Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 13


When I finally returned to my dorm room early Sunday morning Amy was already up.

“Another wild night I see.” She laughed.

“Yeah this is going to kill me one of these days.” After taking a shower and getting dressed we went to breakfast. She wanted to know the details of the previous night, but I couldn’t really tell her I was stripping. So I lied, telling her I was out with Nick, and ended up back at his place again.

“So is Nick your boyfriend now?” She asked.

“No he’s just a friend. Billy back home is my boyfriend.”

“Oh really? With the way you’ve been ignoring Billy’s messages, never returning his calls, I’m beginning to wonder.” She had a point. With the way the summer ended for me I needed some escape. And that’s exactly what my escapades have been for me. Billy was always good to me, but I didn’t seem to be really important in his life. His cars, baseball, his friends always seem to come first. I’m not sure where I stood with him. Now thinking about the past month I realized what a jerk I’ve been towards him. I think we’ve only spoken on the phone once since returning to school. And Nick wasn’t someone I saw myself with long term. Just a fuck buddy for now.

“Well I’ll call him this afternoon. I do owe him a call or two.”

After breakfast we returned to our room, cleaned a little, did some laundry, I worked on a paper due later that week. About 2pm I said I was going to call Billy. Amy grabbed a few books and went to the other room. Billy wasn’t answering so I left him a message, saying I was thinking about him, missing him. Not even 15 minutes later the phone rang. I grabbed the phone.

“Hello.” I said slowly and sexy.

“Wow the certainly is a great way to answer the phone.” Said the female caller. Suddenly I was at lost for words.

“Melissa, is that you? This is Destiny.”

“Oh hi, what’s going on?”

“We need to talk, I’ll be over in 20 minutes.” And she hung up. I wondered what she wanted. Probably to discuss my employment at the club. 20 minutes later she arrived at my suite. I introduced her to Amy and my other suite mates. We went to my bedroom to talk in private.

“About last night, that behavior will not be tolerated.” She started out. This caught me be surprised, I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“You cannot let the customers touch you. We can be shut down for things like that. If you want to continue to work for us that can not happen again.”

I was stunned, how did she find out. Then I remember the bouncer watching me.

“On the other hand the boss liked what he saw on the stage, and wants you to work on a regular basis.” She continued.

“And if you are interested, sometimes the club has private events in which you can earn a lot of money, all depending on what you are willing to do.” She smiled. So that’s how that conversation started. We continued to talk for a while; she covered the ground rules of the club. When I asked about the private events she was vague, stating only that some clients hired girls for their own private events. Usually the club negotiated the fee for a minimal show, and whatever happened after that was up to the girls. I asked if sex was involved, and she only smiled.

It turns out that I had a very favorable review from everyone at the club last night. And they were hoping I would become a regular. Obviously the money was good, and I didn’t mind dancing. So I agreed to work 1 night a week. Destiny said she could fit me in on Thursdays, which was perfect, since I don’t have any morning classes on Friday.

After we got the business done we started to shoot the shit. She told me how she got involved with the club. An ex boyfriend convinced her after he paid to get her boobs done. When she first got there the place was disorganized, so she got at least the girls organized. So now besides just dancing she actually is a paid employee of the club, the “Social Director” as she put it. Scheduling the girls, arranging the private events and always looking for new talent

I asked about her boobs, they were large, but the nipples were the biggest I have ever seen. Bayan Escort Gaziantep Destiny said she used to be a small C cup, but now was a D. But she’s always had large nipples, but since the surgery they really seem to stand out. As we were discussing them Amy walked in. Destiny and I stopped talking and looked at Amy.

“Oh don’t let me interrupt.” Amy said. We laughed.

“Amy we were just talking about Destiny’s boobs here. She has some huge nipples. Do you want to see them?” Amy just looked at us. So I nudged Destiny. Standing up she unbuttoned her blouse, then dropped it on the bed. Standing up I undid her bra. She pulled the bra off and through it on the bed. Reaching up she played with her nipples, making them erect. Amy stared. Finally she spoke.

“Wow those are awesome. Are they real? Are those nipples real?”

“Thanks. The nipples are 100 percent real, the boobs have been enhanced.” Destiny replied. Still behind her, I reached around with both hands and cupped a breast in each, feeling their weight. I bounced them lightly. Amy continued to stare.

“So what do you think?” Destiny asked.

“I’ve never seen fake boobs for real.” Amy replied. I hadn’t either for that matter, yet here I was holding a pair in my hands.

“You can touch them if you want, they won’t bite.” Amy looked up at Destiny, then back down at her tits. I was still holding them, then moved my hands up so I could feel those nipples. They had to be an inch long and at least half an inch wide. I rolled them between my fingers and they seemed to grow even more. Amy tentatively stepped forward. Reaching out I grabbed her hand and brought it to Destiny’s tit. Amy just touched it at first, then rubbed her fingers over it, before taking the nipple between her fingers. She reached up with her other hand, pushed mine away and grabbed Destiny’s other nipple. I moved from behind Destiny to her side, she was definitely enjoying the attention.

“Can I lick them?” Amy asked, catching both of us by surprise.

“Yeah if you want. Actually that would be wonderful” Destiny replied.

“Ah I wanted my boobs to be the first ones you licked.” I said in a mock disappointed voice.

“Oh I’ll get yours too someday.” She said smiling at me. Then she leaned forward and licked a nipple. Just a quick lick. Her tongue retreated back into her mouth where she appeared to be tasting it. Her tongue darted out again, licking the nipple before returning to her mouth. Again it darted out, this time it licked the nipple several times, before circling around it. Destiny moaned.

“These are great. I want more.” Amy said, pushing Destiny back onto the bed. With Destiny flat on the bed, both feet still on the ground Amy crawled over her. Straddling her Amy began to suck on Destiny’s nipple, using her hand to play with the other one. Destiny had one hand on Amy’s hand, helping to play with her nipple. Her other hand was running through Amy’s hair.

‘What about me?” I asked. Amy looked up, smiled.

“Get over here, I want to taste your tits too.” I ripped off my shirt and bra, climbed onto the far side of Destiny. Destiny managed to wiggle her way fully onto the bed now. I laid on my side right up against Destiny. Her body’s heat warming me up. My right tit was squashed into her left one. Amy was sucking on her left tit, moved to her right one. Amy then pushed me flat on the bed, sucked my right nipple into her mouth. She sucked it like an expert, her tongue flicking over it. Then she moved to my left nipple and repeated this. Amy continued this, sucking Destiny’s nipples then mine for some time.

“You guys want to see something amazing?” Destiny asked.

“Yeah sure.” I answered, Amy nodding in agreement while still sucking on Destiny’s nipple.

“Alright get off me, strip naked and lay on the bed. Side by side.” We all got up, I pulled off my jeans and panties. Destiny was doing the same. Amy stood and watched.

“Hey no big deal, remember?” I said as I reach for her pants. Amy stepped back then pulled off her pants and panties. I got on the bed first, laid on my back. Amy lay down next to me also on her back. Destiny climbed on top, her legs between each of ours. Her thigh was pressed right up against my pussy, which was getting hot and wet. Destiny was right over us, her boobs hanging in our faces.

“Now suck on my nipples, make them nice and hard.” She said. Eagerly I sucked her right nipple into my mouth just as Amy sucked on the left one. As I sucked it, I flicked my tongue over it. My left hand found its way to Destiny’s back, where it rubbed up and down. My right hand, kind of trapped between Amy and Destiny, found its way to Amy’s thigh. Amy jumped a little when I first touched her. There I rubbed it back and forth and much as I could. Destiny’s nipple was hard as a rock, and erect as I kept sucking on it.

“Alright check this out.” Destiny said as she pulled back, her nipples popping out of our mouths.

“Now spread your legs.” I did, my right one falling onto Amy, preventing her from spreading wide.

“Well I guess I can only do one at a time.” Destiny grabbed her right tit, pushed it onto my pussy. Her head was down, her hair falling onto my belly, blocking my view. I felt her rub her nipple up and down my slit, then she pushed it into me. She started to slowly bounce on me, her nipple pushing in, then pulling out.

“You’re getting fucked by a nipple.” Destiny said. Reaching up I pulled her blond hair back so I could see. She looked at me with a big smile. I couldn’t actually see the nipple, just her tit being squished into my pussy. It felt great. Amy reached over and was rubbing my nipples, going back and forth between the two.

Destiny pulled back, her nipple slipped out of me.

“Alright these nipples need to be sucked hard again.” She said while moving back up. Her tit hung in my face. It was covered in my juices. Eagerly I sucked the nipple into my mouth, tasting myself on her. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Amy sucking the other nipple. After sucking the nipple clean I tongued all around the areola, cleaning all my juices off. Once it was clean I went back to sucking the nipple. It seemed to grow even more when Destiny pulled back.

“Your turn Amy.” Without any further instruction Amy spread her legs wide as Destiny maneuvered herself down. Destiny took her left tit, rubbed it on Amy’s slit, and then pushed it in. She began to slowly pull in and out of Amy, fucking her with a nipple. I reached over and played with Amy’s nipples, just as she had for me. With my other hand I pulled Destiny’s hair back so Amy could see. She got up on her elbows in order to see better. She stared intently at the action on her pussy. I maneuvered myself so I could suck on Amy’s left nipple, and view the action up close. Amy moaned as she lay back down on the bed. Continuing to suck on her nipple I looked up. Amy had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face.

A phone started to ring. But it wasn’t our room phone. Destiny stopped, then pulled out of Amy. Getting off the bed she found her pants, and pulled a phone out. She answered it.


“Ok, yes. I’ll be right over.” With that she hung up.

“Sorry girls but I have to go. We’ll do this again sometime soon.” She quickly dressed. I got up and pulled on my bath robe while Amy pulled a blanket over her. Destiny opened the door, said goodbye and was gone. My pussy was still tingling.

“I don’t know about you but I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of, if you know what I mean.” I said as I headed towards my bed. Lying down on the bed I reached under my robe. My fingers found my pussy, started to stroke my clit.

“Wait.” Amy moved over to my bed. She was still naked, now standing next to my bed.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” I smiled at her. Amy climbed onto the bed, straddling me. Slowly she pulled the belt holding my robe closed. The knot came undone. She pushed the robe off to either side, leaving me fully exposed. Leaning forward a bit she places her hands on my tits, slowly rubbing her hands back and forth over them.

“Until today I’ve never touched another woman’s breasts. And now I have touched two.” Amy said, slowly moving her eyes up towards mine. I looked up at her as she continued to massage my tits. She leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Her tongue ran across, then back as she sucked harder. She released it then kissed her way across to my other nipple. There she sucked it into her mouth, then tonguing it. She sucked hard and lightly bit it. I arched my back in pleasure, she looked up at me, I could see a slight smile. Releasing my nipple she kissed her way back to the center of my chest, then slowly kissed down towards my pussy. At my belly button she kissed all the way around it. My hands were on her head, going through her hair. As she approached my pussy her kisses got longer and longer. Finally she got to my pussy, she stopped kissing. She lay on her side between my legs, her head resting on my thigh, facing my pussy. Her lips so close, I could feel her breathing on me. She brought her hand onto my pussy, stroking it back and forth. Turning her hand over, she rubbed me with the back of her hand. Her lips puckered and she kissed my pussy ever so lightly. Suddenly she stood up.

“I can’t do this.” She said running into the bathroom. I didn’t know what to think. The shower started. I got up and went into the bathroom. Amy was in the shower, soaping herself up. Locking the other door so our suite mates couldn’t come in I stepped into the shower behind Amy. She stopped washing, dropping her hands to her side, she stood still.

“Amy, don’t worry about it. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine.”

“But I do want to, but then I don’t. I don’t know what I want. Now I feel so dirty.” I took the soap from her hand, started to soap up her back.

“No you’re not dirty. And you are just confused. This is all new to you, so take your time. If it happens it happens. You will still be the same person.” I was rubbing the soap up on her shoulders, then down her arms. She seemed to be relaxing, the water falling on her chest. I returned to her back moving lower, being sure not to miss a spot. Moving lower I massaged her ass with the soap. With one hand I reached between her cheeks, cleaning her ass crack. Ever so slightly she pushed her ass back against me. Dropping the soap I turned her around so we were facing each other, in order to rinse her back.

“I like playing with your tits, but I don’t know if I can, you know, lick you down there.” Amy said, not looking at me.

“Don’t worry about it. You can play with my tits anytime.” Reaching around her I ran my hands up and down her back, making sure all the soap was rinsed off. Our tits pressed into one another. Her nipples were hard, as were mine. When I reach her ass I pulled her cheeks apart so the water could flow freely over her crack.

Dropping to my knees I grabbed the soap, washing her left leg. Her pussy was directly in front of my face. As I washed upwards onto the inner thigh she spread her legs allowing me better access all the way up. Then I repeated the process on her other leg. The water was running down the back of her legs, so using my hands I splashed some to the front to rinse them off.

“And I certainly don’t have a problem licking you down here.” I said leaning into her, my tongue dashing out, licking her clit. I lick up and down her whole slit, her body trembles. She moved back so she is leaning against the wall. I move with her. My left hand steadies myself on her hip, my right finds my pussy. I rub my clit while licking hers. My nose pressed into her lower belly. Amy reached up and aimed the stream of water directly down onto us. I have to close my eyes since the water is falling on my face. Continuing the assault on two clits, my pussy begins to tingle. Amy begins to tense up, she moans loudly as her orgasm hits. My tongue is now rapidly thrashing her clit. Just as her orgasm subsides mine explodes. I tense up, my face pressed up against her pussy as the orgasm storms through me.

Finally when I’m recovered enough I stand up. We dry off get dress and go to dinner. Later that night Billy calls, and we finally get to talk. However as we talk I’m lying on my bed topless with Amy lying next to me sucking on my tits.

“Yes I love you Billy, I can’t wait to see you again.”

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