Cum On Baby (Take me to Chicago 1962)


Alright, I’ve been playing you people…I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is. I’ve been taking the easy way out, like the song says. I’ve been writing about stuff that happened in my sordid past, not taking into account that this is a fantasy site. This is a sex fantasy site, not a sex reality site, right? So, now I am going to treat it like it deserves, I am going to tell you nice people about one of my dearest sexual fantasies. I, Alan W. Jankowski, am going to spill my guts out on the table…for all of you to observe…This is a sex fantasy site, right? As someone in the audience commented recently, “and that, ladies and gentlemen is why this is called a fantasy site”. I really don’t know what he meant, I mean, that story was true…I have never really taken the liberty of fantasizing on this site…until now. I mean, really, if others can do it why not I? If other people can write stories about living out every line of some sixties song, and someone else can fantasize about making love to ‘Little Wing’ while Jimmy Hendrix plays on, why can’t I? Really…so, I started to fantasize. I mean, it is no secret guys think about sex, so it is not so unlikely I can come up with a fantasy. I thought about it long and hard. What scenario would I like to live out? Hmmm….. I thought…. There were a few. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Jimmy Reed fan. To me music is second only to sex, and not by much. I don’t want to say I worship the man, that wouldn’t be right. I mean, just because I think his birthday should be a national holiday and I think he should be the fourth person in the Blessed Trinity, does not mean I worship him, right? Anyway…I finally came up with a real fantasy. Yes, after all this time I did it. Humor me, alright? I know it is a bit corny, with time machines and all, but it is a fantasy. I mean after all, I am entitled, just like anyone else. So let me begin…it goes something like this. You girls might want to get comfortable. You men as well. After all, this is a fantasy site, right? Let me indulge myself for a while. I think Ankara bayan escort I deserve it…my fantasy goes something like this….When I was working back at my friend Rich’s telephone business, we hired a new guy named Carl. Carl was one of these techy type guys, a real nerd, so to speak. He was smart though, I have to admit. Got something like a 790 on the math portion of his SAT’s. He was really a smart guy and that was what we needed. Anyway, one day Carl was a bit excited….”Alan.” Carl said.”Yes, Carl.” I answered.”I think I invented a time machine.””Um…what dude?” I asked cautiously.”I think I invented a time machine.”I started to think. I time machine, eh? I mean I know this is a fantasy, but what are we in cartoon land?”OK, Carl. You been smoking something good and not sharing again?” I asked.”No, really man. Where do you want to go? I mean you tell me a time and place and I think I can send you there.” Carl stated confidently.I started to think. There were so many possibilities. Did I want to go back to the dawn of creation and talk to God? Did I want to look over De Vinci’s shoulder as he painted the Mona Lisa? Did I want to be there with Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the Declaration Of Independence? Did I want to converse with Lincoln as he pondered the Civil War?I thought for a moment, and then I spoke.”Chicago, 1962.””What?” Asked Carl.”Chicago, 1962.” I was confident.”Are you serious?” He asked.”Serious as a heart attack.” I answered.I watched Carl as he stared back somewhat quizzically. He pondered the situation and then started punching in numbers in his crude keyboard. I think it was a Radio Shack TRS-80, this was the 80’s after all. In a moment, I started to feel funny. My head started to spin and I felt lightheaded. The room around me started to spin out of control. I shook, I started to sweat. My mind started to race at a fast pace. I was out of control and there was no stopping it now.I was on a natural high and I don’t know why,The room started to spin and it took me all in,There were Escort bayan Ankara natural forces, pulling me like horses,I was along for a ride, taking me in stride.I woke up on a dirty street on the South side. I was the only white person in sight. I looked around.”Do you want to go out?” A nice looking black girl came up and asked me.”No thank you.” I answered. I didn’t think I had enough money in my pocket anyway.I wandered around the corner to a bar. I stepped in. It seemed all eyes were on me.”What can I get you?” The barkeep asked.”A Guinness, please.” I answered.There was a bit of laughter and then he spoke.”How about a Bud, Bud?”I ordered a Bud and sat there quietly. I felt uneasy, as I was the center of attention. I sucked down my beer quickly and walked out.I headed onto the street and looked around. I really didn’t like what I saw.I headed out onto the boulevard. I passed a number of seedy looking bars and clubs. I just kept walking. I really wanted to disappear. I began thinking this was one big mistake. Then, suddenly I walked passed a small hole in the wall. There was a small plaque that read ‘VJ Records’. I went in.Once inside I felt immediately at home. I heard blues music coming out from behind the walls. I was in a trance and I did not want to leave.”Can I help you?” A handsome black man asked at the front desk.”No, I’m just looking.” I answered dumbly.”You ain’t from around here, is you?” He asked.”No sir. I’m just looking.”I realized I was talking to James Bracken, the founder of VJ Records in 1950. This was the same record company that would be the first to sign the Beatles about a year later than this. James Bracken was also the co-writer of many famous blues records. Him and his wife Vivian were the V and J in VJ.I asked him about the music coming from the back. He seemed amused by my interest. He led me into the first room. It was a small recording studio. I looked around and saw various horn players laying down tracks. The song they were working on was ‘Steppin Out’. As I sat there Bayan escort Ankara in awe, there was no wonder in my mind why Eric Clapton would choose this song as a staple in his performances throughout the sixties with both the Bluesbreakers and Cream. The notes sang in the air as the musicians played. I knew it was written by James Bracken himself, and he himself led me to this room. I was in awe. As I leaned back in the corner attempting to take it all in, a jovial black man came over to speak. He had a guitar around his neck. I suddenly realized it was Memphis Slim himself, the man who out T-Boned T-Bone Walker.”You ain’t from around here, is you?” He asked.”No sir.”I heard this before. He laughed as he went his way. He returned to his station in the recording studio and when it was his time he began to play. His notes from his fingers gave off such intensity that my skin buzzed. I was in such awe. I had to leave the room.I went back to the front desk. An attractive young black woman was sitting around talking on the phone. A man stopped by the front desk on his way out. He made a comment to the pretty girl on the phone.”I’m going to get Jimmy his medicine.” He chuckled as he walked out the door.The pretty young black woman just smiled. After a while I found myself staring at her beauty. She had a casual way about her that was truly seductive. I was standing there staring like a fool.In a while I realized I was staring at Vivian Bracken, wife of James. He had founded VJ Records for her back in 1950.”Can I help you?” She smiled, pausing to put down the phone for a minute.”No, I’m alright.” I answer, “Just feel a bit queasy.”I wander back down the hall. I hear voices coming from inside a room. I step inside.”OK Jimmy, just do whatever you want.” I hear a male voice say.I hear a guitar start to strum a lazy rhythm. As the drums kick in, I hear a singer. The voice sounds familiar but I can’t see the singer. The room is packed with women. They are literally four or five deep around the singer. All I can hear is the man start to sing…Oh John, look at you sittin’ in that corner,Oh John, I can talk to your old lady but I don’t want to.Oh John, Oh John. I know they call you Big Bad John.Oh John, call your old lady on the telephone,Hey John, I know your old lady even home,Oh John, come on ask Jimmy what’s going on.I immediately recognize the song and the voice.

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