Summer at Grandma’s Ch. 01


It was going to be hell. Here we were, first week of summer vacation, and I was stuck. We had gone to visit my grandmother in Wisconsin the way we did most summers and some Christmases. That was OK-I liked my grandmother. I guess you could even say I loved her in the way that grandsons do. She was still young as far as grammas go and lots of fun. When I was little she let me help her bake cookies and gave me quarters and taught me how to count in German (her parents had come from Bavaria).

She was going to retire in 3 years, but now she was still working. She went in early, so she got home around 3 or 3:30. And almost every evening we went out to the movies or to get root beer an ice cream, or something else that was at least a little bit of fun. During the day my mom would go and visit old friends and I would do a bit of work in the garden before it got too hot and then after lunch go to the library or loll around watching reruns and drinking iced tea.

Like I said, it was going to be hell-not because of any of this, but because at the end of the first week my mom got a phone call. Her childhood friend Julie had moved to California a few years ago and she had invited my mom to come spend the summer with her. Not me and my mom. Just my mom. Mother made it clear when I asked her about it. “It’s a girl thing-we don’t want any kids hanging around.” Julie’s kids were gone for the summer an I would be “in the way.” It did no good to point out that technically I wasn’t a kid because I could vote and join the army, but my mom would have none of it. She just laughed.

“We’ll all know when you’re a man, and that hasn’t happened yet.”

“But what am I gonna dooooo??” I wailed, — like a kid.

“You stay here and take care of Grandma and her garden.”

I couldn’t believe it. Grandma was fine, we had fun, but 6 weeks in a little (and I mean little) town where most of the teenagers had gone on vacation-not that I knew that many anyway, but the friends I had were both away for the summer.

“You’ll love it,” my mom said.

I knew that I couldn’t be mad at her. Julie had invited her alone and it was pointless to argue about it. I couldn’t go anywhere else because in the fall I was going to spend a couple of months in Europe and we were saving money for that. My mom wouldn’t have gone except Julie insisted on helping her out with the plane ticket.

So, after pouting for a couple of hours, I decided to make the best of it. I was pretty good at adapting to new and sometimes disappointing situations. For example, when my longtime girlfriend left me the year before, I was dating someone else within a week. So, pull up your socks and be happy.

My mom left, and things went on the way they had before for a few days. I did a little gardening and watched TV. I also did the housework to give my Grandma a break and because I was good at it. I could cook and clean pretty good. After dinner, which I sometimes fixed, Grandma and I would do something together, even if it was just walking up to the city park in the cool of the evening and getting a cotton candy. I was still young enough to enjoy cotton candy. On Saturday we planned to drive into Dubuque, Iowa where they had a-wait for it-a shopping mall. Pretty boring summer, but I was happy enough.

About three days after my mom left, there was a slight change. Or rather, Grandma changed. She became a lot less careful about – well, about shutting the door when she took a shower, or keeping her door closed when she was getting dressed. She started brushing against me as we moved around the admittedly small house and putting her hand on my arm or shoulder. Sometimes she hiked up her work uniform (she was a cleaning lady at the hospital) and unbuttoned the top buttons as she cooled off after work.

I didn’t object. There was nothing overtly sexual in her behavior-just slight sexual tension that, frankly, I enjoyed. Not that I did anything. Because I did the laundry I handled my grandmother’s bras and panties, and I confess more than once I fantasized about some older woman-not grandma, but maybe one of her friends-wearing them, taking them off, and spreading her legs for me to fuck her. It was great jack-off fantasy.

And, my grandmother wore stockings everyday. Never pantyhose, always, stockings. Many of them were the old-fashioned kind that required a garter belt. She washed them herself in the bathroom sink and hung them on a rack in the bathroom. Again, more than once, I had put my hand inside them and rubbed them over my face dreaming of sexy legs wrapped around me while I jerked off. I didn’t dare wrap them around my cock in case I got spunk on them.

(Once when she was at work I tried them on. It felt great, but didn’t look so good in the mirror-I had a man’s legs and the hair rather spoiled the effect. High heels probably would have helped.)

About a week after mom had gone I was sitting in one of the armchairs in the living room, which was almost filled by two chairs, a couch, a TV, and a coffee table. acıbadem escort A tiny room with doilies and knickknacks all over. I was watching some old show when Grandma came in. She was sweaty-as I was. There was no air conditioning and the temperature had hit 99 that afternoon.

“Hotter than a heifer’s butt,” she said as she flopped I the opposite chair. That was the kind of expression she often used. I didn’t know how hot a heifer’s butt was and I didn’t want to know, but I agreed. “Hot enough to make an Eskimo cry,” I said, and she laughed. That’s one of the things I liked about my grandmother-she was good humored.

“Don’t mind if I get comfortable do you?” she asked I was only wearing a pair of gym shorts in the heat and knew she must be hot with that sort of housedress from the hospital on. I figured she’d go change into shorts and a halter top or something like that. I’d seen her wear that once or twice over the years. Besides, she had the kind of figure that could do that without looking too repellent.

She stood up, undid the buttons on her uniform and before I could say anything, slipped it off. There she stood 5 feet of front of me in her panties, bra, and stockings. That’s better,” she said, and she sat back down.

“Don’t look so shocked,” she said, “If you don’t close your mouth somebody will park there.” Another one of her phrases. I closed my mouth, but I’m sure I didn’t lose my shocked expression. It wasn’t her body-that was just an ordinary (if there is such a thing) 60-year-old body, nice enough but not spectacular any way.

“Oh, come on, I’m sure you’ve seen a million women in bikinis, haven’t you? I nodded, still dumbstruck. “Well this is just the same thing.”

But it wasn’t. First it was my grandmother. I’m not sure how I would have felt if she had put on a bikini. I would have expected a one piece conservative swimsuit. Second, a bra and panties is not quite the same as a bikini. It’s the association; especially when a woman is wearing them. And then, her stockings. Already at 18 I was a fan of women wearing stockings. I adored nylon covered legs. And the garter belt and garters made them even more exciting. The inevitable happened. My cock started to swell.

She leaned back and grinned. “Like it?,” she asked.

I didn’t know what she meant by “it”, but whatever it was, I definitely liked it.

She continued smiling at me, looking into my eyes as she slipped her bra straps off her shoulder and pulled her arms out. Her bra was still covering her breasts, but it wasn’t attached to anything. She pulled it off with a little flourish and said “ahhh, much cooler!”

My eyes were riveted to her boobs. They were only about a size “c”-my grandmother was fairly small woman and they had fallen down onto her belly. The aureoles were brown and about as big as half dollars. The nipples-well you couldn’t tell much because the weren’t erect.

“Ray?”, she said, and I snapped my eyes back onto hers. “Look , Ray.” And she spread her legs and lifted them up onto the arms of the armchair, putting her feet on the broad flat arms of the chair.

I still couldn’t move or talk. My eyes left hers again and went to her legs, which had suddenly become the sexiest legs in the world, but my gaze kept flickering to her panties, which were ordinary white briefs, but which had become wet from sweat. That meant that I could see the dark triangle of her bush. My eyes didn’t know where to look-her legs, her panties, her tits—? My cock was still growing.

“Ray, I want to tell you something. I’m an old woman, but I don’t feel old. What I mean is I still have sexual desires. And, since your grandpa has been dead for 8 years I haven’t had much satisfaction. I know it may seem strange to you, but I’ve watched you for the past couple of years, and I wanted to say this to you several years ago, but I didn’t because I thought you were too young. Now I don’t think you are. I want you to make love to me. We’re here alone and no one would have to know. I know you could overcome whatever disgust you have for my body-I know you touch my panties and bra when you do the laundry and I’ve seen you rubbing my stockings on your face. If you just closed your eyes, I’m sure you could.”

To say that I was shocked is too mild. My head was spinning. Here was an older woman who wanted me to make love to her. She had seen me playing with her stockings. (I was glad that she hadn’t seen me try them on.) But she was my grandmother! And God, her legs looked good in those stockings. She was in her early 60’s! She had been watching me! She was horny! I was too confused to think clearly, but I managed to focus on one thought and find my voice which sounded unnatural to me.

“”But you’re my grandma,” I croaked.

“Ah, yes. I see what you mean.” She straightened up in the chair so she didn’t look like she was asking to be fucked. Still it was a little disconcerting with her half naked like that. “Well, ummm.. I guess the only thing to do is to be honest atalar escort with you, Ray. You see, I was never able to have children. Nowadays with medical advances, who knows? But back when I should have been able to I couldn’t.” She paused.

My mind was whirling even more now. If she couldn’t have children….

“You see, Ray, Laura-your mom-is adopted. It was right after the war, and there was a woman in town who had a lot of kids. Here husband had gotten killed towards the end of the war and about three years later she had another baby. ‘Course back at that time that was scandalous. She was going to leave town as soon as the child was born. Well, working at the hospital like I do, I knew when the baby was due and I knew she wanted to give the baby up for adoption. She was only 32 and she already had six kids, no real job, no husband, plus the shame… I think she was going to go back to her family. So I offered to adopt it. She knew me, knew I was a good person , so she agreed. A week after the birth we did the paperwork and I brought Laura Ann home from the hospital. So you see, you’re my grandson, but we’re not really related.”

I was trying to absorb all this information. “Does she… I mean did you tell…?”

“Oh, yes, we told Laura from an early age that her birth mother had gone away but had entrusted her to Clarence and I. I’m all the mother she ever knew, so it wasn’t hard on her. She went through a stage when she was about 16 , wanting to find and meet her mother, but we never could locate her, and Laura never really felt too bad about it.”

“And Bob?” Bob was my uncle, four years younger than my mother.

“Well, he was adopted too.”

“Wow,” I said. “This is a lot of to take in Grandma. I need to think about this stuff..” I stood up and walked over to the front door and out into the yard. As I did, I couldn’t help glancing-well, looking for a few seconds at my Grandma. She was still sitting in the armchair with her boobs flopped down on to her belly and her stockings and garters on.

I stayed outside quite a while, just kind of sitting in a lawn chair out by the garden. I was thinking. Thinking about what Grandma had told me about my mother and uncle. That was surprising, but not shocking. It made me see my mom in a new light, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that was because it hadn’t really affected her, at least as far as I could tell.

I was also thinking about what my Grandma had done, taking of her bra and spreading her legs wide open just 6 feet away from me. I thought about what she had said-how she had been watching me, how she had seen me rubbing her stockings on my face, how she had wanted me to take her to bed.

I also went over the image of her in very fine detail. I couldn’t help it. I had never seen her naked before-or rather nearly naked, and I couldn’t help reflecting on her body.

She had short, curly, reddish-brown hair and was short, about 5′ 4″. A plain but pleasant face. Her torso was really skinny, not really all that attractive, but her tummy had a nice little bulge to it. Her arms were muscular from mopping hospital floors every day for 40 some years. Her legs were muscular too-almost stringy, but they looked great in her nylons. Her tits were — well, just tits. Not big, not small, nothing unusual or spectacular about them. As someone with limited sexual experience, I hadn’t seen that many live tits. One thing that stood out in my mind was her feet. You’d think that after standing on them at work for year they would be unattractive. But they weren’t. She had slim ankles and her feet were small-I guess “petite” is the word, shapely, and looked like they were well taken care of. I noticed that Grandma wore toenail polish. And again, they were covered in those sexy stockings.

So, as I said, I was thinking. Most of all I was thinking about what she had said. “You’re my grandson, but we’re not really related.”

Technically that meant that I could have sex with her without breaking the law. Or something. I didn’t know these things. Who ever thought about them? But ever since I could remember and even before she had been my “Grandma”. I tried to analyze my feelings. If she were someone else, what would I have done when she said she wanted to make love with me? Answer: I would have jumped her bones then and there. But she was my grandma

About two hours later Grandma called me in for dinner. It turned out to be quite normal. She was fully dressed in a light house dress and she made no mention of her earlier behavior or of the things she had told me. We talked about her day at work and decided to walk up to the wading pool at the park after dinner to cool off. We came back around 10 and she went to bed. She had to get up at 5 to go to work. I stayed up, quietly watching TV and thinking things through again. I fell asleep in front of the TV and dreamed of gorgeous petite feet in colored stockings, nude, black, white, light blue, red…

I woke up with the TV still on. It was 4 o’clock. aydınlı escort I switched it off and stumbled off to bed.

When I got up, I did my usual routine-cleaned up a bit, etc., but I didn’t work in the garden. It was already too hot. It was too hot to do anything except sit in front of the fan and read or watch TV or just doze. I tried to keep my mind occupied because if I didn’t I had visions of my grandma sitting on the chair opposite me her with her legs as wide open as they could go and inviting me into her pussy with the words, ” I want you to make love to me.”

As I said before, I’m quite good at adapting to new situations, and by the time Grandma came home I had adapted to the fact that this woman was just that-a woman. No, scratch that. A woman who wanted me to fuck her.

About three o’clock I took a cold shower-and I needed it. I had been getting hornier and hornier as I waited for her to come home. I dried off as best I could in the heat and humidity, and put on some loose fitting gym shorts again. Around 3:30 I heard Grandma come up the steps. She came in the living tiny room and just like yesterday flopped onto one of the big chairs.

“Hotter than Helsinki,” she said with a smile.

“Sure is,” I agreed. “Grandma, I’ve been thinking since before dinner last night about what you told me, and I just want you to know that it’s o.k.”

“About your mom being adopted?”

“Yeah, that, and … and the other stuff.”

“The other stuff.” She wasn’t asking a question, she was making a statement.

“Yeah, like you know how you want-I mean how you saw me… Oh hell, let me show you what I mean.” I knelt on the floor in front of her, took her ankles in my hand, and lifted her feet up and set them on the arms of the armchair. This gave me an unrestricted view of her nylon-covered legs and her slightly protruding mound as well as the spot on her panties that covered her pussy. The crotch appeared to be wet again , from the sweat-or maybe not.

She didn’t make any move or say anything, so I started unbuttoning her uniform from bottom to top. I pushed it back away from her breasts which were covered by the shiny pink synthetic material of her bra. I hooked my thumbs under her bra cups and pulled out and up and her tits flopped free. I moved forward and took on boob in both hands and started licking and kissing the nipple which was already starting to get hard.

Finally she moved. She put her hands on the back of my head and pressed my face into her tit. And she said, “Oh God, yes!”

I released one of my hands from her tit and put it down on the inside of her thigh which I stroked, reveling in the feel of the plump flesh straining through the nylon. Then I switched to the other side and I began sucking on her left boob. Her nipples, when hardened as they were now, were about half an inch long. I flicked one with my tongue before attacking it again a sucking action. This made her moan quietly.

I slid my hand upwards, past the edge of her stocking and found her panties. I slid my finger under the edge of them and rubbed the back of my fingers through the hair that grew there.

She was till holding my head, but suddenly she pushed me away and said in a voice that sounded strained, “I have to have a shower-I’m all sweaty!” She pushed me gently back and stood. I put my hands on the back of her legs and ran them up to her ass which I cupped gently while rubbing my face against the tops of her stockings

“Hurry!” was all I could say in a voice that must have sounded as strange as hers did. My cock had been getting ready for this all afternoon and I didn’t want to wait.

She had already shrugged off her uniform and was unsnapping her bra as she moved towards the bath room. “Come help me,” she said over her shoulder, and in a second I was on my feet and following her.

She was trying to get her garter belt undone and I didn’t really help her because I grabbed her from behind and was kissing her back and shoulders while I massaged her tits. She got her garter belt undone, and pulled off her stockings while I dropped my shorts. She glanced at my cock and said “oh my God,” again. I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them and into the cool stream of the shower.

She was like a kid, raising her face to the cool stream, shaking her head, laughing. But she wasn’t a kid. She was a woman and she required attention. I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her ass, pulling her against my chest. I could feel her wet tits squashed up against me. I pulled her tighter and I could feel her mound pushing against my cock.

She squirmed around so her back was to me and pushed her ass against my cock, wiggling it back and forth. She handed me the soap and I rubbed it all over her, kneeling down and paying special attention to her hairy snatch. She shivered a bit as I trailed my fingers down her slit.

I rinsed the soap off her pussy and pushed my face close to her. The cool water was streaming over us as she put one leg up on the edge of the tub to give me better access. I started to kiss her snatch, and she grabbed my head and pulled me closer, so my face was mashed up against her hairy mound and her clean smelling pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick her cunt.

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