The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 11

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 11

Elena’s Tales — Part 1

The final six-week grading period had started for the students of Regal Bay High, and as much as the young men and women looked forward to their summer vacation, the faculty members were just as exhausted by the long school year and had begun to look forward to the break as well. For Elena Adamson however, the school break would only provide her with more time to spend at the community library. Elena was the school librarian and as such enjoyed the freedom of not having to deal with teaching students, grading papers, and handling confrontations within the classroom. With the exception of the first week or two of school in the autumn, when she would instruct students on the intricasies of the Dewey Decimal System, identifying the sections of the library, and how to log in to the dozens of provided computer stations in the I.T. section, Elena had little contact with the students. The class teachers were responsible for everything while the library was being used. Any books checked out or returned would be handled by one of Elena’s student assistants.

A couple times a week, Elena met with her sometime-lover Denise Hoyt in the high school parking lot during their shared lunch hour, to indulge in their shared attraction. Both women were bisexual. Elena was a divorced mother of two adult children, and Denise was a married mother of two, whose children were still in elementary school. Denise’s husband Don was also a teacher at the high school. Nine years separated the women, with Elena a mature 45 and Denise a youngish looking 36. In fact, Denise could easily pass for a woman in her twenties, a reason Elena found herself so attracted to her.

Elena was a big woman, standing 6 foot even, though she did not run to fat. She was from up-state Minnesota, the lake country, and was of classic Scandinavian decent. She wore her nearly white blonde hair long and loose, the waves cascading down her back well below her shoulder blades. She portraited the classical vision of a Norse Goddess from early on. A rough and tumble girl growing up, Elena had played both ice and field hockey in school, lettering in both disciplines in high school which lead to scholarship offers from several universities. She accepted the offer from the University of Minnesota at Duluth, just an hour away from home. While at school, Elena had discovered not only a passion for Library Science, but a true knack for it. She also met, and eventually married, her first husband, Eric Adamson; no relation though they coincidently shared the same last name.

Elena and Eric settled in St. Paul after graduating. She had already born a son, Jason, by the time she had graduated, and shortly after being hired on at the municipal library, she discovered that she was pregnant. Janice would be born later that year. A year after that, Elena discovered that she had as much passion for women as she had for the library. Eric, on the other hand, never could find work in his degree field, and ended up bouncing from job to job.

By the time her children were in school, Elena had filed for divorce from Eric. Eric argued but eventually relented to the “irreconcilable circumstances”. Elena had by this time taken over as a branch manager and on weekends she enjoyed expanding her newly open lifestyle by dating several young women.

During this time, however, Elena met another man who would change her life. Craig Harrison was a teacher at her children’s school and Elena often discussed their progress with him over the phone or in person. Craig was a ruggedly handsome man, quite the opposite vision one would associate with a school teacher, especially an elementary level teacher. Elena discovered that he was something of a gentle giant and grew fond of him. He wasn’t married, and in fact was just a year younger than her own thirty-years at the time they first dated. Strangely, Craig didn’t mind Elena’s lifestyle, and often told her that he was there for her whenever she wanted to “cross back to the other side of the tracks”, as he put it.

Over dinner one night in December, after Christmas shopping together through the Mall of America, Craig announced that he was returning to his home town to take a position as principal at one of the new elementary schools. Regal Bay, he explained, was growing rapidly and there was great opportunity for advancement in his future there. He also told Elena that should she be interested, the library system was also in need of new employees, especially those with the skills she demonstrated daily. Elena though it over during the holidays, and a week before Craig was due to leave, she accepted his offers. One, of a move across country to a new and exciting start. Two, of an offer of marriage. Both of her children loved Craig, and it was easy enough to convince them that life on the Pacific Coast might be a little better than the upper Mid-West. It helped that Minnesota was in the midst suadiye escort of one of its colder winters. Both Jason and Janice were eager to see the west coast. Their father, however, wasn’t so thrilled at the idea, and balked at signing off. Eventually he did, however. Elena suspected that Craig may have paid her ex-husband a visit to convince him.

Elena and her children had settled in well in the Regal Bay community. She hired on to organize and manage a new library branch on the north end of the community. Craig took his place as principal at the newly opened South Bay Elementary School. And for four years, they enjoyed a good life together. That all ended when Craig was fired when it was discovered that he was embezzling money from the school funds. Elena had known nothing about what her husband had been up to. Neither did she know about his cheating on her, not until it came out that it had been his secretary and lover that had ratted him out to the school board. In court, it had come out that she had given Craig the ultimatum of divorcing Elena and marrying her, or she’d talk. Craig had tried to buy her off, but instead provided her with all the evidence the school board needed to file charges. Craig was arrested and went to jail.

Elena filed for divorce and officially became Elena Adamson once again. That had been almost ten years ago. Craig had been released after six years, but left Regal Bay soon after. In that time, Elena had returned to enjoying the company of women, most notably younger women. She had taken to Denise Hoyt early on, just months after the slender brunette hired on at the beginning of a school year. It hadn’t taken Elena much effort to introduce the married mother of two to the sinful pleasures of lesbian love making.

Both women had lit up a Kool-brand cigarette the moment they had exited the teacher’s entrance. They made their way towards the back of the lot where Elena had parked. With a brief look around to check for witnesses, they ground out their cigarettes and slipped into the middle seat of Elena’s mini-van, through the side door furthest from the school.

Once inside, Elena was quick to begin unfastening the front buttons of Denise’s knee-length denim dress. “Not wasting any time?” Denise asked as she stroked Elena’s arms. Her top was pushed open and beneath it the younger woman wore a plain black bra. Her breasts were small, only a b-cup, which added to that youngster look Elena craved so sinfully.

“You know I don’t like wasting time, Beautiful,” Elena told her. She then pulled Denise’s mouth to hers and kissed her younger lover, though only briefly. She pulled Denise’s arms free and helped as Denise lifted her hips to completely remove the garment down her long, skinny legs. This left her seated in only her black bra and matching panties. Elena ran her hands across her young lover’s exposed flesh, even as Denise gasped when a car passed by.

Before Denise could change her mind about this rendezvous, Elena had Denise’s bra unfastened and discarded to the floor. She kissed Denise’s neck and shoulder while feeling the younger woman’s small breasts with her finger tips. Her long blonde hair draped across Denise’s chest, hiding her topless nudity somewhat as Elena cupped her small tits in her hands and gently kneaded them.

“Do you really think we should be doing this?” Denise was still rather nervous, as they had never gone so far before, not on school property during school hours. Usually they would drive over to Overlook Park, just a mile down Jersey Pike towards the coast, if they were going to go this far. If they stayed at school, they would only make out, kiss and maybe feel each other up. Not this time, however. Even as Elena worked her small tits, she reached up to pop open the top two buttons of Elena’s blouse. To relax her, Elena leaned in and began to suckle upon her nipples, making Denise moan with pleasure.

The woman began kissing deeply and soon Denise seemed to be relaxed enough to take their make-out session a bit further. Even when a couple of students jogged past the van, they continued kissing. When Elena broke off their kiss, she pulled her floral blouse up and off. She reached into her white bra and lifted her large Scandinavian-bred breasts from the cups. Denise took them in with her hungry eyes, and then reached for the familiar mounds of warm flesh. She began to massage them then, and as Elena pulled her tight for another deep kiss, the action effectively pressed their tits together.

Elena had Denise sucking upon her massive tits a minute later, and as she feasted upon Elena’s thick nipples, Denise parted her thighs to allow Elena access to her aching pussy. Elena managed to pull her lover’s panties free a couple moments later and soon was fingering Denise’s recently shaved pussy. It had been Elena who had initially suggested that Denise add to her youthfulness with a clean-shaven crotch. It also made it somewhat more yakacık escort enjoyable for Elena to eat her out.

Elena got Denise turned and leaned back against the side door, with her legs spread wide and her pussy open and inviting. For her diminutive size, Denise’s labia were large, thick, and pink. The slit was long, and her clit budded out excitedly at the top of the folds. Elena rubbed circles around and across Denise’s clit, drawing deep sighs of pleasure from the younger woman as well as a trickle of juices from her honey-hole. Elena slipped from the seat to her knees on the floor of the mini-van and brought her mouth down into her young lover’s crotch.

“Oooohhh!” Denise moaned loudly as Elena began to lap away greedily upon her sex. This wonderful act was the reason Denise had become bi-sexual in the first place. Denise had always loved having her pussy licked, and had for as long as she could remember. After having her first child, however, her husband, who had been there for the birth, never went down on her again. It was a disappointment for her, and yet when she discovered other women who would eagerly take up the task, Denise became bi-sexual.

Elena, on the other hand, had been a lesbian well before she and her first husband had divorced, and never shied away from taking on another lover, be they older, younger, or the same age as she was. She did, however, prefer the young women, and the younger the better.

After lapping away hungrily at Denise’s pussy for several minutes, and bringing her of at least twice with her tongue, Elena sat up and produced a long, pink dildo from her carry-all bag. “What the hell is that?” Denise gasped, looking at the phallus as Elena waved it at her.

Elena was grinning wickedly when she answered, “A little something I picked up on the internet.” She playfully gave the real-enough looking head of the dildo a lick with her pink tongue. “I thought it was time we take it to the next level.”

“But in the car? Here?” Denise was looking fearfully towards the school and across the parking lot. It was vacant of activity, though she knew that at any moment the class bell could ring and dozens of young high school students would pour out, heading for their own lunches.

Elena leaned closer and kissed Denise, even while sliding the dildo’s head downward across her flat belly. As her tongue slipped between Denise’s lips, she found the damp slit of the younger woman’s pussy. After getting the tip wet with the Denise’s juices, Elena slipped it inside her.

“Oooohhh!” Denise groaned as Elena began to fuck her with it. Denise took hold of Elena’s heavy tits as the older woman dildoed her towards another orgasm. The dildo helped draw Denise’s juices out and while she watched and thrust, Elena finally stripped out of her own skirt and panties. Now with both of them completely naked, and with the chance of being discovered at any moment, Elena pulled Denise’s hand to her pussy while continuing to dildo-fuck her.

The van was rocking ever so slightly as Denise climaxed. “Aaagghhh! Aaagghhh! Aaagghhh!” she grunted as her body convulsed through her orgasm, centering on the rubber dildo punching up into her with rapid thrusts. She was trying her best to give Elena the same sort of pleasures with her long fingers, by Elena was having too much fun watching and playing with her.

After bringing Denise off again with the dildo, Elena insisted, “It’s time for you to return the favor, young lady!” Denise was more than ready to take care of Elena’s needs. As Elena slipped the dildo from her pussy and brought it to her mouth to savor the flavors left on it, she also moved her seat back and spread herself wide for Denise. She leaned in and began to lick at the older woman’s blonde-haired pussy ravenously. Elena ran her hands through Denise’s long, dark hair as she lapped up her flowing juices. She saw a student walk past and glance in, though the look on his face gave little away. Her windows were tinted well, and she knew that you’d have to be very close to see anything inside her van.

Denise was doing a fine job eating her out, and had even begun to finger Elena’s pussy as she concentrated her tongue’s efforts upon her clit. She was fast approaching her own lunch-time orgasm, and when Denise stuffed her thumb up her ass, Elena cried out in orgasm.

“Oooohhh, yeessss! Cuuuummmminngggg!” Elena moaned loud enough for anyone walking by to hear. She had two hands on the back of Denise’s head then, holding her face tight to her quivering quim. “That’s it! Right there! Lick me right theeerrrrrrreee!”

Denise sucked and slurped at Elena’s pulsing hole, drinking in her tart cream as it freely flowed onto her tongue. Elena was a gusher, as Denise and many more of her other lovers had learned. Not many women were, and it sometimes surprised her lovers. Denise had taken to drinking her cream as few had, and seemed to feast upon Elena’s flavorful pussy şerifali escort even deeper after getting the older woman off.

As Elena rode the backside of her orgasmic wave, she guided Denise into position atop her, where they next settled into a mutual oral fest stretched out across the middle seats of the mini-van. Although pulling off the 69 in the tight confines were difficult, they managed as they had on several other occasions. They put their tongues and sticky fingers back to work in a mutual attempt to pleasure the other.

Elena had long ago taught Denise about the sexual delights the anus held, and slipped her long middle finger up the younger girl’s ass even as Denise again forced her thumb back into hers.

“Uuunnngggg!” Denise moaned into Elena’s drenched pussy.

“Aaaahhhh!” Elena sighed in response to Denise’s own talents. Both women soon brought the other to orgasm, and each savored the flavor of warm pussy juice upon their tongues once again.

Thunder rolled down the coast and ended their lunch-time interlude. They hurriedly dressed as a gentle spring rain began to fall on the roof of the van. Giggling at times like school girls, and pausing at other moments to deliver a fresh kiss to the other, both were finally able get dressed.

“Christ! I wish I’d have brought my umbrella!” Elena gasped as a cold wash of rain slapped her face as she pulled the side door open. They jumped out even as the rains fell harder, and rushed for the school entrance. By the time they had made it back inside through the teacher’s entrance, both were nearly as wet as their pussies had been just minutes before. Their scent, however, had been washed away, and there was nothing for the old spinster Miss Reed to catch as they rushed past the administration offices. Not that Elena cared much about what Orchid Reed thought. The staunch school secretary was more interested in catching students with their pants down than worrying about the teachers.

“I’ll see you later, Denise,” Elena said in parting. She turned and headed for the center of the school and the library, while Denise turned up the wide flight of stairs and headed back to her own classroom on the second floor. All around them students were moving about, headed for their next classes or towards the cafeteria for their lunch breaks. A lucky few seniors would be headed out, for either afternoon work-release programs or free afternoons, if they had enough credits banked.

A freshman English class was moving into the library for their weekly visit during the period following their own lunch break, and despite the “Quiet” signs posted around the large room, there was still a lot of whispered talk going on instead of quiet research and reading. This class belonged to Mrs. Redfield, a wonderful older black woman who Elena enjoyed talking with. However, Mrs. Redfield was gone that week to visit her ailing mother in Sacramento and the substitute was having trouble keeping his students in order.

Elena made a circuit of the large, two-level library, checking the far corners of the second floor especially, as this was where boys and girls liked to slip away to make out. That afternoon, the make-out spots were clear, and Elena headed for her office on the first floor.

Returning to her office, which was adjacent to the library’s check-out counter though opposite the main entrance, Elena found Barbara Freeman at work on the computer. Sitting behind the desk, Barbara looked at home. At nineteen, Barbara was a Library Sciences student from the university. She spent two afternoons per week at the high school as Elena’s assistant, working in a “hand’s-on” position to earn credits towards her degree. This was her second full semester as a school library assistant, but the first at the high school, working with Elena. Now a junior, Barbara was young for her class, having jumped ahead twice in her primary school years, once in elementary, and again in high school, where she graduated after just one semester as a senior. Barbara was a brilliant student and had interests in all forms of the Liberal Arts. She had, however, found more interest in the Library Sciences in the past year, quite possibly due to Elena Adamson herself.

“Did you have a good lunch, Barbara?” Elena asked the young woman as she retrieved a hand towel from a nearby cabinet and wiped the rain from her face and hair.

“Oh, I stayed here, working,” Barbara replied in her thick middle-America accent. Barbara was from Kansas City and her speech patterns gave it away. “I want to finish up these assignments, so I don’t have to go to class tomorrow. I’d rather work here, if that would be okay with you, Miss Adamson?”

“Please, Barbara,” Elena smiled as she came to the desk and leaned her hip against it. “You really must call me Elena. You’re not one of the students. You’re more of a faculty member, what with all the time you’ve been putting in. Besides, wouldn’t you rather take an afternoon for yourself occasionally? Go shopping, or see a movie, or just hang out on the boardwalk with your friends?”

“I really don’t have many friends, Elena,” Barbara responded. “Besides, I’d rather be here. I like it here, working. It keeps me busy enough.”

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