in ragged breaths from the intimacy but I liked it.

We were spooning each other, with his cock still inside me. He clamped a hand over my mouth and I saw from the corner of my eye his sinister smile. He thrusted himself into me, hitting all the right spots within me as my body rocked with pleasure. At the same time, he grabbed my pulsating cock and began stroking it as he nuzzled into my neck.

“Yeah, you like that, kid?” he panted and I could feel the heat of his breath on my ear, sending endless shivers down my spine.

“You want me, don’t you?” he asked. “Don’t you?”

“Yes!” I screamed into his hand. “Fuck me hard, Zul! I want you!” and I found myself thrusting my own body into his cock as he stroked me. That was when everything got real messy. I felt a river of white hot precious cum enter me from the rear, shooting through my entire body as I sighed with pleasure while my butt muscles milked him of his white gold. At the same time, I felt white hot spurts of my own shoot out onto the bed as we sighed in unison, savoring the moment as we basked in each others’ sex afterglow. I felt him slide out of me and I felt my butt muscles relax as relief washed over them. I was panting and thought it was finally over, my body covered with a sheen of sweat.

Who was I kidding? This was Zul we were talking about, the sex god that I loved. He was my destiny and my doom. He roughly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up as I winced. “Hey!” I screamed in protest but he ignored me and pulled my head towards my wad on the bed. I must admit, it was quite a load.

He pushed my head towards it and commanded, “Lick it up, all of it.” I stared at him. Did I hear that correctly? He tightened his grip on my hair and I cried out in pain.

“Listen, asshole,” he snarled, “Either gebze escort you lick or I pull your arms right out of their sockets.” I glanced at his arm muscles that were as huge as baseballs and gulped. I believed it, he had that power. He held my head towards my wad and I stuck out my tongue. I was about to lick it when he pushed my face into it, moving my face around as he made sure my entire face was covered in my own wad. It was thick, creamy and surprisingly sweet. You know what? I was enjoying this, actually. I stuck out my tongue and licked up my own wad, swallowing it back into my system. By then, Zul had stopped moving my head around and had held me in place as he watched with satisfaction at my submission.

When I had licked all of it, he commanded, “Look at me.” I lay on the side of my face and stared into his eyes that were exuding a dominating aura. “Smile,” he commanded. I flashed him my most boyish smile and before I knew it, he jumped onto me. He sat on my chest, pinning my elbows down with his knees as he slobbered all over my face. I felt his soft swift tongue trail all over my face, feeling the soft mass caressing my face as he licked up my own wad as well as my natural oils. I panted with pleasure and it drove him on as he licked me up faster. He held me up with his strong arms as I melted into him. He kissed me on the lips and I wrapped my arms around him as I pushed him deep within me.

I felt his tongue in me, sliding around within me as he excavated every nook and cranny, not that it was a foreign land for him. I felt the tip of his tongue touch the back of my throat and I fought my natural gag reflex. He slid back out and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he smiled devilishly at me. We were both panting and were high on testosterone. He stood up and nodded towards the bathroom. I smiled.

The bathroom was not your regular bathroom. It was entirely designed to make it look as though we had left the hustle and bustle of city life to enter a serene tranquil rainforest. Tropical plants of various species were carefully painted onto the walls with every hue of green imaginable with sporadic splashes of bright colors to mimic flowers and fruits, so bright that it looked as though it was all real. The bathroom had a waist-deep tub, but instead of being made of ceramic, it was made from thick glass and gave the entire world, or rather rainforest, a free view at our show. At the head of the glass tub was a pile of roughly hewn rocks and stones that covered the entire wall, weathered naturally by the elements.

Zul reached for a stone and pushed it deeper into a hidden niche. The loud grinding sound of rocks and stones echoed through the bathroom, made louder by the acoustics, before being drowned out by a loud gushing noise. Vanilla scented warm water cascaded out of a hole at the top of the mountainous pile of rocks and stones, filling the glass tub with warm water, the glass tub making it look as though the water was frozen in time while the smell of vanilla wafted around us, caressing our noses sweetly as they drove us wild. I wrapped my right arm around Zul’s left and he smiled. “I never regretted creating this with you,” I told him.

We entered the tub and took a bath together, scrubbing off the sex, sweat and God knows whatever else. As we bathed, I noticed from the corner of my eye that Zul was eyeing my butt from his peripheral vision. Whenever he did that, I could see his içerenköy escort cock growing harder and erect underwater. I stared back at him and smiled. He snapped out of his stare and his face flushed, not just because of the heat of the warm water.

“Sorry, I just…” he began.

“Later,” I whispered and went down to all fours in the tub, thrusting my butt towards him. I heard the slosh of water and turned to look. He stood there in all of his majestic glory as the water cascaded down his body in thin rivulets, making him look like a water god rising out of the water. His spiky jet black hair was even spikier than ever before because of the water and his eyes gleamed with excitement as he stroked his own cock. He smiled devilishly at me. God, I loved it when he smiled like that. I felt him place his slick hands on my waist as he carefully eased himself into me. I winced, not just because of his Godly grand size, but because we were doing it underwater. As he slid into me, some of the water got sucked in as well and was filling up my hole.

He started off with short strokes, letting me grow accustomed to the pain as he sighed with pleasure. When I was used to it, he went faster. I gasped out in agony as I felt water rush in and out of my hole and screamed out in anguish. Immediately, he stopped. I was panting from the torment. He grabbed my hair roughly and pulled me up from the tub. He nuzzled into my neck and I purred with relish. I felt his swift tongue trail along the entire length of my neck, setting it ablaze like how a spark lit up a trail of rocket fuel. I felt his soft sensuous lips sucking on my neck and I moaned with enjoyment.

“Do you trust me?” he asked in a husky whisper and the feel of his breath on my ears sent a shiver down the length of my spine as I rocked in his strong arms.

“Yes,” I gasped in between my pants.

All of a sudden, he began drilling me again and I screamed out at the sudden blast of hurt. He clamped a wet hand over my lips but I kept screaming, I was in a world of hurt. “Shhh…” he hushed. “It’ll be over soon.”

As quick as it came, the blast disappeared and I realized he had slid himself out. He pushed me onto my knees as he stroked his cock, which was now dripping with his sweet precum that I so loved. He held my chin open and shoved his thick cock into me, gripping onto my hair tightly as he thrusted himself into me. “Yeah, fuck yeah, kid,” he gasped out. I sucked on it ardently, not wanting to disappoint him and he burst his load into me. It was his biggest yet and it exploded all over my lips. I swallowed zealously, tasting the thick sweet creamy white gold slide down the length of my throat as I milked him of his juices. He sighed as he slid back down into the tub.

We lay in each others’ arms. He had his strong arms wrapped around me, providing me with a blanket of comfort and security, reassuring me of his presence. The water was stagnant around us as we enjoyed each others’ company silently. I looked up and saw him gazing down fondly at me. He smiled lovingly as he stroked my wet hair. His piercing gaze was amorous, staring right through me as though he was staring through my soul. I placed a hand on his huge pectoral muscle and leaned down, paying a visit to his nipple. I flicked my tongue all over it, letting it grow hard and erect under the command of my tongue as he held my nape up to his chest. He moaned softly as I sucked on it with my soft lips, tenderly kissing it before I cuddled closer to him in the water.

“Are we really going to spend our Saturday like this?” I asked as he nuzzled my neck.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, do you?” he whispered in my ear and a shiver ran down my spine. I smiled.

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