Steamy Office Fun


Stephen had been watching her ever since she had started working at his firm a few weeks ago. His old secretary had resigned for family reasons but efficient as ever she had found a replacement for him before leaving. Olivia was more than qualified for the job and he had no problems agreeing to her employment, but she had more than just qualifications, she had one of the sexiest bodies he had ever seen and he just couldn’t keep his eyes of her. Her long glossy black hair was always worn up in a bun, leaving her beautiful long neck exposed. Her eyes where such a dark brown colour they could easily be mistaken for black, and her skin was an olive colour, a testament to her Mediterranean origins.

She never wore any thing too revealing yet she oozed sensuality, like today, she was wearing a white-buttoned blouse, three buttons undone and a black pinstriped skirt, which was tight but almost, came to her knees. She had a graceful body, and from what he could see it was a full womanly one, hips that swayed slightly as she walked, a small waist and full breasts. She was quiet, polite and efficient, he couldn’t fault her work but as each day passed he found it harder to concentrate when she was around, he desired her so badly, but he had never allowed inter office romances and had always steered clear of the boss sleeping with his secretary cliché.

The heat didn’t help, they where experiencing a record heat wave this summer and it was beginning to affect everything, he just couldn’t concentrate, something had to give, and soon, before he went mad. A knock on the door shook him from his thoughts, “come in” he mumbled, taking a drink of the already warm water and grimacing at its taste.” I am sorry to disturb you but you said you needed a few letters written and it is getting late”. Stephan stared at her, she looked so cool, only a few minute beads of sweat on her forehead gave away the fact that she was also feeling the heat.

“Yes, of course I had completely forgotten, but they can wait till tomorrow if you want to go” he looked out of his office and saw that the last few employees where packing up to go home. “No its fine” she said “I would rather stay and get them done, I have nothing to rush home to”. Closing the door behind her she sat down on the other side of his desk. As she crossed her legs he began to wonder if she was wearing stockings or tights. He coughed nervously trying not to look at her too closely, desperately trying not to smell the fruity fragrance of her perfume. ” Right, well, shall we begin”?

He must have been halfway through the first letter when she suddenly interrupted him. Pointing to the fridge in the corner she asked ” would you mind if I got myself a cold drink I am afraid I am rather hot” “Of course not help yourself” he replied

He watched as she swayed towards the fridge, the leather of the chair had made her skirt rise up slightly, so that when she bent over to get a drink he could a just see the bottom of güvenilir bahis the lace at the top of her stockings. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, he could feel himself hardening as he did, he undid the top button of his shirt and loosened his tie suddenly feeling very restricted. Standing back up she undid the lid on the bottle of water, tilted her head back and began to drink. He became fixated on her throat watching it move as she swallowed the chilled liquid, a small dribble left her mouth and rolled slowly down over her chin, tracing the long line of her neck and slipping seductively down towards her cleavage. He could hear her small murmurs of enjoyment as she drank the refreshing liquid and he had to stifle a moan of his own, his cock pushing ever more forcefully against his pants, demanding freedom.

Finally she stopped drinking and returned, catlike to the chair, “sorry” she said, “It is just so humid, I can never seem to stay cool”. Stephen felt like remarking that she wasn’t exactly helping him to cool down either, as he watched she unconsciously undid another button, and began to pull at the top of her blouse to get some cool air down it. Now he could clearly see the sides of her restrained breasts and a little of the white lace from the bra she was wearing. He picked up a tissue and began to mop his brow, licking his dry lips, his voice raspy as he spoke “Shall we continue?” He couldn’t just sit there looking at that sweet enticing cleavage, so he stood, hoping she wouldn’t notice the large bulge at the front of his trousers.

He began to pace, the room, dictating the letter and removing his tie as he did so. Losing his concentration he went behind her chair to look at what he had just said, his eyes where immediately drawn to her breasts, from above he got an even better view, he could see the tops of both of her breasts cupped in a lace bra, her olive complexion a stark contrast to the whiteness of the lace, he wondered if the whole bra was see through and what colour her nipples where, as he looked closer he noticed that her nipples where already poking gently through the flimsy material of her blouse. Feeling his swelled cock push into the back of the chair he mumbled, “Could you get me a drink please”?

Stephen watched as she got up, smiled and moved to the fridge, this time even more of her stocking tops where visible as she bent over, and the tightness of her skirt emphasised the firmness of her round buttocks. He didn’t know what made him do it, maybe it was the heat, but he moved up behind her and slid a hand between her slightly parted legs feeling along the small piece of lace hiding her sex. Olivia gasped but didn’t say anything; he could feel the heat emanating from her. His fingers began to move slowly up and down tracing the out line of her lips below the pants, he was lost, all he could think about was her heat, her smell, her sex and his own lust.

Olivia began to move in time with his fingers gently pushing her türkçe bahis arse towards him and then back. Lifting her skirt up he felt along her bottom whilst his other hand kept stroking her, feeling how firm it was, looking at her round succulent cheeks barely covered by her high cut lace knickers. His fingers began to become wet from her hunny, arousing him further, sliding the pants aside he found her lips, pushing them further apart he worked his way towards her clit, taking it between his fingers he rubbed it, and heard her moan in response, tickling softly he moved back towards her opening and slid two fingers inside her. So warm, so wet, so tight and so hungry, Olivia groaned louder and pushed herself down on to his fingers forcing them deeper inside.

“Turn around” he whispered in a voice full of desire.

He could see his own need reflected in Olivia’s large dark eyes, taking his wet fingers she lifted them to her mouth, sucking them in, tasting herself before sliding to her knees. She began to stroke along his bulge, he let his head fall back, overwhelmed at what was happening, he felt his belt being undone and forcefully tugged off, and then his zip was pulled open and his trousers fell to the floor. He knew that his pants would not be hiding his manhood, it was too hard, and looking down he saw it staring back at him, precum glistening on its head. Stephen watched as Olivia licked her lips and lent forward, taking him in her mouth, she moaned with satisfaction as she did so. Her mouth was on fire and so moist, she took all of his solid 8″ cock into her small perfect mouth, he felt like he had gone to heaven, The feeling of her moving up and down, flickering along the shaft with her tongue and cupping his balls gently squeezing them, was almost to much for him to take. Pulling the clip out of her hair he watched transfixed as it fell gently down, a thick glossy black mane.

“Sit on the table” his voice was hoarse, barely audible.

Taking him out of her mouth she circled his glans once more with her tongue before moving towards the table. He stood there for a second, his twitching cock showing its disappointment and then followed. Her skirt and knickers lay discarded on the floor, she sat on the table looking like a goddess, stocking legs wide apart opening her hidden place wide for his inspection. Ignoring that for the moment he focused his attention on her blouse, as he watched she took it in both hands, ripped it open and shrugged it off, buttons flying in all directions. Next she unclasped her bra and he heard the unmistakable sound of her relief as her large pert breasts fell free. Placing her hands on her breasts, she began to stroke them, sighing as she did and pulling at her already hard large dark nipples.

Unable to resist any longer he took one in each hand, teasing the nipples by rubbing them softly with the palms of his hands, then quickly pinching them, enjoying her sharp intake of breath as he did so. Using his güvenilir bahis siteleri tongue he circled each breast, taking his time as he worked from the outside in, reaching the glorious peaks he sucked the nipples deep into his mouth, savouring their slightly salty taste, she arched her back in pleasure lifting her breasts towards him, taking the nipples between his teeth he pulled slightly, Olivia moaned louder, her whole body gyrating now. Moving a hand between her legs again he had no problem locating her hot sticky hole, as he slid two fingers back inside she spread her legs further, and began to push hard towards him, greedily demanding more, he continued to suck her nipples, now an angry red, as he began to push his fingers in harder and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

He didn’t know how he controlled himself she was so wet, so demanding, so hot, so sweet, so god damn irresistible, his body begged for release. Her moans grew louder her body pushed harder and finally she screamed, he could feel her vagina throbbing around his fingers, he watched her body jerking, covered in small beads of glistening sweat adorning her like jewels, and noticed how flushed her breasts and face had become. Unable to wait any longer he turned her over, bending her over his table, lifting her legs he pulled her towards him, letting the head of his cock prod her still throbbing hole, she wriggled trying to push herself onto him, but he held her still, teasing them both, then he suddenly entered her, quickly, without warning, he let out a loud moan. The feeling of her tight, sticky throbbing cunt wrapping itself around his hungry cock was exquisite. Pulling back slowly so that he almost came out, he looked down, his cock sparkled, covered in her sweet juices, biting his lips he pushed back in using her hips, watching himself disappear and hearing his own sounds of delight. Olivia groaned her muscles sucking him back inside her, as deep as possible. They began to build up a slow rhythm, each matching the others movements perfectly. He couldn’t believe how delicious she was, he had never wanted a woman this badly, he had never been so aroused.

For what seemed like a blissful eternity, the two of them stayed locked like that, pushing, pulling, moaning, groaning, demanding and receiving. Olivia came again, even more powerfully than before, she threw back her head screamed and he could hear her scratching her nails along the table, the powerful throbbing of her vagina and the sound of her climax brought on his own. Pulling out he spurted his cum all over her beautiful arse, he stood there twitching, breath laboured, heart pounding and sweat sliding down his back. Spent and satisfied Stephen watched as some of his cum slipped down her cheeks, fell between her legs and mingled with her own juices.

Suddenly he realised what had just happened and began to stammer “I..I .I am ssso sorry, I don’t know what came over me”

Olivia tilted her head, meeting his gaze she laughed “I do, you”

Looking at her sticky bottom he returned the laugh.

“So” She purred “Same time tomorrow sir?”

“Definitely” He smirked, after all he was the boss and if anyone could break the rules it was him.

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