Rick Needed a Beer, Gets Much More Pt. 09


I got to the triathlon just in time to see Tim transition from the bike to the run. I yelled to him, cheering him on. He didn’t seem happy to see me. He did look sexy in his tight tri suit which showed off the bulge of his big cock. I thought that it would be awesome to suck it now, all sweaty and hot, and as he ran off I admired his tight, fit ass.

I waited for him at the finish and gave him a high five as he came across the finish line. I walked with him to the transition area to get his bike and gear. As we walked he took off his tri top, showing off his tanned, smooth chest and torso. He asked me “Rick, are you ready to commit to being exclusively gay?”

I responded “Tim, I’ve never wanted you more. I’ve developed strong feelings for you. Let’s go back to my place and make up for lost time. I want to suck your cock and for you to fuck me. I’m yours.”

He said “kiss me, really kiss me, here, now in front of all these people.”

“Here? in public?”

“Yes, Now”

I grabbed him and hugged him tight, kissing him deeply. We kissed and hugged in the aggressive, physical way I love to hug and kiss him. We stopped after a few minutes. Tim said “now everyone who witnessed our kissing knows that we are GAY, so admit that you are gay and have no desire to ever be with a woman again.”

“Tim, I can’t do that.”

“Then we have no future, and I really thought you might have been the one for me.”

I stood there and watched him walk away, my first gay love, confused and disappointed.

I stopped and picked up some beer on the way home and planned on getting drunk. I finished one beer before I got home. when I got home I opened another, put the rest in the fridge and turned on some Led Zepplin. I sat there having a private pity party. Several beers later the doorbell rang. I answered the door to find Sue and I let her in. I shrugged off her hug, telling her I wasn’t in the mood. She listened to what had happened and comforted me, giving me a loving hug. She started kissing me and I found myself feeling better, becoming aroused. She said “you fucked me here on the floor a few months ago. I think it’s time for you to show me your bedroom. and I have a surprise for you!”

I led her back to my bedroom and she said “get naked, I’ll be out in a minute” as she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I stripped and sat on the bed and waited. She came out and stopped, giving me a chance to look her over. Her long brown wavy hair hanging down below her shoulders, and I looked at her beauty in a new, different way. I always appreciated that she stayed in shape, but tonight I noticed her strong, well defined arms and shoulders, and her muscular thighs. I’ve always loved her full breasts and her lean, muscled abs, and I thought to myself, is it that she is so built that I’m attracted to her? AND she is wearing a huge strap on dildo! “What is that, Sue? How big is that thing?”

“Rick, we love fucking each other, but I know you like cock, so I thought I might be able to satisfy your need for cock and fill the void in your life by losing Tim. What do you think about it? It’s 10 kaynarca escort inches. I know you want to suck it and want me to pound your ass with it, don’t you?”

“I don’t know Sue. It’s not the real thing.”

She had been holding one hand behind her back, holding something, and now threw a pair of pink lace panties at me. I asked “what are these for?”

She said Rick, “you are a totally masculine man, a great build that would look at home on the cover of Muscle Magazine, although they would want you to shave your hairy chest and torso. You are so macho that I never suspected that you are a cocksucker, and wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen you suck and fuck Tim last week, and then suck my gay husband’s cock last night. Those panties will help you look more like the cocksucker you are, put them on…PUT them on NOW!”

I pulled them on and immediately liked the way they fit, and the way the silk and lace felt. They couldn’t contain my growing erection that was sticking out of the top.

Sue said “now that is better. They look cute on you. Let’s go into the bathroom so you can see how sweet you look. You will need to start sunbathing in the nude so your tan lines don’t show, better yet, not have tan lines.”

I had to admit I did like my new panties, but being skimpier than my speedo, they did show my tan lines. I was turning around admiring how my ass looked in pink lace. She asked “do you like them? do they make you feel like a cocksucker?

“I am already comfortable being a cocksucker, probably getting too comfortable. I don’t understand why, but these panties do make me feel different, and I will need to start laying out in the nude to get rid of my tan lines.”

She grabbed my hand and put it on her cock and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. She broke off the kiss and said,

“We have some work to do to help you feel even MORE comfortable as a cocksucker. Do what you know you want to do, suck my cock you cutie cocksucker! On your knees Now!”

l sunk down onto my knees and took her big, rubber cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I thought to myself, who am I? Here I am, on my knees, wearing pink lace panties and sucking Sue’s fake cock. It’s not the real thing, but it does feel good sliding in and out of my mouth and down my throat. What would it feel like in my ass? I looked up at Sue and winked at her. She smiled at me and said “you like sucking my cock, don’t you, Sweetie? Does my cocksucker like me calling him Sweetie? Are you ready for me to fuck your cute gay ass?

I nodded yes and took her cock out of my mouth, stood up and pulled her, by the cock, to the bed. I grabbed the lube and lay down on the bed and lubed my ass. She lay on top and started kissing me. I lifted my legs and grabbed her cock and guided it into my ass. It was an inch longer than Tim and fatter, stretching me as it found it’s way deep into me. She was pumping it slowly, deeply. She leaned up putting her hands on my shoulders.

She said “this is fun being the fucker instead of the fuckee. You like me fucking you?

I looked küçükyalı escort up at her, her great boobs bouncing in coordination with each stroke. “Yes, It feels great and you look beautiful.” and it did feel fabulous. My body started shaking uncontrollably as a intense orgasm approached. “don’t stop, I’m going to cum.”

Our eyes were locked, my breathing accelerated, and she quickened her pace. I started to erupt, the first load hitting my chin, followed by a shot on my chest and several more on my stomach. She slowed and stopped, and said “you came without touching your dick. You really do love getting fucked!”

She pulled out and leaned over, taking my cock into her mouth, sucking it dry, then licking my cum off my stomach, chest and chin. she then lay on me and kissed me, sharing my cum with me. I was totally exhausted from the intense fucking she gave me and fell asleep.


I woke the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing. Sue must have spent the night. I lay there staring at the ceiling, wondering what was going on when she walked in carrying two mugs of coffee. “Good morning, Hon, do you always wake up with a hard on? or are you just glad to see me?”

“Yes, and yes. You are beautiful, and you shaved your pussy!”

She put the coffees down on the bedside table. “I know how much you liked Tim being totally shaved, so I shaved for you. Do you like it?”

“yes, very sexy.”

She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking and bobbing up and down it’s length. I said “that feels wonderful, especially for a woman that hates sucking cock.”

“I hated sucking my soon to be ex’s cock, but I’m enjoying yours.”

“Don’t stop, but swing around and let me at that smooth cunt of yours, I want to eat it.”

I licked her to orgasm and she, for a beginner cocksucker, had me unloading in her mouth in minutes. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then told her I needed to get up and hit the gym for a workout.


The gym was almost empty and I had a great workout. I was just finishing my last set when he walked in, the older man I met in the sauna last week. I had forgotten all about him. He walked over to me and said “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again all week. I don’t have much time, let’s hit the sauna now.” He walked back into the men’s locker room.

I thought, what the hell, he’s double my age, but he’s got a great cock and he shot a really big, tasty load last week. I followed him into the locker room got undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the sauna. He was alone, sitting with his cock in hand. The sauna was hot and extra steamy. I walked up to him, folded my towel and lay it on the floor to cushion my knees, and got down into the position that is becoming so familiar to me. He was already soaked in sweat from the heat and I felt sweat beading up all over me. I grabbed his cock and kissed the head and licked the sweat off it, took it in my mouth and worked it down into my throat, moaning with pleasure, enjoying having his man hood buried sancaktepe escort in my mouth, hearing him breathing hard and telling me what a great cocker I am. Then the sauna door opened. I took his cock out of my mouth and turned to see who was interrupting our play.

It was a guy a few years older than me, nice body, and he dropped his towel exposing a nice, semi erect cock, and he said “don’t stop on account of me. Please continue.” I continued stroking the older man’s cock, and met the gaze of the newcomer. I looked down at his hardening cock, then back up at him and smiled, thinking I’m going to suck two cocks this day. I returned to sucking the older man’s cock with heightened passion, knowing a total stranger was watching me suck cock. Sweat was running down my body, and I felt the newcomer start to rub my back, working his way down to my ass. He ran a finger down my crack and started circling my asshole, then pushing his sweaty finger in, then two fingers. He then grabbed me by my hips and pulled me up to my feet. I managed to keep the cock in my mouth as I felt my ass being penetrated by a second cock. This was my first time with two men at the same time. The scene was truly erotic, the steam, getting fucked in my ass and mouth at the same time, having both men telling me how I was pleasing them. The older man came first, again a huge load, feeding me what I love to eat. I sucked him dry and licked him clean. The newcomer was pounding my ass hard, telling me he was loving my gay ass. I lay my head on the older man’s thigh and grabbed his hips to hold on as my ass was being aggressively fucked. I was in heaven with these two strong naked men, holding me, fucking me, our sweaty bodies rubbing together. The pleasure overcame me as I had an intense orgasm, shooting my load on the sauna floor. I started to collapse, but they both held me up so he could continue to fuck me. He soon came shooting his seed deep in my ass. When he pulled out I fell down to a sitting position, not strong enough to stand. He stuck his cock in my mouth and said “suck and lick my cock clean.”

After I finished licking his cock clean, the two men helped me to my feet and walked me to a shower, sat me down, turned it on and pulled the curtain closed and left me there. The shower felt good and was bringing life back into my body.

I dried off, got dressed and headed home, grabbing a burger and a six pack on the way. At home I turned on the ball game and had a beer. A couple of innings and beers later the door bell rang. It was Sue, I let her in and gave her a hug. She had what looked like an overnight bag, and I thought I saw the corner of a Victoria’s Secret bag inside.

We sat down on the sofa and I told her about my sauna experience. She said “you really are becoming a GAY whore, Rick. Have you ever said no to a cock?”

“I said no to cock all my life until 3 weeks ago, then everything changed. You are the only straight sliver I still have in my life, and even you are fucking me with a strap on. Tell me, what do you have in that big bag?”

“After seeing how much you enjoyed your new pink lace panties, I went shopping and bought you a few things that I think you will really like.”

“What did you get me? show me?”

“Not yet. First we have to get rid of all your body hair. We need to shave you smooth, just like Tim. Smooth men look so hot to me!”

…to be continued…

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