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One night I was surfing the web and found myself browsing the Yahoo personal ads. Some of the ads women had put up were simply hilarious, and the things they were apparently looking for in men were absurd. I laughed my ass off the entire night reading these ads. They all seemed the same, these women claiming they wanted a man who was loving, kind, honest, sincere, etc. I’d never read so much bullshit in my entire life. One thing they all had in common was that they wanted an honest man. Most guys lie; I know, cause I do. We need to lie to get pussy. Some of you women want us to jump through hoops just to get into your panties, or do a bunch of shit we don’t want to do. We do these things reluctantly, just so we finally get some pussy. I can’t even begin to describe the dumb, ridiculous shit I’ve done just to get my share of pussy.

I decided that night to dump the truth, and nothing but the truth, on these women. They wanted a man to be honest, and I could give them the truth. Fuck it, I thought, I’ve nothing better to do, and nothing to lose. So I started writing the brutal truth. The more I wrote the more ridiculous these ads seemed to me. Halfway through I started laughing, and couldn’t stop. I guess I needed to vent something that night, cause I didn’t hold back. This is my ad, exactly as I posted it


Hi, ladies! You always say in your ads that you’re looking for an honest man. Well, you’ve found one, but you probably won’t like what he has to say. I’m placing this ad response cause I’m looking to get laid, and that’s it. Hey, at least that’s honest. Why else would I do it? Think about it. We single men are lonely, and basically looking for something to do. Reading some of the ads, I’ve laughed out loud at stuff like “long walks in the park” or “I like to go hiking”. What a load of crap! Half the women I’ve met, after two blocks they’re complaining their feet hurt. My favorite is “I like to go horseback riding.” That’s the one that cracks me up the most. First, where the hell do you find a horse in New York City? Second, what makes you think it wants you on its back? And here’s another one for you ladies. What makes you think I’d want to go to a God-damn Museum? All that tells me is that you are one boring ass female. Fuck that!!

Here’s another good one. “I love sports.” Puhleeze, ladies. The first thing you want to do on a Sunday during the football season is drag us around town making us do stuff we don’t want to do? I speak for at least 50% of the men out there when I say: 1. We hate shopping. 2. We do not want to hang out with your family or your silly friends. I don’t have time to do those boring ass things some of you ladies want a man to do. My job and my money come first. I work 6 days a week, and after a long day at work the last thing I want to hear is “Where are we going tonight?”

The only reason men put up with your fantasies is – and let’s be honest here – we want to get laid. I used to play that game – doing the shopping thing, walks in the park bullshit, those ridiculous, so-called-romantic things you make us do just to see if we will do them, and then, just maybe, you might give us some pussy. Wake up, ladies! It’s a different world! The fantasy man you dreamt of, as a child no longer exists in 2001. Kind, caring, sincere, loyal, etc men are few and far between. And if you think you can find a guy like that on the web, well… good- fucking- luck. Most guys on-line are checking out porn sites, and wondering how to get laid.

So, do you hate me now? Are you pissed off that you’ve wasted your time reading this? Well, that’s life, honey. If you want your pussy pounded into submission by a big black man, I’m the one, baby. And if reading this has made your pussy moist, drop a brotha an e-mail. You never know… if you live close enough to me, tonight could be your lucky night instead of being all alone. You might just find your pussy filled to capacity by a big black cock.

In closing, let me stress that I love all women – short, tall, fat, skinny, chunky – though my fetish is the older white woman. I love all races, and would like to experience women from all over the world before I die. So, ladies, here’s the deal. If you’re looking for someone to run around town, go here and there, do a lot of dumb boring shit like I mentioned above, I’m not the one. However, if you want to fool around and have sex, I’m your black knight. I have a very erotic mind and like to experiment with my ladies. I love role-playing games and shit like that. I’m not down with any gay stuff unless it’s between women. I’m a voyeur and like to watch. When I’m bored I write erotic stories. My stories are posted worldwide. If you would like a trip into my mind, take the link below to my home page, where I post my stories. I write under the screen name Blackzilla99. If, after reading this, you hate me, that’s ok. I understand. At least I was honest. If you want to tell me off, that’s ok too. I respond to all e-mails. We can chat if you like, or whatever. Thanks for listening to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Peace Blackzilla

When mersin escort I was done writing I felt great, like there was a load off my mind. Plus it helped kill some time before I was to go out that evening to meet a friend. I went back to the Yahoo personals site and filtered out the ads by women in the New York, Westchester, area. It was as usual, a variety of women looking for the same old shit. I still had an hour to kill, so I started to copy and paste this ad response to every one of these women who had claimed she wanted an honest man. Race, age or body type didn’t matter. If they said they wanted honesty I gave it to them. After replying to about a hundred ads (fortunately I have DSL) I got bored. Also it was time for me to go out to pick up my friends.

As I was going out I wondered if anybody would write me back. I expected some juicy hate mail, but I didn’t care. I guess it was the troublemaker in me. A part of me, though, felt bad. I knew that some of those women would be real pissed off with what they found in their e-mail mailboxes. But I also figured that some would get a laugh out of it.

Waking the next day around noon I fired up my pc and went into my mailbox. I was amazed to find about 30 email responses. As expected, many were from pissed-off women. About 20 basically told me to go fuck myself, while about 5 thanked me for at least being honest. One email got my attention. The subject line read “I like your style, we share a common bond.. Let’s party…Zilla.” In the e-mail she said she lived in Scarsdale, which was the next town over. That alone got me excited. (Shit! it was five minutes away! ) She said how funny she thought I was, and how I made complete sense. She said she’d just moved to NY from Florida, and how bored she was. She was white and had never been with a black man, though she’d always wanted to have sex with one. Her name was Terri, she was 27 years old, about 5′ 5″, weighed around 135 pounds and had short black hair. What most excited me was her saying that most of her weight was in her hips and ass. Just that one sentence got my dick hard. But the last sentence was the stopper. “My phone number, Mr. Blackzilla, is 555-5555. I don’t play games either, so if you want to party call me… I dare you…lol…”

Was this woman fucking with me? I was excited, but doubtful. Twenty seconds of thought later I reached for my phone. While dialing I thought: She’s got some nerve to dare me! The old saying ran through my head, “Momma didn’t raise no punk.” I love a challenge. If she wanted to play I would play with her. The phone rang three times before a very soft, sexy voice answered.


“Hi. Can I speak to Terri?” I used my manliest voice, trying to sound cool.

“Yes, this is she.”

I heard a faint giggle. Fuck it, I thought. Let’s see where this goes.

“Who’s this?” said the voice.

I said: “Hi. This is Blackzilla. You sent me your number. “Hi. How are you? I didn’t really think you’d call.”

“Well, in your email you dared me.”

We chatted about half an hour. She had a pleasant voice, soft and sweet, and seemed really nice. She also had a great sense of humor, which I loved. We talked about sex and how much we both liked it. The more we talked the more I liked her. Then she said,

“So, Mr. Zilla, what are your plans for today.”?

“Nothing much. Why, what are you doing?” I asked

“Well, I was hoping I might find some black guy to fill my pussy to capacity,” she said, laughing.

I also laughed. It was funny to hear her quote my ad response. I said,

“Just give me an hour to shower and get ready, baby. I’ll be there in a heart beat.”

I said it as if it was a joke. Though I really wanted her I didn’t know if I should take her seriously. She was silent for a while…

Then she said, “I wasn’t kidding. Do you want to come over?”

I took about a tenth of a second to think of my reply. “Hell, yeah, I want to come over.”

“Do you know where Garth Road is in Scarsdale? My address is 1574 Garth Rd, my apartment number is 4k,” she said in her sweet voice.

I like a woman with a sweet voice. Then I thought, could I trust this girl? Is she serious or can she be playing a game with me? What if it’s a fake address, or something weird like that?

I said, “Hey, Terri, I hope you’re not playing games. If you are, then let me tell you, it won’t be appreciated.”

I spoke seriously, wanting her to know I wasn’t playing around. I also wanted her to know who was in control.

She said, “Mr. Zilla, I know I sound kind of fast, but when you get to know me you’ll find that I’m a straight shooter. I don’t like playing games either. If you want to know the truth, I’m horny. I want a black cock, and you live close by. It’s that simple.”

I’d never heard a woman talk like that before, and I loved it. I’d often dreamt of having a woman talk like that to me. So many women fuck around, beating around the fucking bush. To hear one speak so plainly was refreshing, and also exciting. Terri sounded sincere, and her attitude to sex was a man’s dream. I didn’t need kocaeli escort to hear any more. My last words before I hung up were

“I’ll be there in one hour, baby. Get it warm for me.” “I’ll be here, waiting. And, trust me, it’s already warm.”

I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. This was what I’d fantasized about for years. What had started as a joke was becoming real. There was no time to waste. I jumped in the shower, and while there I tried to imagine what she looked like. I didn’t think she’d have lied when she knew I was coming over. I hoped she was cute. And I wanted her body to be as she’d described it. After my shower and a quick shave I made my way down the Bronx river parkway, heading toward Scarsdale. I knew where Garth Road was, cause a friend of mine used to live there.

I parked my car and made for the front of her building. I was a little nervous, but not too bad. There were a few white people in the lobby. It cracks me up the way white people look at a black man in their neighborhood. I always give them a big smile and a nice greeting, which puts most white people at ease, especially those not used to dealing with black people. I rang the buzzer for Terri’s apartment and heard once more that sweet voice over the intercom. “Who is it?”

The funny thing was that I hadn’t told her my name. With other people in the lobby, I didn’t feel like saying I was Blackzilla, so I just said, “Hi. It’s me,” as if I was an old friend. I rode the elevator to the fourth floor, and when I reached her door I just stood for a while, my palms sweating with excitement. At last I took a deep breath and pushed the buzzer. She must have been standing by the door because before I could draw my hand back it opened about 6 inches and she stuck her head out and gave me a big smile. She was so fucking cute. I said “Hi. How’re you doing?”, wondering why she only had the door open a crack. She looked me up and down. “Hi there, Mr. Zilla.” Now, no one ever calls me that face-to-face, and it sounded weird coming from her. I just write under the name Blackzilla. No one in my everyday life knows my erotic story side; it’s just something I do on the web for fun, and privately. I used my wits to break the ice, saying, “Well, can I come in? I hope there aren’t a couple of big white guys behind the door waiting to beat me up or something.” She giggled, and giving me a naughty smile she grabbed my left hand and said, “Come on in.

When I entered her apartment it became clear why Terri had been hiding behind the door. She had on just a black robe and sexy high-heeled shoes, which put 3 inches on her height. She looked absolutely stunning. Her short haircut was very sexy, and she looked like she just got out of the shower. I love the wet, fresh look white women have when they come from the shower. Most of all, I liked her smile, which was the kind that warms you up inside.

Still holding her hand, I stepped back, saying, “Damn!! Girl…you are ffffine.” I raised her hand above her head and gestured for her to turn around. She blushed but did just that, continuing to giggle. It was time I took control of the situation. She had been the aggressor on the phone, but I intended to be in charge in the bedroom.

When she was facing me again I put an arm around her waist and pulled her to me. It was a bold move, but it felt right.My sudden action must have startled her, because her eyes grew wide. I gently kissed the top of her forehead, saying, “It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Terri.” She looked up, smiling. “It’s my pleasure too.” I felt her arms wrap around me. She was warm in my arms, and I felt the room temperature rising. We stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever, though it must have been just a few seconds. It was that tense moment just before the first kiss. I was nervous as hell but didn’t hesitate, and when I bent to kiss her lips she was ready. She smiled and closed her eyes, and lifted her face. Terri’s lips were wonderfully soft, and when they met mine the sensation was electric. She was a little tense to start with, but then she gave a little sigh and her whole body seemed to melt in my arms. Her lips parted and she thrust her little tongue into my mouth. She was a lovely, passionate kisser, soft and hard at the same time.

A part of me still couldn’t believe I was in this woman’s apartment. You see, shit like this just doesn’t happen to me. I’ve always had to work hard for pussy. But there was nothing to analyze, no drama, no endless phone calls. No going out to dinner, then spending a fortune to impress the date. This woman was a wet dream, a fantasy delivered by way of the web. Though my tongue was buried in her mouth, and my hands were moving down her back, I wasn’t yet sure she was for real. But when my hands reached her ass, and felt those fat, round, soft globes through her robe, all my doubts vanished. Terri was for real all right. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned as I started to explore her backside. Her robe was slippery against the flesh, and my hands easily glided over, under and between her cheeks.

She broke our kiss and I started to kiss her neck. samsun escort She said “You like it, don’t you, baby? I know black men like girls with big Asses do you like my ass, Mr. Zilla?” “Damn, baby, your ass feels so fucking good. Let me see it, baby. Take off that robe, now.” She stepped back a couple of feet, and I saw that I-want-to-fuck look in her eyes. That incredible smile stayed on her face, and my dick started to swell with anticipation. I expected her to remove her robe slowly and seductively, but there was none of that. In fact, if I’d blinked I would have missed seeing the robe hit the floor. “GOD… DAMN!!” I shouted when she stood before me wearing nothing but her black high heels. My cock was at full strength now; I don’t think it had ever been so hard. I just drank her up, my gaze starting at the top of her head and slowly working its way down. My first stop was at her breasts. They weren’t big, but not small either. They stood out proud, perfectly matching her frame. She had a nice round belly, and I like a girl with a little extra meat on her bones. She turned round and I had my first view of her lovely big, fleshy ass. Looking over her shoulder at me, smiling, and with her eyebrows raised, she whispered: “Do you like what you see?” My throat suddenly felt very dry, and I just croaked something and nodded my head. She turned towards me and now I gazed at my prize, that thing I had come to Scarsdale for. I had come for pussy, and here it was, clean-shaven except for a little strip of hair above the clit. It was gorgeous.

I stood and feasted my eyes on her white flesh. My cock was aching and prodded the front of my jeans, begging for freedom. Terri had noticed the bulge in my pants, and now she walked up and cupped both hands over my crotch and squeezed my cock. “Mmmmmm, that feels nice, Mr.Zilla. Why don’t you sit down and let me take care of that thing for you?” I said nothing. I had expected to be in charge by now, but it seemed like she was. This woman was so fucking real she almost scared me. She wasn’t into playing games. I found myself backing until I felt a chair behind me and sat down on it.

Terri was on a mission, and sex just oozed out of her. She knelt between my legs as I sat in the chair, and unbuckled my belt with her pretty white hands. Then she unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper. The room got even warmer. She looked into my eyes as she released my thick black cock and wrapped her little hand, warm and slightly damp, around the shaft. She looked at my cock as if it was some strange object. I had forgotten that she’d never had a black one before. I guess she just wanted to get a good look at the tool that would soon be filling her pussy to capacity. Holding it in both hands, she began stroking it. My cock had been aching for attention, and her slow soft strokes, though they felt great, were just not enough. I needed more. “It won’t bite you, baby,” I urged. “Trust me. Why don’t you give it a little kiss?” She looked at me and smiled. Then she said something no woman had said to me before. “Your cock is so big and beautiful. Mmmmm, God, look at it! But are you sure it won’t bite me, Mr. Zilla?” I was starting to get into this Mr. Zilla thing, so I said, “Don’t you worry, baby. You can trust Zilla.”

Terri had been staring at my cock, and now I saw her close her eyes. Right there I knew it was going to happen. The first time you do anything with a woman is magical. The first time she takes your cock into her mouth or the first time you stick your cock in her pussy is an intense moment. Many women make you go through hoops before you get that first blowjob or before she finally lets you put your cock inside her. Terri was not like that. She opened her mouth, and in the millisecond before I felt her soft white lips round my knob the chain of events that got me to this point flashed through my mind. Surfing the web the night before, reading personal ads, writing that insane ad, copying and pasting it and sending it to a hundred women, reading my mail the next day, calling Terri… The chain of events leading to sex can sometimes be erotic in itself. I had just completed that thought when I felt Terri’s tongue on the underside of my shaft. “Mmmmmm, baby, yeah. That’s it…” Her tongue was hot and felt so good. I felt her lips on my knob, and suddenly she had half my cock in her mouth, with the tip pressing against the back of her throat. “Ohhhh, God! Mmmmm,” I moaned. I love seeing my cock buried in a white woman’s mouth. The contrast between the two skin colors somehow takes the act to a different level.

Terri started working my cock back and forth in her mouth, taking it to the back of her throat every time. I’m a voyeur, and love to watch. I noticed that Terri never opened her eyes, but stayed focused on my cock in her own private world. Her mouth was dripping wet, and while my cock was in there she slobbered over it with her tongue. In fact, her tongue, her lips, and her right hand were giving me one of the great blowjobs of my life. I watched in wonder as this young lady tried to get more and more of my cock into her mouth. I encouraged her as much as I could. “Ahhh, damn, Terri… Your mouth feels so good, baby… That’s it…Yeah…like that, baby.. Mmmmm… suck that cock!” She really knew how to suck cock, and I felt like I was in blowjob heaven. The noise she was making told me that she liked it too, and the vibrations she made by moaning over my cock nearly made me shoot my load there and then.

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