Triad Ch. 06


Chapter 6

2013 continued

Abby spent hours and hours over the next week with her mother learning about the polyamorous sexual experience her parents had enjoyed with Connie. One result was that Jean and Don reached out to her yet again in a long letter, despite the apparent isolation from them that Connie had self-imposed. Part of what seemed to break the ice for the three of them was that Jean wrote her about the triad their daughter was in.

A week later, Jean burst into my house waving a letter she’d just gotten. She had tears of happiness streaking down her face. She ran into Abby’s arms and sobbed, “Connie still loves us. She’s coming here.”

Eventually, I got to read the letter from Connie as it got passed around.

‘The past twelve years have been the hardest in my life. I thought I could do this thing called life on my own but I can’t. I tried to make do with a couple of other people but I guess I’m not into monogamy or exclusivity, and jealousy and possessiveness. I want what Don, you, and I shared.

Your letter made me cry – it still does. I could feel your love in every word. I had reached the point where I wanted to go back to the two of you, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Coincidently, I got laid off where I was working with a generous settlement. And then, your letter. My heart soared when I saw whom it was from. That you still love me brought tears to my eyes and still does. That you want to be with me makes it unbearable to be away. That you want us to be a triad again is almost more than I can stand. I want to be with you both.

I’m on my way. I will give this letter time to reach you and then I will call. I’m packing boxes right now to ship home – home to be with you both. We can work out the details. I can hardly wait – plus to see Abby, all grown up, and appreciate her triad as well. What fun we’ll all have. Maybe we should form a great big commune. ;-))

I love you both. I love you all. Connie.

A week later as Anna and I left the house in the morning for our speed walk down the beach, I noted a car in Don and Jean’s driveway with Washington license plates. Connie had arrived sometime the previous night.

I joked with Anna that we should barge in to say ‘Good Morning,’ the way Jean occasionally did. I think Jean actually got off in some way at catching one of us naked, especially me. I had gotten so I didn’t even bother to cover up, and Jean didn’t seem shocked at seeing my body – or anybody else’s, so I’d take my time getting a towel or slipping on a pair of shorts.

Anna said, “They probably fucked all night long. I bet my dad is really tired.”

“Then they’re really hyped up on adrenalin with their lover back in their arms. I bet we see them early.”

Sure enough, when we came trotting back down the beach on the packed sand near the tide line we could see three people sitting out on Don and Jean’s deck. We moved up to say hello.

I found it no surprise that the three of them were barely dressed. Don wore boxers. Jean and Connie, who I met for the first time, were in thin t-shirts with their nipples trying to escape and obviously nothing on below the waist. I felt sexually attracted to both women, and it wasn’t the first time with Abby’s mother either.

Connie fawned a bit over meeting Anna Pechet and me, but slowly got accustomed to our laid back style, appropriate only for the Cape. We’d been there often enough that we just made ourselves at home, getting coffee for ourselves. Connie relaxed as she saw how Don and Jean treated Anna.

I asked, “Has Abby shown up?”

“Not a sign of her this morning.” Jean teased, “You two must have worn her out last night.”

I chuckled, “We were just trying to keep up with all the moans, groans, screams, and other sexual noises floating over to our place from here.” I glanced at Connie as I said that.

Connie gasped, “Oh, my God. You could hear us?”

Jean and Don started to laugh. “Darling, he’s teasing you, and you just revealed to him what kind of a night we shared.”

I laughed and took my cellphone off my armband. I dialed Abby. A few seconds later, a groggy voice answered the phone. “Where are you?”

“Next door with your parents and your Dutch aunt. Why don’t you dress sexy and come over. Clothing is sparse over here, so don’t go overboard.”

Abby acknowledged the request and we hung up. A few minutes later, she arrived also wearing only a t-shirt except she had on the bottoms to one of her bikinis. She did look sexy; I even noted that Don had to split his time between the four sexpots.

Abby came in and went right to Connie. The pair hugged and played the ‘my you’ve changed’ game as far as Abby was concerned. Abby had been ten years old when Connie left for the west coast.

Abby confirmed what I’d heard earlier, that Connie had been like a second mother. I knew there were dozens of questions she had, and I vowed to not ask them. Anna wisely kept that same stance.

After güvenilir bahis two cups of coffee, Anna and I left to shower and do something about breakfast. Our offer to prepare something for everyone was gratefully accepted, so we suggested that they come over in about forty-five minutes. Abby stayed behind to talk.

Anna and I showered together and resisted the physical urges we had to mate in the shower. We were both well into making waffles and omelets by the time the others joined us. From the mood, I could tell there’d been some frank questions and discussion in the short time. Abby’s eyes were red, but she scampered off to take a quick shower and dress. The others were still in ‘bedroom dress.’ I liked that because Jean and Connie were less than guarded about occasionally flashing me.

Breakfast had no sooner ended than Don and Jean started to make flirtatious comments to Connie, who seemed to warmly receive them. The trio bid us a happy day and went back to their home a couple of hundred feet away through the low dunes and sea grass.

After they were out of earshot, Abby said, “Those three are about to fuck each others’ brains out – again.”

I commented, “Good idea. Anybody up for similar activities before we get busy with other things.”

I got two happy feminine smiles, and the three of us headed back to the bedroom together.

An hour later and mostly sated, Abby teased, “Did you like seeing Connie and my mother’s pussy?” The three of us were lying nude in the middle of our bed.

Anna made exaggerated lapping and slurping noises.

I smiled and chuckled, “What’s not to like? I love pussy. I love your mother. Connie is loveable too. Ergo, I loved seeing all that loveable pussy.” I paused and added, “Of course, I love the pussy that’s here all that much more.”

“Good answer, Kemosabe,” Anna tossed out as she rolled back into my arms to kiss me.

Out of nowhere, Abby suddenly popped up on one elbow and looked me in the eye; she asked, “Jim, would you like to make love to my mother or to Connie?”

“Whoa! Where’d that idea come from?”

Abby chuckled, “Well, a couple of weeks ago we talked about our open relationship. Mom thinks you’re hot, and from the looks Connie was giving you I think she agrees. They have an open relationship too. I could put in a good word for you. We did agree that you could have other sexual relationships, and this would keep it ‘all in the family,’ so to speak.”

“I can’t believe you want me to sleep with your mother and her friend.”

Abby leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. “I do actually. I want to see what it feels like now that we’ve created an open relationship. I love my mom and Connie, and they obviously like you. Daddy has to go back to the city to teach his summer classes. The women will be horny, and you’re always horny, ergo you could all satisfy each other.”

“What about the two of you?”

Anna kissed Abby right in front of me. “Oh, we’ll think of some way to console ourselves while you’re next door.”

Abby added, “I love thinking about you making it with them – it turns me on. Maybe sometime you’d even let me watch. I’d love to see my mother and Connie in action with you.”

I shook my head, “I am not walking over to your parents’ house and announcing that I’m the stud-in-residence-until-Don-gets-home.”

Abby laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ll set it up for you.”

I rolled my eyes. Suddenly, I had one of Anna’s breasts in my mouth. As I was sucking Anna said, “I’d like to see that too – you fucking Jean. That’d be so hot – your big throbbing cock driving into her pussy, and later her pussy drooling out your white cum for one of us to slurp up.”

I moaned, and as I did I became away that I’d hardened back to a ‘ten,’ and I wanted to fuck someone. Abby slithered her pussy slowly down my cock. She said in a loud whisper, “Just pretend I’m Jean. I have this nice tight pussy, and I waited years to fuck my neighbor, and now it’s happening. I am so happy … and he feels so good inside me.”

I kept my eyes closed and savored the fantasy Abby painted. Later, Anna and I vacuumed up the cum from Abby’s pussy, even sharing some of it with her.

* * * * *

Sunday afternoon I worked on my book and another outline. I was hung up on finding some novel way to describe a character about to put the world’s population in dire straits. Anna was reading another script and Abby had gone next door. I put the idea out of my head that she would say anything sexual to her mother or Connie; I figured all that earlier talk had been colossal teasing.

About five o’clock, Abby called and suggested we meet at six-thirty to walk up to the little town center for drinks and dinner at the Beach Shack. Anna and I liked that idea, and said we’d bang on their door at the appointed time. Abby asked us to bring a wrap for her in case we decided to sit outside.

When Anna and I arrived next door, we discovered that Don had already türkçe bahis left to return to the city. I admired how willing he was to just poke along in slow moving traffic to get off the Cape. The result was that the four women and I happily strolled a mile or so up the beach to the restaurant.

Abby was ebullient about Connie having returned to live with Don and Jean. Apparently, they’d spent some time talking about jobs in the area near Don and Jean’s house, and even went through the Sunday paper and searched on the Internet. Connie seemed in no rush to go back to work, and admitted to a little burnout at her last job trying to keep the business afloat.

I added in a few suggestions on job hunting and offered some local contacts I had from having grown up in the area and gone to school nearby. Connie dutifully took notes on the back of the paper placemat.

Dinner lasted until almost nine o’clock by the time we decided to stroll back. There was enough light in the sky to see our way, but darkness would be complete very soon.

As we walked past the path to Don and Jean’s cottage, Connie and Jean broke away from our group and moved to the path.

Abby gave me a push, “No, you’re going with them. We talked about this earlier. They need you.”

Connie and Jean stood a few feet away with smiles looking at me.

“You’re all kidding, right?”

Jean came up to me, put her arms around me, and said, “I’m not kidding. Please come and let’s make love to each other.”

“But … Jean … Connie … what about Abby? … and Anna? … this is very unusual … I didn’t ask … are you really sure?”

Jean kissed me again, and from my other side Connie gave me a hug. I looked over and Abby and Anna were holding hands, and nodding encouragingly at me. I looked at the two of them, “Really?”

They both nodded, “Yes, really. We’ll see you later. Don’t hold back.”

Anna and Abby walked away, leaving me standing with my arms around Jean – Abby’s mother – Connie. My brain was scrambled.

I let the two older women lead me up to their Cape home. Jean said, “I want to be out here on the porch. The temperature is perfect, and the screens will keep the bugs out.”

Jean held one arm out to Connie, who flowed into it with a kiss for her dear friend. Connie then turned to me, and planted a truly knock your socks off kiss on me, complete with some innovative tongue action.

As we broke apart, Connie said, “Did you like looking at my pussy this morning? I caught you at least a dozen times. You even started to drool at one point. Now you’ll get to look all you want, plus I hear that you eat cunt better than anybody. I can’t wait.”

Jean added, “Neither can I. You’ve enthralled me since we met years ago. Maybe Abby started it, but as special as she always thought of you, I did too.”

“But … Don?”

“He’s fine with this. Just so you know, he knows what we’re doing and we have his blessing. Don’t be so nervous. Just give into the moment.”

Connie reappeared in front of me, she was nude from the waist up … and she was beautiful. Her breasts shimmied in the dim light, larger than Anna or Abby’s, and the nipples were erect and piercing as she stroked them against me. We kissed again, and then I was kissing a half-nude Jean too.

Someone peeled my shirt away, and then my shorts went along with my briefs. Shoes were no problem; I spent most of the summer barefoot, especially when all we were doing was walking the beach or to various concessions.

The women tag-teamed undressing me until I was equally naked. Only that morning, I’d created visuals in my mind about what each of them looked like nude. After all, I’d watched their pussies winking at me over and over for at least an hour.

This was better. As we lay on the big chaise, I held each of them, as I often did Anna and Abby, and we kissed and made out. Female hands were all over my cock and balls, fondling and stroking me up to a ‘ten’ – maximum hardness.

Jean sank down and sucked my cock into her mouth, and then pulled a deep throat on me. As she bottomed out, she rotated her head, which in turn moved my cock in her mouth and throat in a novel way – a novel and highly stimulating way that no one had ever done on me before. I remember thinking that she had to teach that to Abby.

Connie pushed one of my hands down to her crotch. She whispered, “Finger me. I’m wet for you.” I couldn’t say no to anything either of them asked. My hand cupped her pussy, and almost immediately I could sink two and then three fingers into Connie’s hot moist cunt. She gasped in pleasure as she French kissed me.

We lay on the double chaise on the porch, and the next I knew Jean had straddled me and was rubbing my hard-on along her slit. She was almost dripping with her juice, and I guess I was contributing a little too. Before I could wonder what would happen, Jean slid onto my cock, totally impaling her body on my cock.

I remember thinking, ‘My God, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’ve now fucked daughter and mother. How marvelous.’ I also thought that I wouldn’t last very long.

Jean read my signals and thrusts quite well. She pulled off of me after a few minutes, and held my cock out to Connie. She slurped on my steel-like shaft for a minute, and then she too mounted me, and slid me into her pussy.

There seemed to be a lot of moaning going on. I realized some of the sounds came from me. The two women traded places several times with me, particularly as we tried several different positions.

I was doing everything I could to keep from cumming. I had the same issue when things got heated up with Anna and Abby. My orgasm slowed things down, and by the third one I was sometimes out of business. How come women can have an endless stream of orgasms and guys only get a limited number? Who thought up that scheme? Where’s the survival of species in that plan?

I lay on my back so Jean could ride me. Connie was trying to set a record for orgasms, by then having adopted my tongue as the preferred mechanism. I became aware of more hands entering the fray about then. Anna and Abby were in our midst; they were nude.

Connie backed off of my face, and I could see her engaged in a deep kiss with Abby as the two of them fingered each other’s slits. That meant that the tongue I could feel on my balls as Jean slowly rode me belonged to Anna.

This was turning into one memorable night.

I couldn’t hold it in, as I watched Connie and Abby. I blasted a gallon of rich, white, man juice into Jean’s pussy. I did warn her, and she sped up to accelerate my final moments before orgasm. She obviously came with me, and then fell into my arms with passionate kisses and a lot of tongue action. I had just completed fucking my mother-in-law for all intents and purposes.

As my cock shrunk, Anna pulled me from inside Jean and sucked me clean. Jean rolled to our side, and suddenly Anna was lapping up my cum from Jean’s pussy. Jean looked very happy and not at all worried about the flaunting of convention happening.

Things got even wilder when Abby appeared, and nudged Anna out of the way. She said, “I need me some of that too.” Anna moved aside, and Abby moved in to suck and finger her mother, pulling some of my cum from inside with a couple of fingers.

This was the hottest sexual session I had ever had in my life.

Anna and Connie made it even hotter when they formed a sixty-nine on the adjacent chaise, and started to eat each other. Connie was on the bottom, and Anna’s lithe body was on top. There were occasional whispers, and then a few orgasmic moans from the pair.

Beside me, Jean came again too. I kissed her, and then I had Abby in my arms.

Abby looked at me in the face, “Happy? You OK with all this?”

I leaned up and kissed her. “Happy; very! OK with all this? I’ve never dealt with incest in any form until today. You, my beautiful and loving partner, have blown out of the water every meme I had about mothers and daughters. Is this new?”

“Yes, but we talked about it before dinner.”

I asked, “And how did that conversation go?” I was curious about how exactly one broached the subject of incest with one’s mother.

Abby laughed, “We talked about Mom and Connie making love to you. Connie said something about Anna and I being there, and participating in some way. I said that meant each woman had to be content with having sex with the other women, when you were otherwise worn out. That led to a discussion about incest, and voilà, here we are.”

Jean said in a teasing tone, “And did we disappoint?”

Abby kissed her mother, “Not a bit. I love my new relationship with you.” The second kiss was anything but filial affection; there was a lot of passion there.

As they parted, Jean said in a hopeful tone, “You have to include your father some time soon.”

Anna knelt next to me. “I love Don. I’ll gladly be with him.”

Abby looked thoughtful. I could see the thought of sex with her father was not distasteful. I was learning a lot about my partners. We’d never been near these boundaries in our relationship, and suddenly a whole new motif of family relationships was forming.

Jean laughed at the excited look on Anna’s face, “You’ll make his day – being with a movie star.”

“Oh, I don’t think about that. I think about how erotic it’ll be. If he gets off better because of my career, so be it.”

Jean pointed at my cock. I’d deflated and then re-inflated with all the sexual and incestuous talk. “Look, he’s back in ‘ready’ condition. Connie? You should do this.”

Some rearrangement took place, and I ended up in the male superior position as Connie and I enjoyed the missionary position with one another. I have to say, I loved feeling her erect nipples stroking against my chest each time we kissed and I pumped into her sweet body.

I didn’t hold back with Connie, plus Jean, Abby, and Anna gave me some eye candy by creating a beautiful sapphic trio on the adjacent lounger that turned me on. I came deep inside Connie about ten minutes after we started. Jean broke away and did cleanup on her friend and partner.

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