SCTT Nancy Pt. 04: Her Day Shopping


After witnessing Nancy’s delightfully unexpected display of femininity in their home, Sam was quite nicely aroused, and of course, this really ensured he was going to be a perfect gentleman that night!

As they left for dinner, he was so turned on; he immediately found himself wanting to please her, take care of her and tend to her needs in a way he had never really felt with her before. That evening was really shaping up nicely and he couldn’t wait to “put a ring on it”, so to speak…

As they exited the house, he held the front door open for her and feasted his eyes on her some more as she breezed past him, her enticing perfume hitting him like a freight train. He offered his arm to her in chivalrous fashion as they strode together toward the car, and he opened the car door for her, watching closely as she got in.

As she lifted up her gorgeous legs in her shiny sheer stockings and planted her pretty feet with lovely high heels on them into the footwell of his car, it gave Sam an opportunity to ogle her shamelessly, and he shut the door carefully after she made herself comfortable. He really loved Nancy’s legs and he so rarely got to see them displayed in revealing attire like that – pretty much never, in fact – so this was a real treat!

On the way to the restaurant, she got really excited when he told her where they were going; it was a very fancy restaurant, one of their favorites. She knew it would be expensive too, so she quite naturally felt a need to reward him by being extra nice to him! So she began flirting with him playfully, sharing her excitement with him as she rested her hand on his leg, rubbing it gently and using the tips of her fingernails to trace little circles around his knee.

As she did that, he pondered how much he absolutely loved it, but it was clear she was playing up her femininity on purpose, and he knew it was an internal conflict for her. It made him anxious because he knew it really wasn’t her style and he really hoped she was comfortable with it. No matter what, he desperately wanted it to continue, just like it was, but he was worried she would tell him later that she didn’t want to act that way for him.

But still, despite his reservations, she really did seem to have turned a corner somehow, and for him, just knowing she had discovered an ability to play up her sexuality was deeply fulfilling and exciting. In fact, as he navigated the car through traffic, he really had to concentrate on driving, lest he crash into something!

Outside the restaurant, Sam rushed around to her side of the car and opened the door, once again feasting his eyes on her lovely leg as she pivoted her body and planted her high heel on the ground. He took her hand and helped her up, and as she stood up next to him, he simply couldn’t help himself from taking her in his arms. She allowed his embrace at first, letting him caress her lovingly in her soft, luxurious silver fox jacket…

But the moment he moved in closer and tried to kiss her on the lips, she gently stopped his advances with her hands, putting them on his chest and keeping him away as she simply turned her face to the side. All he could do was kiss her on her cheek and neck a little bit, and she allowed it momentarily as her fingers glided down his chest and paused for a moment right on his bulge. She touched it gently with her fingertips, sliding them up and down along its length inside his pants…

But then she took her hand off him and playfully shooed him away, wiggling out of his grasp and prancing off toward the restaurant entrance. She glanced back at him as she went, giggling girlishly and telling him it was time for dinner and he would simply have to wait until later to get what he wanted…

Sam was absolutely stunned for a moment by her perfectly executed little tease, and he briefly watched her strutting away from him, his eyes moving up and down her body before he suddenly came to his senses and practically had to sprint to catch up to her. His hand naturally reached out to rest on her back as they went inside, and he guided his newfound princess of temptation through the doorway in front of him.

Inside, he followed his sexy girlfriend obediently, and he was completely fixated on her as the hostess led them to their table. He was just loving the way she looked from behind – her hair in the glamorous up-do and her sparkly earrings dangling down invitingly from her lovely ears.

Before getting seated, he helped her off with her fur, and he couldn’t help but notice the admiring glances of several men around them as her shapely, bejeweled figure was revealed in her enticing velvety cocktail dress. He smiled to himself right then, feeling like a king; he was so proud of the feminine prize that she represented to him at that point!

As they sat at dinner, Sam was simply mesmerized by the sight of his gorgeous girlfriend, and he carefully watched every little move she made. She was looking and acting so unlike the girl he thought he already knew. bağdatcaddesi escort Being with her in public made him feel so lucky, and he was absolutely brimming with pride, just loving to be in the company of such an attractive, enticing woman!

But it was more than that; he knew that something must have happened during her day of shopping with her friend that encouraged her brazen behavior. It was obvious that she had found a new kind of confidence in herself, that she was somehow accepting that it was okay to be like this, or at least she felt like it was okay to be like this for him…

As they ate, she continued her playful flirting, and he noticed little things she was doing differently that were new and surprising. For example, she made very dainty little gestures with her hands and fingers, picking up the silverware, water and wine glasses in sophisticated, feminine ways. And she used a very sweet tone of voice as they chatted and exchanged glances. But she wasn’t just doing it just with him, she was also flirting with the handsome maître’d and the waiter who was serving them too!

Sam could feel little pangs of jealousy in him as she giggled and flirted with these other guys right in front of him, warmly accepting their attention and compliments. But through it all, she still managed to come back to him – and only him. For every little girly move she was doing with the other guys, she was doubling it up for him. She’d catch his eye and make little pouty-lip motions at him, winking, smiling knowingly and saying suggestive things…

‘What the hell is going on with this girl’, he thought to himself!

Anyway, he just took it all in during their meal, going along with it but finally getting to a point where he wanted to confront her and get it out in the open. So he finally asked her as their dessert arrived, “What’s gotten into you tonight? I mean, I’ve never seen you act quite like this…and don’t tell me it’s just that glamorous makeup job the salesgirl did on you. I think something happened with your friend today, something that kinda inspired you, didn’t it!”

She smiled knowingly, her eyes twinkling as she grinned from ear to ear and left him hanging for a few seconds before responding. To say he was intrigued as he waited for her answer would be an understatement!

“Well…”, she said, pausing for effect, “Christy did give me a few pointers. She really is something else! I’d better keep her away from you, because she seems to know just how to make men…” As her voice trailed off, Sam was simply on the edge of his seat, and Nancy smiled at him suggestively, as if she was keeping a secret…

“Make them…what?” He asked with baited breath. Nancy smiled broadly, noticing Sam’s face beginning to blush as she continued, “Well I already told you that she likes to dress kinda sexy. You should see all the guys’ heads turn when we go marching through the mall – it’s quite a spectacle! She likes to wear these short little skirts and really high heels too, and she has these great legs. She also started telling me how dressing like that is essential for some of the little games she likes to play…”

“Wow”, Sam panted, his voice trembling, “what kinds of games?” He was absolutely going out of his mind, and he knew he had to feign ignorance around what Nancy may have been talking about, just so he could give her the dignity of finding her own way into this teasing thing. But he was willing to bet that he already knew exactly what kind of girl Christy was!

So he just sat there and listened as Nancy continued, “Well she’s never really told me that much about the guys she dates or what she does with them – in fact, I’ve only hung out with her a couple times so far and today was the first time she’s ever said anything like that. But she is really pretty and she has a great figure, and the way she likes to dress it up and show it off, coupled with the way she acts – it seems like most guys would do pretty much anything she wants!”

Sam was practically drooling all over himself, and Nancy noticed the somewhat mindless look on his face as she described her seductive new friend to him. But then she reached out with one hand to gently pat his, smiling and telling him, “But don’t get any ideas! You’re mine, baby, so don’t think you can go run off with my sexy girlfriend or something!” And then she lifted up her other hand and playfully tapped her finger on her cheek, staring into his eyes and continuing, “Hmmm…or maybe I’ll just have to come up with some new ways to keep you all focused on ME!”

Sam just stared into her eyes as her provocative words absolutely clobbered him. He was feeling more chemistry and pure lust at that moment than he’d ever felt with her before! And she smiled back, just loving the situation she had him in, but then she just slowly took her hand away and coolly continued telling him about her friend.

“But you know, the funny thing is, even though I usually don’t approve of women beykoz escort who present themselves in such a dolled up, sexualized way, somehow with her, it doesn’t bother me. She’s not some kind of slut or something, she’s really down to earth and she’s just being herself, and I’m okay with that. And…she also told me some more about these little games she likes to play. It’s all pretty much about being a tease! You wanna hear some more about it?”

Sam was going absolutely wild at that point, his heart was pounding and he just nodded, suddenly realizing that his mouth had fallen open. And his cock twitched in his pants when she told him how this girl liked to be a tease! That word had such deep meaning for him, just hearing her say it was a huge turnon for him. Hmmm…maybe this Christy girl could help teach Nancy a little more about the kinds of sexual games he liked to play…

“Anyway,” Nancy continued, “hearing her talk kinda got me thinking about how you’ve been making little hints to me, asking me if I’d ever dress up really sexy for you, and since I knew tonight was kinda special so I figured I could play it up for you. And maybe, I thought, you might kinda like it if I teased you a little bit too…”

And then she reached out with one finger, resting it on his upper arm, slowly dragging it down toward his wrist, then walky-walking her fingers back up and asking him sweetly, “So tell me, honey, how am I doing so far?”

Sam gulped, but managed to reply, “Oh my god…it’s incredible! YOU are incredible!! And remind me to thank this girl Christy someday, because wow…I gotta say, playing little teasing games like that has always been a real fantasy of mine. I’ve always wanted to tell you more about it, tell you about this girl in college that introduced me to it, gave me quite the crash course, in fact.

“But I know you’re sensitive about it, I don’t want to pressure you. That’s why I’m so surprised by the way you look tonight, and the way you’re acting too. I mean, from the moment you came down those stairs at home there’s something different about you. You are being a showoff and a bit of a tease too, you naughty girl! C’mon…admit it, you are, and it doesn’t seem to bother you like it usually does either!”

Sam smiled warmly as he confronted her about her newfound confidence, and he could feel his face flushing some more as her eyes twinkled at his observation. And she looked back at him, obviously surprised with the way her appearance and behavior was affecting him, and the big smile on her face made it quite clear she liked it…a lot…

And so the game continued as she replied playfully, using a sweet, innocent tone, “Who, me? Showing off? Being a tease?? I don’t know what you’re talking about…” She pouted her pretty lips and batted her eyelashes as she put her hand up to her face in mock surprise. She paused for a moment to let her feigned innocence sink in and Sam’s cock practically exploded right there as he drank in her perfectly executed little mind game…

But then she just casually continued telling him some more about her day, almost as if nothing had happened. “So anyway, at the makeup store, as the salesgirl did my face, Christy told me a little bit about some of the guys she dates. She said she kinda prefers the shy, quiet ones, and when they take her out she likes to dress up really sexy for them to turn them on. If she likes the way they’re acting, she also likes to kinda take control of them and make them do things for her. At first it sounded kinda slutty, but wow…the more she talked, the more I started to like the sound of it.”

Sam was simply beside himself, and his heart was still pounding like crazy as his pretty girlfriend gave him the first real glimmer of hope that she was coming around to the idea of being a seductive, controlling prick teaser. Not only that, but his cock was still completely erect in his pants, bent uncomfortably in half, and he reached between his legs and adjusted it down there. Nancy watched him, clearly noticing him doing it but she didn’t say anything, instead she just gave him a little knowing smile…

And she went on, “She was so into it as she talked about how these guys love it when she teases them and bosses them around, and before I knew it she was telling me how she was going to give me a little demonstration! So after our makeovers, we went to the ‘slut store’, as she called it, this store that sells really sexy clothes. We tried on some stuff, most of which I would never wear, but she picked out this really low-cut silky blouse and a really short, black leather miniskirt.

“Next we went shoe shopping, and after we both tried on some really high heels, which I could barely walk in, she picked out these really sexy, strappy black high heeled ‘stripper shoes’. You know, the open-toe ones with little ankle straps that those exotic dancers always wear?”

Sam just nodded, giving her a quick “Mmm hmmm”. He knew exactly what kind of shoes she was talking caddebostan escort about; Vivi had worn shoes like that for him a few times in private, and even a couple times in class. But again he knew he needed to play it cool, so he just let her continue…

So she went on, “Oh my god, I could barely stand up straight in shoes like those, the heels were sooo high! But Christy had no trouble at all walking in them, she said it just takes some practice. And the moment she stood up and started strutting around, every guy in sight was checking her out. It was incredible, I couldn’t believe it!”

“Anyway, after she bought them, she wore them out of the store and we went right over to this pub. She marched right up to the bar and we sat on these high barstools there, and right away I saw this guy and his friend…they were just staring at us, especially her! She kept crossing her legs and bouncing her spike heel up and down, and they had a perfect view of her. They were clearly talking about her, and they both just kept staring, it was like they were hypnotized! And, I hope you don’t mind, but they were looking at me too, and even though it made me kind nervous, I’ll admit I kinda liked it…”

As she spoke, Sam suddenly felt her touching the side of his leg with her shoe, and she began slowly sliding it up and down as she described her provocative friend’s antics at the local pub. His cock continued to throb in his pants; it had been that way to varying degrees all through dinner, and hearing about Nancy’s friend was sending him into a frenzy. The best part was the way Nancy was suddenly referring to how she had actually enjoyed the attention, which wasn’t her usual response at all to men looking at her. What a dream come true this was starting to be!

And she kept talking, telling him how the two of them kinda ignored these guys, but Christy kept enticing them at the same time, showing off her legs and high heels while she told Nancy about how much she loved to do it. For a while, the two guys weren’t doing anything about it except watching. That only encouraged Christy, and Nancy said that after a while of flaunting herself, Christy leaned over and whispered, “Now watch this…I’m gonna have some more fun with them!” And she looked over at one of them, caught his eye and smiled, winking at him, and then she reached out with her long-nailed finger and beckoned him to come over.

Sam listened intently as Nancy described how this guy practically fell over himself as he approached them, and when he did, Christy immediately broke her eye contact with him and suddenly became a bit distant. He nervously and hesitantly introduced himself, offering to buy her a drink and flattering her as Christy reached into her purse and pulled out a small compact mirror to fuss over herself.

After ignoring him briefly and making him watch her check herself out for just a moment, she coolly told him her name and introduced him to Nancy. He shook both ladies’ hands gently and asked if he could invite his friend over, and Christy told him okay, but she playfully but firmly suggested that they’d better behave themselves…

The two guys sat down at the bar and Nancy told Sam how surprised she was at how respectful they were being, and Christy began flirting with the first one kinda casually. The other guy started to hit on Nancy, she said, but she immediately told him she had a boyfriend. He instantly adjusted his behavior, complimenting her on how pretty she looked, flattering her by telling her how lucky her boyfriend was. He told her not to worry, he wasn’t going to bother her and he offered to buy her a drink anyway, no strings attached. So she accepted and soon he was engaging her in pleasant and attentive conversation.

Sam felt a hint of jealousy as he pictured this guy hitting on her, even though he was only talking to her and treating her respectfully. There were also feelings of intrigue and excitement about her little adventure, though. It had clearly awakened some new feelings inside her, ones of being admired and adored, quite in contrast to the negative image she normally had around the highly sexualized presentation of femininity that some women like to portray.

In any case, Nancy smiled from ear to ear as she described how her friend Christy kinda bossed these two guys around, making them buy the four of them drinks and appetizers and saying suggestive things to string them along. She coaxed their affections and encouraged them to make slow advances on her, while reinforcing the idea that her pretty friend Nancy was off limits.

Christy hinted that perhaps she was more available than she really was, but when the guy she was flirting with tried to suggest a more private encounter, she smiled enticingly but then playfully shot him down. Even though she had rejected him it was like she somehow still managed to lead him along at the same time, something he didn’t seem to mind at all…

Nancy said that it was really clear that Christy was just toying with both guys quite masterfully, that she wasn’t going to take them home with her, but it didn’t matter, they loved it they just kept behaving themselves so she’d keep teasing them…Nancy said it was completely fascinating to watch and she had never seen anything like it!

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