The Beginning of Stupid Ch. 02


It had seemed like a decent idea three months before. A field trip into Ohio’s Amish country through the non-credit arm of the university would get me a ride in the country, a paycheck and a day to see old friends up there. A day with the real Plain People might appeal to city types, not a journey to the tourist crap. The concept had gotten better the day before when the first trip had gone extremely well. Now, on a Sunday afternoon the day after, the whole thing seemed like the best idea I ever had. After all, I was now getting the blowjob of the century.

Deb had been one of the ten women and four fellows who’d been along for the day back in time. A great group, everybody hit it off and had a good time. She was a babe, I’d noticed her immediately. Tall, fun-loving and a constant smile made up the appearance. Not shy at all, a bit of the flirt and didn’t know a stranger. You always tell people to stay in touch or call sometime when you go your separate ways in those situations but you never expect it. Especially when a babe had called me that morning and invited me over for coffee.

Just coffee, just a beginning friends kinds of thing or so I thought when I strolled the three blocks over to her place. It was more like a woman raving about how wonderful the day had been. Recalling every detail, just so overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. So overcome she just had to curl up next to me on her couch and kiss me. Then kiss me again. Then kiss a lot, at least until somebody’s body gave her away.

I knew Deb had a bra on, I’d felt the straps as we had our arms around each other. I’d thought the sweatshirt she was wearing was pretty thick, it being April tuzla escort and all. For all that there they stood, two nipples busting out in front of me. Not a fringe benefit I’d expected from being a tour guide but not one I wanted to turn away. You read about stuff like this but it never happens to idiots like me. At least it hadn’t but then it was. Almost.

The sweatshirt started to slide up but hadn’t even got to the cups before Deb broke the kiss and shook her head.

“No, baby,” she whispered, bumping my hands away and pulling the shirt back down. “I’m seeing somebody. Don’t do me.”

Do her, the term caught my attention. For a guy who’d only had sex with one woman and then for just two weeks, I still had a lot to learn. Phrases, motions, moves, all that stuff. Especially the thing about I wasn’t supposed to take off Deb’s sweatshirt but she could. One motion and it was off, she was lunging forward and our lips were locked back together.

I was still grasping that concept of who could undress who as kisses moved to my throat and her hand started unbuttoning my shirt. I might have mentioned it to her as a point of interest but was distracted. I also could have mentioned that her bra strap seemed to have trouble staying on her shoulder too. Just being the gentleman, I was trying to pull it back into place but mis-judged the distance. By chance, not design, my hand was on her bare breast and my heart skipped a beat. Jesus, this woman was big.

There was a major blur that infected my brain at that moment, to this day images coming and going in bits and pieces. A bra got unhooked, that must have been me. My shirt was open, göztepe escort that was on her. Two bodies laying on a couch, magnificent breasts pressed against my chest as we French kissed, that was on us. All about to get a lot better.

Lips are sweet but throats are tasty too. Slowly I kissed downwards, throat, shoulders and chest. The objective still stood straight out, Deb’s bright pink nipples standing at least an inch out. I just had to mouth each one so slow, rolling the sweet treat with my tongue, feeling the beauty’s body twitching under me. Getting close but never close enough.

A soft hand pressed my head away as her other hand began to slide into my pants.

“Don’t screw me, baby,” Deb panted. “Please, don’t. Please. Let me please you.”

Please me? To a guy who was fairly clueless, that pleasing concept meant laying me but she was saying that was off the table, couch or bed. To a woman apparently seeing somebody else, that thing about pleasing meant something else. In a blink positions had shifted, kisses were at my throat and chest as I was on my back on the couch. A hungry mouth was at my nipples. I was the one moaning in pleasure. So much pleasure I’ve still got no idea how Deb got my pants open.

That they were, my penis straight up, at least for the quick glance I’d gotten of it. That was an improvement over the other woman, me never really mastering sticking it straight out to get in her, it always seeming to want to point down. Not that it mattered at the moment, Deb setting to work, sweet kisses and licks definitely getting all my attention and giving me all that pleasure. Worshipping it actually üsküdar escort before she went berserk on a slow, slow comer. On and on and on her head bobbed as sucking noises grew louder than my groans until finally I couldn’t hold it any more and totally exploded.

It was a wild animal’s look in Deb’s eyes as she gazed up at me, semen running down her chin and onto her chest as she struggled to swallow it all. The only other bj’s I’d ever had were spit into a toilet, I was liking this. I drew her up and covered her mouth with mine. So that was what I tasted like, I was surprised. Had to stop eating soda crackers with so much salt I guess. Really surprised at that but not as I was at what was about to come next.

Deb staggered to her feet, covering her bare breasts with her hands. She swallowed hard again and then panted, “Go.”


“Get out of here. Leave.”

“God,” I gasped without thinking, “was I that bad?”

“You’re ok,” Deb said, now trying to get dressed. “You’re fine down there. It was nice but I can’t let you stay. You can’t screw me, honey. Please. This never should have happened. Leave. Please. Now.”

It was three blocks back to my place, three tenths of a mile to figure out what just happened. I was ok? Or was I fine? About all that made any sense was it made no sense, no rational, logical sense. Deb had given a blowjob to the field trip, the Amish, the beauty of the day, not me. I was just a tool, the representation of all that or any other bullshit I could think of to justify getting blown and tossed out immediately after. Nothing really made sense but at least I’d learned. I had another trip the next Saturday, I was going to have to play it cool, not expect this was ever going to happen again. I’d just got lucky once.

I might still believe that if that next Saturday I hadn’t met Ann and her family but that definitely is a story of stupid for another time.

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