Cheryl’s Revenge


Cheryl was an extremely well to do business women in her late 30’s. She could afford to put up with the unemployed, younger, money grubbing, bastard she had been supporting for the last five years.

Even though Cheryl could afford a house keeper, Mike was given an ample allowance in exchange for keeping the 2,200 square foot condo suite tidy. She felt he had to do something to contribute to the relationship other than providing her with the sexual comfort she craved but he reluctantly submitted to. He was often too tired to perform. Or when he did, the performance was lackluster. His sperm output was pitiful; only a few white spurts.

While Cheryl toiled to bring him the life he enjoyed, Mike would often meet up with women and spend his sexual energy on them instead often paying for a couple of hours in a motel room or paying hookers for sex in the Sequoia Cheryl bought for him.

Thursday, Cheryl told Mike, “I’m taking the Sequoia. My Lexus needs maintenance. Please take it in to the dealer for me.”

“No problem!” Replied Mike aloud but still laying in bed as he watched his financial benefactor finish dressing for work, but to himself mutter, “Fuck! There goes my day wasted on her crap again!”

As always Cheryl dress immaculately for work. Perfect fitting designer skirted suits; never slacks, curved around her perfect hips and ass (she thought business slacks made women “wanna be” business men). She used her killer body to her advantage. Her tops and jackets always framed her 35C breasts but never exposed or over the line. Underneath, Cheryl always wore beautiful lingerie. Stockings and garters; never those dreaded panty hose. Five inch heels defined her shapely legs.

Cheryl kissed Mike goodbye and drove to the office wondering why Mike rarely finds her desirable.

Mike reluctantly got up and dressed. He decided since Cheryl was making him “work” he deserved a reward. He picked up his I Phone and called his favourite “friend” Rochelle for a little tete a tete; the mouth of her “tete” on the “tete” of his cock.

“Hi Roch! It’s Mike.” He said. “I’ve got to take the bitch’s car in for some crap, but how about meeting up later for some fun? I’ll pick you up at your place around noon.

At the office, Cheryl checked her calendar. She did have a lunch meeting with one of her clients that day. Cheryl’s assistance had made reservations last week at Circa on the patio. The upper patio would give them the outdoor experience without the street level noise and exposure. Cheryl left and gave herself plenty of time to make sure she wasn’t going to be late. When she got there, the hostess informed her that her guest could not make it due to a serious illness in the family and regrets the late notice and inconvenience. Thinking she’s already there, Cheryl decides on lunch.

Enjoying the warmth of the sun, Cheryl ate a light lunch with a glass of chilled Chablis. She just happened to look down towards the street and noted something familiar. Stopped at the light was her car. She double checked and confirmed it as hers. Then looked and saw her “boyfriend” and some other female. They were kissing as they waited for the light to change.

“That bastard!” Cheryl muttered to herself. She paid her bill and left. “Thank you for the service. The food was great as always.”

She walked to the SUV. Due to the height, she could only park it in an outside lot. The sun warmed the inside cab but not unbearably hot. When she got in, there was a distinct and pungent odour. The smell of stale sex.

Cheryl and Mike always drove the Lexus whenever they were out together and certainly never made out in the Sequoia. Cheryl started looking around inside. She got into the back seat and started to feel around. Between the seats, her fingers felt something and fished it out. Pinched between her thumb and index finger was a pair of black lace panties.

Cheryl looked at the label which said “Starkers” a local sex clothes shop stripper go to shop. She would never stoop so low as to buy anything there. She inspected the crotch area and noted white crusty marks.

Cheryl sat in the back seat stunned; thinking what was going on. In reality, it confirmed what Cheryl suspected, denied and could never prove.

“That son of a bitch is going to pay!” Cheryl said aloud to herself and planned what she would do next.

Cheryl called her assistant and cancelled anything planned that afternoon or the next day. She drove home and found the house empty. She waited for Mike to return.

Mike had taken Rochelle to some out of the area place for lunch, then to a nearby motel for an afternoon of sucking and fucking. Totally spent, Mike dropped his date off and went home.

As Mike parked in the garage, he could not help but notice bağdatcaddesi escort his Sequoia. His mind raced. Cheryl was never home early. “What was going on? Think fast!”

He slowly entered the door. Cheryl was standing there in the middle of the living room; arms folded under her heaving breasts.

“Hi honey!” Mike went on a preemptive path. “The dealer was overbooked so they had to cancel the appointment. I’ll rebook something for later.”

“Mike?” Cheryl paused. “What’s this?”

Dangling from her finger was the pair of black panties she found.

“Ummm…. Errrr…. ” was all mike could muster. Rochelle had lost them during an earlier rendez vous.

“Are these yours?” Cheryl asked.

“Huh?” Mike looked puzzled.

Cheryl smiled coyly and continued. “Have you been hiding your fetish from me?”

Mike panic. “Yes, they’re mine!” Not really sure where this was going.

“Oh Mike! You like to wear women’s underwear! I think they are beautiful.” Cheryl was seething inside. “Put them on.”

“No! What! Now?!?” Mike really panicked. He was afraid Cheryl would figure out his treachery and eject him from his cushy surroundings.

“Yes please Mike!” Cheryl pretended to beg. “I think you would look so sexy in them!”

Unsure, Mike thought “How bad can this turn out?” as he cautiously took the lacy bottoms and turned towards the bedroom.

“No Mike, strip here and let me watch you put them on.” Cheryl told him. “I think it’s kind of hot!”

Stunned by this turn of event, Mike slowly started to remove his clothes. Naked in the middle of the room, he tried to figure out where the fly was.

“The bow goes in the front.” Cheryl reminded him “but of course you already know that! Silly me!”

Mike stepped his feet through the leg holes and pulled them up over his hips. Even though his hips were slim, the panties were smaller and barely fit. With his sexual energy depleted, his soft member tucked in easily.

“They look a little snug for you Miky.” Cheryl noted.

“I er guess maybe I gained some weight.” Mike quickly replied.

“Yes, us girls always need to be conscience of our weight!” Cheryl stated sarcastically since she has never had to diet.

“They ARE pretty on you though. I guess you wear them when you go out since I found them in the Sequoia.” Accused Cheryl.

“Uhh… yeah.” Mike was still stunned. “I guess I forgot them in the truck.”

“They must make you pretty excited too. I found your cum stains inside the pussy area!” Cheryl lied. She could tell the difference between male and female cum marks. “But it looks like you are having a bit of trouble getting excited now. Maybe I can help.”

Cheryl took off her jacket and skirt. Dress in her white silk bra, panties, she dropped to her knees in front of Mike. Her hands slide up his inner thighs and fished out his limp dick from his panties.

Cheryl easily took his soft 4 and a half inches into her mouth. She could taste the latex from the condom he must have used. “At least the bastard isn’t stupid and considerate enough to use protection!’ she thought.

Cheryl used every trick she knew to get him aroused. Even fully hard, Mike was only 5 thin inches long.

Finally hard enough, Cheryl screamed “Fuck me from behind!” She dropped onto her hands and knees.

He fell between her stocking cladded legs and pulled her panties aside before thrusting his cock inside her wet slit. Mike had never felt this excited with Cheryl before and started pounding her cunt from behind.

It took only 30 seconds before Mike started shooting his load which wasn’t that big; mostly air and a couple of small spurts. It was so little, Cheryl never had to worry about Mike making her pregnant.

“That was great Mike!” Cheryl lied. The only thing that really made Cheryl wet and come was what she revenge she had planned for him.

Friday Morning

“That was so hot last night Mike!” Cheryl pretended to still be excited. “I loved making out with you in your panties. What other women’s things do you have?”

Mike was caught off guard by the question. “Uh … None. Um… Just the one.”

“Oh!” Cheryl pretended to be disappointed.

Later Cheryl announced she was going out but would be back soon so Mike wouldn’t have time to go anywhere let alone fuck with one of his cunts.

Cheryl went to Starkers. “What a skanky place this is!” She thought to herself. She looked around and bought a couple of things for Mike and hurried home before Mike got any thought of leaving somewhere.

“Mike! I bought you some new clothes.” Cheryl told him. “Let’s try them on.”

Mike was still in his dressing robe from the morning even though it was mid afternoon. Cheryl beykoz escort stripped him of his gown. His naked, pale mostly hairless body almost made her puke.

Cheryl pulled out a pink boned satin and stretch beaded lace bustier with adjustable ruffle stocking straps and underwire cups from one of the bags.

“Here, let me help you on with this.” As she slipped his arms through the straps. The back lacing allowed for the variance in his body, but Cheryl laced it very tightly; Mike had a hard time breathing. Cheryl had also bought some size “C” falsies which she stuck on to Mike’s chest with a superglue that when dry, he would not be able to remove them without ripping his skin off. Under the bra cups, they actually looked pretty good.

Mike stood there in awe. Too stunned to move, too scared to protest, too stupid to do anything but be manipulated.

Next came matching satin and lace panties. The bum area had a little padding to build up the lack of shape Mike had. The crotch area was tied closed by three lacy ribbons, but when Mike was bent over, Cheryl knew his rear entrance would be accessible.

Cheryl then helped him on with his new white seamed stockings with pink polka dots. The tops were lacy flutes and a big white bow where the seams ended. Cheryl clipped the garters on the welts. “He could look pretty cute with a little more effort.” Thought Cheryl.

Cheryl pushed Mike face first on to the bed before she started taking her clothes off. She stood over him dressed in a black boned corset. She needed no padding to fill the cups or panties. From one of the other bags, she pulled out a strap-on harness fitted with a veined 8-inch silicone cock.

Mike peeked behind him. “Wha…? What are you going to do with that?”

“Well Mike. Hmmm! Mike isn’t really a girlie enough name for you.” Cheryl told him. “What about …. Mia! I always like that name.”

“Mia!” Mike exclaimed.

But before he could protest further Cheryl went on. “Yes! Mia! Glad you like it.”

“Well Mia. I think your girlie ass needs to understand what it means to be taken.” Cheryl said. “Like all us girls have to put up with. It will help you become a true women.”

Cheryl mounted Mike from behind. Her weight easily pinned Mike to the bed. Though the rear hole in Mike’s panties, Cheryl pushed her lubed cock between Mike’s cheeks. No matter how hard Mike tried to clinch her cheeks, the slick lubed tube easily slipped through to its ultimate target.

“It’s easier if you don’t resist so much Mia.” Cheryl advised Mike. “Either way, it’s going in!”

With that Cheryl pushed as the pointed tip penetrated Mike’s hole.

“Oooh!” squealed Mike.

“Enjoy it Mia.” Cheryl urged. “Accept it with open arms or maybe I should say open anus!”

Cheryl pushed a little harder and the head popped through Mike’s cherry ass. There was no stopping it now. Cheryl started to slowly thrust deeper and deeper until almost the entire length of her cock was inside Mike.

“Oh yes! Fuck me!” moaned Mike as she started to push her ass into Cheryl’s attacking tool. “Oh fuck yes!”

“My Mia likes it now, doesn’t she?” Cheryl goaded her.

“Yes! I’m your Mia. Please fuck me!” Mike gasped acceptingly. “Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me like a bitch!”

Cheryl tried to pull Mia’s hips up so she could fuck more doggie style. Mia complied but kept her face buried in some pillows trying to muffle her moans of ecstasy as Cheryl pumped in and out.

Mia could feel her climax build when Cheryl extracted her cock from Mia ass.

“No! Please put it back.” Mia begged. “Put it back deep inside me!”

Cheryl knew she could do anything to Mia now. She rolled Mia onto her back and placed her legs over her own shoulders. Mia’s rear entry was begging to be filled again. Cheryl fulfilled that desire, pushed the entire length back in and started pounding Mia’s ass as hard and fast as she could.

Mia’s cock strained against the thin material of her panties. The tip of her penis barely peeked from under the waist band was fiery red. It was the hardest Mia had ever felt.

“Come on you bitch!” shouted Cheryl. “Take my cock! Feel my cock deep inside your ass!”

Mia started to cum, even without touching it. White goo spewed onto her white belly and pink bustier. It was the most Cheryl had ever seen Mia come.

With one final thrust, Mia screamed “Ga..w..d!” Then fainted.

Cheryl satisfied with herself, unstrapped the harness and left it stuck deep in Mia’s oozing ass. Grabbing her Nikon, Cheryl clicked a number of digital photos of Mia as future insurance, and as a keepsake.

Mia woke up an hour later. Her belly was sticky from the explosion of cum. Her sore ass still filled with Cheryl’s strap-on caddebostan escort cock. Mia slowly pulled out with a pop.

“Click! Click!”

“What?” Mia asked stunned.

“You look so cute dress like a girl and a fat cock up your ass.” Cheryl told him. “I thought you might like to have a reminder.”

“No! Wait!” Mia started to protest.

“Oh, don’t worry. The other photos are already downloaded and securely stored.” Cheryl informed him. “

“Here finish dressing.” Commanded Cheryl as she tossed some other things at Mia. “Time to go.”

“Go where?” Mia asked.

“For more fun!” Cheryl replied. “What else? Or should I say ‘or else'” as she tapped on the camera.

Seeming to having no other choice, Mia took the clothes. There was a tight fitting white cotton shirt, a mid thigh length pleated skirt and red strappy open toed 4-inch heeled shoes.

Cheryl watched Mia get dressed to make sure she complied. All the while taking pictures of Mia “getting ready.”

Mia tried to stand and nearly broke her ankles, but after a little instruction and practice, Mia was able to walk with only a slight wobble.

Cheryl brushed Mia’s shoulder long hair into a more presentable appearance, applied some mascara to Mia’s lashes, and finally a bit of lipstick; first to Mia, then her own.

“We’re going for a drive.” Cheryl ushered Mia to the Sequoia. “Come on it will be fun.”

Again, Mia having no choice followed. As she tried to get into the truck, the high step in caused her skirt to rise over her ass.

“Mia! You slut!” Cheryl spanking her ass and pretending to scold her. “Flashing your ass like that could get you in trouble.”

Off Cheryl drove.

Mia started to recognize some of the sites. This is where the gay section of town was.

“Let’s pretend!” Cheryl said all of a sudden. “Okay, you get out and stand on the corner. I’ll drive around the block and pick you up pretending you’re a hooker.”

“I don’t know.” Mia said with a trembling voice. “I’m not so sure!”

“It’ll be fun!” Cheryl reassured Mia. “Then we can drive somewhere and I’ll fuck you in the ass again. You enjoyed that didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m still not sure it’s….” Mia said unconvinced.

“It’ll be okay.” Cheryl said confidently. “And remember the pictures!”

Reluctantly Mia stepped out of the truck. No matter how she tried, she could not stop her skirt from rising and exposing her panties. Cheryl called her a “slut” each time she flashed.

Mia stood on the corner as she watched Cheryl pull away and turn the corner. She looked down the street and saw what looked like another female bent over talking through an open car window to the driver.

She waited a few minutes. At least it was warm out.

A few more minutes past. Not sure how long since she did not have a watch with her. The car down the road drove off after the female got inside.

A black pick up stops in front of Mia.

“Hey!” One of the guys yells at Mia. “Looking for a party?”

Mia looks confused. “Uhhh. No! I’m waiting for someone.”

“Looks available to me!” Answers the driver. “What do you think?”

“I think she’ll do!” said the passenger. “Get in!”

“Fuck off you ass!” Mia cursed at them.

The passenger got out of the truck. Mia tried to run but the high heels prevent her from being agile so “Bubba” easily caught her by the scruff of the neck and pushed her hard against the truck. Holding her with one hand, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his angry hard on.

Unceremoniously, he lifted Mia’s skirt and pushed his cock between her cheeks rubbing it against her exposed asshole. “Billie-Bob” the driver got out and already had his cock exposed. He grabbed Mia’s head and pulled it towards his groin. Bubba held Mia by the waist and pushed his dick head into Mia’s loosened hole. Billie-Bob shoved his down Mia’s throat. So deep, she doesn’t have time to gag.

Fucked from both ends, Mia could not stop the assault.

“You fucking loud mouth bitch!” Grunted Bubba. “How do you like that?”

“Yeah!” echoed Billie-Bob. “And where’s the other ass you’re waiting for?”

“Where was Cheryl?” Mia thought.

Suddenly she felt empty. She could breath through her mouth and her ass no longer felt full. Still bent over with her ass exposed, Mia watched at Bubba and Billie-Bob were on the ground being cuffed by the police and thrown into the back of a waiting prison van.

“Come on!” said one of the officers to Mia. “Your work day’s done.”

In the local cop prison with a half dozen other “girls”, Mia stood, dazed.

“Hey you!” The cop called to Mia. “Who’s your pimp? No one has called for you yet. Are you new? I don’t recognize you at all.”

“No, I’m not a hook …” Mia started. “I’m …”

“Never mind.” Interrupted the cop. “You can get one call to your Manager.”

Mia called Cheryl’s number.

“Hello.” Answered Cheryl. “Mike? Mike who? I don’t know anyone called Mike. You must have a wrong number. Good bye ….. Mia!”

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