Massage Orgasm Ch. 09


Massaging April’s breast, Mary France said,

“I hear you went out with Lisa last night.” April froze.

It seemed like a million thoughts ran through April’s mind at one time. All about one thing-how did Mary France know? She felt her knees grow weak as Mary France continued massaging her breast.

“Yes, we did,” She said. She closed her eyes…please don’t stop, she thought, please, please don’t stop.

“Couldn’t wait, had to have some pussy, didn’t you,” Mary France pinched April’s nipple.

April felt pain and pleasure shoot through her body.

“Um…” April muttered.

Mary France pinched harder. April squirmed.

“God…” April whispered.

“Like that, baby?”

“Yes…yes…” April reached back around Mary France’s waist, pulled her closer.

“Tell me about your night with Lisa, bitch!” Mary France pinched harder, her other hand reaching and unclasping April’s bra. It fell to the floor. April felt Mary France’s hand cup her other breast, pinch her nipple.

“Oh…um…” April rasped.

Squeezing and pinching both of April’s breasts, Mary France, lips to April’s neck, said,

“Answer me! You had to have more pussy, didn’t you?” April’s pleasure overtook the pain, she pulled harder on Mary France’s hips trying to get closer, closer.

“Yes, yes!” April moaned. Wishing Mary France would pinch harder, April trembled, said,

“I saw Lisa at the desk…she was beautiful…you had me so wet I couldn’t think of anything else, so…I asked her.

“Asked her what??” Mary France pulled on April’s nipples, felt them lengthening, growing rock hard.

“About Escort Bayan Gaziantep you…about your customers…” April began moving her ass against Mary France, begging for release.

Mary France twisted, rubbed and pulled, harder even still. Turning April towards her bedroom, she guided her with her nipples, pulling April close to her.

Entering the bedroom, Mary France let go, turned April around.

“Take off your clothes, bitch!” April, breathing hard, unfastened her Capri’s, slid them down her legs.

“Panties, too, slut!” Mary France shouted. “Wait… let me look…you are so wet…” Mary France’s voice softened. She swallowed her excitement, knew she had to keep control.

“Take ’em off,” Mary France said. Her excitement flowed.

April took down her panties.

“Pick them up,” Mary France said. “Give them to me.”

April bent slowly, feeling now that Mary France was hot for her, she picked them up, reached to Mary France, offered them to her..

“Smell them,” April said. “I know you want to.”

Mary France took them, held them to her face, breathed in April’s aroma.

“Lick them,” April said. April reached and shoved the panties into Mary France’s mouth.

“Lick them!!” She shouted.

Mary France felt herself come.

April saw her shiver.

“Who’s coming with her clothes on now?” April said. A feeling of exultation overtook her. She got wetter, her excitement dripping down her leg.

Mary France dropped the panties on the floor, looked at April, moved closer to April, said,

“Take off your top.”

April, a soft smile on her face, stripped off her top, thrust her breasts out.

“All this time I thought I was lusting after you, thinking of nothing but you, obsessed with seeing you…but it was you…you loved what you did to me…couldn’t wait to do it again…could you?” Could you???”

April grabbed Mary France’s jacket, ripped it off of her shoulders, the buttons popping…Mary France wore a peignoir top, no bra.

“Take off those damn leather pants,” April said.

Seeing April’s lust, the admiration in her eyes, Mary France hesitated, cocked a hip.

“Like what you see, don’t you,” She said, “just like you did yesterday. Just like you did while you were making love to Lisa, just like you did when you fingered yourself in the massage room.”

Removing the peignoir, Mary France said, “go ahead, feel them,”

April reached out, cupped both of Mary France’s breasts, leaned down, took a nipple in her mouth, began sucking, running her tongue over and over the breasts, finally taking one of the nipples and sucking harder and harder.

“Trying to get some milk?” Mary France said.

The spell broken, April looked up at her face, said,

“Take off your pants…take off everything.”

Mary France shook her leather pants off, stood with hand on hips, moved closer to April.

All at once, Mary France grabbed April’s nipples, pinched, twisted, then pushed April down on the bed. Mary France fell atop of April, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to her breast.

“Suck it, suck it…suck it,” Mary France whispered.

April reached up, cupped the breasts, sucked.

“Ah…” Mary France sighed.

April sucked, felt Mary France’s nipples firm against her tongue.

April lay back against the pillow, reached up to cup Mary France’s breasts again.

“I love these,” she said. “Lisa fucked me with hers.”

Out of nowhere an open hand slapped April’s cheek, then another and another.

“Bitch!” Mary France said.

She slapped her again, leaned down to the pillow and spit in April’s face. “You fucking whore!” Mary France’s knee moved between April’s thighs, pressed against her pussy.

“Lisa told me you loved this too!” “Go ahead, fuck my knee!”

Mary France grabbed both of April’s breasts, twisted and pinched and slapped. April’s breasts grew red.

April felt her need grow stronger the more Mary France hit her. She tasted her own blood as it ran from her lips. She grinded against Mary France’s knee, harder and harder, until she came in violent orgasm. April still in spasms, Mary France thrust her fingers into April, scooped her cum, and raised it to April’s lips.

“Now, drink yours,” Mary France said.

April devoured Mary France’s fingers, said, “give me more.”

Mary France’s fingers trailed down April’s body, played in her vaginal hair, eased into April and harvested more cum.

Her fingers dripping with April’s juices, Mary France lowered her fingers and spread April’s come over her face.

“Here’s a little for your mouth,” Mary France said as she held her fingers above April.

April took Mary France’s hand and lowered it to her lips.

Still straddling April, Mary France leaned down and put a nipple in April’s mouth.

“Now tell me how Lisa fucked you with hers.”

April felt her clit grow hard again.

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