Shock and Awe Again Ch. 02


I told Diane to get out of the car and she did. First, she stood there with her head down then I told her to go to her husband. She did. I opened her robe so that it just hung there exposing her body. The other two women and Allen stood back while I talked to Diane’s husband. I told him she did good most of the time and that I had only to punish her a few times. I gave him the tapes and told him he could see for himself. I then motioned for him to go behind her, which he did. I then lifted the robe above her butt. I told her to spread her legs and to lean forward. She did. I spread her butt cheeks and told her husband to look. There was some white around her anus and while we were watching, some more dripped out. I was surprised by that not expecting it, but it was just the right timing. It was just very small trickle. I told she did very good allowing me to fuck her ass at the end. It was very good and her cute ass made it even better. I described how much sperm was dripping out and he agreed that it was blobs of it.

My wife did something that surprised me. She came around and got closer so she could look at Diane’s anus. She looked and then very softly said something about that wasn’t a lot. I had exaggerated trying to add to the end of the fantasy.

I reached down and tickled Diane’s slit. Looking at her husband, I said that her well-used pussy had been very nice to fuck and that he was lucky to have it at his command all the time. I suddenly pushed in two fingers, which made her jerk a bit, and let out a small sound of surprise. I caressed her G-spot for a moment then started fucking her with my two fingers. I talked to her husband as I did, telling some of what we did. Eventually she started gasping and then started humping back. A minute and a half later she gasped louder and made another small noise, sounding like a pleasure grunt, then started quivering as she came. She jerked once and I could feel her slit convulse inside around my fingers. I withdrew my fingers and walked around to her front again. I motioned for her to straighten then I sucked her juices from my fingers as I made a comment about them. When I did though I tasted something different on my fingers. I glanced at them, I saw some white. So some of my juices were still in her.

I then gave her over to Allen saying it was time for me to go home. He thanked me and I got in the car. Betty joined me and we drove home.

Later Allen told me that he had taken her upstairs to their bathroom. I had expected that he would either go to bed or continue with her fantasy instead, he had prepared another fantasy for her. He had placed scented candles everywhere and some bath beads were in the bathtub. He started water going adjusted the right temperature and then used a soft scented cloth to clean off her face, her slit and butt. Once the tub was full, he took off the robe, picked his wife up, and placed her in the tub. He let her soak in the warmth for ten minutes then gently washed her, everywhere. When the water was too cool, he lifted her up and dried her off very gently then walked her to their bed and had her lie down. He had more candles lighted with her favorite scents and very soft light. Next, he messaged her. Allen used a special warm oil and just softly messaged her body. Starting with the back of her neck. He slowly worked his way down to her butt but didn’t stop going to her feet. After massaging both feet, he worked his way back up to her butt and did the crack. That included playing with her anus ending up gently sticking a finger in where he cleaned the inside. He rubbed pass her slit slightly touching it as he went by. Finally, he turned her over and started at the top again. He spent time on each breast gently caressing it with the oil. He tweaked each nipple every so softly then went to her stomach. Again, he did her feet and went back up her legs to her pubic area. He gently slide a finger into her slit every so gently caressing the inner walls. He slowly softly finger fucked her slit and just so softly rubbed her clitoris. She had one climax but he kept on going until she was close to another.

When Diane was ready, he quickly climbed on the bed and partially on top of her. He told me that he tried to keep as much of his weight off of her, not touching her body at all. He had to some but thought he succeeded in mostly keeping his body off of hers. He was able to touch the tip of his shaft to the opening of her pleasure hole without using his hands. He let it sit there for a moment then slowly pushed it in. He moved at a gentle but continuous pace. He kept going filling her wetness with his hardness. She just said an Oh sound that sounded delighted, as he first entered her. When he reached bottom he sat there for two moments then slowly pulled out all the way, keeping the tip touching her. He pushed himself back in all the way then pulled out all the way. He continued with that slow rhythm as her euphoria built and built. Since she had been close, it didn’t that long for her to reach a climax. He was glad for that because he was gritting his teeth to keep from crying out his pleasure and if it had taken much longer, he would have groaned and maybe even climaxed himself. He was able to bağdatcaddesi escort hold it back as she gasped her way through the orgasm. He withdrew immediately and again began to lick her slit. He flicked her clitoris with his tongue as he massaged the inner walls of her slit. His fingers were just barely in but she groaned a time or two as he did that. Again, as she neared a climax he stopped and climbed back on top. As the first time he tried to keep his weight, off of her as much as possible. Again, he slowly entered her and started the same rhythm. She soon had another climax and he withdrew and started licking her again. This time Allen went up and down her slit first licking the length of one lip then the other. He even lightly sucked on the space between her slit and her anus. She loved that he knew.

Again, as Diane neared a climax he got on top of her. He repeated that procedure two more times. He told me that he wasn’t sure how he was able to keep himself from cumming as he fucked her five times like that but he did. He thought of other things and used his hips more but he still surprised himself. During the fifth time inside her he couldn’t take it anymore and as she climaxed he increased his speed and came a minute later. He knew he was very close the fourth time so he had made that last climax the biggest. Allen had grabbed a very slender and long vibrator Diane liked up her anus and as he licked her clit, he felt his way to touch the vibrator’s tip to her puckered opening then pushed. He hadn’t told her he was doing that so it was a complete surprise. He gently pushed it in but she still let out an OHH as its tip opened up her anus. That’s all she said and in fact besides some groans and gasps; she hadn’t said anything the whole time.

Allen knew she liked the thing in her, but not all the way, it was kinda long. This time he slowly and gently kept pushing it in until it was all the way in. She laid there enjoying the feeling he assumed. Once it was all the way in, he turned it on. It had three settings, but he kept it in the lowest one. She gasped as it went on so he assumed she liked it. He kept licking her clitoris the whole time and went back to licking her slit’s lips. He rotated the vibrator but kept it in at the same place. She humped twice and gasped more he said.

This time as she neared a climax he backed off some even turning off the vibrator. She made a disappointed sound but he waited and then started over again. He did that three times before climbing on top of her. As with the first, four times he tried to keep his weight off of her. As soon as he pushed his hard shaft in, he knew this was the last time. He gritted his teeth to keep from crying out and jamming it in the rest of the way. He restrained himself to the same speed as before and she gasped and moaned her way to a larger climax. She bucked and humped against him then her back arched as she let out a loud GaaaaaNNNasaa noise. He thought it was a double because as she started to relax it started up again, with her back arching. He thought it was even a triple.

As she relaxed back to the bed, his climax built to an unusual height for him and he just started going faster in and out of her. He kept himself from jamming it in hard but barely. A minute later, he let out a GnnnnnnAnannaAa sound as the first sperm shot out. This time he couldn’t help it and jammed it in as a second shot out she gasped and bucked against as he bottomed out. Soon he relaxed but not before halfway through his climax it started over again and he had a very rare double climax. He said he could feel the first blob of sperm shot through his shaft as his second climax began. As it burst forth, he let out an even louder groan then with the first one.

When they were both done and he was lying next to her Diane flipped to her side kissed him and said thank you Thank You THANK YOU, then kissed him again. It turned out that this was another fantasy of hers. They relaxed to go to sleep but he was still horny she was on her side and he was spooned behind her. She moved her butt a bit, feeling his hard shaft so that he was pointed at the right place she said to hi go ahead and he pushed it in. Soon he was thrusting in and out in faster and faster motions. Halfway through she told him to try her other hole she wanted it there too.

He did, pulling out and slipping up a tiny bit then pressing against her anus. She was still lubed from the oil he had used on her and she was very aroused and relaxed, so he slipped in with little effort. He went in all the way without stopping. Once his pubic area was pressed against her butt he let it rest for a moment then withdrew half way and pushed back in all the way. He started a good rhythm fuck her butt. She liked it and soon was groaning and gasping. Within minutes, she was having a climax and a few seconds after she relaxed he had his. He started to withdraw when he was all the way done but she said no she wanted him in her as they fell asleep. My wife liked that also at times. He relaxed with his arms around her and they went to sleep. Later though he woke while Diane was still asleep so he got up and went to clean himself up. He thought that beykoz escort there were more white streaks than usual, which might have been some of my stuff, but he also said there seemed to more brown streaks too. For that reason he made sure he was completely clean

Allen told me at the end of his description that while he had been massaging her bottom he had found a sensitive spot. I flinched when he said that knowing why Diane had a soft spot on her butt. Two days later, I talked to her and apologized for being so rough at times. She said I didn’t need to apologize. It needed to be rough to fulfill her fantasy. I could have been even rougher. There had been a limit to what she would have gone along with but I hadn’t reached it. I still felt uncomfortable with what I did do. She said her arms had been sore the next day as were her two holes.

My wife surprised me by saying something after Diane told the other two women about her night. My wife said that her fantasy was to have so much sex in one evening that her slit and anus would be sore the next day. My eyebrows went up at that because that would take a lot of sex. We had had a couple evenings were we had just kept going. I had six climaxes one time and five the other. I lasted and lasted for what seemed like hours the last couple of times and the next day she wasn’t sore. Of course, now there were three guys she could have sex with in one evening.

In the days that followed Betty saw the videos. Afterwards we talked. I was embarrassed having her watch me have sex with someone else and wondered what she would think of how I treated her friend. She surprised me by saying “You know you were a little rough with her” but it was in a lighter tone that indicated she really wasn’t all that upset with me.

I said, “I did get a little carried away but that is how Dominates do their thing.”

She said, “I know. You did good. You gave her a good time she will remember that for a long time.”

We all went about our usual business for the next week or so. Then we planned the trip to the mountains. What we had told Diane hadn’t been all a lie. We were going on a week-long trip, but it was to be in less then a month not two. Finally, we had everything ready and left. We had been up to the cabins, we were going to twice before, so we knew the area. It took us four hours of driving to get there. We unpacked settled in. There were five cabins set in a circle around a main area with a cafeteria, two outdoor showers and a campfire area. There was also a man height pit; that we thought had once been used for a BBQ. It was longer then a man and almost twice as wide a grave. It looked kinda like a grave except for the size. The men had gotten together and we decided we could use that pit to fulfill another fantasy. Right after we unpacked and picked the cabins each couple wanted we met at the pit as we had already planned. Suddenly as we were talking, Diane’s husband grabbed Allen around her torso. His arms were around hers pinning her arms so she couldn’t get away. She struggled at first wondering what was going on. Allen said something to her about raping her since she was so sexy and so much a tease but he was only teasing her. I helped Bill take off her clothes. At first she struggled, trying to keep us from undoing her clothes but she stopped after a while, probably figuring we won’t really going to hurt her.

I found it very sexy slipping off her pants while she fought, and later as I watched her husband slip off her panties I got aroused even more. I had to calm myself down though because of what was coming. Once her lower half was naked and we had undone her top Diane’s husband let go of her arms so we could take her blouse off. It was another short top that showed off her belly button and no bra. I almost got a hardon when her breasts came into view.

We stared at her but Allen said. “I don’t mean to be whiny but could we get this going, my bladder is killing me.”

Bill nodded in agreement and then bodily picked her up. I stepped in to help carry her to the edge of the pit. I was holding her naked legs and my hand slipped upwards over her butt. I brought it back down sliding it over her sexy bottom. She let out a small noise as if I had goosed her. She started struggling again, not being sure what we planned. He and I got her feet over the edge and once she was in the right position he dropped her. We had jumped in before and knew the bottom was softer dirt with no tree limbs, or rocks that could twist her ankle, so we knew that dropping her like that wouldn’t hurt her.

She looked up at us with a confused look, and Bill turned to Allen and said, “Go ahead, you can go first.”

Obviously, that was because his bladder was hurting him. Of course, all of our bladders were full for we men had drunk a lot of water on the way up here. And we had taken no bathroom breaks so we were full almost to bursting stage. Or so it felt. Diane’s husband lost no time taking off his pants and underwear. He left his shirt on but he didn’t want to make a mess on his pants. He went over to the edge right above Su. He took hold of his shaft and aimed it out over the pit. He concentrated for a moment caddebostan escort then a gold stream shot out of the tip. It went out and down landing on Su’s head then her face and breasts. She jerked and stepped back.

She said “Hey! What you doing?”

Allen answered, “He is doing and we are going to do what you wanted. You get a Golden shower today.”

For a second she stared at him as Allen finished peeing. The last of it had hit the lower parts of her breasts and stomach as she stared. Some of it dripped to the floor of the pit. It was my turn so I took off my pants and underwear. I approached the edge as he moved out of the way. I aimed my soft shaft and concentrated at trying to pee. I had held it so long it took a minute to get it going, but finally I sighed in relief as the stream begun. That was why I hadn’t wanted to get aroused while we undressed her. As I’m sure you know its a lot harder to pee with a hardon, plus as full as my bladder was an erection would feel uncomfortable. I finally got it going and Su started as my stream hit her belly bottom. Don’t ask my how I was able to aim it that way, I managed to aim it more down and hit her pubic hair. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe it. But she let it hit her, she even turned around so that my stream hit her lower back and I watched as it ran down her butt crack. Mine stopped and I moved over. Her husband was ready already having taken off his pants and boxers. Almost immediately, he started peeing hitting her hair and breast then her upper back as she turned around.

As he was finishing Betty suddenly said, “Hey that didn’t last long I think I will add mine to yours.”

My eyebrows went up as she began to slip off her jeans. She gave the area a quick glance to make sure no one but us three couples were around. W would have heard a car if one was to make it to this spot, and it would be very unlikely that a hiker would find us but her shyness caused her to make sure. Once she was naked from her bottom down, she backed to the edge of the pit and gave me a look. I stepped up to her and took her hands. She leaned backwards with her feet on the edge and her arms sticking out with me holding them. Her butt was sticking out with her feet spread apart. Soon a stream shot out from between her legs. It hit Allen in the hair.

She said, “Hey!” not only because of where it was landing, but because she had thought, it was over. My wife’s stream seemed to go on and on bathing her friend in urine. It ended up hitting her lower face and as I watched from between my wife’s legs, I saw Su swallow some of it. I didn’t know if that was on purpose or not. I kinda flinched at that but made sure I kept hold of my wife’s hands. I watched the golden liquid drip down Su’s chin over her breasts and down her stomach finally dripping onto the ground. I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. The ground was getting muddy from al the pee. Finally, she was done and I pulled her back where she quickly dressed. Diane also decided to add her pee to the mix. She was ready when my wife was done, and her husband held her out in the same position. It took her a minute to get going but she lasted almost as long as my wife. As I had watched her slip out of her pants Allen had some how laid on her back. I don’t if she slipped in the mud or sat down and lay back on purpose but she was now on her back. Diane’s stream of pee somehow hit directly on Diane’s clitoris. I don’t think they could have done that on purpose, but there was a steady stream raining down on that pleasure knob. And it was having an effect for Diane was groaning.

It hit that spot almost the whole time Diane was peeing even at the end when the stream became an on, off, on again stream. Finally, she was done but she stayed there for a moment.

She said, “Boy that was a relief and kinda fun. It might be good do a bowel movement from here too.”

Bill reached out and pulled her back then said, “That would be going too far.”

Diane said, “Hey I didn’t say I was going to, I just thought it would be fun doing it while hanging like that.”

Su’s husband just nodded, but said, “Its my job now,”

So saying he took off his shirt. He being the only one of us who hadn’t put back on their pants, even Diane was putting hers back on. He next sat down on the edge of the pit and slipped in, landing next to his wife. She looked up at him with puzzlement as he stood and stared at her for a moment. Next, he got down on his knees and started sucking on her right nipple. He switched to the left and after a minute took turns licking her urine-coated breasts. She watched him as he sucked and licked. At one point, he reached between her legs and inserted a finger into her slit while at the same time rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. She jerked then groaned. He did that for two or three minutes then slipped on top of her and inserted his hard shaft into her wet opening. She jerked as he did, almost jackknifing, as he quickly slid to the bottom. He pulled out, pushed back in immediately, and soon had a good rhythm going. All of us watched as he fucked his urine-coated wife while lying in pee mud. She soon had her legs up urging him to go in deeper and faster. After a few minutes, she was crying out in euphoria and soon after had a climax. A minute or so later started groaning big time, jamming it in harder and harder until he came as he shoved it in even harder. She gasped out a pleasure moan as he let out a deep half scream.

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