Lynn’s Alley Ch. 12



It was early January, the third to be exact, when our plane lifted Sami and me into the friendly skies, banking to the west, heading to la-la land, LA, city of freaks and egos; but, the city in which we will spend a night before boarding our early morning flight to Maui.

Settling in with her IPod and ear-buds, Sami curled up to listen to music and to read a bit. I put on the earphones to the airplane music channels, found some soft blues and leaned back into my seat, closing my eyes to relax and think.

Between the holidays, we had received a Christmas card from Sami’s parents, thanking us for doing so much for Sami, for ‘taking an interest’ in her, watching out for her. Very sweet, almost making us feel guilty about our relationship with Sami; almost, but no cigar.

It was true that we did indeed, at the end of the day, have Sami’s best interests at heart. The fact that we loved her fine, young pussy was just a part of the equation. Sami was a rarity; a young woman able to separate business and socializing, a woman who would never dreamed of using her status in our bed for personal gain, or to use it against us.

Sami had come to jokingly refer to herself as our ‘girlfriend’, that she had two girlfriends at the same time.

Not totally untrue, was it?

When she became more a part of our personal lives, we discovered that she had played golf in high school but hadn’t touched clubs in a few years. There was no way we were not going to get her playing again, so we began teaching her some basics, helping her with her strokes, etc. She was able to play with us now, every once in a while, playing a consistent double-bogey game after only being back at it for a month or so.

We, Sami and I, brought Ali’s clubs with us, since Ali would be coming out for the second week anyway. Sami said her goal was to sun, swim, and to play golf with me. I called ahead for a couple of lessons for Sami, with Anita, the pro I used when in the islands. I smiled to myself when I thought of how Anita was going to cream herself when she sees Sami.

So, there it was, off once again to Maui, the same, but yet, different.

We landed at LAX around four in the afternoon, and took our overnights with us, our checked baggage and clubs automatically being routed to our Hawaii flight, the next morning.

Snagging a ride on the Sheraton’s shuttle, we headed for our room, but more importantly, our room’s mini-bar! We were tired, we were thirsty, and we wanted to get drunk.

She hit the mini-bar right away, grabbing a couple of Scotch shorties, serving them to us ‘neat’, no ice, and no water. The dark liquor burned as it slid down my throat but yet felt good at the same time.

“Damn, that was just the ticket, Sami-girl, but we’ll need a bit more to achieve lift-off, don’t you think?” I said, my eyes tearing from the stinging sensation of the straight Scotch.

‘Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing, Lynn; want to hit the shower, and then hit the bar for a bit?” She asked.

“Maybe for a couple of drinks, or maybe a dozen; hell, let’s just see what plays out,” I answered her, slapping her on her young, fine ass, afterwards, “You jump in first, and then I’ll follow, okay?”

I eyed her nakedness appreciatively, beads of water still in a couple of spots, when she walked from the shower, dabbing at herself with the towel.

“Your turn, missy,” she said, smiling at me leering at her body, adding, “and if you’re real good tonight, you just might get some of this pussy that you’re admiring,” smiling at me even more so, after she said it.

Getting up and walking to the bathroom, dropping clothes behind me, I said, “Well, hell, that sounds like a hell of an incentive to be on my best behavior,” pausing to give her a lingering kiss before I left the room.


Sami and I were dressed in simple, but yet sexy, dress; showing a bit here and there, but tastefully so. We opted to grab a salad in the restaurant before hitting the bar. Food in our bellies, we headed for the largest of the bars at the Sheraton LAX hotel.

We found a couple of seats at the bar, signaled and ordered a couple of tall Scotch and waters. Settling into a quiet conversation between us, we sipped at our drinks, both of us checking out the clientele from time to time. Mostly businessmen, some single, most in groups of two or more; a few women, some with men, some not, some cute, some-not so much.

“How ’bout I buy you young ladies a drink and we get to know each other,” we heard a voice say from behind Sami’s back. Looking towards the voice, there was a man, probably in his late forties or so, and judging by the look in his eyes, he was already half-way in the bag.

“How ’bout we say, ‘thanks but no thanks’, and leave it at that,” Sami said with a degree of firmness.

“S’matter, you don’t think I can afford your rates?” He replied, his words a bit of a slur.

Shit! This asshole thought we were hookers; looking at the expression on Sami’s face, she Bayan Escort Gaziantep just arrived at the same conclusion.

“Sorry, pal, but you’ve got the wrong idea if you think we’re ‘working girls’, we’re not; we’re on our way to our vacation, and this is just a layover for us,” Sami said to him.

“S’ok,” he slurred, “I’d still pay you,” his eyes trying to focus on us.

“Get lost, buddy, you don’t have enough money for me to fuck you,” Sami said, an edge to her voice.

“S’matter? Afraid your girlfriend would get mad,” he said, indicating me with a thrust of his chin.

“If she wanted me to suck your dick on top of this bar, I’d do it to please her, but there’s no way she’d ask that of me. So, how about you take your drunk ass away from me and my lover,” that last part catching even me by surprise.

The bartender had noticed that this creep was pushing us in ways that we didn’t care for and had called for security. They showed up and escorted him away from us, apologizing for any embarrassment or trouble. We assured them that it was all good, now that he was leaving.

We turned back to our drinks, finishing them, and then started in on the two fresh ones that the bartender brought to us, on the house. We were both quiet for a bit when I started to giggle a bit, under my breath.

“What?” Sami said, starting to giggle because I was giggling.

“Ever been mistaken for a whore before?” I finally asked.

Laughing, she said, ‘No, have you?”

“No, but there have been times I’ve felt like one, especially when Ali and I go out on the prowl,” laughing a bit harder now, she laughing with me.

Gaining our composure finally, she looked at me, seriously and said, “I’d pay to fuck you.”

Looking back at her, I took her hand in mine and stood up, leaned in to her and whispered into her ear, “Luckily, you don’t have to, baby,” squeezing her hand in mine, leading her to the bank of elevators.

When we entered the room, I left the lights on the low setting and taking Sami by the hand, I led her to the foot of the bed. I held her eyes with mine as I took off my clothes, then as I began taking off hers.

Once we were both naked, I took her head between my hands and held it while I kissed her passionately, my tongue easily sliding down her throat. Kissing her neck, I traced a path to her breasts, taking each one, in turn, to suckle, kiss, and lick. Bending and dropping into a kneeling position, I kissed her flat stomach, tracing a wet path to her sweet smelling young bush, where I paused just a bit, to inhale her scent.

Reaching for her swollen clit with my tongue, I had it fluttering on it like a hummingbird’s wings while hovering, the tip barely touching her but enough so that it sent shock waves to her body, causing it to shake and tremor.

“Damn, I love it when you do that,” she said, her breathing a bit labored.

Just as quickly as she said it, I placed my mouth over her clit, sucking it while flicking my tongue hard against its swollen skin, causing her to gasp as she grabbed my head, pulling me harder against her pussy.

Just that quickly, she climaxed, one that caused her to moan her pleasure loudly, loud enough to be heard if someone was in the hall, I’m sure.

Leaving her standing at the foot of the bed, I rose and crawled onto the king-sized bed, opened my arms to her and said, “Come here, Sami-girl, come make love to me.”

She did, did this daughter of Mississippi, she crawled into my arms and made long, sweet, satisfying love to me into the wee hours of the early morning. I lost track of the orgasms, but I know that there were a lot of ’em.

Sami and I boarded our flight the next morning, both exhausted, sleeping on our flight to Maui. I don’t know about Sami but I dreamed of young, nubile college pussy until awakened by the tires hitting the tarmac in Maui.


It was a good year at the Gallery, and at my tech-business in the Twin Cities, so much so that I splurged this year for a Cadillac convertible, rather than the smaller Mustang or Sebring. Well, this year, with two sets of golf clubs, the extra trunk room was welcomed.

This was Sami’s first trip further than 200 miles from her home and she was loving the sun, and warm temperatures, leaning back with her head on the headrest, letting the sun warm her face. Glancing over towards her as I drove us to Wailea, towards our condo for the next two weeks, she reminded me of last year, when Nat had joined me on my yearly trek to the islands.

Damn, I thought, but the year has gone by fast.

My real estate agent that I use out here scored me another good deal; a two bedroom condo with private access directly onto the beach, and a westward-facing view to enjoy the sunsets from the privacy of the condo.

Getting settled into the two bedroom condo, Sami looked at the second bedroom with some curiosity and confusion, much like Nat had done last year. I gave Sami the same reasoning; extra room, extra closet space, might want to sleep alone, etc.

“Sleep alone? When I can sleep with you? I don’t fucking think so, Lynn,” giving me a you’ve-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me look.

“Well, in any event, the extra room is nice to have,” and she agreed with the extra room thing.

“Grab your bag, Sami-girl, we’re going into the mountains,” I said to her after we unpacked, well, mostly unpacked. I had called Pete from N’awlins and he was ready for me, again this year, telling me that his latest crop of ‘Maui Wowie’ was the best in years.

Damn, I thought, if it’s better than what I’ve had from him before, we were going to be seriously fucked-up on this trip.

I took the scenic route again, the top down on the caddie, sunglasses in place, and Sami ooohing and aaaaahing at the beauty of the drive and the view to the sea. We pulled into Pete’s place around one in the afternoon, warm greetings from Pete and his daughter, Milly; Pete’s better half was on the mainland, visiting relatives.

Sami gushed about how good the pork sandwiches was, as I told her it would be; saying goodbye to Pete and Milly, I paid our tab and took my ‘to go’ box, with my stash of Pete’s weed in it, out to the car.

As always, when I opened the box, he had a fat, rolled joint sitting on top of my purchase. Pulling away from town, I drove a short way out of town and pulled into a scenic overview parking area. Lighting the joint, I took a big hit and then handed it over to Sami.

“Oh damn, girl, this is dynamite shit,” Sami exclaimed.

“Yeah, I think that one hit will get me down the hill back to the condo,” I said, feeling the effects of the weed already.

Against my advice, Sami took another hit, a really deep hit, and in about twenty seconds, all she could say was “Whoa…” as her world started to spin.

I drove slowly back down the mountain; you bet your ass I did. Sami stayed quiet for most of the ride, but about halfway down the ‘hill’, she started talking some nonsensical crap, stoned-talk I call it. But in the middle, she sorta’ blind-sided me about Brenda.

“Brenda said she had a fun night, a couple of weeks ago, with you and Ali,” she suddenly said.

“She told you about that?” I asked, a little miffed that she did.

“She absolutely gushed to me about it,” Sami answered, her stone evident in her speech, adding, “and she absolutely adores your pink panther tattoo.”

“Huh,” I said, “I’m a little disappointed that she would talk about such a private matter.”

“Just to me, Lynn, after all the four of us do have a history,” she answered, correctly at that.

“Yeah, but still….” I said, letting my voice trail off.

“Hey, I’ll talk to her about being discreet, okay?” I know that I, for one, would like to have her back in bed with the three of us,” Sami said, her hand reaching over to rub my arm.

“Okay,” I finally said, “But it’s only because she has a great pussy,” laughing after I said it, Sami joining me.


We grabbed a quick nap of a couple of hours once we returned back to the condo, the smoke and the travel having caught up to us. We slept together, in my bedroom, but there was no sex, just much-needed sleep.

I woke up first, and quietly, I jumped into the shower to freshen up and to clean up from the road dirt from our drive. Drying off, I wrapped a short kimono around me and upon entering the bedroom again I saw that Sami had gotten out of bed.

“Hey, did you know that there are a couple of gay-friendly places in Maui?” Sami asked me when I walked into the dining nook. She was on my laptop, surfing the net.

“I think I did, but remember, last year when I was here, I was sorta’ new to this girl-girl thing and didn’t go searching for pick-up joints,” I said, grabbing a couple of beers from the fridge. I’m glad we stopped on the way to the condo from the airport for supplies and shit.

“Wanna’ check them out tonight, after dinner?” She asked, adding, “Says here that one caters to the college crowd.”

“And?” I prompted.

“And since I’m newly graduated from college, I thought I might score us an underclasswoman for some fun and games,” Sami answered.

“Boy, you are so much like Ali,” I said, chuckling.

“So is that a yes, or a no?” Sami pressed.

It was a yes, and we hit the college joint around ten o’clock that evening. Looking around at the clientele, I’d decided that I could be an instructor, or teacher at one of the Universities; not really so much out of place at thirty-two, I’d decided.

We found a table, near the back, and ordered couple of Tequila shots with beer backs. The waitress was impressed with our ‘heavy-duty’ choice.

“Stay here, I’m going to cruise the joint,” Sami said, leaning over and kissing me before she left our table.

She was gone quite a while, to the point that I was starting to get a bit worried, when I saw her walking through the dancers, back to our table; she had another young woman with her, their arms around each other’s waists.

“Lynn, this is Mel; she and I have been dancing a bit and I lost track of time,” Sami said in introduction.

‘Pleased to meet you Mel, won’t you join us,” I said to her, smiling.

“Sami said it’d be okay, that you wouldn’t mind,” Mel said, her eyes a bit worried.

“Of course, it’s alright, Mel, why wouldn’t it be?” I asked, a bit curious.

“I don’t know, I guess I didn’t want you to think I was trying to steal your girlfriend,” Mel answered.

Looking over to Sami, she had a big shit-eating grin on her face.

“Sami said you’d be okay with me going back to your place with ya’ll, you know, to watch,” Mel said, causing me to look at Sami again, this time my face a bit scrunched up, you know, like “What the fuck?”

“Mel’s a sophomore,” Sami said, her eyes sending me messages, “and she’s a sociology major. Mel comes to this club a lot, to research the lifestyle of gay women in Hawaii.”

Continuing, Sami added further, “Mel’s not gay; she’s had some flings with some of the club-goers here, but only for research,” the matter was becoming clearer to me, now, “after all, Mel’s not gay,” the sarcasm dripping from Sami’s statement.

“Ah, I see, and she’d like to come over to our condo to watch us? To watch how two ‘lezes’ make love? Is that correct?” I asked of them both.

Sami nodded her head, and Mel shook hers up and down.

Mel was nineteen or twenty (nineteen, it turned out), about Sami’s height but with a few more pounds; not fat, just solid, with a nice rack to go with her gorgeous smile.

“I told her that we’d drive her back to her dorm, later,” Sami added.

“Well, let’s not waste any more time here, then, girls, there’s research to be done,” I said to them both, rising to leave.

I had Sami ride in the back, putting Mel up front with me. I had decided to play along with Sami’s little game and to give Mel some serious research material. Hey, if that’s what she has to tell herself to explain her hanging with lesbians, then so be it.

While I drove us back to Wailea and the condo, we chit-chatted; while doing that, I slowly moved my hand towards Mel, finally resting it about half-way up her thigh. She didn’t say or do anything, seemingly comfortable with my hand there.

“Do you mind if I touch you a little bit, Mel?” I asked, my voice soft and sexy, and my hand beginning to slide up and down her thigh, my fingertips barely touching her dress material.

“No, Lynn, I don’t mind,” she said, looking at me and smiling.

“Would it be okay if Sami touched you, too?” I asked, the pressure from my fingers stronger now as I rubbed her thigh, coming close to her crotch.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” Mel answered me.

Reaching around to the side of Mel’s seat, Sami used the control to recline Mel’s seat back a bit, surprising Mel. Sami stopped the reclining motion, and put her hands on Mel’s arms, rubbing and caressing them as I continued rubbing Mel’s thigh.

Mel closed her eyes, and when Sami’s hands moved to Mel’s breasts, over her top, rubbing and squeezing her breasts, Mel simply smiled.

Sami looked over to me and smiled as well, blowing me an air-kiss.

This was going to be fun!

We sat in the living room, the three of us on the large couch and I produced the doobie from this afternoon from my purse; lighting it and passing it to Mel, I cautioned her of its potency.

Kids, they never listen.

After her coughing fit subsided, Mel leaned against me as the weed took her to mojo-land, her head snuggling against me. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a squeeze, then a kiss on her forehead, then a kiss on her lips, her mouth instantly opening to accept my tongue.

Her hand held my head to hers as our tongues danced. While this was going on, Sami decided to take off her clothes, and once naked, she started taking off Mel’s as well, Mel letting her do what she wanted.

Leaving Mel in her panties, Sami pulled Mel from me and began kissing her hard, her hand fondling Mel’s lovely, pert tits. I watched this as I took off my clothes as well, playing with myself for a bit as I watched them make out.

I walked up to them, kneeled on the floor and pulled Mel’s panties from her hips, then lowering my head, I began to eat her. Sami’s hands were all over Mel as they kissed and Mel was feeling up Sami, as well.

When her hip thrusts to my mouth increased to the point that I knew she was about to climax, I pulled my mouth from her young snatch, and stood up.

“Sami, bring Mel to our bed,” I said, walking off to my bedroom.

They joined me almost immediately, Mel and Sami still kissing as they walked up to the bed. I reached for Mel’s hand and pulled her to me, into my embrace, which she returned.

Kissing her sweetly and softly, my hands continued to feel and fondle her, as her hands began feeling me as well.

“Mel, I’m going to crawl between your legs and play with your pussy, okay?” I said to her.

“Okay,” she breathed into the air.

“Have you ever had two women make love to you, Mel,” Sami chimed in, leaning down to kiss Mel on the lips.

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