Time Alone? She Thought So!


This is a short story, but I think a pretty good one. Comments are always welcome and encouraged. If you like it let me know. If you didn’t, let me know as well but please tell me why. I can’t improve if I don’t get criticism. I welcome criticism on content or mechanics.

I dedicate this and all my stories to my sweetheart and the love of my life; she completes me and is so good to me. May we always be together and enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.


So, Kim is at home alone. John is still at work. She is a little bored and thinking of the last time she made love with him. Because she was thinking of the last time, she is getting pretty horny and can feel herself getting wet and that familiar itch in her pussy, the kind that just needs to be scratch. She remembers how well John is at taking care of that itch, but he is at work and isn’t due home for a couple of hours

She thinks to herself “Should I wait for him to get home? I am PRETTY horny right now and really need to be fucked. But he won’t be home for a while. What should I do?”

Then she remembers the vibrating dildo he had her buy earlier. She remembers how embarrassed she was to buy it from the shop, but she didn’t like the idea of ordering it online. He had said she had to buy it last week, so she did. She remembers that she bought one about the size of his penis because she wanted to feel like it was him and not the dildo.

Opening the drawer where she hid it so no one else would see, she took the dildo out and turned it on to make sure the batteries were still good. After-all, John sure used it a lot on her after she bought it. After turning the knob, the familiar whirring emanated from the rubber toy so she knew the batteries were still good.

She removed her shirt and workout bra. Then she loosened and unzipped the pants and slid them down her legs, followed by the same for her panties. She couldn’t help but notice the damp spot in them already. She thought to herself she often had the same damp spot, something that didn’t happen nearly as often as it had since she met John.

She then lay down on their bed and drew her knees up spreading güvenilir bahis her legs. She started by rubbing the dildo up and down her slit without placing it in. She could see the dampness on it that it received from her wet pussy. She placed the dildo to the entrance to her pussy and just slightly pushed it in, not quite penetrating, but just teasing herself just like John did when he used it on her. She held it there and felt the vibrations on her clit and really liked the sensation.

She then pulled it out and rubbed the tip up and down her slit again, continuing to tease herself. She placed the tip back to the center of her hole and pushed it all the way in. This caused her to moan out loud. She held it there all the way in for a few moments, relishing the feeling of being full. She couldn’t help but with it was John’s cock, but he wasn’t expected home for a while yet. She then pulled it out and slowly pushed it back in. Pulling it all the way out again, she teased her clit some more with the tip of the vibrating phallus then plunged it back in. This elicited another moan from her.

She pulled it out and pushed it back in several times and could feel the fire build inside of her. She was moaning loudly in time with her plunges. She then rolled over onto her stomach and reached down with her hand under her to stroke the dildo in and out. She closed her legs together to increase the pressure the dildo was causing, increasing the sensations it was having inside her and to enhance the vibrations on her cunt. Her twat was squishing, she was so wet from her manipulation.

She was getting closer and closer to coming and could feel the explosion coming on inside of her. Just as she was about to come, she heard a familiar voice from behind her though she couldn’t see him.

John says out loud “So, you couldn’t wait for me, heh?”

She couldn’t help but be startled and started to remove the vibrator from her twat, but John covered it with his hand holding it in.

John said with an authoritative tone, “No, leave it in!”

He straddles her legs and then she notices that he is already naked. She then realizes he must have been türkçe bahis standing there watching her for a while, long enough to get quietly undressed. She must have been so distracted, she didn’t notice or hear him even come in. She can’t see him very well face down, but she feels the raging hard-on as he straddles her legs and feels it laying up her crack.

John says “So, if your twat is already full, where shall I put my cock?”

She can’t see his face, but she can feel him grinning anyway. He reaches to the nightstand next to the bed and opens the drawer. He grabs the lubricant they keep there and she fills him flip the cap open. She then feels him lift his cock and she feels the cool lubricant splash onto her crack and run down all the way to her pussy. She then feels him stroke himself, assuming he is lubing his prick with more lubricant.

Then she feels him scoot down a little. She feels her ass cheeks spread and feels the cool air on her asshole. But it doesn’t stay cool long, because she feels the spongy feeling of his cockhead as he places it against her asshole. She feels him shift his legs downward, but he does it carefully so as not to put pressure on his cock, at least not yet. Then she feels him push his hips forward just a little and she feels the pop if his cockhead as it enters. It burns a little as it usually does, but he waits with his prick head just inside until the burn goes away. Then she feels him apply more pressure and feels his dick slide into her about two inches. He stops again.

She can feel the vibrating dildo pushed deep inside her pussy and John’s cock in her ass and can’t remember ever feeling so full. It is a strange sensation, but she likes the feeling. He then pushes in and feels his hair tickling her ass. He must be all the way in now. She can full both his prick and the dildo so close together and really feels full now. He stops and waits a minute or two; it is hard to tell time with all the stimulation. Then she feels him pulling his pelvis back and feels his cock as it empties from her ass, but he stops before completely pulling it out. He stays there with just the head inside. She can really güvenilir bahis siteleri feel the vibrating cock in her pussy now and the stimulation is starting to get to her again.

Suddenly, she feels John push in again and slide his entire cock inside her ass again. Both sigh at the same time. She looks over her shoulder and sees John looking at her. She asks “so how does the vibrating dildo in my pussy feel to you?”

John says “Wow, the vibrations are really driving me nuts!”

He pulls out again and quickly pushes back in. Kim can feel her climax coming again. It had subsided considerably when John startled her earlier. He then starts slow stroking in and out while the vibrations from the fake cock in her pussy continues stimulation her clit and the insides of her cunt. John starts stroking faster and faster and her plateau is coming quickly. She is starting to see those familiar stars when she has a really strong orgasm. Suddenly her entire body tenses and she shuts her eyes and screams loudly as her orgasm hits her like an elephant jumping off a diving board. Her pussy and ass clench hard and she almost pushes the dildo out. She might have pushed John’s prick out as well, but he had stopped when she came and held himself deep inside her ass.

Her ass clenching and her scream pushed John over the edge as well and he can feel the cum boiling out of the slit in his cock depositing itself deep in her ass. She feels the warm sensation in her ass and that pushes her even higher. John pulls out a little and slams back in, shooting more spurts of his juice up her ass. He makes short little strokes in and out in time with the pulses of semen coming out of his cock and continues to do this for what seems like a really long time, all the while moaning and grunting animalistic sounds. He pushes in one last time and Kim feels the last spurt flowing deep inside her.

Kim feels John slowly relax and drop from holding up his torso with his hands so that his entire from is completely covering her entire back. His cock is still wedged in her ass, but she can feel him deflating. He kisses the back of her neck several times. She turns her head as far as it would go and he kisses her on the lips.

“I am kind of glad you didn’t wait for me. I really enjoyed that. I love you, sweetheart”, says John.

“I love you too.” says Kim. “Welcome home. Did you get off early?”

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