Lindsey, My Babysitter


In addition to an incredible sexual experience I had recently with my ex-wife’s best friend (Roselyn), I had gotten the phone number, unsolicited, from Lindsey the babysitter. She had slipped it into my jacket when I gave her a ride home.Not long afterwards, my cellphone rang with an unfamiliar number. I answered and was surprised to learn it was Lindsey. I asked how she had gotten my number and she said that she had told Roselyn that she had lost a bracelet and maybe it had dropped in my car.We made small talk for a minute before I bluntly asked her how old she was. She said she was nineteen and was waiting for school to start to attend a state school a few hours from home.I enjoyed chatting with her and after a short time she asked if I needed a sitter. I said I might in the future, but that I wouldn’t have my kids for a couple of weeks. She said that was perfect and she could come babysit me this weekend.I kaçak iddaa was so surprised by what she said that I was speechless. After a pregnant pause, and knowing this could be a huge mistake, I teasingly asked what she charged for her services and she replied, “We can work that out.” I asked if she needed me to pick her up to give her a ride to my place, but she said she would prefer to drive to me.We made a date for early Saturday night and then hung up. My cock had been stirring while we talked, and I was now rock hard, so I relieved myself thinking of the weekend I had recently had with my ex’s best friend.Finally, Saturday came. I was having second thoughts about what might happen, but then decided to just go with the flow. We had arranged for her “babysitting” duties to start at 6:00p.m., and right at six, my doorbell rang.When I answered the door, I was pleased to see her. She was more attractive kaçak bahis than I remembered with shoulder length sandy blond hair and green eyes. She was dressed in a baggy sweatshirt, skintight yoga pants and sandals.I must have stared at her for a minute, because she asked me if I was going to invite her in. I snapped out of my spell and invited her in.As she entered my apartment, she looked around with some curious interest and told me I had a nice place. I said thanks and asked if I could get her anything. She didn’t need anything, just yet, so we both stood there, awkward with the silence.After long minutes, she said she was a little warm and asked if it was OK to take off her sweatshirt. I said no problem and helped her pull it over her head. I was rewarded by finding she only had a sports bra underneath.Lindsey was about five feet five inches tall with an incredible body, 36 C tits, a narrow illegal bahis waist, a beautifully rounded ass and sculpted, athletic legs. I told she was beautiful and sexy, she blushed and thanked me.I asked her what she was doing here. Why wasn’t she on a date with any of the dozens of boys that probably chased her? She said she wasnt interested in “boys” and that she wanted to spend time with me from the first time she saw me. (I take care of myself, but I’m not used to young girls’ attention).I told her I was flattered. Not knowing what to do next, I decided to give her a tour of my apartment. After the one-minute tour, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I quickly decided to look in her purse to convince myself that she really was nineteen. I found her driver’s license and found she really was nineteen, soon to be twenty. I also found a prescription for birth control pills.I didn’t notice she had walked up behind me when she asked if I found anything interesting. I said I had and held up her driver’s license.I didn’t know what to do next, so I returned everything I had picked out to her purse.

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