Two for One


I had always liked the enjoyment another woman with my husband. I wanted to see him give to other girls what he gives to me. He always seemed extreme with his fantasies but not wanting to act upon them in fear of embarrassment. Although we had been married for eleven years and we had other women before, he still seemed skittish about the whole thing.

We both work and are in our early thirties. We have become accustomed to each other and generally do our own thing when it comes to time without family. I read a lot and he loves his computer. Email, my space, eBay… name it and he has a profile. I’m done now with getting angry about it and moved on to just enjoy life. We still love each other very much, just never anything new to say.

I was out one evening, my husband at home working on his computer like usual. I had become a regular at a little corner bar in my neighborhood. As most in the bar were regulars. Until one night a pretty little fem-me, with shoulder length, mostly black but mixed colored hair, walked in. A ring on the left of her upper lip. A very small Rolling Stones t-shirt, and a full on pair of baggy jeans that the chains on them barely held at her hips.

I turned my head automatically to the sound of the opening door, I watched her as she walked in. Instantly she felt my eyes on her and stared back. I turned away quickly as to seem like I was just watching the door and not her luscious breasts in the tight white shirt.

Her stomach was exposed and as I sipped on my sea breeze I imagined pulling on her already loose jeans, to lick the exposed skin. I threw glances her way a few times and every time she was staring intently back.

I had worn my long brown curly hair down that night. Seemed almost fate as I realized I had put make up on as well. I was wearing a black and white t-shirt that showed my breasts well, and the contouring pants that I knew got the looks of strangers every time I walked by. All of a sudden I felt her presence behind me, before turning I knew it was her and that she had saw me in the same as I had saw her. She commented on my beautiful hair and I offered to buy her a drink.

After she ordered, I complimented on her ice blue eyes and made no attempt to hide my attraction. Before long we were flirting unconsciously and the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

She explained that she was twenty two and a college student, working in lawn care in the summer. After güvenilir bahis a few drinks, she told me that she was bisexual and I admitted that I was too.

She twirled towards me in her stool and slightly opened her legs to position me between them. She whispered in my ear, and I nodded.

As we left I imagined the excitement on my husband’s face as I came home with her. She and I had previously discussed this and she was in the mood for the attention she would be getting. I parked the car and walked around to open her door for her, as she stepped out she lifted herself up to kiss me. I took her soft lips like I had always hungered the kiss of a woman. I ran my hand along her body and my fingertips gently pinched her already hard nipples.

I brought her inside and with my husband still looking at the computer in his lap he asked my how my night had been. I giggled and he looked up, with the slight realization falling over his gaze as his eyes met with hers.

I introduced them and before I had a chance to bring it up, she exclaimed to him how unbelievably horny his wife had gotten her. She came closer to me and gently kissed me again. Moving slowly to my neck and lifting my shirt just enough to cup my breast.

Just as I started to moan at her caresses he took our hands and led us to the bedroom. Where he then took charge and demanded that we both strip for him. As he put on some soft music we began to pull of our shirts, then our pants, all the way to nothing. He sat there for a minute looking at us arm in arm before he told us to kiss.

“That’s great, now put your hand on her tit. Good… and you, put your fingers to her clit.” A slight moan came from deep inside me as she began to massage my already moist clit.

“Oh, that’s nice.” He began to undo his pants. “Now lay her down honey.” He said to me as he pulled his pants off.

We both lay down next to his naked body and continued to caress and kiss as he started to rub himself gently. She took her lips from my mouth and brought them gently to my nipples, all the while gently fingering my clit. She added another finger and he opened my legs to get a better view.

She saw this as a green light and moved the three fingers she was using, roughly inside of me, the aching throb of being so horny was suddenly washed away by sheer pleasure. She moved her lips to my clit, and my legs began to shake gently with every pass of her tongue. She moved her fingers up into türkçe bahis me methodically with her mouth.

He moved, as she was leaning over the bed pleasuring me, he positioned behind her. Knowing my husbands methods, I asked her if she liked it in the ass. A slight muffled moan came from between my legs.

He didn’t go right at it. Taking his time and watching her pleasure me, he bent down and smoothly ran his lips and tongue across her butt cheeks. Using his hands to rub her dripping pussy.

“Do you like your ass licked?” I asked her. I didn’t know if it was a response or if it was the moan of pleasure she got from his tongue lapping at her rosebud. I heard her moan again as he inserted his fingers into her pussy.

I shivered, knowing the pleasure he was giving her while she was giving it to me. He removed his fingers from her pussy and gently started to push into her rosebud. I could feel her jerk with each push. Finally he had gotten the finger into her and moved steadily in and out of her. He move his other hand to her pussy and began with one finger there.

Feeling her loose control of what she was doing to me, I got up. I stood beside my husband for a moment, intrigued by the way he was pleasing her. I watched him add another finger simultaneously to both of her openings, and another. He had gotten three fingers into her tight ass and continued to add to her pussy. Four… He began to move harder and her gasps became louder. I made a move to the night stand and pulled out a sixteen inch double ended, plus ten inch vibrator and a slimmer seven inch vibe. After total lubrication, I gave him the double ended dildo. I watched as he removed his fingers, fist still ramming hard into her pussy, and he inserted the wide head of the dildo into her ass. She moaned almost paralyzed by what she was feeling. He pushed the dildo in farther, two inches in her tight ass, he moved it slightly, twisting a wiggling. Then another two inches.

I barely heard her say “more” as I watched him shove another three inches in, he gave up on his gentleness now. His fingers started ramming her harder and harder. The dildo moving in and out quickly, deeper every time.

“Hold it.” I said and he held the dildo inside of her and I took over on her ass. She was taking ten inches then and I began to ram it as hard and as fast as I could. Her moans became screams, the screams forming the words “fuck me”. She let out a shrill moan as she burst onto güvenilir bahis siteleri my husbands hand. She fell limp and I removed the dildo as he removed his fingers.

We were not finished, and she was still willing. “Get up on your knees.” I told her and she was instantly on all fours. I laid under her in the sixty nine way and I begun to lap up her juices. I gave her the vibrator.

As I was licking her juices she licked my clit. She turned the vibrator on before she was ready to stick it inside me. She pushed it up inside with force on the first thrust. She banged it as hard as she could and held her tongue steadily on my clit. I moaned loudly with pleasure, and with my head in her juices my husband moved to stand behind her. Knowing he has loosened her pussy too much he moved to the rose bud.

She rammed me harder as he started to fuck her ass. I moved my tongue rapidly in and out of her pussy, over her clit and down to the ass my husband was fucking. I licked his shaft as he entered her, sucked his balls. I used the other end of the sixteen inch dildo and rammed it into her pussy.

My husband and the beautiful woman we were with moaned at the same time as the pressure inside of her condensed.

I knew it was time. With the dildo almost a full ten to twelve inches inside her pussy, and my husband’s eight in her ass while I was licking his shaft and his balls. With her licking my clit and slamming me with the ten inch vibrator. I lifted my free hand into position to spread his cheeks. I move my mouth to his rosebud and licked each time he came back for another thrust into her tight ass.

I grabbed the slick slim vibrator and turned it on low. I spread his cheeks with my thumb and little finger, slowly I inserted it into his rosebud. With a low male grunt, he pushed back on it and then thrusted back into her. I held it there as he moved himself back and forth. Each time wanting more of the vibration shoved into his ass.

He move a hand down to mine and turned the vibration up as he pushed my hand down farther into him. I positioned three fingers around the vibrator and started to insert them as well. He began to shake, and with his hard dick pounding harder and harder into her ass. I moved the dildo I had in her harder and faster, and the one in him quicker and more forceful. And almost simultaneously, they both screamed with the pleasure of explosion. Him into her ass, and her onto the double end I had as far into her as I could.

It ended with me catching the dripping cum of his from her ass, and hers from her pussy. I didn’t finish, but there will always be next time. It’s safe to say now that my husband and I have something to talk about for a while.

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