Mason Letter Two

Adriana Chechik

Mason Letter TwoDear Figaro,How are you? So glad you received my last letter and you enjoyed it. Things have been moving at such a fast pace I barely have a moment to myself. Not complaining though. Not sure I will get a chance to make it up to visit you this month unfortunately, between my writing course and making videos I just can’t see it happening any time soon but it is on my to do list, promise.So after the screen test, I just settled back into my usual routine of writing, I was very anxious to hear back from Curtis so my mood was low. Theo and I got into a mini argument that night, he was pissed that Lockie joined in on my scene, I think he is a bit jealous to be honest. He decided to get back at me by bringing a random guy home, he could have won an Oscar by the moans he was making during their two hour fuck marathon ha-ha. While they were going at it I went downstairs to get some space and smoke and had my first proper encounter with Miles, the security guard. He was on his way back from the gym.”Mason right?” He said breathlessly removing his ear buds.”Yes.” I replied drinking him in. “Myles isn’t it?” He was wearing trainers and black shorts with a blue singlet, dripping with sweat. My breath caught in my throat, he looked so fine.”Been meaning to call up and welcome you to the building.””Really! You do that to all the new guys that move in?” I responded, shocked at my obvious flirtation. He just blushed and turned off the music on his phone.”No, I just thought it was something I should do.””Why?” I said as I blew out some smoke.”Since we have a mutual friend in common I thought it would be nice to catch up.” He said as he moved his gym bag off his shoulder and placed it between his feet.I knew instantly he was talking about you, I didn’t like it and my back was instantly raised.”You mean Figaro.” I asked in a low voice, as if your name was a secret.”Yes, I always had lots of respect for the man, he taught me a lot, when I was starting out on the force.”I just nodded slowly, stalling for time, trying to figure out what to say next.”He is one of the best.” I replied looking up at the night sky. “You still keep in contact with him?” He shot at me quizzically, if he wasn’t so damn cute I would have stubbed out my cigarette and gone back inside.”We keep in touch when we can. Letters mostly.””That’s great, if you think of it be sure to say I said hi.” It was an awkward silence then. I threw my butt down and we both walked to the entrance. He held the door for me and as I walked past him I could get the manly scent of sweat, my conflicted brain didn’t know what to think. I was attracted to him but he made me nervous.I stood at the elevator waiting of the carriage to descend, he walked to his office slowly.”You know I am nearly certain that I have met you before?” He called back over his shoulder. “I remember Figaro bringing in two young guys to the station one night. You were one, I am sure of it, I just cannot think of the other guys name, Charlie? or something …Channing! That was it.”My stomach did a flip, I kept pressing the button, willing the fucking elevator to come.”If you ever need to talk I live in 108.” He said just as the doors opened.I walked straight into my room when I got back inside, ignoring the theatrics coming from Theo’s room, I just sat on my bed and hugged my knees. It was getting too much. So I did what I do best, buried my thoughts and hoped they would just disappear on their own. You know how much I hate curveballs Figgy.The next day, Lockie sent me the odd text message saying to relax I would hear soon and not to worry, he didn’t mention of the way we left things so I didn’t bring it up, he said he’s doing more camming. He said it’s a great way to network and make money without leaving your house, I may look into it. Our scene was finally posted two days after the shoot, Lockie just typed, “We look smoking hot!”I watched it four times in a row Figaro, I didn’t skip any of it like I usually do when I watch porn, I wish I could send you the link, you would be very proud. I look well on the camera, I would definitely fuck me, don’t worry I am not turning into a diva ha-ha. The views and comments maltepe escort came pouring in, after five hours it was breaking s*******n thousand views and over a hundred comments. It gave my ego a boost to read the comments about me and all the things the guys would do to me if I was in the room, and they ALL loved my face and body not to mention my cock.Curtis called me four days after the shoot, I nearly jumped off the bed when I seen his name come up on the display, I took a deep breath and wiped my sweaty palms off the sheets before I answered.”How is my newest star doing?” He asked with enthusiasm.”Good, thanks.” I replied, “You happy with the scene then?””Yes and my investors love you as well, just one thing, we need you to do another shoot, they’re not convinced all the views are for you specifically, they think Lockie might have had something to do with them.” My heart sank then, I felt self conscious and foolish.”Oh no.” I couldn’t help it, it just came out of my mouth.”No, no, please don’t worry, it’s nothing really, we usually just do solo scenes for screen tests anyways, I just thought it would be hot to throw in Lockie and give it a bit more spice, and judging by the record views I was right.” He added with a chuckle.”Record views?” My heart rose.”Again we nearly always just have solo scenes during castings and we almost never post them until you have at least three scenes shot, to build up a following and get more views, that sort of thing, but yes your guys scene is the most viewed in twenty four hours for our site. Well done.””That is kinda cool,” I said biting my lip, “what does the second shoot involve?””Pretty much the same as the first one but just you this time and we will throw in a toy or two, you good with that?” I paused , nerves took over, I guess I was thrown by the suggestion of toys.”Mason, you there?” Curtis said softly. “It really is nothing to be worried about and I know you are gonna be a big fucking star, the world loves you already. I recommend giving them what they want while the ball is in motion, and it is good money.”I agreed to call to the studio the next day and film the scene, I decided not to think about it too much, I was enjoying all the views and comments so I wanted to keep going and shut down the nervous worried Mason, just the toy thing was irking me. I would have raided Theo’s room to see if he had any toys but we were still frosty with each other so didn’t want to go there. So in the end, I settled for a warm bath and a good douche session.In the bath I started to feel lonely Figaro, I guess I was doing this big life change and had no one to really talk too. Lockie is avoiding me, Theo is pissed and you are in jail. I just felt so isolated after my run in with Myles and of course my thoughts turned to Channing, not only would he know what to say to me he would be in the bath beside me. I just think if you hadn’t call to our apartment that night all our life’s would have been different. You would be free, Kash would be in jail if there is any justice in the world and Channing and I would still be together causing trouble. I sank beneath the water, trying my best to shake off this cloud. When I emerged I had a fire in me that I haven’t felt in years. I was going to go to the studio and film the best fucking scene I could, I was determined to grab this opportunity with both hands and ride it out as long as I could.Again I will skip the boring shit and just give you the highlights ha-ha.Sitting across from Curtis the next day, I felt powerful, sexy and in control. I made a mental note not to touch myself the night before, I wanted a big load for the shoot ha-ha, it was tough going Figaro as I always like to nut before I sleep. “So, how is this going to play out?” I asked as I sat up more straight in my chair, looking Curtis in the eye.”We are going to skip most of the build-up and just start with you in your jocks rubbing yourself, forget the camera is there and just focus on what you have to do.”I think he was a little bit unnerved at this new, firm, confident Mason, but I was not going back to being shy. This was my time. I ignored my phone buzzing in my pocket.”So I jerk escort maltepe for a few minutes and then…?””Rub your body, spread your cheeks and then sit on a toy until you nut. We will have it already lubed up for you so you can just shove it in right away. It almost the same size as your dick, just so you have an idea.” He said with a chuckle, walking into the room where I filmed my first scene. I looked at my phone as I went to the bathroom to prepare. The message was from Lockie wishing me luck and telling me to call him after the shoot. I tried to block any thoughts of him but a smile spread across my face. I douched a few more times and rubbed some numbing cream they gave me onto my ring. It tingled unpleasantly but Curtis told me it was to prolong the fun. I just hoped it didn’t interfere with what I had to do.The room had the same layout as before but this time it had a glass topped coffee table, Curtis seen me look at it.”Has a camera underneath, captures more of the fun. You can place the toy on the surface and bounce on it for the ending and then shoot on the glass. Be fucking hot, you good with that Mase?””Sure,” I replied, turned on.I stripped off behind the camera and organised my semi in my new grey, skin tight, seamless jocks. They almost looked like wet Lycra, they felt so smooth against my skin.I took my place on the couch, confidence still intact. Looking to my left I seen the dildo, fucking hell! It was as thick as my arm and veiny, it glistened with lube under the studio lights. I seen Curtis staring at me so I gave him a mischievous look, which he replied with two thumbs up. The camera was rolling.I began to rub my abs with one hand and my inner thigh with the other. My cock reacted against the touch and the rush of the camera on me. Biting my lip I let out a suggestive moan and increased caressing myself, sliding a thumb inside my waistband. Grabbing my semi through the fabric of my jocks I slowly began to tug myself, pinching my nipple with my other hand. My butthole began to clench with anticipation, I felt so sexy underneath the hot lights and new my body looked toned and tight. Slowly I peeled my underwear down, my cock pulled along with it before flapping back against my stomach. It was a raging hard on now, I was throbbing so much the foreskin peeled back on its own. I spat on my hand and began to work my helmet. Seeing the glob of pre-cum emerge made my toes clench. The restriction of my boxers around my ankles only added to my pleasure. Working my shaft and nipple at the same time for a few minutes was bliss. I kept looking as my foreskin kept enveloping my throbbing pink head, then peeling back like a flower going back into a bud. My balls contracted involuntary, cupping them I began to roll the egg sized spheres between my fingers. Kicking off my underwear I lifted my left leg and spread my ass cheek. The hot air against my shit slit felt so good Figaro, I haven’t felt such ecstasy before. With my fuck you finger I began to rub my rosebud, all the while bashing my 8 inch member. I picked up the lube lying near the dildo and squirted some into my palm. I spread it over my cock before slapping some onto my backdoor.I was on all fours now, ass facing Curtis and the camera. My shaft dangling between my legs like a horse. I leaned against the back of the couch and used both hands to spread my bubble butt. Massaging both cheeks, I slowly began to pat my ring before gently sliding in a finger. I was so tight Figaro it was like my hole was trying to eat my finger, I eased it in slowly and swirled it around. Feeling my heartbeat inside of my tight tunnel turned me on so much I had to lean back and stroke myself. There I was ass in the air, finger knuckle deep inside me, bashing my meat. I felt on fire, the room dissolved around me, it was just me, my thoughts and my body. I pushed in a second finger and began to fuck myself. I felt so warm and soft, it hurt slightly but the numbing cream was doing its job. I had the urge to piss but ignored it, I was too in the moment to stop now. After a few minutes and a third finger, I heard Curtis cough ever so softly. It was toy time. Crazy how life turns maltepe escort bayan out isn’t it Figaro ha-ha.Grabbing the bright pink shaft, I placed it where Curtis had told me and pushed the suction cup down on the glass and reapplied lube to my throbbing hole. My mouth was dry and my legs felt weak as I squatted slowly on to the fake dick. My feet were firm on either side of the table, my thigh muscles flared under the strain. I could feel it gently pushing against my swirl, I grinded lightly on the tip before I slid it into me. The first inch was fucking blissful agony and honestly I wasn’t sure I could take much more, but I was certainly not going to be a flop. So I applied more pressure and slowly made my way down the shaft, at this point my poop chute was protesting. It felt like I was going to split myself in two, I kept tugging my cock, it eased some of the discomfort. My pre-cum was dribbling out of me onto the glass as I bounced up and down on the shaft, feeling the vein on every slide up and down. My shit box gradually got used to the enormous girth and loosened up. Getting into a rhythm then I began to bounce up and down like I was on a pogo stick, my dick slapping against me furiously. I could feel the familiar build up in my loins so I slid down to the bottom of the shaft and ground on it while I finished myself off. I lasted maybe five strokes before I erupted. My sex milk shooting all over the glass, it started off thick and creamy before it slackened off into watery seed. My cunt kept convulsing on the dildo which added about four more spurts of cum. Feeling so horny I continued to grind ball deep, my cock slowly losing its hard on, my breathing returned to normal. I slowly rose of the toy, and bent slightly forward, I could sense Curtis zooming in on my puckered hoop, getting the best shot of my gape.After a few seconds of silence I chanced a look at Curtis, who was staring at me slightly opened mouth.”Cut,” He said bursting in to a huge grin, “Mason that was fucking unbelievable!””Thanks, Was a lot of fun.”I didn’t realise how sweaty I was until I took the towel off Curtis’s assistant who I hadn’t noticed until now. I looked down at the table, no signs of shit on the shaft, good sign, the glass itself was destroyed in jizz, like a group of decorators had painted the room without covering it.After I showered and dressed, Curtis shouted into the dressing room that they would be in touch. I checked my phone, one message from Theo saying sorry and good luck, the other was from Lockie looking for an update. Quickly walking towards the station, lighting my smoke as I went, I replied to them both that it was done and I would speak to them later. Instantly my phone rang. It was Lockie.”Well? How did you go?” He asked excitedly. “Great I think, Curtis was happy so that is the main thing, I had lots of fun””Did you have to squat over the coffee table?” I could hear the smile in Lockie’s voice.”Yes,” I laughed, “How did you know?””We all had to k**do.” I loved this playful Lockie and inwardly hoped the tension between us was over.”Let me take you out for a drink to celebrate.””I would love that.” I replied, genuinely meaning it. He hung up soon after offering another congratulations, he had a cam session about to start. The train journey zoomed by, and I was so happy to be back in the apartment. I was spent and just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep, Theo had left a message on our shared whiteboard in the kitchen. It is meant for delegating chores but we mainly use it to write notes or draw dick pics. It read “WELL DONE MASE XO.” I guess this meant we were back to being friends. Once my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. The phone ringing woke me up. It was Curtis telling me how all his investors were over the moon at my shoot and that they were offering me a contract with “In”DaMan’d” studios. I was so happy I screamed down the phone. He said I would shoot my next scene in three days, he also said he had the perfect guy in mind to be my co star.For the first time in a long while FIgaro I feel like I am taking some control of my life and writing to you again has really helped. I hope you are coping ok in there and I cannot wait for the visit when it happens.Well, we are all up to date now, Sorry this letter is so long I just couldn’t wait to tell you my news. I think I am going to avoid Myles if I see him again, he un-nerves me so much.Mason X

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