Caught Underwares


Rhonda came home early from work one day; her boss giving her the afternoon off in appreciation of the extra hours she had worked over the past busy weeks. She parked the car in the street, intending to change her clothes before going out shopping. She thought her stepson Tony would be home from school and in his room either surfing the net or doing his homework, probably the former.

Tony was a studious boy, and at 18 had spent most of his teenage years studying, with excellent grades the result. The flip side to this was that he had only a small circle of friends, played little sport except an irregular game of tennis, and rarely went out with girls. In fact, he had never had a steady girlfriend. He was a regular, well-adjusted boy, albeit a little shy and introverted. Tony’s parents were not worried; there was plenty of time for him to grow up once he started university next year.

What Rhonda didn’t expect was to find when she got home was Tony in her bedroom. She paused at the open door of her bedroom and saw Tony standing in front of the full length mirror totally nude save for a pair of black crutchless lace nickers. The shock of this sight left her speechless and glued to the spot, watching as Tony’s right arm moved rapidly up and down – it was obvious he was masturbating. His left arm held something up to his face. She moved quietly to the side and could see in the reflection of the mirror that Tony was holding a kind of white fabric to his nose and mouth. It was then that she recognised the cloth to be the panties she had been wearing yesterday – Tony was sniffing her soiled underwear while he masturbated in front of the mirror!

It then dawned on her that the crutchless panties he wore were hers also, a present from her husband on their anniversary a few years back. She had buried them in her underwear draw and never worn them, a “stupid” article of lingerie bought my men and worn only by prostitutes.

It had been a good five minutes by now that Rhonda had stood by the door watching Tony’s mirrored reflection. His penis looked very hard and angry and from the guttural sounds Tony was making it seemed he was close to ejaculating. Rhonda knew she had to stop what he was doing, but at the same time the sight of the smooth young man’s body and erect penis was making her very excited. She could feel her vagina had become quite wet and she had overwhelming urge to rub her clitoris.

Rhonda entered the room and spoke softly.

“What are you doing, Tony”

Tony jumped as he looked in the mirror and saw his stepmother in the room. His face went bright red as he dropped her panties and reached for his shorts and jeans. “

I, I, I’m, I’m sorry….” he stuttered. “I was, I was just….”

“Yes, I can see what you were doing” interrupted Rhonda. Her tone was controlled and even.

She wasn’t angry. She could see Tony’s obvious embarrassment in being caught masturbating in his parent’s bedroom, not to mention sniffing her panties, and strangely, she was excited by it.

“ Do you like my panties, Tony?” Rhonda quizzed the embarrassed boy.

Tony looked away.

“Answer Antep Bayan Escort me, Tony”.

“ Please don’t tell Dad, please!” Tony pleaded as he held his jeans in front of his now deflated penis.

“ Well I think we should talk about this before I make any decision regarding your father” she replied. “ Now answer my question, do you like my panties?”

He looked at the floor and nodded his head.

“What do you like about them” He shuffled his feet and looked at the floor. “Answer me, Tony” she softly demanded. “

I like the way they smell, and I like the soft feel of them” he replied, still unable to look at here.

“Do you shoot your sperm into them?”

He looked up at her and appeared almost ready to cry. He didn’t need to reply. Rhonda felt a shiver at how helpless he looked, and how incredibly turned on the conversation was making her. She then remembered how crusty her nickers had been sometimes when she put them in the washing machine. It had never occurred to her that it was Tony making them that way.

“You have done this before, in here, haven’t you?”

Tony lowered his head again as he gave it a quick nod.

“Do you do it here every day, after school?”

“No”, he replied.

“ But most days?” He reluctantly nodded again.

“It’s OK, Tony. All boys masturbate. I see your bed sheets, and the tissues and rude books you keep under your bed, but to do it in here, with my panties, is very naughty indeed, Tony”.

She spoke in an almost lighthearted manner.

He tried to leave the room but she blocked his path.

“Just a few more questions, Tony.”

Tony could sense he was not in trouble and started to relax and answer Rhonda’s questions openly. She questioned him about his previous sexual experiences and discovered that there was not much to tell. He was definitely still a virgin and relied on rude books, “borrowed” from his father’s collection secreted in the garage, for his masturbatory activities. And of course, there was Rhonda’s panties.

“Have any of the girls you dated let you touch them?” she inquired.

“Once a girl let me pull her pants down and touch her, and feel her breasts.”

“Where did you do this, Tony.”

“At the back of the school oval, behind the groundsmen’s shed.

“I see,” Rhonda replied. “Did she rub your dicky for you, Tony”

By now Rhonda’s voice was husky and she was breathing rapidly.

“Oh, no”, Tony replied disappointingly. “I came home and went straight to my bedroom and played with myself. I could smell her on my fingers.”

“I see,” said Rhonda, in a matter of fact tone.

“Is that why you like to smell my panties?” Rhonda asked. She was trying to disguise how excited she was. “They smell like your friend”?

Tony nodded.

“Would you like to finish what you have started here?”

Tony’s embarrassment returned as his jaw dropped and he just stared at Rhonda, unable to speak.

“ Look, I’ll help you”

With that she kicked off her shoes, reached under her skirt and started pulling down her panty hose, and stepping out of them. She then hitched her skirt up on her thighs and slowly started to remove her underwear, all the time staring Tony in the eyes. Tony’s face was one of bewilderment as Rhonda revealed her pubic hair and slowly pushed her pants down to here ankles. She bent over and picked up the baby blue bikini pants and offered them to Tony.

“It’ll be much nicer with some fresh panties rather than those old ones.”

She was now speaking to him as if he were a child.

Tony hesitated to take the pants. He head was spinning. He could smell her sex without having to place the panties in his face and his penis was starting to harden again, rapidly. He dropped his jeans on the floor and took his stepmother’s wet underwear from her. He was intrigued at how moist they were and how strong her feminine smell was. He held them to his nose and savoured the intense odour.

His penis was now fully erect and Rhonda stared at it approvingly.

“Give it a rub for me, Tony. It’s alright sweetheart. It’s just between us, OK?” she said soothingly.

Tony started to masturbate his penis in front of her while she watched intently.

“Would you like to have a look, as well?

Before he could reply she undid her skirt and took it off. Naked from the waist down she then sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide.

“Can you see, Tony?” she enquired. “Why don’t you come here and have a close look and you can smell me first hand”

Again, she spoke to him in a child like manner. Tony immediately dropped to his knees and placed his face between here legs.

Again she enquired. “Can you see, Tony? Does it smell nice?” Tony was too overcome to speak.

He just groaned, ”Oooh Mummy! He had never before called her Mummy, or even Mum. She had always been Rhonda since his father had remarried after his mother’s premature death.

Rhonda was in a high state of excitement. She placed her hand behind Tony’s head and gently pulled his face onto her wet vulva, holding it there for a few seconds and then releasing him, and then repeating the procedure. She felt his hot, panting breath in her vagina and his inexpert kisses on her labia. Tony continued to slowly masturbate until he felt he felt he could hold on no longer.

“Mummy, I have to do it”.

“That’s OK, sweetheart, stand up and Mummy will help you”

She enjoyed that he had called her Mummy. She had him lay on his back across the bed with his head just over the edge. Rhonda noticed his mouth, cheeks and nose where totally wet with her abundant juices. She positioned her legs either side of his face so that he could continue to smell and kiss her and then bent over to reach his penis. Rhonda lovingly cupped his testicles in one hand and gently and slowly stroked his penis with the other. She giggled to herself at the sight of the silly crutchless nickers he was still wearing

After only a dozen stokes Tony again crooned “Oooh Mummy”

Rhonda then squatted slightly so that her vulva was once again on his face. She spoke softly with her soothing voice.

“That’s a good boy, Tony. Squirt it out for Mummy, shoot it out, sweetheart”

With another groan Tony ejaculated, sending a huge torrent of sperm into the air before splashing down on his chest. He squeezed his legs together as his bottom spasmed up and down off the bed as further jets erupted from his penis all over his belly and Rhonda’s hand.

Tony panted for air as Rhonda released her grip on his penis and scrotum. She pulled his head up and cradled it as she sat on the bed.

“Was that nice sweetheart?’

His eyes closed as he nodded slightly. She patted his forehead and his hair. Rhonda could smell her sex on him and see her juices drying all over his face.

When Tony had stopped panting Rhonda released his head. She could wait no longer.

“I have to do it too, sweetheart. You can watch me do it, if you like.”

She lent up against the bed head and opened her legs, bending them at the knees. Rhonda quickly started to massage her engorged clitoris, finally able to release some of her built up sexual tension. She masturbated with her fingers, sliding them in and out of her thoroughly wet vagina.

Tony positioned himself on the bed between her legs and watched mesmerised as she played with herself. As she fast approached her orgasm, she brought her legs together and furiously rubbed her clitoris. Tony had never seen a woman climax before and thought she must be in great pain as her body stiffened, her face contorted, and with her mouth agape and eyes closed tight she had a powerful orgasm.

He grabbed her other hand and squeezed it as she came, Rhonda squeezing back. After her orgasm she opened her eyes and looked at him dreamingly. While still looking him squarely in the eyes she started to rub again, and quickly had another orgasm. She was so sexually charged that she climaxed another three times before her need subsided.

Tony’s penis was again hard and he asked Rhonda if could play with it.

“Of course, sweetheart. Stand by the bed and show me how you cum into my panties,” Rhonda whispered to him.

Rhonda unbuttoned her blouse and snapped open her bra exposing her milky white breasts with their dusky brown nipples.

“Do you like my breasts too, Tony? Do they make your dicky hard? Let Mummy see you wank yourself off” she said encouragingly.

Tony stood close by the bed, her panties in one hand and penis in the other, staring at his stepmother’s breasts. Rhonda’s hands cupped her breasts and pushed them up together.

“Do they look sexy to you, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, they’re lovely” Tony managed to reply, as his body tensed and he quickly shot another load. The first spurt jumped over the panties he held in front of his penis and landed on squarely on Rhonda’s inviting breasts.

“Oh Tony, what another big cum you’ve done,” flattering her adolescent stepson.

Tony finished his orgasm, soaking Rhonda’s baby blue bikini pants. She reached over and took his hand.

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone about our little play time and I’ll see if I can come home from work early again, sometime soon”

Tony smiled and nodded approvingly.

“And take off those silly black nickers” she laughed.

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