The Trust Ch. 08


First let me thank you all for the votes and emails. And as I’ve said before, this is not meant to be the next great novel, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint. I started it wanting to do a running chronicle that spans years like a soap opera, so it may never actually reach a satisfactory end for some people. With that in mind, if you haven’t read all of the previous chapters, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

If I haven’t already scared you off, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Chapter 08

The week following Halloween was a busy one, as granite began arriving by the truckload along with Ardella’s army of construction workers. Mason had her prioritize Marcus’ cottage, the pool area and the wall along the front of the property first, wanting to get the gate in place. This now included a permanent guard shack. Then they would move on to the shop and parking garage once those jobs were done. Since the roofs over the pool, shop and garage had been erected in the first round of construction, while they still had the crane on the property to set the long metal joists in place, he had hopes of it all being done soon.

Benny was back with a crew installing a steel blast and paint booth for the shop, along with the lift for the third bay, trying to get his stuff done ahead of the other crews. He had built two A-frames with half-ton electric hoists that were fixed over the pits in the other two bays, along with steel mesh panels to cover the pits. He stayed for dinner on Tuesday, telling Mason that he wanted in on rebuilding the GTO. On his advise, Mason was buying several welders for the shop, with the leads and wire feeds that would allow them to mig or tig, as needed. He was also getting a couple of plasma cutters and an air arc setup for cutting old welds.

Marcus spent his days placing eight galvanized sheep tanks and keeping an eye on the crew putting up the shed and feed barn, satisfied that they would be finished before the Vet. back in Charleston got around to issuing the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection that was necessary to move the flock out of state. He placed two tanks along each of the four main sprinkler lines, with float valves that would keep them topped off. When the fence was finished and the Vet. got off his ass, he’d be able go after them, which was good, because Danny was getting fat and lazy.

Shelby’s father Pat had the powder coating and paint done on the bikes, and they were being rebuilt. He’d given them each coursework to study for their permits, and Shelby was spending her every free hour teaching the girls how to ride in prep for a motorcycle certification clinic that the Massachusetts Rider Education Program was doing on Sunday, the eighth of November. Mason had to go down and get a local driver’s licenses before he could get the permit, but he’d been needing to do that anyway.

Brigid started interviewing cleaning services looking to have the common areas cleaned weekly. Cindy had volunteered to do it, saying it was what she’d been doing anyway, but Brigid told her no. “I told you I don’t have any expectations of you,” she told her, “but I hope you’ll choose to go back to school when the new semester comes around.” And she’d taken Cindy’s hand. “You’ve got a long life ahead of you sweets, and I’m sure your father would agree with me on this.”

She was relieved to learn from Ardella, that the contractor who refurbished the birdcage elevator, would be servicing it quarterly, including polishing it. The crew doing the pool came in with the tile and were well on the way to finishing. They were the same outfit that had redone the spa, and had a maintenance crew that was available, so Brigid made arrangements for them to do late morning service calls on Tuesdays.

The small company they had hired to do the roof decking had everything ready and was busy installing. The whole idea had evolved when they let them take over the design. Now it included flower beds and slate tiled paths with heated deicing cables built right into them along with radiant heaters for the bar and Jacuzzi area. These were sheltered by a gazebo roof that followed the lines of the twelve by forty foot barn roofed greenhouse, all of it built from construction heart redwood. They had explored a lot of options, including composite bamboo, but nothing promised better weather resistance than the pure heartwood decking. The biggest challenge they faced, would be getting the eight person, forty-seven jet hot tub up the fire stairs, and Mason was more than happy to let them deal with it.

The best part for Mason was his gym, Wednesday afternoons he had a three-hour window between classes and he’d finally gotten around to visiting a local mma gym that had a good reputation for trainers as well canlı bahis as gym site designs. He hadn’t expected it to be as easy as they made it, but using the design software they had coupled with their experience, Mason’s dream gym was born. They talked him into several changes that he was happy with when he saw the 3D rendering, like switching from a boxing ring to a mma cage, pointing out that the cage could serve more purposes and was more readily available. He was further surprised that they would be able to start setting it up almost immediately. He showed the renderings to Marcus with some trepidation, but the old slugger surprised him by keeping his criticism to the numerous treadmills and other such machines. Mason told him they were for the girls, managing to keep a straight face.

Cybil bugged Mason all week long about what his plans were for his date with Shelby, she had no doubt it would happen and seemed more excited by the prospect than Mason did. She gleefully informed him that Shelby was on birth control pills and suggested that he make a reservation for a luxury suite somewhere, telling him that if Shelby didn’t come around, he could always take her and Brigid out for the night.

Friday morning Mason woke to Cybil riding his cock. When she saw he was awake, she leaned down and kissed him. “I love your morning wood.” she murmured, her small hands on his chest. “It’s just like having a puppy, always begging for my attention.” And she purred as he ran his hands up her chest, but then took one wrist and started fastening a leather cuff around it.

“Don’t you have classes this morning?.” Mason asked her, rattling the chain.

“I’m sure you’ll convince someone to let you loose sooner or later,” she told him grinning, “but that’s completely out of my hands.” And she laughed as she fastened his other wrist, then sat back up and started riding up and down his shaft, her tight ass slapping his thighs.

Mason decided to relax and enjoy it. He didn’t know why he’d been gifted with someone who loved life so much, she was a constant source of fun and excitement, but he wasn’t going to complain or try to change her. He wondered sometimes what it must be like to be so excited about the world, to find an opportunity in almost every moment to enjoy life. She was sexy as well as sexual and Mason had no doubt she loved him, or that he loved her.

“Have I told you that I love you lately?” he asked now, and she froze, looking at him with big eyes as a smile and a flush washed across her face.

“No, as a matter of fact, you haven’t.” She informed him, leaning down to kiss him again.

“Well then,” he breathed as she pulled back a few inches. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She told him, “But I’m still not letting you loose.” And she grinned at him as her lower half got back to work. But she leaned back in and kissed him, staying like that as they slowly built towards the inevitable. She came first, then had another small orgasm as he spilled into her, laying on top of him sated until he started to stiffen and grow inside of her again.

“I hate school sometimes.” She complained as she reluctantly climbed off him, ignoring his groan of protest as he slipped from her. She disappeared into the bathroom for a long moment and returned with a warm cloth to wipe him down, before pulling the covers back over him. “Someone will be along shortly.” She assured him, leaning down for another quick kiss before leaving him there alone.

Mason laid there until she was gone then let himself loose, the chains giving him plenty of slack to reach the buckles on the leather cuffs. He quickly ran into the bathroom and relieved himself, then jumped back under the covers and redid the cuffs, content to wait and see what happened next.

To his pleasure, a few minutes later Ardella came walking in wearing a robe with wet hair. She smiled at him as she slowly shrugged the robe off her shoulders and let it drop. “I only have a little while before I need to leave for class.” She informed him, laying a watch on the stand next to the bed then taking the covers and stripping them down so he was completely bared, his cock already back to half mast, and growing.

“Be my guest.” Mason invited, looking at her light brown puffy nipples and bald mound. “I don’t suppose you’re going to untie me?” he asked as she climbed on the bed and took hold of his cock.

She just grinned at him then started licking. Now he really wished he had his hands free, and considered cheating so he could touch her, but decided that he’d find an opportunity to feel those tits again some other time and moaned his approval as she slipped him into her mouth.

“The least you could do is back that around here.” He told her, looking at her ass. So she did, throwing a knee across him, never taking her mouth off him. He took a moment to admire the beauty of her, with her dark lips contrasting the almost startling bright pink of her center, then grabbed her bahis siteleri ass and pulled her down so he could run his tongue through her. His fingers gripping her, feeling the muscles flex under them as she ground herself against his chin.

He eventually won the duel to see who could get the other off first, thanks largely to Cybil, as Ardella sat up and clawed at both of her nipples, twisting them as she redoubled her grinding. The pressure actually making Mason bite his tongue, a moan of protest escaping her as he winced and it disappeared for a second. But its return a moment later was enough to set off a shuddering orgasm that made her collapse on top of him, one hand wrapping around his cock again as she melted inside, pulling it against her cheek.

She was starting to feel her world settle a little and was going to swing around to mount him, when her watch started beeping and she moaned. Fridays were her busiest days, there was no wiggle room in her schedule. With a heroic effort, she made herself roll off him, not letting go of his cock until she had managed to sit up and was reaching for the watch. “Sorry.” She murmured to him, leaning down and kissing him, then going to the bathroom and coming back with a rag to wipe him down. “I like it when you get tied up.” She told him with a grin.

“It’s growing on me.” He admitted. “Only I never get to play with your tits when I’m tied up, and I’ve been dreaming about them, you know.” He told her and she looked at the watch again, anguish on her face.

“Next time.” She promised and quickly left the room, forgetting her robe.

Mason watched her go, still bound and this time left completely exposed, wondering who was supposed to be releasing him. “Well shit.” He muttered to himself, but he was grinning.

It was only about three minutes later when a naked Becky came strutting in, her lush figure looking warm and inviting. She didn’t waste any time climbing on the bed and mounting him, her weight settling on his hips as she swallowed him in her warm wet center.

“Oh fuck,” She moaned, “just how I remember it.” And she started riding him, her hands on his chest as she rose and slammed down on him. “Oh fuck me dammit.” She grunted. “I love your fat cock, you fucker.”

Mason couldn’t help grinning, this was more like it. “If you untie me, I’ll fuck the shit out of you.” He promised, watching her big tits wobble and bounce.

“Sorry,” she panted, not slowing down, “I’m not allowed. Besides, I think it’s your turn, just be glad I don’t make you call me mistress.” And she reached back to give his balls a slightly tighter squeeze than was comfortable, arching an eyebrow at him. “But I’m still going to fuck the shit out of this cock.” And she added a little twist to her motion. “Oh damn you’ve got a great fucking cock. So fucking fat and hard. Oh fuck, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” And she did just that for the next ten minutes or so, her eloquence dying out as she got more breathless, her orgasm building as she went faster and harder.

Mason lost it a moment after she did, as she clamped down on him and fell forward, he began cumming in her, feeling her answering spasm to his every spurt. She lay there shivering for a while, until he finally slipped from her spent. Then she kissed him and winked, before climbing off and going for a rag.

Brigid came walking in after she left. A raised eyebrow and a grin as she stood there looking at him and the rumpled bed. “Are we having a good morning?” she asked.

“It just keeps getting better.” He answered, scanning her naked body. “Now get over here and untie my damn hands.” She laughed before jumping on the bed.


Mason and Brigid didn’t crawl out of bed until late morning, then they spent the better part of an hour in the shower. When they eventually made it downstairs, she disappeared into the kitchen with a bored Cindy for a while, odd bursts of laughter reaching Mason’s ear as he sat at the table, making him blush in spite of himself. But they eventually came back out with breakfast burritos, and it was Cindy that was blushing. She told them it was sunny out, so they decided to walk around while they ate, the girls turning heads universally wherever they went.

The walls of the cottage were about three-quarters of the way up, a large crew framing the doors and windows with granite and laying the bricks there, and they all thought it was going to be a beautiful house when it was finished. The pool had several crews working around it, one finishing up all the tile work, while a second crew was installing the glass panels and laying the bricks. The final crew was installing the kitchen area and finishing up the electrical for the lights and h-vac on the roof. All of the crews seemed to do a lot of bantering and goofing around, but Mason was always amazed by the progress they made when he looked.

Continuing around the building, Brigid was pointing out places where she wanted to plant bahis şirketleri shrubs and bushes, as well as places that she planned on planting flowers. Mason told her she had a free hand to plant anything she wanted, just glad she seemed okay with leaving her home of fifteen years to be with him.

The day was nice enough, that they continued up the drive to the gates. They were hung and fully motorized. The controls inside the new guard shack. In an effort to save Ardella’s construction schedule, they had set a twelve by thirty foot, prefabricated guard shack in place. Besides the guard station, it had a large break room as well as a bathroom which was being plumbed by one crew as they watched, while another did their best to blend the exterior into the wall, adding an extra layer of the red bricks. There was a large window facing the road and another facing the drive, both glazed with 1 3/8¨ solid acrylic. Two other crews were extending the wall, one working in each direction.

Mason found he was feeling a little restless once they returned to the hall, and decided that it was probably because he hadn’t run that morning. Giving Brigid a quick peck on the lips, he headed to the gym, debating with himself about using one of the new treadmills. To his delight, he found that they had hung the heavy bags while he’d been in school the day before. Plus the framework and posts for the mma cage were assembled, and it was starting to feel like a real gym. Pleased, he headed up to his room to change and dig out some gloves to use on the bags.

He’d been at it about twenty minutes when his side started giving him twinges, but he’d worked up a good sweat and found he loved the water bag. It was another change he’d agreed to try, having always worked with a soft fill heavy bag in the past. The new aqua bags were funny looking tear drops, but he’d been told they were a must have item, and he could see why now. It was like hitting flesh, and it barely moved no matter how hard he hit it. Then there was the rounded bottom which just invited an uppercut, something it was hard to do right with a conventional bag.

He was interrupted as Brigid came across the gym with Eric Braden and a sandy-haired blonde about the same height as the recon soldier, she was on the skinny side but had an impressive bust line, Mason figuring they had to be at least D-cups. Brigid introduced her as Jess and Mason stuck out a glove to shake, noticing she had a spider-webbed scar on her left cheek that disappeared under her hair by the ear. She seemed to be turning it away from him, but he wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or damaged hearing that caused it.

“Jess will be spelling me here.” Eric told him, “She’s one of Ben’s best, but is staying close for a while. So he’s sending me off to do some things and make him some money.” And he grinned.

She was an ex-gunnery sergeant that had been working for Walker Security for four years. Mason wondered if the freshly healed wound was why she was staying close for a while. She was about Brigid’s age and they seemed to hit it off, so when Eric expressed an interest in the aqua bag, and Mason started showing him how it held up to being hit, Brigid took her off for a tour of the hall. Eric waving to Jess just before they left the gym, saying he’d see her when he got back.

Eric stuck around for another half hour, showing Mason the proper way to throw a leg kick. Stressing that if he had need to do so, he should aim for the knee, not the thigh or shin like one saw in mma fights. Mason grinned, Marcus having already ground that point into him. Then said his goodbyes, saying he’d probably be back around in a few weeks. And that Jess was more than capable of doing the job. So Mason went back to pounding the aqua bag.

Brigid and Jess followed the sounds of Mason hitting the bag when they returned to the main floor, standing in the doorway unobserved and admiring his form. Both feeling more than a little turned on at the grace and ferocity they saw.

“Damn.” Jess breathed with a little shiver and Brigid agreed. “You’re a lucky girl.” Jess told her, not taking her eyes off Mason.

“I know.” Brigid agreed, sighing a little herself. But then took Jess’ arm and led her on to finish the tour. “But surely you’ve got a few of these hunks working for Ben chasing you?” Brigid half teased her as they made their way through the kitchen and back out front. “Maybe even Eric?”

Jess laughed. “I’d jump Eric in a hot second, but he’s the most married marine I’ve ever met.” She told Brigid. “And his wife is an active duty, spec ops sniper, not someone I want looking for me.” She did a little shudder at the idea. “Besides, I like her. No, my boyfriend doesn’t work for Ben, he’s a car salesman, if you can imagine it.” Brigid laughed at the way she said it, as she led her down to the spa.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Jess exclaimed, looking around in wonder.

Brigid grinned, “It’s pretty cool.” She agreed, crossing to sit on the lip of the bath and run her fingers through the hot water. “I think this is everyone’s favorite place.”

“I can see why,” Jess agreed, bending to feel the water temperature. “I’d live down here.”

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