Late for Brunch


He sprawled his naked body out on the bed as he trailed his finger along the screen. Texts from last night. He smiled at the last one received. Guess you fell asleep. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Night belle

Yes, she was busy last night, alright. The night table was scattered with empty liquor bottles and white powder residue. The bed had been stripped of its coverings.

“Hey Justin….can you find my shirt out theeere…?!” Before he could answer, the phone buzzed with another message.

Wakey wakey! Still on for this morning? His smile widened to a grin as he punched his index finger on the keypad, Yep!

He lifted his head, calling towards the bathroom. “I can’t find it, babe…I think it’s lost!!”

The door opened and her short, barefoot body emerged wearing a pair of his striped boxers and a black lacy bra. Her damp slightly curled brown hair flowed down her shoulders. After their night, the whites of her eyes, like his, weren’t exactly white anymore. “Really? You couldn’t find it? Not even my skirt?”

“I looked, Rachel. They seemed to have disappeared!”

She placed her hands on her rounded hips. “Disappeared?”

The phone vibrated beside him. Great! I’m almost there. He briefly glanced at it, before returning to her face. “Yep!”

Rachel dropped her hands. “Really…that’s the story you’re going with?”


“Really, I need my top now, Justin…I’m meeting him for brunch.”

“He can wait. Youuuu get back to bed. We’re not done.”

Her lip curled to a playful grin. “You’re not going to let me go, are you?” She approached, stopping before him. This time she had one hand on her hip. He had sat up, as if to challenge her to counter his little games. He bounced his cock, as hard as it was. “Do you really WANT to go?” he asked, flashing a sly smile. His fingers ran across the waistband of her, or rather, his boxer shorts.

“Welll…” she bit her lip. “Not reallly….” He snapped it against her, causing her to flinch. “Ooo!” With one hand he yanked at them, tugging them down and awkwardly jerking her legs. She stepped out güvenilir bahis of them before sexily twirling them on her finger and launching them at him. Grinning, with another swoop, he pulled her body toward him. Rachel climbed on top of his lap, her legs kneeling on either side of him.

Justin stuck out his tongue and allowed her to suck it until their mouths met. Their tongues danced with each other as their hands kept busy on the other’s form. He reached behind her, unhooked her bra and – in a moment that undoubtedly echoed the events of last night – discarded it on the hardwood floor below them. Justin trailed his kisses from her lips, to her mouth, to her neck, and then down to her perky tits.

Rachel pushed him down. As he lay sprawled below her, the phone vibrated again, but they paid no mind to it. Instead she arched her back, throwing her hair behind her.

He shook his head in satisfaction, desire, anticipation. “Fuck you’re sexy…”

Rachel gripped his veiny member. The contrast of its girth and her tiny palm was always a treat to both of them. She tapped it against her inner thigh, looking down at him to gauge his reaction. Biting her lip again, she then traced it along her anxious pussy lips. With a sigh emitting from her mouth, it went in.

“Mmmm, fuck yeah,” she moaned as began rocking. Justin’s hands ran along the sides of her body before settling on her hips. He could look up and see the full visual of her breathtaking body. Her taut stomach was fitted with a shiny stud, her perky C cup tits with their pointed nipples bounced along with her movement, and her gorgeous face with her hazel eyes and damp mane wore a look of lust.

“Fuck I love this cock,” she airily professed, roaming her hands along her body for him. She had a good vantage point too. His broad, gym sculpted chest was of course the highlight, along with his six pack abs. He had the blue eyes, dirty blonde hair look, which, met with his chiseled jaw, hit the spot for her. At the moment, he seemed fixated on the rotation of her hips.

Justin squeezed her ass. “You are definitely going türkçe bahis to be late.”

“Just shut the fuck up and drill me, asshole” she said, lowering herself further into his rod. She increased the speed and potency of her attack, and in turn Justin began to thrust his pelvis into her. Buzzz.

She wasn’t a vulgar person normally. As she rode Justin for the next few minutes, she moaned/barked obscenities at him, breathily ordering him to ‘fuck the shit’ out of her and to ‘fuckin’ give it’ to her hard. Even a look at her ‘girl-next-door’ complexion would have begged that this girl wasn’t capable of an obscene comment. But curse words were so vulgar, blunt, and expressive of the explosive kind of lust she shared with Justin. There just wasn’t any other way to put things.

He looked up at her. She’d throw her head back and allow her breasts to puff out in the most enticing of manners. It was empowering to hold the waist of this gyrating, sexual being and feel her aggressively rock on top of his dick – especially in knowing that somehow they weren’t supposed to be doing this. Their dirty little secret. And he made no mistake about it: it was dirty.

All the while the phone continued to vibrate, this time for an extended period. “Turn that FUCKIN’ SHIT OFF!!” she yelled, letting out a frustrated groan.

He looked at it. Michael Seabrook calling. “Answer it now,” he ordered pressing the little green receiver on the screen.

She took it from his extended arm, panting. “Yeah….yeah…we’re still on…I just got caught up in..No no…I’ll be there in a bit…I’m just rushing to come now…Yeah…yeah…I’ll see you in…yeah, I know, Lady Marmalade…I’ll be…oh fuck…I’ll be there in ten, ok? Bye.”

She abruptly hung up, squeezing the phone before aggressively throwing it onto the bouncy exposed mattress. “You’re a fuckin’ asshole!!”

With that, their fucking took another step up as he raced to cum. It crossed her mind that with her shower basically negated, she was likely going to brunch smelling unfresh and with his jizz trailing her inner thighs beneath güvenilir bahis siteleri her skirt – and she loved that thought. She slammed herself down so hard over and over, as he just pistoned up into her as hard as he could.

“Fuck yes!!! Fucking give it to me!” She could feel a bead of sweat travelling down her lower back, as her cries reverberated in his cavernous condo. She plunged violently onto his cock once again. “Give it to me like that loser waiting in that restaurant can’t!!! Fuck me!!!”

He screamed right back at her, “MOTHERFUCKER!!! Oh fuck, it’s coming…”

“Fill me up, you asshole….fill me….” she breathed.

He let out an animalistic grunt as he exploded inside her, “AHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!” With that her body slumped. She lifted herself off him and then collapsed beside him.

Their chests heaved as they laid in silence for a few moments. After their cries and moans, the noiseless emptiness in the flat was weird. She was the first to move, sitting up. He grasped her forearm and weakly tried – albeit purposely so – to prevent her from rising.

“I really gotta go,” she shook him off. She quickly threw on her bra and turned back to him. “Clothes, please?”

Justin smirked, digging under the balled up bedsheets to find them and then throw them at her. He smiled as she hurriedly buttoned her blouse and then wiggled her skirt up her legs. Rachel was cute when she was flustered – especially when he put her in that position. She ran over to the vanity mirror and opened her purse. A comb and hair band is what she needed to style her hair into a rough ponytail, which she wore to one side. Cum trailed between her legs and to the ground.

She slipped on a pair of large sunglasses. Those would do. From behind the tinted lenses she saw Justin’s mirrored reflection motioning to her. “Forgetting something?” He waved her phone at her. Rachel swiftly swiped it. “He ordered you brunch. Still haven’t told him you hate eggs benedict? Tsk tsk.”

“Fuck, he texted again?! Ugh!! Gotta go!” She leaned in for what she intended to be a quick peck, but he made it linger. “Fuck, Justin!”

She pushed him away and then swiftly ran out of the bedroom. “Ah, fuck me!” He heard her flustered voice trail off as she ran toward the exit. The faint crashing door signified she was gone – for now.

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