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New York’s underground stayed relatively cool compared the concrete, steel, and glass furnace that made up the city streets in August. The subway cars used the cooler air from the dark, damp tunnels to alleviate the heat inside the cars, but that forced convection required the cars to be moving. This car was not moving.

Ann, was trying to stay calm, but the dark, claustrophobic subway car was not conducive to calming thoughts. She had been in this situation many times before. The power had gone out and everything came to a stop. It was usually something as simple as switching the power over from one grid to another, or they had to cut power for a minute to do some quick work on one of the electrified rails. It was never off for more than a minute or two, but it always felt like hours.

If there was another terrorist attack, this is what would happen. And from deep under the city, with no power or connection to the outside world, there was no way of knowing if this was just a regular power fluctuation or something much worse. There was a 99.9% of it being the first and almost no chance of the second, but as the moments ticked away like hours, Ann couldn’t help but let her fears play out.

She stood tall and straight in the crowded car, almost hugging the metal pole in front of her, her two inch heels putting her at eye contact with the mostly male crowd. There were lights in the tunnel outside that ran on a different circuit, but they were spaced infrequently, and only a faint yellow glow filtered into her car, giving her little more than dark profiles of those around her.

Being in a darkened car, surrounded by strange men both frightened her and excited her. She wore a black, knee-length, pleated skirt designed to hide – what she considered to be – flabby thighs. In reality, they only appeared that way in comparison to the ghastly thin models that wandered around the city wearing skirts so short they made thongs look modest. And Ann was wearing a thong. Not because she thought it looked good on her, but because of the sweltering heat of the city above.

Any breeze was appreciated, and with her flared skirt swishing about as she walked, feeling the air on her bare butt cheeks was appreciated. She wore regular cotton panties in the winter, but couldn’t take the heat in the summer.

Thinking about it, Ann swished her hips a little now, feeling the breeze on her ass and sighing. At least it wasn’t so crowded that she bumped people with her hips. She wondered if anyone could even see her hip wiggle. She realized she was holding onto a pole and could probably do a little pole dance routine and no one would even see. She swished again and bent her knees a little to flex her ass down a few inches. Her skirt flared out like a parachute briefly and the air felt really good.

One of the dark silhouettes at her right turned to look in her direction, and Ann stood up straight quickly, blushing slightly. She wasn’t a stripper, not in her eyes anyway. Her friends liked to point out how many guys in the office checked her out as she walked by, but she discounted them quickly. She felt if they knew what her body looked like underneath, they wouldn’t look. The wonders of the push-up bra, helped focus attention upward, away from her midsection where she tried to hide her curves with loose fitting clothes and flaring skirts. Again, she was comparing herself to impossible standards, but she still couldn’t see herself as a sexy person.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she often thought she looked best in low light. She chuckled to herself as she thought that the light couldn’t get any lower than it was now. She glanced down at her illuminated watch, wondering how many minutes the power had been off. It was probably less than two, but each second that passed took forever.

Her legs began to hurt from standing in heels, and the little flexing she had done earlier had felt good. She squatted again, deeper this time, noticing that if the lights had been on, anyone behind her would have gotten a quick view of her bare ass. She knew in this light that wouldn’t be possible. Still, they might have seen the flare of the skirt. She didn’t turn to see if anyone was behind her.

As one of the few women on the car, she could tell that the men around bostancı escort bayan her had given her space. She tested that space now, putting weight on the pole in front of her as she stretched her legs by pushing her butt out behind her. They had given her quite a bit of room as she felt another pole behind her. She held that pose for a moment, the feeling of the hard cylinder between her cheeks exciting her further.

Then the pole flexed.

Ann quickly straightened her posture. It wasn’t a pole. They aren’t that close together on the car. Besides, a pole would have been cool to the touch, this had been warm. So what had it been? Someone’s cane? The edge of a briefcase? Her mind wouldn’t yet let her go where it wanted too?

It couldn’t have been an erection. Surely any man who felt a strange woman press into him on the subway would have said something like, “Excuse me,” or “Pardon.” No one would just let you grind your ass into them like that. Would they?

Would they let her do it again?

Against every instinct in her being, she reached out again. She found it much more quickly now. It had moved closer. It clearly wasn’t a pole or any other inanimate object. And as she held her pose curiously, it pushed back, grinding into her ass and flexing between her cheeks.

Ann took in a sharp breath and pulled back straight. What was she doing? Was she really grinding with a stranger in a dark subway car? The lights would go on any minute and they would start moving again. Then there would be an awkward moment when she would turn around to see who it was.

But what if the lights didn’t go back on? What if they had another 5 minutes, or 10?

She reached back again, but didn’t have to go far. The living pole was there waiting for her, throbbing with anticipation. The hips behind her bucked up and down, using their limited range of motion as best they could. It felt good and Ann didn’t pull away this time. In fact, she added to the motion, sliding her ass up and down the hard cock behind her, stroking it gently through the layers of material between them.

She felt hands on her hips then and almost cried out. The man behind her felt her stiffen and hesitated. Ann’s mind raced. This was mutual, she convinced herself. If she wanted to stop, all she had to do was straighten back to her pole, and he would leave her alone. But she didn’t want to stop right now, and as she relaxed a bit, pinching her cheeks around the hard member between them, the man understood that as a “yes.”

He pulled back on her hips, grinding with more pressure than either of them could have mustered with their current leverage. He pulled up on her hips, bringing Ann to her toes so the tip of the trapped cock played with her asshole briefly before sliding up again between her cheeks.

Nothing would happen with the layers of clothing in the way, and surly nothing would happen with them surrounded by so many people. Ann looked around briefly, pulling her mind away from the man rubbing himself off on her ass. No one appeared to be looking at them. Their upper bodies were relatively motionless, and below the shoulders was completely dark, masking any movements that might be taking place.

Ann felt the man’s hand slide down slowly, giving her every opportunity to stop the action if she wanted to. She didn’t, and he soon found the bottom of her bunched up skirt. His soft fingers went up and under the thin skirt, sliding slowly up her thigh cautiously like bare feet in a dark room, uncertain of what they might run into.

When they found the gentle curve of her ass, Ann smiled to herself at the man’s shock of not finding any underwear. His fingers traced a slow path around the circumference of her ass, eventually finding the few straps of material that made up her thong.

He fondled her gently, stroking and caressing her ass with warm fingers, occasionally applying pressure over her anus as he passed over, but never making any motion to pull the thong aside. Ann enjoyed the moment, wishing for the opportunity to guide his fingers with her voice, but knowing it wasn’t a possibility. Instead, she straightened her legs as high as possible and rotated her hips up and back, to let him know where she wanted his fingers to go.

He ümraniye escort complied, sliding his hand under her body with his palm up. His middle finger kept pressure on her body and sunk in a ways, pushing through the thin cotton and into her moist pussy. He didn’t pause long, and instead stroked her back and forth, his middle finger spreading her lips like his dick had just done to her ass. His finger never actually touched her flesh, as he kept the ever moistening cotton thong between them.

He kept the pace slow, and occasionally slide far enough forward to stroke her clit briefly before sliding back again. Ann shook in ecstasy as he teased her like that, not believing that she was being fingered in a car full of people. Any moment the lights could go back on and they would be caught. That added thrill only heightened her arousal, and she began to feel her juices run down her inner thigh.

His other hand, which had yet to enter the fray now also slipped under her skirt and began to massage her butt cheeks again. His two arms moved in motion together like he was operating a manual pump. And like a pump, Ann could feel herself begin to gush. Her thong was now just a soaked piece of cotton hanging loosely between her legs and the stranger’s warm fingers found the delicate lips of her vagina creeping around either side.

Around them people began to grumble louder about the lights being off, and Ann took the opportunity to let out some deep breaths that she had been holding on to. People jostled her from the side as they shifted on their sore feet, but she hardly noticed them as the crescendo that was building between her legs was nearing the boiling point.

Amid the noise and commotion around her, Ann barely noticed as the stranger’s second hand left her ass, but her ears did pick up on the faint “zipping” sound that soon followed. He didn’t, she thought, yet hoped that she was wrong.

A second later she felt the warm, soft, yet firm tip of his cock as it found its way under her skirt. With his first hand still working her crotch, his second guided his hard member around her ass. He slid aside the thong and let the tip of his dick move up and down her crack, pausing slightly over her anus, but didn’t apply any pressure.

Ann enjoyed the teasing immensely, but became more concerned about the darkened car by the moment. Before, if the car had suddenly started, he could have simply stepped away, her skirt would have fallen, and no one would be the wiser. Now his dick was out, and if the lights went back on, people would know. It added to the thrill, but it made Ann wish her new friend would hurry.

As if he could read her mind, his throbbing member pushed its way under her as his first hand pulled the thong aside and spread her lips. He pushed in with one strong motion, and Ann let out a yelp. Beside her men also cried out, misinterpreting her cry for one of frustration. She appreciated the confusion and bit her lip to prevent any further cries as the man behind her began thrusting.

He was hitting the spot perfectly, and with his extra length, there was a good inch of stroke after impact that caressed her G-spot like she had never felt before. In fact, Ann didn’t think she had ever been entered from behind before in her very limited sexual experiences.

The man behind her had both hands on her hips now and guided her back and forth so that neither of them made the full movement, and any observer would just see two shadows rocking slightly back and forth, perhaps to an ipod. When Ann had learned the motion on her own, the man’s soft hands left her hips and slipped under her blouse.

Ann hesitated slightly at this new intrusion. The man was fucking her in a subway car, what could she possibly feel was now off limits? He reached up and around from either side, dragging his fingertips over her arched ribcage and pausing at the underwire of her bra. Less than a year ago Ann had finally realized that a 36B was nothing to be ashamed of, and as he lifted her cups up so her breasts fell neatly into his hands, she was happy to find that she filled them easily.

His gentle fingers began to massage her erect nipples, twisting them back and forth, sending sparks of pleasure away from her breasts and down her escort kartal spine to where his cock was still stroking away. Ann tried to focus on all of her pleasure spots as this artist of a lover enticed every one. The feeling was so overwhelming that Ann barely even noticed as the familiar feeling of an orgasm began to grow. She was so used to driving herself to the big O, that now that someone else was doing it, she barely understood the building of energy until it was too late.

She bit her lip harder as she felt the inevitable coming. She was going to scream. She knew it, and she knew no one was going to mistake the sound. The more she tried to fight down the urge, the more it built inside her. Her whole body became still as she held her breath against the inevitable. The man behind her read her body language perfectly and doubled his efforts.

“aaahhhhhhhhHHHHHHAAAAAA! Yes!” She cried as her body jackknifed and she stood up straight, her juices gushing down her leg.

At that moment, the light came back on and the car lurched suddenly forward. Cries of “Yes” echoed through out the car. And Ann’s voice was quickly drowned out. She nearly lost her balance as she was thrown back, but her death grip on the pole in front of her saved her. Those behind her weren’t as lucky. Her unknown lover was pulled out of her by both her orgasm and the lurching of the car. He clearly hadn’t been holding on to anything but her breasts, and he tumbled into a mess of people.

There were half a dozen “Sorries,” passed around her by several different voices, and Ann hoped in the confusion that the stranger was able to zip back up. Thinking of his attire issues, Ann quickly took stock of her own as her body still reverberated in orgasm after shocks. Her skirt had fallen back down and her blouse had always been untucked. As those around her regained their balance, she quickly reached up and adjusted her breasts back into her bra under her top.

She felt liquid running down her thigh, but she wasn’t wearing stockings or socks with her strappy heels and hoped that any sheen on her legs would be mistaken for sweat. She certainly smelled enough of it from the men around her, and felt that her strong sex odor would be covered up.

After she had taken stock of herself, and the last shiver had quieted down her spine, she looked around. Everyone had finished righting themselves and now stood calmly and quietly waiting for their next stop. They had been motionless for about ten minutes, and it wouldn’t impact anyone’s day too much.

Gathering up her courage, she finally looked behind her. The men who had fallen together were now back up. None of them returned her look. There were probably 8 men standing there who could have been her lover, and they ranged in age from 25 to 50. None of them cried out to her “It’s me,” and whoever it had been had apparently gotten his dick back in his pants. A few of them were wearing suits, and he could have hidden it easily in his long coat had he need to.

She tried staring each of them in the face to get a reaction, but those that noticed her, only smiled politely in return, giving nothing away. She knew, though, that as soon as she turned her back again the stranger would be staring at the shimmering trail of “sweat” that was now at her knee.

Ann obliged him that view as she turned around. He was going to play coy, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to know who it was. Her purse had been hanging on her wrist this whole time while she had gripped the pole, and she rooted through it now and pulled out a business card.

People on a subway car were experts at finding empty spots on the wall or clear views out the window and staring at them for an hour at a time to avoid looking at everyone else. Thus, Ann was sure no one was watching her that closely. Still she made the movement to scratch her knee look as innocently as possible as she pressed her card into the liquid that still flowed slowly from her pussy. As she straightened, she dragged the card along her thigh, wiping as much of her scent onto the card as possible, and then dropped the card on the relatively clean floor. Unless someone had been staring at the bottom hem of her skirt, they would have never seen her drop the card. Hopefully one person saw it.

Ann got off at the next stop, leaving her card on the floor, giving her lover every opportunity to retrieve it before his next stop. As she waited for the next train, she couldn’t wait to find out if she would get an email before the day was out.


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